Raising natural kids in our rather, um, unnatural world ain’t easy. These articles will help.

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  • How Many Hours of Sleep Do Kids Need? Is Your Child Going to Bed Too Late?

    How many hours of sleep do kids need? Learn how to create a bedtime routine, get them to stay in bed, and even how to handle sleep during vacation time.

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    Extended Breastfeeding the Older Baby or Toddler

    Extended Breastfeeding an older baby or toddler is different than breastfeeding a baby. Here's where I am now with breastfeeding my 16-month old.

  • Baby Elimination Communication: Why & How to Do It

    Learn how to do EC and why you'd want to. Is baby elimination communication a good fit for your family? Here's what you need to know.

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    How to Raise a Low Media Child (Without Going Insane)

    Screen time in excess can be harmful to infants and toddlers. Luckily there IS a way to have a low media (or media free) child without losing your mind.

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  • Home Remedies for Lice: Say Goodbye for Good

    Looking for natural home remedies for lice? From garlic to coconut oil, we've got you covered. Plus, learn how to comb out nits—the most important step.

  • Home Remedies for Pink Eye (& Why You Usually Don't Need Drops)

    Uh oh! Has pink eye infected your house? Find out how to spot this highly contagious eye infection, plus get soothing, effective home remedies for pink eye.

  • Breastfeeding While Sick: Is It Safe? Recommended?

    So you've come down with a wicked cold? Can you keep breastfeeding while sick? Find out why you should keep breastfeeding, plus how to keep germs at bay.

  • Healthy Halloween Treats (affordable & on Amazon Prime!)

    High fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, hydrogenated oils... Halloween can be a scary time! Here's a list of of healthier Halloween treats!

  • Natural Immune Boosters for Kids (& Why Multivitamins Aren't on the List)

    What are the best natural immune boosters for kids? Learn how to support your child's immune system without taking daily supplements.

  • Breastfeeding in Public: Do You Know Your Rights?

    Until recently, some states didn't have laws to protect moms breastfeeding in public. Luckily, this has changed—but there's still things you need to know.

  • Sleep and Memory: How Naps Improve Your Kids' Memory

    Depend on naptime for your own sanity? A new study says regular naps have real longterm benefits for kids, too. Find out how sleep and memory are connected.

  • When Do Kids Stop Napping?

    When do kids stop napping? Turns out, kids need a lot of sleep—even toddlers need up to 14 hours per day! Here's what you need to know kids' sleep patterns.

  • How to Warm Breast Milk to Preserve the Nutrients

    How to warm breast milk isn't as easy as you'd think. Follow these simple steps to preserve its living nutrients while bringing it to a safe temperature.

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    School Lunch Ideas: 40 Healthy Kid Lunches to Keep You Inspired

    Here are some healthy school lunch ideas to keep you inspired! See school lunch idea photos and get tips for making school lunches easier.

  • The Best Road Trip Games for Kids: An Age-by-Age Guide

    Planning a long trip? Road trip games for kids are the most effective way to ensure a smooth journey. Learn how to keep the kids occupied, sans electronics.

  • Swimmer's Ear: 7 Natural Remedies That Work

    Learn what causes swimmer's ear, and how to treat it naturally. Pus, find out how long swimmer's ear lasts and how to prevent it.