Ever get in a recipe rut?

Or have food in the fridge, but feel like there’s nothing to eat?

Or go to the grocery store, and find yourself buying the same things time after time?

Yeah, me too.

So I’ve been using an amazing meal planning service, and dinnertime has been transformed.

Scroll on to learn about the service – plus a special bonus offer from me if you’d like to try them.

The service is called Real Plans

Real Plans is a web site and mobile app that gives you over 2,000 carefully curated recipes to suit every taste and occasion.

To use Real Plans you simply:

  1. Tell Real Plans who you are and what you like to eat
  2. Adjust your custom meal plan for this week’s schedule
  3. Head to the store with a perfectly planned grocery list
  4. Use our recipes to cook delicious, nourishing meals
  5. Sit back + relax with your family – you’re winning at life

How I Use Real Plans

Real Plans meal planning service

I plan the meals at home using the awesome Real Plans App. At the store, I use the shopping list on my phone and then check off each item as I add it to my cart – no more forgetting to buy a key ingredient! You can also take pictures of hard to find products so your hubby will know exactly which butter you want him to buy 🙂

When I’m cooking, I look at the recipe directions on my phone – more convenient than using a computer in the kitchen.

Here are a week’s worth of dinners that I made using Real Plans

Mama Natural meal plans shrimp pasta Roasted tomatoes and shrimp and steamed broccoli


Mama Natural meal plans beef stew Moroccan lamb stew. Super yummy with cinnamon, cumin, and cilantro.


Mama Natural meal plans salmon salad Halibut with mango ginger chutney and sautéed kale.


Mama Natural meal plans roast chicken Roasted chicken with dijon sauce and simple salad


Mama Natural meal plans stew rice Thai coconut soup and steamed rice


Mama Natural meal plans fish kale

See more of how Real Plans works in this video

Choose from Classic Healthy, Gluten/Dairy Free, Vegetarian plans and more

We are currently doing the Traditional or “real food” plan, but we do add vegetarian and paleo recipes when we feel like it. It’s easy to switch between plans too if you’d like to experiment. They’ve got Whole30, FODMAP, GAPS plans and more.

Real Plans have helped me…

  • Save time (no more scrambling to pull together a recipe)
  • Save money (now that I’m using all my ingredients, there are no more bags of wilted kale lost in my fridge 🙂 )
  • Feed my family a well-balanced and varied diet
  • Become adventurous in the kitchen, which is FUN!

Sign up for Real Plans and get a free book from me

If you think this could help your family, and you sign up for this meal planning service using my link, I will give you a free copy of my ebook, How To Save Money On Real Food. Just email your receipt to realplans AT mamanatural.com and I’ll send you a link to  download the book!

How to save money on real food free ebook by Mama Natural

So together, this package will help you plan amazing meals, and save money on the ingredients

Check out Real Plans now and see if they’re a good fit for your family.

Bon Appétit!