14 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats on making it through the 1st trimester! Baby is celebrating with you by releasing some… interesting things in utero.

  • Baby at 14 Weeks Pregnant 🚼

    Baby is tipping the scales at a full 1 oz. this week! Perhaps it’s all that food she’s been eating? True, she doesn’t technically “eat” while in utero; she consumes the by-products of whatever you eat, after your body breaks that food down and passes along the nutrients.

    Speaking of passing things along, your baby is now peeing! Yes, her kidneys are up and running, and all of her urine will be flushed out into the amniotic fluid. (So, yes, she technically drinks her pee. Something I know a thing or two about.)

    And what about #2? Well, baby is also hard at work producing meconium—a sticky black or dark green tar-like substance, comprised of epithelial cells, bile, mucus, and lanugo—that will form her first official bowel movement.

  • You at 14 Weeks Pregnant 🚺

    Congratulations, mama! You’ve made it through your first trimester! Only two more to go.

    On the to-do list this week: find maternity clothes. Seriously. You may very well be showing now, and your pants probably don't fit like they once did.

    But, if you're like me, at 14 weeks you’re in that ambiguous grey zone between regular clothes and maternity wear.

    My solution? Buy some cheap regular clothes a size or two bigger than normal.

    Don’t do that. I ended up looking bigger and boxier than ever.

    If you’re in that awkward in-between area, you may want to take the leap and buy or borrow some maternity wear now. Of course, elastic waist pants work great (like my dear friend, yoga pants), but I found that buying a few "nicer" pieces made me feel a million times better.

    Here are a couple videos I made on maternity fashion.


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