The Truth About Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Is red raspberry leaf tea safe during pregnancy? Is it effective? When should you start drinking it? Find out what science has to say.

Red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy. Is it safe? Does it work? What does the science say? When should you start drinking it? Find out here!

Talk to any midwife, doula, or crunchy mama and you’re practically guaranteed to hear about the importance of drinking red raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy.

I drank it with all three of my pregnancies. All my friends did. I’ve heard from tons of mamas on Facebook and via email about the benefits of red raspberry leaf tea.

But does it really work? What does the science say?

The Truth About Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Despite being a favorite among pregnant mamas, there is actually a bit of controversy around the effectiveness of our coveted elixir.

In humans, there are some encouraging studies…

  • This study on a group of mothers indicates that RRLT helps shorten labor and results in fewer medical interventions, including cesarean.
  • In this study, RRL in the capsule form helped to shorten second stage of labor (marginally) and reduced the need for forceps delivery.

In rats, the evidence isn’t as favorable…

  • This study, conducted on rats, found that RRLT and capsules did stimulate contractions in rats. BUT, at the highest concentrations, RRL actually inhibited contractions. They conclude that, overall, it doesn’t really work.
  • But then there’s this study, also conducted on rats, suggests that RRL can actually have some adverse effects on the baby later in life. Indeed, the babies reached puberty earlier, and THEIR babies had growth restrictions. Ugh.

With both the rat studies, the mother rats consumed RRL right from the start of their pregnancies, at doses much higher than what humans ingest in a cup of tea. And, they’re rats.

Whereas, the conventional wisdom in the crunchy community says to wait until your second trimester to drink red raspberry leaf tea, and do so at a dosage recommended on the package.

So, yeah. There’s controversy everywhere… even with pregnancy tea.

So, let’s start at the beginning.

What Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Red raspberry leaf tea comes from the leaves of the red raspberry plant. This herbal tea has been used for centuries to support respiratory, digestive and uterine health, particularly during pregnancy and childbearing years. While usually known as a female herb, red raspberry leaf tea can also help support the prostate and various stomach ailments in children.

Unfortunately, the tea does NOT taste like raspberries. It tastes more like a black tea. Not bad by any means, just not fruity as the name sorta suggests.

The Truth About Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy in post image

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What Red Raspberry Leaf Teas Do I Recommend?

Health Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf

Best known as “the woman’s herb,” red raspberry leaf tea contains the alkaloid fragrine, which can help strengthen the uterus as well as the pelvic area.

Red raspberry leaf is known to:

  • Ease menstrual discomfort
  • Improve reproductive health
  • Balance hormones to increase fertility
  • May improve chances of implantation
  • May prevent miscarriage by strengthening and toning the uterine wall

The uterus needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to function properly and red raspberry leaf tea has almost all of them. Red raspberry leaf is rich in vitamins and minerals, containing vitamins C, E, and A, a variety of B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. It also contains essential trace minerals such as zinc, iron, chromium and manganese. These vitamins and minerals are in a readily absorbable form, making Red Raspberry Leaf tea a wonderful, way to supplement a balanced diet during preconception, pregnancy and beyond. The nutritional boost that RRL gives you can help improve your immune system as well.

Other Uses for Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry leaf is also used in folk medicine for ailments unrelated to pregnancy such as to lower unhealthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as to treat acne, adrenal fatigue, sore throat, canker sores, and cold and fevers. It has been used to treat children with diarrhea, vomiting or the flu. Red raspberry leaf tea can also help ease a pet’s stomach upset when he is eating something he shouldn’t have. Men can benefit from this tea too as it supports prostate health.

How It Can Help Pregnancy and Birth

Studies have shown that red raspberry leaf tea can help to make labor faster and reduce complications and interventions during birth. One study found that women who consumed RRL tea regularly are less likely to go overdue or give birth prematurely. These women may also be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes or require a cesarean section, forceps, or vacuum birth than the women in the control group. Red raspberry leaf has many other benefits to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum too.

  • May reduce morning sickness
  • Improves the effectiveness of contractions
  • May be especially beneficial to VBAC moms. A stronger uterus may be less likely to rupture, and more likely to help birth a baby.
  • Improve strength of amniotic sac
  • Reduced pain during labor and after birth. By toning the muscles used during labor and delivery, labor may be shorter and less painful.
  • Helps balance postpartum hormones
  • High mineral count helps bring in breast milk for many women

In addition, anecdotal evidence and the centuries of use for women’s health in traditional medicine speak to the benefits of consuming red raspberry leaf tea.

When to Start Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy?

There is no simple answer to this question. Always talk to your healthcare provider about starting red raspberry leaf tea.

Having said that many healthcare professionals (usually midwives) recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester to begin drinking red raspberry leaf tea. This is because RRL is a uterine tonic and stimulates the pelvic floor muscles. This may increase uterine contractions and potentially threaten early labor, although there are no studies to corroborate this.

Some moms prefer to wait until the third trimester, or even until 34 weeks to start drinking red raspberry leaf tea. (They’ll combine their tea drinking with their date eating to help prepare for labor.)

Other midwives and herbalists may recommend beginning red raspberry leaf tea as early as you want because it has been used safely during pregnancy for centuries.

The key is to watch how YOUR body responds and adjust accordingly.

How Much Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Drink?

With your doctor or midwife’s approval, start with 1 cup of red raspberry leaf tea per day starting in the second trimester. Watch for any uterine cramping or other reactions. If you don’t experience any, you can talk to your healthcare provider about increasing to 2 cups per day. Again, watch for any uterine cramping. If you notice any, cut back on your dosage for two weeks and try again.

Keep in mind, some moms have irritable uteruses and can only drink red raspberry leaf tea once they reach their due date because of uterine cramping.

Looking to Get Started With Red Raspberry Leaf Tea? Try these Brands.

Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea the Same as Raspberry Leaf Tea? How About Plain Old Raspberry Tea?

Sometimes. You really need to look at the ingredients to be sure. Note that there is no difference between “red raspberry leaf” and “raspberry leaf.”

The red raspberry leaf teas that we recommend are 100% red raspberry leaf. Other teas labeled as “raspberry” are often a blend of rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaves, and raspberry flavor. So they may not be as effective.

The teas to avoid are raspberry-flavored herbal teas, which may have ingredients like hibiscus, rose hips, apples, elderberries, natural and artificial raspberry flavors. Teas like this don’t contain raspberry leaf at all and thus won’t offer any of the potential benefits of RRLT outlined in this article.

My Experience With Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

With my first pregnancy, I remember my midwife recommending red raspberry leaf tea. She swore that it made all of the difference in her natural labors. I listened and tried a cup a few days later. I felt very slight uterine cramping, which scared me, so I stopped drinking and forgot about the rest of my pregnancy. I’m not a big tea drinker in general so the whole thing wasn’t on my radar.

After my very difficult birth, I was committed to doing things differently next time.

The RRLT was my afternoon ritual… 16 ounces of warm tea mixed with coconut milk. (See recipe below.)

The week of my due date, I drank the Labor Day Tea recipe (also below) for two consecutive days and BOOM! Baby Paloma made her debut.

Her birth was so quick and painless (yes! Not painful!) that I almost didn’t make it to the birthing center on time. My contractions were so strong and effective (again, not painful) that she just moved right out with no issues.

Her birth was actually FUN! And I believe RRL tea definitely played a role in this.

Side note: I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea at 14 weeks. I tried at week 8 but again, I felt some uterine tightening so felt more comfortable waiting. By the second trimester, I drank it with no problem and didn’t feel any tightening (although I’m sure it was happening because of how “in shape” my uterus was on my labor day.)

With my third birth, I started drinking in my third trimester as my uterus was more sensitive to RRL tea. I also drank Labor Day tea starting on my due date. I ended up having a super fast birth at home! So, again, I’m a fan of red raspberry leaf tea.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipes

Drinking two cups of red raspberry leaf tea can get… boring. And if you don’t generally like tea? Well, that can make drinking your fill of this magical elixir feel downright impossible. Check out these red raspberry leaf tea recipes to get the basic ratio you need to brew a cup, plus six other delicious recipes that make it easier to drink up.




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  1. I’m recovering from a unilateral oophorectomy. Do you think red raspberry leaf tea might help with balancing hormones and healing from the surgery? And are there any other natural remedies you would suggest?

  2. I’m pregnant with my 3rd. With my 2nd, I didn’t stick to the routine but this time, I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea (the loose leaf you have linked!) Since I was 14 weeks pregnant. I’m almost 24 weeks along. I mightve missed 4-5 days in the last 10 weeks. But I’ve stayed consistent. I don’t notice any contraction when I consume it. I drink 2 cups a day. I’ll be sure to update if it helps labor. In general, ice had decent labors. My 1st was a beautiful labor. 2nd was a bit traumatic, unintended home birth as I couldn’t make it on time. About 3 hours of labor, 20 mins of pushing

  3. im currently 36 weeks pregnant, is it wise for me to start with the dates and RRL tea? since im so far along?

  4. I’m 16 weeks into my 4th pregnancy. I loved the taste of RRL tea from the moment I tried it. I drank it throughout my first 2 pregnancies. I would regularly get BH contractions after drinking the tea. If the contractions got annoying, I’d lay off the tea a bit that day. (I drank multiple cups a day). Maybe that would scare some people, but to me it was a sign that the tea was working and strengthening my uterus, so the contractions didn’t deter me. Although both my labors were relatively short (9 and 6 hours), I went past my due date with both (41+2 and 41 weeks).

    With my 3rd pregnancy, I had a subchorionic hemorrhage (HAD NOT STARTED RRL YET) at 14 weeks, so I planned to avoid the tea for the second trimester. But then I honestly forgot about the stuff so I didn’t drink any RRL tea during my 3rd pregnancy. I labored for 9 hours, at 40+4 weeks. BUT the big difference I noticed without the tea, was all the PRODROMAL LABOR. It was terrible. I had start and stop contractions for a couple weeks leading up to my delivery and that was NOT fun. I couldn’t even fully believe I was really in labor when the time came. So it sort of set me up for a weird mindset during labor, because I couldn’t fully consent to the fact that this was actually the big day, due to all the false starts I’d experienced already.

    So now I’m going to take it throughout this 4th pregnancy and hope for the best! I personally love the taste so for me it’s a win-win!

  5. I started drinking RRL tea at 34 weeks and dates at 36 weeks. I ended up having to get induced at 38 weeks and 4 days due to preeclampsia. My induction went really well and from start to finish it was only about 13 hours. I felt like my L&D went so well because of God, the dates, RRL, and of course the support provided from my husband. I will be eating dates and drinking RRL tea with my current pregnancy as well.

  6. I feel so terrible after drinking this tea, and I am not sure why. I have tried with all 3 of my pregnancies. I get lightheaded and dizzy, low blood sugar, feel tired and generally unwell. Does anyone else feel this way or know why that could be happening?

    • The above info states RRL tea is often used outside of pregnancy to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, so likely those are the effects you are feeling.

  7. I’m currently 31 weeks I’ll be 32 weeks on 3/17. I was told at my last appointment I would be getting induced at 37 weeks due, to my baby being big in the 99th percentile and my bp being high. I would like to start the tea at 32 weeks. Do you think it will make my labor easier although I’m being induced?

    • Since red raspberry tea leaf is a uterine toner, it is thought to help make contractions stronger and more effective, so it makes sense that it could help make labor easier even in the case of induction!

  8. I must of missed the Labor Day recipe?! I’ve literally scrolled through this article several times and I don’t see it. Can someone tell me what the Labor Day recipe is?!

    • There’s a link that says red raspberry leaf recipes. Click on the link, scroll down a bit, & you will see it. 👍

  9. I’m 34 weeks pregnant, is RRLT safe to drink if I have a history of ovarian cysts that rupture and probable endometriosis before pregnancy?

    • RRLT is not known to have effects on the ovaries or on the endometrium/endometrial tissue–it works to strengthen/tone the uterine muscle. While there may not be a clearly defined risk or safety issue, if you are concerned, it is never a bad idea to wait to take it or forego it!

  10. Ive been drinking RRLT since about week 24-25. I’m currently 40+6 weeks. And have had the labor tea for 3 days after my due date and nothing happened. Should I keep trying until labour does happen? Or give it a break? I know there’s a risk of it overstimulating the uterus but my issue appears to be more with no cervix dilation happening. Unsure how to proceed now.

  11. It is certainly not going to hurt! I would make it good and strong right from the get-go, though. I drink this tea all the time, pregnant or not, and and I’m definitely not sensitive to it, as far as it causing uterine contractions. But I do have a couple of friends who swear that it helped them to go into labor. Either way, it is a very good nourishing tea, and would be great for you and baby, if you choose to continue drinking it postpartum, as well.

  12. Hi.. just want to ask. Did you keep drinking the strong version (Labor day tea version) after your water broke?

  13. This article used to have a recommendation for how much to drink and it was way more than 2 cups per day. I’ve referenced it for all three pregnancies and was hoping to find the same “tea schedule” that was posted before. Why the change? Is there somewhere I can find the old version of this article? Thanks
    It used to say what Genevieve drank during her pregnancies, I can’t remember how much it was but it was a lot! I’ve followed that and it’s always worked great for me.

  14. I read this post as I was making a cup lol I started at 35+6, I’m now 36+6.. Did I start to late for it to have any affect on me?

  15. I will not say the red rasberry leaf tea made any difference in my labour because I did not drink regularly and only started drinking it in my last trimester. What I can say made this delivery shorter compared to my previous from 15hrs in labour to 4hrs labour was the dates i had faithfully in my last month and my baby came a week before his predicted due date. It was a short labour and I didn’t even tare. I have lost less blood than before and I healed quicker than before. Definitely it was the dates for me.

  16. Im not finding the Labor Day recipe. It’s probably right in front of me…. where is the link located? Thank you!

    • Hey girl,
      I was looking for the labor day recipe as well and found it! Scroll up to the Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipes, click on it and it’ll be on that page towards the bottom! 🙂 Good luck, momma!

    • I’m am 34 weeks and 5 days I had been drinking the tea since 31 weeks pregnant I went to the doctor and they check me I am 1 cm dilated is ok for me to continue to drink the tea

      • Absolutely!

        • I drank the tea and took the capsules with my first baby. My labor ended up being 3 1/2 hours long and my contractions were extremely intense. I might not take so much with this pregnancy ?

          • When did you start taking it?

  17. I’m a big loose-leaf tea drinker and I find that the 2nd & 3rd steepings are usually the sweetest and most enjoyable. Even though all of the caffeine is released during the first steeping process.

    Does Red Raspberry Leaf tea lose all of its micro-contraction inducing power after the first steeping?
    Would 2-3 steepings of the same leaves count as 2-3 cups of contraction tea?

    With gratitude,
    Pregnant Tea Lady

    • Hi Sophia!
      While red raspberry leaf can have a similar mouth feel as black tea, it is very different and not nearly as strong. Herbalists will often encourage people to steep red raspberry leaf tea for at least 30 minutes or up to 6 hours. As you can imagine, after steeping that long, there’s not a whole lot of goodness left. I would recommend starting with a fresh set of leaves.

    • Hey, herbalist here who specializes in plant medicine for conception, pregnancy, labor, etc. It’s best to actually steep red raspberry leaf over night. Pour hot water over it, cover, and let steep and strain in the morning. The reason being is because nutrient rich herbs require a long steep to fully pull out nutrients. The same goes for nettle (which pairs wonderfully with RRL). Also, a lot of constituents within the herb can’t be extracted in hot water. When you do a long steep you are pulling out the constituents that come out with heat and then, after it cools down, you’re pulling out the constituents that come out with cold water.
      So if you prefer it after a few steps, you might prefer it this way which is the best way to take it overall.

      • I’m interested in your thoughts on re-heating tea infusions – would you advise drinking it cold rather than trying to re-heat?

  18. Hi. I drank red raspberry leaf tea a lot during one of my pregnancies and I swear it made my birth quick and hardly painful. So I think it really works. So what is labor tea?

    • It’s a super-concentrated batch of red raspberry leaf tea, at least 4x stronger.

  19. I drank the tea last trimester, eat day dates last month and i had 4 kg baby. Labor lasted about 5 hours. I had an episiotomy, but not big cut. My belly was really big during pregnancy. But imediately after labor really shrinked a lot. I think rrl helped for effective contractions and elasticity! I didnoast the due date but opened full in like 3 hours. I eat pineapple to start labor, inserted evening primrose oil and did deep squats while pushing like in labour, and i think that helped the most for starting labour. Look for Active labor on YouTube. This ia the best site for pregnancy tips and it really helped me. Thank you, i think women would had a much better exeperience with labor if they followed your tips..

  20. I’ve been drinking this tea since 3 month, I had labor tea on a day of delivery. But unfortunately it didn’t work for me… I really believed it would help, I was absolutely convinced it’ll take just a few hours. Unfortunately it took 33.
    I think it’s healthy, I drink it until now, taste is very good, but it doesn’t help everyone.

  21. This is the best article ever, I often refer people to it when they ask about RRL tea! It has all of the best information you could possibly have gathered. I added a link to it on my blog post about my daughter’s natural birth.
    I didn’t do it the first time but I’m 17 weeks pregnant now and plan on drinking it RELIGIOUSLY this time! I’m determined to make this labor as efficient as possible and prepare in every way I can. (I didn’t do the dates last time either, ugh!)
    I’m a huge fan of your book as well and have been telling all my pregnant friends about it!

    I did have a question though, on this post you mention to stop drinking it early if you experience uterine cramping.
    Do you mean cramping as in painful cramps like period-type?
    I’ve started having Braxton Hicks contractions already (happened the same with my last pregnancy) but I was wondering if it would still be okay to try drinking the tea now. Should I not try it since I’m already having BH, or would it be alright even with the BH as long as there is no painful cramping?
    I’m eager to make this the best labor yet but I don’t want to do anything risky.

    Thanks =)

    • If the tea is already stimulating your uterus, it is probably a good idea to wait till you’re further along before starting the tea again.

  22. I am almost 40 and trying to conceive. In good health, but want to incorporate RRL into my practice – I see you write alot about taking it during pregnancy but my friend/midwife recommended I begin now, when I am trying. Do you agree? Thank you for your site/sight – it is much appreciated.

    • I started drinking RLT from menstruation to ovulation while TTC! I’m not 18 weeks pregnant and going to start drinking RLT again soon, probably 20 weeks/half way. Good luck and baby dust! ?

      • How much did you drink while TTC?

  23. So where is the LABOR DAY TEA RECIPE?? I can’t find it anywhere on here.

  24. Is the Labor day tea safe for a VBAC?

  25. Hi. I am looking for the Labor Day tea. I am about to start drinking raspberry leaf tea today. I’m
    30 weeks. Can you post the link? Thank you!

    • It’s 1_1/2 cups of loose leaf tea, add 4 cups of filtered water. Bring to a boil and then lower heat, cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes.

      Add sweetener if you’d like.

      I’m making mine right now! I’m a week overdo and my doctor scheduled me to induce in 4 days… I want to do this naturally though so I’m giving the tea a try.

      Good luck everyone!

      • What kinds of loose leaf tea?

        • Red raspberry leaf

  26. I am 38 weeks and 5days. Could I start drinking Red RaspberryLeaf tea now and it have any effect? Or have I waited to late?

  27. Thank you for sharing this information about this tea. I’m pregnant with my first child and I have just begun my 2nd trimester. I will definitely see about talking to my healthcare provider about possibly trying out this tea.

  28. Hello! I’m on my second trimester of my second pregnancy. I drank red raspberry leaf tea 2nd and 3rd trimesters of my first pregnancy. My doctor informed me that I was having contractions 2 or 3 weeks before my due date, but I never really felt them. I went passed my due date, but I was a nice 3cm dilated when I went into the hospital. Within 6 hours I was ready to push, and delivered with very few interventions. No epidural and fairly easy recovery. I don’t know if the tea contributed to my fairly easy experience, but I know it didn’t hurt- so I’m drinking it again this time around!

    • I was drinking RRL tea in both of my pregnancies starting in the third trimester and I swear by it. For me it helped to have both labors short, 5 hours start to finish. I didn’t have any early symptoms of labor, contractions came fast and strong, with the first contractions I started getting ready to leave the house and go to the hospital, by the time I arrived I was already 9 cm dilated and I remember how nurses were saying that I just came to the hospital to have the baby out and they want their labor to be so short.

  29. Can you provide the labor day recipe please. Thank you!

  30. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all the information. I had my baby in Feburary and started drinking RRLT in my last trimester about 3x a day. I went into labor the day I turned 39 weeks pregnant and was only in labor for about 4 hours. With my previous pregnancy I was in labor for about 13 hours, so this was a huge difference. I can not say it was a pain free labor and delivery, as my labor progressed very fast and my contractions were close together and very intense. I only waited about an hour from the time my contractions started to go to hospital and when I got there I had already dialated 5cm. I had planned on getting an epidural again this time but by the time I got it I had dialated to 7 and the epidural didn’t get a chance to kick in. My suggestion is if you plan on getting the epidural to get to the hospital quickly after labor starts and ask for it right away.

  31. Thank you so much for all this! I am wanting to have a fast painfree delivery, so I appreciate all the info!

  32. Hello!

    Thanks for the great article! I don’t see the recipe for your Labor Day Tea. Can you post a link for it please?

    Thank you!

  33. When doing the labor day tea recipe, do you need to be dilated at all? I’m approaching the due date and have been drinking RRLT everyday since week 22, but I’m not dilated at all. Thanks!

    • Nope, drink as the recipe states.

  34. I’ve been drinking red raspberry leaf tea (RRLT) since I was about 28 weeks pregnant. Everything seems to be normal and my doc is okay with it (she doesn’t think herbal remedies really make that much of a difference so is indifferent about it). I recommended it to my sister in law who is also pregnant.

    She called the pregnancy risk hotline to double check it and they told her that it will actually lengthen labor.
    They said that when people started using it way-back-when for menstrual cramping, they thought it would be a good idea for labor. They said because it was good for menstruation (relaxing the uterus) doesn’t mean it’s good for labor and to avoid it like the plague… Needless to say, my sis in law is terrified of it now even with all the research suggesting it helps.

    I called the hotline to talk to them myself and they told me the same thing. I even brought up how the research suggests that RRLT can help shorten labor, even if it’s only by 10 minutes, and they spouted back saying that all the research that’s been done has been funded by those who make money off of RRLT. They even said a certain research article had been done in Utah that found evidence that RRLT relaxes the uterus and made labor longer.

    I’ve tried searching for this article and can’t find it!! Nor can I find ANY research or experience that mentions labor being lengthened because of the tea. The only thing that comes close are those who claim the tea didn’t work for them, but went on to have a normal, more average-lengthed, labor.

    QUESTION: There’s lot of research and miracle stories about how RRLT can help pregnancy and labor, but is there any research that shows the opposite? I really want to keep using RRLT but want to understand all aspects of it’s effects.


    • We haven’t heard of RRL tea lengthening labor either. I would ask them to email you a link to the studies.

  35. Is it okay to drink Labor Day Tea if I’m a few days from my due date, but my baby still hasn’t dropped much and isn’t engaged? I’ve been doing pelvic exercises for weeks, but she hasn’t gotten the memo yet. :/

  36. if i was taking this to help conceive, and i got my positive pregnancy test, should i stop immediately or wean myself off? hope you can help!

    • There’s no need to stop drinking unless you start to feel uterine cramping.

  37. I started to drink 1 cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea every day around 4 months pregnancy up to 8 months. The last month of my pregnancy I tried to drink 2 to 3 cups every day here and there, but never skipped my daily 1 cup of tea routine. This was my first pregnancy and I delivered 5 days prior to my due date. My contractions started lightly at 2 p.m. and at around 8 p.m I felt the contraction every 4 to 5 minutes. At 9 p.m I took a chance and went to the hospital, I really thought that they would sent me back home. When the nurse checked me I was dilated at 2 cm. The nurses told my husband that it can take up to 18 hours for the delivery. After 15 minutes of walking and a 1 hour whirlpool bath I went to the operation room at 1 a.m. I naturally delivered my baby at 2.12 a.m. The doctors and nurses were all shocked as to how quick I went into delivery from the moment I walked in. They all complimented me that I did an amazing job. I truly believe that the Red Raspberry Leaf tea did it’s job amazingly well and it really helped me through the delivery. Even the healing and bleeding after the delivery was painless and quick. No painkillers needed at all. I highly recommend this tea. Someone I met told me about this tea and I started my research and I ended on this site and thought it was worth a try. It couldn’t harm to just try it out. I was so terrified of the delivery, but after all I can say it was very fast and easy and the RRL tea definitely helped me with all of it. You guys are great and really want to thank you for the recommendations.

    • Congrats dear.. Which tea u used means I bought it but it’s flavoury… N red color tea bags plz guide me

      • Thank you so much.
        I ordered it online on amazon and tealyra. It’s a bag of lose tea (green chopped up leaves) that I bought. Look for ‘Red Raspberry Leaf Tea’. Follow the instructions on the package or on this Internet site. Trust me, drink it, it really makes a difference. The one you bought is not good. It shouldn’t be red and the taste should be like black tea. I added 1 teaspoon of honey to my daily tea.

  38. I waited until 35 weeks to start and even just one cup gives me intense uterine contractions and heart palpitations. It took me a week to link this with the RRLT and had one 3 hour stretch of prodromal contractions where I really thought I might be going into labor. Took a break from it for a week and just drank one cup with same almost immediate bodily reaction. Not sure I’m thrilled to have that reaction every time…

    • Just wanted to say I also have a very strong reaction to this tea and after a few weeks of forcing myself to drink it, I just don’t think I can anymore. The heart palpitations I get just aren’t worth it.

    • Ok this is me, too! I started drinking it as they say somewhere like 32-34 weeks and after 4 days of just one cup per day I swear I nearly went into labor – I had near constant contractions that lasted all night and morning, had to take an epsom bath and do my meditations to make them go away. Midwife said don’t drink anymore until you’re to term, I’m 39+4 now, but concerned that it works “too well” on me so I’m going with eating dates and pineapples and maybe some eggplant soon. I think I’ll try it as a last resort if I go super late?

    • I am pretty sure it is causing heart palpitations in me as well. I am 34 weeks and I am going to have to wait to try again. I have had some before and havent noticed this but maybe I will try in the afternoon and not morning when I am already anxious.

  39. I’m 31 years old and I can’t believe no one has ever recommended red raspberry leaf tea before! I have PCOS and despite taking birth control pills, I still get cramps. I’m definitely going to buy some red raspberry leaf tea now! What other secrets are you hiding, universe?

  40. Instead of drinking the RRL tea, can one take capsules? The capsules are 450 mg.

    • You can try the capsules and see how they work. Good luck!

    • This is my first pregnancy and I am drinking RRLT as recommended by my Mother.
      She drank it consistently through her pregnancy with me – I came one day early and it was a speedy, uncomplicated birth. With my little brother she couldn’t stomach the tea – but went with the capsules instead. He came a little late – but still a speedy, complication free birth! If that helps 🙂

  41. I am 27 weeks pregnant, can I start drinking raspberry leaf tea?

    • You can start out with a cup and see how you feel. If it makes you crampy hold off until you are further along.

  42. Is it important that we drink the tea hot or will drinking it cold give you some benefits without losing potency of herb?

    • You can absolutely drink it iced!

  43. My daughter is 39.5 weeks. Her Dr. is wanting to induce if she has not gone prior to 40 weeks. She does not want to be induced. We researched natural ways to induce and come across this site. She has not been drinking RRLT but wants to try the LABOR DAY TEA recipe. Will it be okay to drink such high concentration of the tea since shes not drinked the RRLT before?

  44. Hello. I am going to be 34 weeks pregnant. And i really really wish i can have a natural birth. I read about this red raspberry tea leaves. I wish i am not late to consume this and for it to work on me. The raspberry tea leaf boxes avail here are those tea bag kind. Can i get that. Or is there a particular brand u recommend. Pls do let me know. I will get that and start drinking right away! Thank u in advance.

  45. Any tips on how to make that Labour Day tea more drinkable? I’ve been drinking plain RRLT with no issue but that Labour Day tea is tough for me to get down.

    • Iced with honey is pretty tasty!

    • I agree! The Labor Day tea has a pretty intense flavor! Nevertheless, I am drinking it down 😀

  46. I’ve drank this tea while pregnant with both my boys and I hated every glass of it. Is there a supplement that is effective as well?

  47. I’m 40 wks and 2 days- so I’ve drank labor tea for 3 days now. Is this something you recommend keeping up until active labor begins? Seems like the benefit outweighs any potential harm and baby ya full grown. ( i’m Still drinking water too)

    • You absolutely can! Good luck, hopefully baby will be here soon❤️

  48. Its really amazing of these nature plants and its usefulness.
    Thanks I did learn something new and useful.
    It really helped, how about unwanted pregnancy do I have to use these raspberry leave? will it help?

    • What do you mean by unwanted pregnancy, can you elaborate more on what you mean? Are you trying to not get pregnant or naturally miscarriage??

  49. I really can’t stand tea and know I won’t consistently force myself to drink something that taste like black tea. Do you think Red Raspberry Leaf supplements are effective?

    • Hey Megan, I’ve been drinking red raspberry leaf tea and it doesn’t really taste like black tea, if you add honey to it and pour it over ice it tastes more like iced sweet tea and it totally doesn’t have the bitter black tea taste (I don’t like black tea either). Really not bad tasting at all! Give it a try and see if you might like it 🙂 I like it iced better than hot.

  50. Do you continue to drink the tea while breastfeeding? Sorry, Maybe I missed you mentioning this! Thanks

  51. Hi, I’m 37 weeks. Is it too late to start drinking the red raspberry leaf tea??
    What’s your thoughts, thanks ?

    • Not too late!

  52. I have a high risk of uterine rupture due to a previous classical cesarean birth (1 in 10). My MFM is planning a repeat cesarean at 37 weeks to avoid any contractions and in turn, any risk of rupture. I’m torn to think this would help strengthen my uterus and avoid rupture, but also afraid of strong contractions. Thoughts?

    • Definitely talk to your provider about it first but, you could start out with just a cup and see how you feel.

  53. Can capsules be just as affective??

  54. Hi!
    I started drinking RRL tea about a month ago. I drink about 2 cups/day. We recently started trying to conceive. I was planning on stopping the tea when I get pregnant until later on. The last few days I have had some slight lower abdomen cramps. I wondered if this could be caused from the RRL tea? If so, is this normal?

    Thanks for all the wonderful advice!

    • Dial back on the tea and see if the cramps dissipate.

      • Good news! It wasn’t the tea that was giving me the cramps, it’s because I’m pregnant! 🙂 We’re so excited! The RRL tea must’ve really helped!

        • I was just thinking it sounds like your pregnant, congrats!

  55. I am the mother in law who wittinessed two completely different labours and births one intense the other a breeze with red rarsberry leaf tea miracle yes and prayer !!. Highly recommend I’m not pregnant and I carnt WAIT TO DRINK IT !!?

    • Hello,

      How long did she drink it for and when did she start drinking it?

  56. I am 15 weeks and 1 day, I had some bleeding last week due to a minor clot. Should I wait to drink it? I am so torn…

  57. I just made the Labor Day concoction and noticed when it simmered I lost about two cups due to evaporation. Should I add in more water? Or drink just the two strong cups I have left?

    • You can add more water to make it more palatable.

    • Same thing just happened to me, I lost about 2 cups but I’m just gonna drink what I have. I added a teaspoon of honey and it tasted fine but i love tea.

  58. I love RRL tea for several reasons. I love tea in general and can’t drink black tea for other health reasons. RRL tea is delicious and natural. I did drink it during my first trimester to help with nausea and strengthen my uterus. I stopped during late second trimester. My baby has been diagnosed with low birth weight but I’m not convinced that has anything to do with the tea. My two previous children were small to average size and I did not drink the tea. I’m 39 and high risk to begin with. I generally have quick but very painful labors. I plan to try the Labor Day tea so we’ll see. I’ll update!

  59. Is the tea different from the capsules?

  60. I lost 2 babies from a weak cervix. My dr said he will place me on bedrest from the onset of the pregnancy.would using this help me not to be placed on bed rest

    • Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a uterine tonic. It helps to tone the uterus to make contractions more effective once labor starts. Drinking the tea would not strengthen your cervix.

  61. Can I make my own red raspberry leaf tea? As in, we have raspberry bushes growing on our yard, is it safe to dry the leaves and make my tea from them? They are completely organic.

    • Check in with an herbalist.

  62. I’d never heard of RRL until I got pregnant with my first baby. I was too scared to drink it until my 3rd trimester because I had heard it would stimulate your uterus and start contractions. I waited until week 35 to start drinking it for the first time. Had my first cup on Monday, 2nd cup on Tuesday and my water broke Tuesday night. Baby girl was born after only a 4.5 hour labor which is pretty crazy for a first baby!
    Now I’m 35 weeks with my 2nd and I still haven’t started the tea – I figure I’ll let him “cook” just a little bit longer just in case it was the tea that got things going last time!

  63. I looked at the study which concluded problems with the offspring of mice whose mothers were given red raspberry leaf tea.

    There is a major flaw with the study: the researchers are attempting to draw conclusions from a sample size of 40 rats!

    Only 10 of the rats in the study received rrlt. Any conclusions drawn from such a tiny sample size is bogus.

  64. Please help!can I get another alternative for Red raspberry leaf tea?I only see Raspberry leaf tea around me.please

    • It should be the same thing! Just check the ingredients and make sure it says it just contains raspberry leaves.

    • If you have doubts, look for the Latin name of “Rubus idaeus” on the packaging list of ingredients.

  65. My prenatal (MegaFood Baby & Me) has Red Raspberry leaf in it. I don’t know if this is a problem given I started taking it as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Any thoughts?
    It’s 240 mg (4 tablets): Nurturing Prenatal Blend > RRL, Ginger Root, Chamomile, Dandelion Leaf and Root, Spinach. They no longer offer the herb free kind as they did years ago. I do feel a tiny bit of uterine contraction but not sure if that’s it, more feels like a pull. I’m in my 6th week.
    Also do you have any suggestions on what prenatal to take, or an article in which you talk about that?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Vanessa, I’ve been taking the herb free Megafood Baby & Me 2 my entire pregnancy, I’m due October 20th. I generally buy it Vitamin Shoppe or Wholefoods. Google it and you should be able to find it!

  66. I found this article in my first trimester and have been SO excited to get to my third to start RRLT. First, just FYI, my OB told me not to drink until 37 weeks. Come to find, her reasoning is that she advises against ALL herbal teas so we negotiated and I started this week at 29.5 weeks. So far so good, I planned to start on a cup a day for a while but I didn’t feel any effects or cramps so I drank 2 cups yesterday, 2 cups today. I am going to stick to 2 cups a day for a few weeks to be safe, then up to 3 cups a day…then just drink it all day as my due date draws closer. I will keep everyone posted. I personally love reading the comments/testimonials so thought I’d add my own 🙂

    • I also found the “dates” article and now have “dates!!” on my calendar for 36 weeks 🙂

  67. I did somebody research on RRL while I was pregnant with my first baby and I decided to drink it. I begun drinking my tea around 32 weeks just to be safe:-). My baby boy decided to come at 35+4 nobody knows why. I even ask myself the question time to time. But well it happened it was suppose to be this way. My water broke, after one hour I started having slight contractions and was 4 cm dilated, and three hours I had super strong contractions every two minutes. My baby was born after 6.5hours since my water broke. I pushed him out within 20 minutes. He was a big boy considering he was one month early (19 1/2 inches and 6 lbs 10oz!) I guess he wanted me to have easier labor :-). And I have to add that my pregnancy was excellent no problems at all except being tired. So I’ll definitely drink my RRL again with my next pregnancy :-).!

    • Can you provide the amount you were drinking?

  68. I was admitted in the hospital for 48 days with baby 1 for contractions. The birth was very painful and I had pitocin going for 6 hours. I’m pregnant again 2 years later. Is it safe to drink this tea with my contraction history?

    • Maybe try a natural birth without the pitocin. I have heard from other girlfriends that pitocin can make things more intense. One person told me she could feel her natural contractions overlapping with the pitocin contractions. I opted for a natural birth so I wouldn’t know personally.

  69. Is drinking RRLT same as taking RRL capsules?

  70. Thanks for the great article and recipes. I started to drink RLT during my first pregnancy around 32 weeks, and the same day I got my first Braxton Hicks! I continued and upped the dosage along the way and feel that it really helped tone my uterus and muscles ready for birth. I am now 30 weeks with my second child and will definately partake in some RLT therapy 🙂

  71. Hello everyone this goes to mama natural am 26 weeks and have been also taking pregnacare as my everyday supplements for my child’s welness and me too.then when I had of this have liked it very much and I want to try it should I leave the pregnacare and. Go with this herb only?
    Waiting for the reply.

  72. I did drink RRLT with Nettles for most of my pregnancies and after, and found they really helped shorten bleeding. I am now in menopause. Is there any benefit to drinking RRLT for older women?

    • Hi Mary
      You can use Red raspberry, stinging nettle and chasteberry. for menopause. x

  73. Thank you for the valuable information.As the name suggests, red raspberry leaf tea is prepared from the leaves of the red raspberry plant. This is a herbal tea that is used, especially in the western countries, for relieving health problems and minor complications during pregnancy. This concoction is very healthy as it contains not only the health benefits of the raspberry plant, but also some more nutrients that come from mixing its leaves with warm water that is already well known as a soothing agent for the belly. Most pregnant women start drinking this tea when they reach the fag end of their second trimester.

  74. Animal testing is not necessarily helpful to humans. Cats could die if they ate a single Tylenol capsule. Dogs could die from eating too much chocolate. I’ve had both in significant doses and it only provided relief. Maybe the rats in the study had those problems because, quite simply, they are rats. Rats would probably never eat raspberry leaves if not forced. My sister, on the other hand, was intuitively drawn to raspberry tea, and only later found out its benefits through physical experience and later verified it online. For me, I can’t tell a difference. Just because its good for one person doesn’t mean its good for another. Everyone is different. Clearly its not good for rats.

    • Humans can certainly die from chocolate or Tylenol poisonning. The number 1 drug used for suicide attempts is Tylenol, which is why it will be systematically tested for in cases of poisonning or suicide attempt. Thousands are admitted in the ER for caffeine overdose every year. Cats and dogs are more sensitive, but humans have the same side effects at high doses. Rat studies do not give all the answers, but much of their biology is similar enough to do preliminar testings before using dogs or monkeys, and finally humans. It is best to notice fatal effects before reaching those stages. You are still right that we cannot automatically draw these conclusions on humans, I just want these animals’ unvoluntary contribution to science to not be dismissed so easily.

  75. Hello 🙂 I am a little bit confused. To make the labour day tea am I suppose to simmer the leaves for 20-30 minutes or steep them. Thank you xx

  76. Thanks for the great article. Please where can I buy the RRL in Nigeria?

    • You can order it on Amazon, they’ll deliver to you

  77. Love the tea recipes you share Genevieve! I drank a pregnancy tea blend and red raspberry leaf tea during all 4 of my pregnancies and was blessed to have 4 natural births. Wouldn’t have a pregnancy without it! I did a similar super strong RRL tea on labor day with my 3rd and 4th and those were fast and mostly pain free labors (under 2 hours of active labor for both!) compared to my first 2 where I just drank it regularly and had longer (but still under 5 hrs) labors and definitely more painful. I think there are a few caveats to using it effectively – start early and drink it often. Thanks for the fantastic resource you’ve made for Mamas! I still get tickled when I think of your video Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say! Many Blessings!

    • I’m confused because studies show that we aren’t supposed to drink it until 34 weeks pregnant but I’m seeing everyone’s comments that people are drinking it as early as 2nd trimester. I’m 28 weeks pregnant and I want to start drinking it but I’m worried I’ll go into labor too soon. Can someone explain?

      • You can use it at your own discretion. Do what makes sense for you and your body.

  78. Great article! However in the final bit you discuss making tea with comfrey. Comfrey really should not be taken internally. With chronic use it can cause bridging fibrosis of the liver.

  79. I’m wanting to make the labor tea, and curious, do I drink all 32oz in a day and drink a batch a day for several days or am I sipping on the one batch throughout several days?

  80. For the Warm Coconut Raspberry Leaf Tea, do you recommend full coconut milk or coconut milk beverage? Ty

    • Full coconut milk.

  81. Thanks for this great article–and I don’t even have kids! Great learning about all the health benefits of red raspberry tea. Especially thank you for the coconut milk and honey recipe. Drinking it right now and it is so yummy! Like chai but no caffeine and lots of nutrients. Actually I’m using a tea blend with red raspberry in it: Taspens Organics’ Daily Nourishing Tea. (I work for the company, awesome products). The blend is: red raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, and oatstraw. Wide range of health benefits and great with the coconut milk and honey!

  82. So I’m a little confused, do I drink 3 cups with a teaspoon each or do I drink 3 cups with a tablespoon of loose leaf tea in it in my third trimester? T i a

  83. Hi. Iam 32 weeks pregnant and I regret for not finding this site earlier. But Im happy i found it now.

    I would like to start RRLT and would like to brew it instead of using tea bags. Could you please suggest me the brand that you used.

    Thanks !

  84. I got pregnant back in June and started drinking RRL tea around 4 weeks not realizing that my uterus was contracting. I ended up losing the baby at 8 weeks. I’m not 100% positive it was only the tea but I am currently 7 weeks pregnant again and terrified to do anything out of the norm until at least the second trimester. I think you just have to listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

    • you are definitely right about the body feels. I’m a 33 week mother from Asia and I’m always told by my doctors that to follow your body’s signals, no matter it’s pelvis exercise, daily diet or any other code of conducts, always believe your body and uterus can tell what’s best for you and your baby

    • I’m so sorry about your first baby loss 🙁 I have a very similar story. With my first pregnancy last year, I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea right away (in the pregnancy book I happened to be reading at the time, it didn’t mention the potential hazards at all). I had cramping but didn’t realize that was bad, until we lost the baby at 8 weeks. I’m now pregnant again (hurrah!) and waited until 14-15 weeks to start drinking the tea this time. No cramping at all when I drink it, and I feel great! And baby is very healthy. I’ll continue drinking it now that there are no adverse side effects. 🙂

      I think it all just depends on the woman and the body! Some of us may be more sensitive to it.

  85. I’m 35 weeks now and I just started drinking RRL tea. Should I drink more thank two cups a day to catch up? Or just follow the normal routine?

  86. I drank red raspberry leaf tea daily during my 4th pregnancy until my varicose veins became so painful (including vulvular varicosities) that I couldn’t walk. When I decided to try not drinking it somewhere between 2nd and 3rd trimester, my pains started improving and I could walk more comfortably. So, I stopped drinking it. If you have similar problems, I wouldn’t drink it.

  87. I am about 25 weeks along and started drinking 1cup/day 4 days ago. The first day I had it, I had 2 cups but cut back to 1 cup because my stools have changed and I had some cramping that day I drank 2 cups. I now have some diarrhea every morning and have an uneasy tummy. Has anyone else had this? Any way to navigate it? Thank you!

    • I haven’t noticed any change in stool, but I think it may upset my stomach during the morning. I usually drink it and night and/or the afternoon and have no issues.

    • Hi Haley,

      I am ~19 weeks, and starting drinking 1 cup of the tea every couple of days. After this last cup of day (which I think was more potent due to the water temp and how long I steeped it), I have had diarrhea for the past few days (even though I haven’t had another cup since then). I felt very lightheaded for a couple of days too. I am wondering if it caused some light contractions that have led to my GI distress, but I can’t feel the contractions…I can only feel the GI symptoms. I will definitely not be drinking this again. My body is quite sensitive to most things though, so I don’t think everyone will react this way! 🙂

  88. I’m in my second trimester, I drink the tea twice a day. Lately I’ve been making the tea with 2 bags and double the water. Does this have the same effect? If it does I plan on making a triple bag tea on my 3rd trimester.
    Please let me know if anyone has input on my question.
    Thanks!! ??

  89. do you recommend the traditional medicinal’s pregnancy tea or is it better to just drink the RRL tea straight. I’m looking for something quick and easy and effective (no capsules though I do enjoy the feeling of sipping my cup of tea). I also don’t have a lot of time to brew tea through-out the day to drink several cups as the pregnancy tea only has 700mg of RRL but also has some other good herbs for pregnancy. Im only 7 weeks and I heard RRL is good for preventing miscarriage’s in the first trimester and then someone also said it can cause them. I’m so confused please help! 🙂

  90. I’m 34 weeks and my doula just recommended drinking RRL tea. I clicked on your link for the loose leaf tea that you prefer, but it pulled up a few different ones available on Amazon including Frontier and Starwest (plus one or two others). Could you please tell me which one you were linking? Thank you!!

    • I was hoping to find the answer to this too!

  91. I read somewhere to drink the entire liter of Labor Day tea all at once when contractions get strong or as soon as water breaks. This is after drinking a cup or more daily throughout pregnancy.

  92. Hi. I will b getting induced on 19th Nov. Can I start with the labor tea? How many days in advance is the labor tea recommended? Kindly reply.. xoxo

    • It says above to use it right around your due date. I would use it right away if I was you. I was due two days ago and will be starting to drink the Labor Day tea asap.

  93. i have a question on the link for the loose tea. Which brand is it? When i click the link, the first result i get is a tea bag. If you could clarify that, that would be great. i am 23 weeks today!

  94. Genevieve, my question is about red raspberry leaf tea and fertility. I know you wrote an article about natural family planning and my husband and I are using this for guidance as well. However, my periods have been really painful since I’ve had two children and I’m looking to maybe drink a cup of tea a day during my period. I don’t mind even drinking it every day, but should I avoid it during my “fertile” time? or maybe only drink it during my period? I know there are so many factors. Just curious your thoughts. Thanks!

  95. I drank 3 cups of loose RRT almost every day my 3rd trimester. It was my first baby, and the labor and delivery went SO well and easy (I did it naturally) with no complications, and everything at a steady pace. My doctor was surprised at how easy it was for my first baby. I wondered if the tea made a difference, and I really think it did! Pregnant with number two, and going to do that again.

    • HI MY DEAR

  96. I will be 31 weeks Friday and have been drinking one cup of nettle leaf tea every once in awhile before going to bed. Do I need to add RRLT with nettle tea for it to work? Or is drinking the nettle leaf tea alone fine? Heard its got vitamins and minerals in it too.

  97. So I drank one cup every day from the start of my pregnancy. This was my First baby and I went 2 week over due. I started drinking the labor day tea 3 or 4 days before I was going to have to be induced and I drank one recipe per day. This stuff worked too well. 1 days before day I was going to be induced I went into labor and had 2 days of contractions 7 min apart but once I got to active labor man did I wish I wouldn’t have drank so much of this stuff. I had 3 minute contractions and no resting period between! I went 9.5 cm dilated with no meds but then the said I couldn’t push until fully dilated so I ended up with an epidural. This stuff works but don’t go stream with it

  98. I purchased the recommended loose leaf tea and can’t seem to make it right. It seems super diluted? Any suggestions?

    • Less water?

      • I’m doing 8 oz water with 3 teaspoons?

        • Yes!

          • It really does work i have 5 kids. I was induced with my older 4 and with this one i was scheduled to be induced july 11th well on the night of the 6th i decided to try the tea to induce labor. I drank it and figured it wouldnt work so i went to sleep…4 hours later woke up to contractions! I of course never laboring on my own before waited a few hours thinking it was real. Meanwhile I was having contractions every 5 minutes so finally i decided ok im gonna shower and go get checked to see if this is really labor. While in the shower my contractions got intense and only 2 minutes about so i rushed to the hospital and when i got there i was already dialeted to a 9 lol. Im just glad i didnt have her in the car. Anyways my whole point is the labor tea really does work!! Red raspberry leaf tea is also great for period cramps so save any left over bags for after the baby too

  99. I love raspberry tea! Do you think it’s as effective when eaten as a powder supplement?

    • There are capsules that are readily available in health food stores.

  100. This is my first time drinking RRLT and I’m 34weeks. What time of the day should I drink it? I’m confused as to drinking it before I sleep, together with my breakfast or during my snack time. I hope yoi can reply. Thanks

    • You can either sip it throughout the day or follow the thumb rule: “1 cup in the first trimester; 2 cups in the second and 3 cups a day in your third trimester” .. I personally prefer to drink it either at lunch or before bed. I let it simmer for 10 minutes and add just a bit of honey to my tea.

      I’m also 34 weeks now and hopefully I manage forcing myself to drink it at least 2 times a day, because right now I only do it in the evening 🙂
      Good luck!

      • Hello Kelly
        i was excitted reading about how you used the rrt and would love your guidance on how to use it
        i personally prefer the one for RRL SWEET TEA

  101. Im already 36 weeks pregnant.. im drinking 1 mug of rrtl everyday. For the labour tea using teabags , how do i do it? Do i just put all 24 teabags in a teapot and pour boiling water 32oz to it and let it steep for 20-30mins?

    • Yep, that’s how it’s made!

    • When I see the best time to drink the labor tea? 1 day, 7 days before the due date?

  102. Hi! Do you know if the Traditional Medicinals brand raspberry leaf tea is okay to drink? Thank you so much! This is my first time doing this 🙂

    • Yes, great choice!

  103. I had a very quick and natural Labor with my first, and I just thought I got lucky. So many people couldn’t believe I only had to push for 15 minutes and I was at the hospital for only 3 hours before my son was born. I’m currently pregnant with baby number 2 and have been reading into the benefits of red raspberry leaf tea and have started drinking one to two cups daily at 36 weeks pregnant. I just happened to be reading the ingredient list to my favorite brand of bedtime tea (which I drank consistently through my first pregnancy), and noticed that red raspberry leaf is an ingredient along with a blend of others (not sure of how many mg/bag as this info is not listed on the box though). I’m curious as to whether this had anything to do with my quick Labor the first time around! Definitely going to continue drinking my daily dose of red raspberry leaf tea and will probably try the Labor Day tea as well. I notice that since I have started drinking the tea in this pregnancy that my Braxton hicks contractions are less obnoxious, as they had started to get a little more uncomfortable as of late.

    • I had a similar experience with my first baby! Did it naturally, was only at the hospital for 2 hours, pushed 20 minutes. I had drank 3 cups of the tea every day the 3rd trimester. I really think it did make a huge difference!

  104. My pregnancy is 27 week now. Is it too late to drink RRLT for now?

    • Never too late!

  105. Hi

    Where can i get the tea in South Africa? I have been looking all over please assist

    • Amazon

    • Dischem

  106. I’m now 39 weeks and 3 days and am eager to have my baby! I started drinking RRLT last night (tea bags) and just came across this article today. I am very curious about the labor day recipe!
    I am just wondering if it is safe to drink if labor hasn’t started for me yet? Absolutely no contractions 🙁 Also, are there concerns with post partum bleeding?

    • Please note raspberry leaf tea DOES NOT INDUCE labor! It is use for so many other good reasons like strengthening uterine muscles, keeping endo system in great shape, keepijg hormones in check and giving your body and baby loads of antioxidants and nutrients.
      I SWEAR by RT as it made literally did the pushing for me as I lay in warm water tub juz deep breathing and less than 2 hours of active labor contractions and 20 mins of my body doing the pushing for me my 2nd baby was here ?. My whole time of labor lasted only.for 12 hours and active labor only 1.5 hours as my uterus did all the work for me!!while I was in hot watee tub to give birth i kept in sipping the super strong raspberry leaf tea and guess what I only had a slight graze (as opposed to 3 stiches down there with my 1st one). My bleeding thjs time was very minimal as i kept drinking this tea! Excellent milk supply and much less gas issues with my.infant this time as well…I started drinking 1 cup from 30 weeks of being pregnant and started uppijg my.intake as I went on.

      This was the easiest birthing experience (1st baby took 2 days of being in labor contractions amd an episiotomy after birth and colic.issues straight after birth ??) for me as RT does help with the pushing out part, bleeding and general well being of baby and the mum.
      I cannot promote this tea enough for.women in general!!

  107. These comments are so encouraging! I’m currently 15 weeks with baby #2! I didn’t try RRLT until about 38 weeks with my first, and honestly wasn’t very good about keeping up with it. I had 78 hours of labor (yep, you read that right) but thankfully only pushed for 22 minutes. I figure that pushing time is fantastic for a FTM but would LOVE to not go through another 3+ days of consistent contractions, birthing balls, etc. I had a wonderful natural birth but struggled seriously with breastmilk supply and after 3 lactation consultants, 2 different breast pumps, fenugreek, fennel essential oil, go-lacta powder, mother’s milk tea, and even the controversial domperidone, (and everything else you could possibly imagine) STILL had to supplement because i wasn’t producing nearly enough for my little lady. Can someone please let me know how to use RRLT (and any other thing in existence) to boost supply?? I want to have everything possible to be able to EBF this baby. I’m going to be ordering the recommended tea today in hopes that starting so early will help. I also plan to have my placenta encapsulated this time to help with production. I need suggestions mamas!! Thank you!

  108. I am at 19 weeks now and today I went to our local health food store, smelled the RRLT and was grossed out. I bought the Natures Way RRL Capsules (450mg) Do you think it was a waste of money or do you think it will work just as well as the actual tea? Or is it too strong? This is my first pregnancy that I have gone this far. Married 15 years with infertility and a few early miscarriage. Our sweet son (was adopted) prayed for a “baby sister” (and a puppy) earlier this year over and over before dinner. My husband and I would just grin and think “how cute” until I got that positive two lines! Now we are celebrating every day that “she” is with us. We dont know if it is a boy or girl and will probably keep that as another one of God’s surprises! What a miracle “she” already is!! Anyway, I am “old” but excited to experience this miracle!!

    • First off CONGRATS girl? . You are blessed and secondly go easy with raspberry leaf tea extract/ supplement as it has higher concentration of the stuff than just the leaves. Are you sure you sniffed the RLT ? As i found it quite easy to drink as it has a freshness to it like earthy and herbal taste which is perfectly easy to drink(i use my leaves atleast 2 times b4 throwing them out by pouring more hot water in)
      Secondly, you can add any other flavors to it like dries pear or mango or those flavored non caffienated herbal tea and drink up! Just make sure the RRLT you are buying is of good quality. And avoid the ones with tea bags (as most tea bags contains pesticides and bleach) and just buy the lose leaf form.
      I have had excellent experience with raspberry leaf tea from my pregnancy to labor and had a natural super fast natutal delivery with no tear and have a very happy bub ?
      I would also advise you to take high potency vitamin d3 (5000 to 7000iu) as its something lacking in our own bodies as we are often too busy to get out and about and the d3 help in babys skeletal system and other body functions)

      God bless you and all the best

  109. I am 2 days away from my due date and am wondering if it is too late to start drinking the tea? As in, will just now starting to drink it have any beneficial effects? What are you thoughts?

    • Never too late mama!

  110. Do you recommend the Frontier loose tea brand or the Birds and Bees Tea brand? Not sure which one you are referring to above since your link to Amazon has changed on me each time I click on it. Thanks.

    • I am curious too!

  111. Yes I did! For all my 3 last pregnancies and yes it makes a world of a difference!!! I have a total of 5 children and I wished some one had told me before about Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.
    It’s like the tea does all the work for you! Wonderful leaf The creator made for us especially women ???

    • Isabella,

      Yes ur so right..with my 2nd one I took RRLT religiously N gosh I believe it did everything for me right down to pushing the baby out. I am just amazed at its potential! I wish I knew about it with my 1st one!!
      You do need to eat healthy and just eat when you are hungry as you are not eating for 2 (u only need 200-300 more calories which can be done by just having an extra glass.of milk) and using RRLT definately does help…

  112. I am 12 weeks and have had the worst nausea and some vomiting since five weeks. I hate taking Meds but I’ve had to resort to them. They only bring slight relief. I read that red raspberry leaf and alfalfa may help with the nausea. Is it too early for me to start drinking? I’m having a cup now while researching more on it ?.

    • I’m looking for an update. How did it go?

  113. How soon before your due date can you safely drink the Labor Tea?

    • On or after your due date is ideal if you are sure of your dates. If you’re facing an induction, a few days leading up to the induction as well as your induction date can help.

  114. I am currently 34 weeks and 2 days. I plan on having a VBAC. This is my second pregnancy. My first was a csection for arrest of dilation at 7cms in 2011. I plan on drinking RRLT. When should I start and how many cups should I drink? I am excited to have a natural birth.

  115. I used RRLT with the birth of my daughter 29 years ago and swear by it! Contractions were 12 minutes apart when I decided to go ahead and get a shower. I made my Labor Day Tea and drank HALF of the suggested quart, got in and took a shower (15 minutes or so). When I got out of the shower, my contractions had jumped to 5 minutes apart! I hurriedly finished getting ready and headed to the hospital 30 minutes away. I was only there 4 hrs. when my daughter was born. I can vouch for this stuff working because it is not the norm for contractions to jump that quickly.

    With that being said, my daughter is due any day now and is wanting to do the Labor Day Tea. However, she is on blood pressure medication for slightly elevated BP (since before pregnancy). Does anyone know if there is any risk of taking this with BP issues?

  116. Hi! Your instructions to brew the tea for loose leaf is 1 tbs of loose tea to 1 cup of water. When you say to drink 1-3 cups a day… do you mean to drink 1-3 cups brewed with the 1tbs tea to 1 cup water ratio?

    I am 20 weeks and have been drinking 2-3 tea bags a day but just ran out and bought the loose red raspberry leaf tea. Trying to figure out to get a good amount for my second and third trimester with the loose tea.


  117. So I have started brewing the labor tea- I’m now 39 weeks and have been drinking a few cups everyday for months. When i brew the labor tea, do I cover it when I am simmering it? I would assume I do.
    Also so you recommend drinking it before I have gone into labor? As you did. Or wait to go into labor then drink it?

    • Both before and during labor is ideal!

  118. I am 37 weeks pregnant with my third. I have been drinking at least two cups of red raspberry tea a day since week 35. My dr is planning on inducing me at week 39 because last delivery I was two weeks late and delivered a beautiful 10 pound baby. delivery was traumatic and baby had seizures and I had a very long recovery. To avoid that I will be induced earlier this time around if baby doesn’t come out sooner. My question is would it be safe to drink the Labor Day tea before my induction day? That would be more than a week before my due date.

    • Couldn’t hurt, might make your induction quicker. Fingers crossed!

  119. My 1st son was looking big inside, so the Dr moved up my due date. When the new date passed they scheduled me to be induced. I wanted to avoid that, and read about RRLT. Found it in target, drank 2 cups in one day and my water broke that night. My son was born on his actual due date, 10 lbs 22 inches.

  120. What do you recommend for capsule dosage?
    My capsules are from Nature’s Sunshine and are 750mg per 2 capsules

    • I am 21 weeks

  121. I have used RRLT with all three of my pregnancies. I started at 35 weeks and would progress my intake each week. All my labors were different, but my contractions were always productive and strong! My pushing time was never longer than 5 minutes. I never overbled. I would continue drinking after birth for good milk production and to help with after birth. My recoop has always been quick. I highly recommend it!

  122. Hello! I am 3 days overdue and my doctor is pressuring induction. I wanted to try the Labor Day brew (I’ve been drinking RRLT since 28 weeks) but heard that it can cause postpartum bleeding. Do you know anything about this? And is the Labor Day tea to be had all in one day? (24 bags right?) I’m nervous about overdoing it! Thank you!

  123. Just want to say thank you for the recommendation for the loose 1lb bag of tea on amazon! It’s such a cost savings. I was picking up the boxes of the traditional medicinals at Whole Foods, for nearly $5 a box, that would last me 5 days… the bag will last me a few months, for the price of 3 of those boxed bagged teas.

  124. I highly recommend this tea. I first heard about red raspberry leaf tea 34 years ago. I didn’t like the taste much so I didn’t bother taking it (so sorry later). I had a 28 hour labor with forceps delivery and a lot of stitches (even with a small 6lb 4oz baby). After that I wasn’t sure I wanted any more children but I found an article about the tea with testimonials. One expectant mother who had had several miscarriages began spotting and thought she would lose another baby. Someone told her about the tea and she began taking it right away. The spotting stopped and she carried to term. Another woman took the strong brew in the hospital parking lot because she thought the staff would take it away from her. He doctor checked her and said he would come back in the morning, and went home. Half an hour later he had to come back and deliver the baby. This was the result I was banking on with my next pregnancy. I started contractions at 1:00 Friday morning, I tried not to wake my husband who had a 4 hour exam the next day but I finally did and we got ready and made the strong tea. Our hospital of choice was an hour away and I felt carsick when we got there. It was 6:30 a.m. and I wanted to have the baby before my husband’s exam so I gulped down the tea (bad idea) and immediately threw up. I was devastated because I knew what to expect from my previous experience. All day long, my chart said “floating” and at 4:00 I was only 3 cm. That was 15 hours. When my husband finally got back to the hospital with the strong brew, it was 4:45. I drank it and at 5:15 started having very strong contractions. My 8 pound son flew out at 6:10. My doctor was amazed and began to recommend the tea to all her patients. I would suggest taking 3 thermoses of the strong brew in case, like me, you throw up.

  125. Hi, thanks for the amazing article, it surely got me motivated to order some. However just a quick question, is it advisable to consume RRLT after delivery and while breast feeding? How long can I continue the use of RRLT. Your reply will be appreciated. Xoxo mama natural…

  126. I live in Germany – and the midwives here all recommend RLT – my midwife actually wanted me to start drinking it just around week 34 – and only a few times a week. She said from 36 weeks to drink it daily… There are such funny beliefs about it… she also told me to be careful and not drink more than one cup a day, because it may make me bleed out too much after the childbirth… we will see. I am just 2 days away from 38 weeks! xx

  127. I drank red raspberry leaf tea during my first pregnancy! My labor was far from short (26 hours) BUT I only pushed for 42 minutes. It was my first baby and I had an epidural for the last three hours of labor. I hear pushing for an hour or less is amazing for a first time mom so I think it helped! I’ll be drinking it more religiously during my second pregnancy to see if my labor is shorter.

  128. I am 33 weeks now and a ftm… Unfortunately a home birth is not an option for me. Is it too late to start drinking the tea now? I just ordered a pound of loose leaves .. I’m planning on trying to stay home as long as possible before going to the hospital lol I am absolutely terrified of giving birth so I’m hoping this could still help!

    • I haven’t used rapberry leaf tea much but was advised to start taking it by a midwife even though I was 38 weeks along with my 8th child. I got a decent brand of raspberry leaf capsule from the health food shop and it made a big difference! I even found it helped in the weeks after the birth. I’ve taken it from 36 weeks ( recommended time to begin here in Australia) for my last 2 pregnancies and highly recommend.

  129. I didn’t drink any raspberry leaf tea during my first pregnancy. I was fortunate to not go over my due date, in fact Bub was a few days early. It was a smooth, natural & very fast labour. That said it was painful, bearable but painful. I don’t really think anything can prepare you for the reality of birth. Any how, after reading this article I am tempted to try sipping some raspberry leaf tea to strengthen. But I am a little concerned that it will shorten my labour though (having already had a very quick labour and this being my second Bub), I do want to make sure I get to the hospital!

    • The trick is to drink it in the hospital parking lot so you will be sure to make it there on time. But take an extra dose in case you throw up like I did.

  130. Hi I’m currently 3 days past my due date and I’m wondering if you think the labour day tea is worth trying now, I do have an induction date set but if I can speed up the process before that it would be great.
    Thank you ?

    • Absolutely it’s worth trying now! Give it a shot and very best wishes for an awesome and empowered birth!

    • I know this isn’t going to help you now but in the future it may. I heard of one mom who was overdue taking the strong brew and it brought on the labor quickly.

  131. I started drinking this at 28 weeks and it made me super nauseous each time I had a cup. I had to stop drinking it, but plan to start back up in the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy because I really want the benefits! Any tips to combat the nausea it causes? I even tried drinking it with lemon juice and honey, but that didn’t work.

    • Drinking the red raspberry tea with meals can help combat the nausea. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply! Forgot to mention that I would drink it with meals and I would still get nauseous 🙁

        • I tend to get nauseous if I drink it in the morning. Afternoon or evening are fine for me.

    • I used a quality capsule. Perhaps that would be worth trying?

  132. Hi there, I am 18weeks pregnant with my first child. I am curious to know if I can start with the RRLT while I do my 5 days a week prenatal workout. Awaiting your reply. Xoxo

    • I recommend starting the tea in your second trimester so you should be good to go!

  133. Wow, thanks for this article! My three children’s births have been very positive and fast (4 and 3 hours total labor for the last two), and while I didn’t drink tea consistently, it was my tea of choice. Of course, I was also doing my Bradley exercises and training, eating healthy, and walking plenty to prepare. But after 3rd baby, what I wasn’t prepared for was the afterbirth pain (I later learned that it increases with each baby). So for my fourth, I’m going to be drinking this tea most every day and postpartum too! I can’t wait to order some!

  134. I started drinking RRLT in my third semester. I began with one cup of Earth Mama Angel Baby Third Trimester Tea (which is a mix) and then wanted a little more ummph so I added a bag of Traditional Medicinal RSLT which gave me 16oz of tea using a tea bag from both. 4 days before my due date my labor began by my waters breaking and contractions were immediately 5 minutes apart and lasting about 1 minutes. Labor was only 6 hours and while INTNESE, not painful (except for the crowning part).I only pushed about 10 times. It was my first baby and I credit the lack of pain and speed to RRLT and Spinning Babies daily exercises. I recommend RRLT to every pregnant woman that I know. I did have complications and hemorrhaging after, but my doctor only sees a case like mine once every couple of years and believes that I will be just fine for my next baby. That said, for my next pregnancy I will do the same thing. I love RRLT!

  135. Question about the labor day tea. Is that measurement packed? Loose? I’d like to know for when I go to my health food store to buy. They sell loose rrl in their bulk herb and spice section.

    • Loose is fine for dried. If you have fresh you may want to pack it.

  136. I drank RRLT my last pregnancy and really feel it made all the difference in the duration of my labor, but for many reasons I ended up with a 2nd c-section. So now that I am pregnant a 3rd time, and I have a scheduled c-section, I am wondering if there is any benefit to drinking the tea…for instance, decreased chance of uterine rupture? If anyone has any information on this I’d greatly appreciate the input!!

    • I don’t have any research to give you but I can’t image it wouldn’t help. A strong uterus is a resilient uterus. I don’t think it will hurt either so why not?

      • Funny enough I’m on baby 7 and had breech C-section in 2015…(#1-natural,#2emergency C-section#3,4,5 – successful vbacs, )
        I had alot of stress in pregnancy #2&6 both C-section…But this last C-section I just heard of rrlt , but I drank Bedtime tea( had RTL,nettle, Dandelion etc) had no clue drank every night with all pregnancy except #2&6. It’s something to this. I drink Rrlt now daily and take Epo 1000 mg every two days. Since 30 week, I had sciatica,Sspd pain, and sciatica is gone ,and with birthing ball and exercises Sspd pain is at 20percent…IT WORKS! I feel mild contracting about 20 mins afterwards, but sit still until it passes. I’m 35 weeks and my tight abdominal won’t permit baby to turn( breech AGAIN) so scheduled C-section but I’m still using it & taking K 2 ( for blood) and also Black Cumin Seed supplements …And Chlorella 4 x a day for cell healing. I increase my Rrlt today to 2 cups…And at 38 weeks 3 cups and Epo daily. Two days before scheduled C-section, I plan to do Labor day tea. I’m a doula and in school for midwifery,y doctors are midwife inclined buy scared of liability…So I plan to see as I’ll get a tubal( debating still,heard of bad side effects)….Wish me luck ladies! Thanks so much Natural Mama need more information to make better decisions! Namaste ?

        • I drank Traditional Non GMO Rrlt in tea bags and Bedtime in tea bags.

  137. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for over a year when I came across an article about acupuncture helping women conceive. At my first appointment, my acupuncturist recommended that I start drinking 1 cup a day of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to lengthen my period from 2 to 5 days. It happened during my very next cycle which shocked me at how fast it worked!!! And 6 weeks later I was pregnant! I was amazed and as happy as ever! I waited to start drinking RRL until I was in my third trimester. I drank 2 cups a day for 12 weeks straight. However, I didn’t go into labor. I had to be induced at week 41. Once I was induced, the contractions came on pretty strong but every time they did we would loose my babies heartbeat. After this happened for a third time (which was incredibly scary I might add), the doctor informed me that they needed to get my baby out as quick as possible so she needed to do a cesarean. It turned out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my little boys neck not once but TWICE and the intense contractions were cutting off his breathing. I was extremely thankful that I was at a hospital and my baby was in good hands. He turned out perfect and is absolutely amazing at 11 months old!

  138. I found out about RRL during the first week of my third trimester and started drinking it in the second week. I felt like I needed to make up for lost time, so I drank at least 3 cups per day after I had gotten myself used to it and greatly increased my intake as my pregnancy drew to a close. Baby was overdue and I had to be induced with a half dose of cytotec, but labor lasted less than 8 hours and went by very quickly. Both my doctor and nurses were amazed with how well I handled the intensity of labor. I also drank the tea for a few weeks postpartum and had a great recovery. I was not expecting a good or easy birth because of the line of women I come from, but boy was I surprised! I tell every expectant mom about RRL now! I firmly believe that it was one of the main reasons why I had such a wonderful and memorable labor.

  139. Hi all. I’ve been reading comments, and thinking that I should have no issues with drinking the tea right now at almost 33 weeks. I did have a miscarriage last year before this baby was conceived but at 7 weeks gestation was when we lost our baby. I’m assuming since I really don’t have anything, testing wise, that I need to worry about, the tea should be fine for me to drink at this point, right? It would also help my water intake as well!

    Thanks Mommas!

    • You should be fine but check with your midwife if you’re concerned.

  140. Hi. I was 11 weeks pregnant, but today 5-8-2017, I had a miscarriage. Cramping, bleeding and passing of a lot of blood clots ended with having a DNC. I am wondering about the pregnancy tea from Traditional Medicinals. After reading about miscarriage in your book, Genevieve’s doula, Maura Winkler said it was good during a miscarriage to help aid in Contractions and delivery if the placenta. I just have to wonder if this tea is really good for stimulating contractions why wouldn’t it stimulate co tractions at any stage, especially during the first trimester, which I read some midwives do not recommend until 2nd and 3rd. Trimesters. I only started drinking this tea two weeks ago and had a cup yesterday morning. If anyone could shed some light on this I would appreciate it. It seems like a shame if this was the cause….a tea that I could have lived without.

    • I generally recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester, that being said there’s no way to know what caused the miscarriage (and I’m so sorry for your loss).

  141. I took the pill form along with exercise. Labor was smooth, mild pain & a few pushes it was done. Great stuff.

  142. I drank the tea 1-3 times a day starting at about 5-6 months pregnant. Never experienced any worrying side effects and it just tastes like black tea to me. Good with a little sweetened vanilla coconut milk! When I was 2 days past my due date on New Years Day, I made the labor day brew and sipped it throughout the day. That evening at 9pm I started getting the faintest cramps (I’d had NO signs of labor up until this point), went to sleep for a couple hours and woke up at 3am realizing it was the real deal. At the hospital by 9am, delivered a healthy baby boy at 10pm with NO medical interventions or drugs. My water didn’t break until 9.5 centimeters. I was stuck at 7-9 cm for about 5 hours, and pushed for about 1.5 hours, but otherwise my labor couldn’t have gone better. This was my first baby and he had not dropped until labor, I was only 1cm dialated 0% effaced for 1 month leading up to labor. I think drinking the tea helped with the pregnancy and labor and definitely attribute it to my membranes not rupturing until the end! Who knows if the labor day tea was a coincidence as I was 3 days overdue, but it seemed to kick things into gear considering he hadn’t dropped and I hadn’t had any labor signs in the preceding weeks.

  143. I’m 39.2 weeks pregnant. When I was last checked at my 38 week appointment my cervix was still pretty high and not dilated at all. Can I still drink the labor tea? If so should I start drinking it now? I want to help induce labor – I have been taking RRLT since 14 weeks, I’ve tried 1,500 EPO everyday for the past 4 weeks and still nothing. I’m hoping the labor tea would work but I’m not sure if it’ll help if I’m not dilated at all yet. Should I make it?

    • Hello Nina! I am also 39.2 weeks, except i’m trying to get her out before the weekend 🙂 I will be doing acupuncture for labor induction tomorrow, followed by a long walk while sipping on labor tea. Let’s hope it works!
      It would not hurt you drink the tea, if anything it would only help. Good luck!

      • Hello Sofia! I’m also trying to encourage him and my body to get him out as soon as possible. I just started sipping on the labor tea this morning and I have also been going on along walks this whole week. When did you start the labor tea?

  144. I am 39.2 days and trying for a VBAC. Ive been drinking rrlt since 36 weeks. My OB will give me about 9 more days until they do a repeat c/s. My question is, is the Labor Day tea safe for VBAC mamma’s to drink? Or will that overstimulate the uterus? Thank you!!!

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  146. Is there a reason we are boiling the red raspberry leaves for 20-30 minutes for the Labor Day mixture? Worried some of the beneficial properties will be boiled off whereas we are only pouring boiled water over leaves for daily consumption throughout pregnancy.

    • I have the same concerns. The article I read said to put 1 ounce of loose leaves in a pint of boiling water and steep for 30 minutes. I did this in a thermos to keep it hot. My testimonial is up there somewhere (July 19). I was carsick when I got the hospital and should have waited before drinking my only thermos of tea. I would recommend making 2 or 3 thermoses just in case. It was 10 hours before my husband finished his exam and got back to the hospital with more tea. Nothing happened in that whole 10 hours and I was still only 3 cm when I drank it. Then 1 hour and 10 minutes later my son flew out like a rocket.

  147. This is so good to know thanks ads on facebook thats how i found your page thanks for helping and incouraging mamas all around i should be do in november around veterans day ?? so excited 3 times a charm i want a naturall unmedicated birth????

  148. I’m planning on having a VBAC for this baby, does drinking raspberry leaf tea help somehow to strengthen the uterus? I’m a bit worried of ruptures, I know my chances are very low, but I just want to know how this tea can help my uterus be strong for a VBAC?

    • I’d talk to your midwife about any specific concerns. But personally I’d be all over RRLT in the 3rd trimester if I were planning for VBAC. Best wishes to you mama! (Oh, and here’s more info on VBAC.)

  149. back in the early 90’s a friend told me about RRLT which i started in the middle of my 2nd tri, she was my 1st (only) child, i believe the RRLT allowed me to go full term with power and energy to deliver my daughter in 3 hours (active labor) so for all you gals out the, ask first! but once you get cleared to add it to your daily routine? You’d be missing out on an easier natural delivery!

  150. Hello all, I have a question, I am pretty sure that many other mommas have asked this before, but I was just wondering, since this is my 2nd pregnancy and the first one was a C-section and I am planning to go for a VBAC. I am 31 weeks pregnant I was wondering if is recommendable for me to start drinking the tea now? Will the baby and I be safe if I start at now? Since I had a C-Section 11 years ago, I am a little scared of suffering an uterine rupture. And also can I found the raspberry leaf tea at the regular supermarkets??? Thank you!

    • I see no reason why you couldn’t start drinking it now, you are far along enough to where you shouldn’t have to worry. I have never been able to find this tea in a store, so I have always ordered it on Amazon.

      • It is at whole foods and at Kroger in the organic section!!! but yes on amazon too

    • The best quality will always be a local healthfood store, or a pharmacy that has supplements ‘Nature Made’ has one in cap form, but i personally like the loose leaf you get at the HFS, where you can see the quality, smell, etc! Enjoy and congrats ! (Dont worry)

    • Target cvs and gnc all carry it where i live. You might check with them.

  151. What brand of loose red raspberry tea should I purchase?

    • I use Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf tea and it’s great! It’s very similar to a cup of black tea and I add a little raw, local honey for sweetness.

  152. Any difference than taking the capsules? My doula for my first pregnancy encouraged me to take the capsules, never mentioned the tea. Thanks!

    • The capsules did wonders for me. Easy & quick labor.

      • What kind of dosage did you take? Like how many mg per day?

        • I took 2 caps 3 times a day starting at 34 weeks. I had been taking 1 cap 3 times a day starting st 28 weeks. I had a super easy 2 hour (start to finish) waterbirth at home at 40 weeks and 4 days. Pushed 2 times. No tearing. Only bled for 10 days.

          • Hi Kara! Your comments so helpful! Just wondering, what was the mg of your capsules?

  153. Im 38 weeks pregnant and wanted to start drinking the tea , is it too late and my store that sells thoes teas was out so i got a raspberry tea , will it have the same effect or no

    • It really needs to be Raspberry Leaf.

      • Hello all, I have a question, I am pretty sure that many other mommas have asked this before, but I was just wondering, since this is my 2nd pregnancy and the first one was a C-section and I am planning to go for a VBAC. I am 31 weeks pregnant I was wondering if is recommendable for me to start drinking the tea now? Will the baby and I be safe if I start at now? Since I had a C-Section 11 years ago, I am a little scared of suffering an uterine rupture. And also can I found the raspberry leaf tea at the regular supermarkets??? Thank you!

  154. My doctor is going out of town so he wants to induce me on my due date. I am 39 weeks today, 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Can I start the Labor Day tea tomorrow (6 days before due date) or is that too early?

    • Your doctor going out of town is a very poor reason to be induced, he or she should no better. If I were you I would get a new doctor right away. As for the labor day tea, wait until you’re in labor.

    • Yea change doctor ASAP….

  155. Red Raspberry leaf tea helped me a ton and was incredible beneficial. I had horrible Braxton hix cramping awful my Dr. Was the one who recommended red raspberry. It worked calmed my uterine contractions with first pregnancy through my 3 birth. All quick births tea was a meticulous tool along with pelvic excerice

  156. I am 30 weeks and go through a quart a day of RRLT! It’s amazing stuff! My last labor was 7 hours start to finish and gave birth on my bedroom floor before making it out the door. So fast!!!

    • OMG! I would love to have an easy birthing experience but giving birth in my own house all by myself is a scary thought (although I know logically if everything went normally it wouldnt be a problem) but pray do tell how’d u cope with this? Also did you get any tear from this birth?

  157. I’m 32 weeks and this is my first baby. I’m actually really scared but my friends said they drank this tea. Does it really work? When should I start drinking it?

    • Start drinking it right away! I am 30 weeks and have been drinking a quart a day. I make it in the morning. 4tbs to 4 cups of water and steep for 20mins. Sweeten with honey and refrigerate. Then I drink it throughout the day and with all my meals. I add hibiscus to mine which has a fruity somewhat tart flavor. I get my RRL from Enjoy!!

  158. Hi I’m 4 week into my pregnancy and I’ve had 2 previous c section. I’m planning a vba2c. When should I start drinking the tea? How many times a day? Or should I start it almost at the end?

    • General rule of thumb is 1 cup a day in the first trimester, 2 cups per day in the second, and 3 in the third. Use a ratio of 1 tbspn per cup of water and steep for 15-20 mins. 🙂

  159. Hi, I am 45 years old and 4 weeks 4 days pregnant. I am wondering if it would be safe for me to begin taking RRTL this early in the pregnancy. I had a difficult delivery during my last 2 pregnancies (14 year old and 11 year old boys).

    • It will ONLY benefit you. It does not bring on labor unless your body is ready for labor anyway. Wen drink before becoming pregnant to increase fertility and continue drinking it all throughout pregnancy. Listen to your body. Start with a cup a day in 1st trimester and see how you feel. Increase to 2 cups in second tri. And 3 cups in 3rd trimester. If you feel like you need to scale down, scale down. But even a cup a day would greatly benefit you. 🙂

  160. The Truth About Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy is awesome and stunning. The way it helps natural child birth is eye opening. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and informative piece.

  161. Im scheduled to get induced tommarow,39 weeks,could I still drink this tea? I also have high blood pressure,I will be monitored,just want to know if its a good idea to drink it,so hopefully I could go into.labor myself,ty!

  162. Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I’ve been drinking RRLT, highly recommended by my mother in law, who also drank it throughout her entire pregnancy. But she told me something that makes me wonder…..She said that I should drink it every single day and be very careful not to miss a day because if I do it could cause me to have a miscarriage. Have you ever heard this and is it really true??

    • I’d say that miscarriage thing is definitely an old wives tale. I skipped days here and there throughout my pregnancy and our little newborn is currently snuggling with his daddy (he came 4 days early)

  163. I have a very irritable uterus. Could feel tightening around 5 weeks. I’m 15 weeks now and doc is requesting I rest as much as possible vs. bedrest, which I went on at 20 weeks during my last pregnancy for the same reasons. Anyway, wondering if you RRLT would be appropriate for me. My uterus tightens with the slightest movement or standing. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you and I thoroughly enjoy all of your information!

    • I had an irritable uterus with my first and just couldn’t seem to handle RRL until later in my third thrimester. It always caused contractions for me.

  164. I made something similar to the labor day tea the evening before I was scheduled for induction and drank about 2 quarts over ice (so I could drink more) before going to bed. I was already about 10 days passed due.

    I lost my mucus plug that night around 2am and then made more of the same. Drank 3-4 more quarts while I waited for labor to begin and in early labor.

    When we got to the hospital the nurse commented that I was VERY hydrated. Had a healthy, natural birth. Baby was 9 lb and cord was wrapped around his neck (he was fine, thankfully).

    I don’t know how much of that had to do with the tea. It was definitely time for him to come and a lot of people were praying. Still I think the tea probably helped get and keep things going.

    I continued drinking the strong tea after birth and I think it helped my uterus contract back to where it was – I had a lot of relatively strong contractions for a week or so after birth and my tummy got back down so I didn’t look pregnant anymore very quickly.

  165. Are you aware comfry for internal can be risky? It can contain echimidine a liver toxin.

    I love red raspberry leaf, I’ve used it routinely for over 25 years.

  166. I happened upon raspberry leaf to for pregnancy in a book of natural remedies from the 70s that I found. At first I thought it sounded a bit “out there,” but when I looked into it I found they sold it at my local pharmacy, so I figured it couldn’t be that crazy. I intended to try it with my first child, but was delivered 3 weeks early and so never really got into the swing of things. I saved my stash for my second child though, and drank a cup a day from the 34th week. I always got “practice” contractions afterwards, which made me feel pumped, as though my uterus was warming up for the big day. Fast forward to Labor Day – I did drink a strong brew when I was on my way to the hospital, and I feel that this coupled with the regular drinking of it in the late 3rd tri really did prepare my uterus to make the contractions more efficient. My water broke when I was on the exam table doing an initial monitoring, and up until then the 2 hours of light contractions were no big deal at all. Thereafter, they got progressively more annoying, but within two hours my little boy was born, after just 15 minutes of pushing and with a minor tear. A fast labor and smooth delivery/recovery – not necessarily ALL because of the tea, but I do believe it played an important role in getting my uterus ready for the big day. What a great experience.

  167. Would it be a good idea to do the labor day tea after bloody show starts? I had prodromal labor from 1am-3am and then it stopped, had bloody show at 10am.

  168. I’ve never drank tea before but i drank the RRLT today cuz I’m 39 was pregnant and ready for this baby. I can barely drink it, It’s so disgusting!! I’m gagging it down. Haha. Would the capsules be just as good as drinking it? I just don’t think I can keep gagging it down. Thanks for any help and advice.

  169. I drank rrlt with both pregnancies. My first I was induced and got a mild epidural early on. Had pain, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Second pregnancy I ate at least three whole pineapples to get things started. ( I had a wedding to attend and didn’t want to go pregnant) labor came on fast and hard. It was excruciating until I finally got an epidural. I wonder now if the pineapple made labor so painful? I drank two to three glasses of strong rrlt every day starting in my second trimester.

  170. I am the mother of 6. My labors tended to be long and painful, but my 4th was the worst! Then the pain when nursing the baby for weeks afterwards was like labor all over again. After that I heard of Red Rasp. Leaf tea, which I got wild-picked from a homestead and drank religiously during my next pregnancy. WOW! What a difference! I was in the hospital for less than an hour before she was born, the doctor didn’t need to cut me, the nurse said my fundus was so firm it was as if this was my first child, and I had NO AFTER-PAIN when nursing! I had the same results with number 6, whom I had at age 40. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea works!

    • I’m 40 with number 7 …I think it really works!

  171. hi i am trying for pregnant. shall i drink red raspberry leaf tea? if yes how much amount should i take for each day please let me know. my ivf expert told that i had 8mm thickness but it is not satisfactory. so i decided to start drink this tea. please help me.

  172. I drank raspberry leaf tea during my first pregnancy and had a very quick and easy labour (2hours)! And delivery, however with my second baby I didn’t drink the tea, and had 25 hours of labour! So I’m convinced it works! My first born is now 26 and is 34 weeks pregnant and about to start drinking it!

  173. Hi! This is my first pregnancy after trying for many years, and I am now 6 weeks pregnant 🙂 I’m taking the Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal as I have MTHFR, which contains 250 mg of RRL. Do you think that’s a high dose to be taking so early on? I’m in a dilemma because I have to take this prenatal but I can’t ask my doctor because I live in the Middle East and doubt she’d be very knowledgeable about it. Any help would be so appreciated, thank you!

    • Hi Didi,
      I worry about you taking high doses of RRL at an early stage in your pregnancy when it has no proven benefit but may cause harm. There is no proof that it is effective for MTHFR. MTHFR is associated with folate more than anything. Given your struggles getting pregnant I would follow your gynae’s instructions on this one and not be sold on these ‘herbal’ miracle medicines. It might be different for the blog author, but I would tread with caution.

    • Hi! I also have mthfr and I’m also taking that prenatal, however I didn’t take that prenatal in the first trimester. I didn’t notice that it had red raspberry leaf I just didn’t take it because I already had my own supplement routine. I only got that one as my current supplements ran out and I wanted a more convenient routine because pregnancy brain had set in. On seeking healths website, they have several B spectrum blends that would work with mthfr and the one I used had a very similar blend to their prenatal. Since I have been doing cod liver oil that covered A and D. I also took a zinc pill on occasion (I usually took the Bs, cod liver and zinc at the same time of day (morning)). Then I took iron at lunch with my liver pills (I’m always low in iron so I really did need both). I then took calcium/magnesium before bed. That hit all of my biggest needs and I right now baby looks great! I’m 23 weeks right now. So if you feel uncomfortable with the RRL that’s included you could switch to a different prenatal in the first trimester like Garden of Life”s and then add the additional Seeking Health bvitamin or you could just hit your personal nutritional needs until you feel comfortable taking it.

    • Hi Didi, I’m having my first pregnancy too, and I also have MTHFR and am taking Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal. We are so similar! I just wanted to comment that 250 mg is a low dose. The tea recommended on this page has 1500 mg per tea bag, so I think it would be fine to take the prenatal and then when 2nd or 3rd trimester roles around start using the tea too. I also wanted to add that that prenatal has a lot of good stuff in it including the “good” forms of folate and B12. I prefer it to other brands because it isn’t just methylfolate but also includes folinate. I also am positive for COMT and don’t do wonderful with just methylfolate. I guess the small amount of RRL is just a nice extra in this prenatal.

  174. Hey Mama natural,

    I’ve just transitioned into second trimester. I had an allergic reaction to the gel induction at 42 weeks last pregnancy & had a horrific labour that ended in a ruptured placenta & manual removal. I didn’t drink RRLT last time. Because I’ve had a ruptured placenta, I’m at risk of it happening this time. Would RRLT be safe with this risk? They will most likely induce me at 42 weeks again if I don’t go naturally.. when would you recommend commencing the labour tea with this info? Thanks so much. xx

  175. Hi, I started drinking the RRLT Saturday and I’m drinking the momma earth angel baby brand. I’m currently 31wks and really want to avoid another induction. I have contractions on my own but they never due anything, I have really stubborn boys lol. I have been noticing some contractions since Sunday when I started my 3cups a day. I really love the tea and mix in just a little raw honey. I really hope it helps me go on my own. Is there anything I should do differently to make sure I do?

  176. I drank RRL tea by the pitcher for the second half of my second pregnancy. I ended up with prodromal labor for 4 weeks, and baby was born after 24+ hours of back labor (though out in 5 pushes and water didn’t break until pushing.) I found out later that while baby’s position was the main cause of the prodromal and prolonged labor (my placenta was in front), the tea may have made it worse. I’m now expecting my 3rd, with the placenta again in front (just finally got a heartbeat at 14 weeks because of that placenta position). I’m torn about whether to have the tea this time or not. I actually like the flavor, and need a go-to safe warm tea for the winter months, so I will probably try it again. But I do let others know it can cause prodromal labor if baby’s not in the right position. And my prodromal started at 34 weeks, so I’m glad it was just prodromal and not preterm labor.

    • And I should clarify, by the pitcher was 4 tea bags in a 2 qt pitcher.

    • I wonder if that’s what’s happening with me. I’ve drank rrlt since sometime in the semiconductor tri but not religiously. Third tri I drank it more often and in the last few weeks I drink almost every other day or at least a few times a week. I’m 38 weeks now and recently found out that I’m experiencing prodromal labor. Which is so annoying by the way. I’ve been doing the date, pineapples, and rrLT thinking it would help if the baby was in a weird position. I do my ball exercises and nothing is progressing I’m still one and a half centimeters. I don’t know what else to do except w it and keep contracting. Definitely something to think about.

  177. Hi mamanatural! I have a question: I have a mixture of elderberry, hibiscus, red currant and cranberries ( all 100% organic). Drank it while I was TTC ( conceived super fast) and I am now 5w pregnant and don’t know whether I can still drink it or not. There are some controversies online. Just to mention this is my first time pregnant

  178. Currently 35 weeks and just started taking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea capsules. 450mg each. The bottle says to take twice a day. Is that the same amount you would get if you were to drink the tea instead of the capsules?

  179. I’m 29 weeks… also drinking the tea for the sugar reduction benefit… This is my 2nd child… How much should I be drinking? when do i increase? thanks.

  180. I have always hear and read that you should never ingest Comfrey when pregnant. Do you have links to prove the safety of Comfrey?

  181. How many days in a row can you Drink the Labor Day Tea? Would you recommend taking a Break after a certain amount of days?
    (I am a few days past my Estimated Due Date and on day two of the strong brew)

    • You should be fine to continue drinking it until baby arrives.

      • Ok thanks!

  182. Anyone have experience with the Earth Mama/Angel Baby brand of bagged RRL tea? I worry that it has many other herbs (all reasonable and related) and if perhaps it’s so diluted in amount of RRL that it’s not going to be really worth drinking it. I tried Traditional Medicinals but found it to be very strong. I may just go with it (TM brand) anyway and add some cream and honey, but was curious if others had opinions on that particular brand.

  183. just asking.can i use the twinnigs brand?theres only few brand available to choose from and so far i think twinning is the only one with raspberry flavor

    • There’s a difference between raspberry flavored tea and red raspberry leaf tea. Unfortunately, it’s not available at most grocery stores. If you have a Whole Foods nearby, they will have. Or you can order online by following this post’s link.

      • Hi mama natural. Just wondering if I can make the labor tea with traditional medicinals pregnancy tea ??

        • That should be fine.

      • The link you provided go to a list view of different RRLT. Can you send the specific brand and or links for loose leaf and bagged?

    • Online too. I get mine at Spice Hut

  184. How soon after drinking the Labor Day tea did you go into labor? I’m taking the tablets, what is the equivalent to the tea?

    • I’m not sure about the tablets since I never took. I drank the tea for two days. On day 2, I went into labor 🙂

  185. Do I have to buy the labor day tea? I am 38 weeks and 2 day. I have heard about taking raspberry tea to help naturally induce pregnancy. I want to wait one more week. I have a box of 20 raspberry tea hot tea bag. If I take a day and drink the hole box throwout the day, it it the same as taking the labor day tea?

    • I’d start drinking red raspberry leaf tea now, as outlined in the post, and brew the labor day tea in a week or when you need it. Main point: start now!

  186. I came to this site because my midwife suggested RRL tea to help with my diarrhea (I’m 19 weeks, caught my toddler’s bug and can’t seem to get rid of it). Anyway, I wanted to find out more. But I see that a lot of people are interested in RRL to ease labor, so I thought I would just share my experience with my first. I had been listening to a meditation (hypno-birthing) CD for about a month before giving birth. During labor, I was beginning to wonder if I could keep going without meds and suddenly I remembered my meditation CD. I had the midwife put it on and the next thing I remember, it was time to push. This was my first experience with meditation and I highly recommend it. So here is hoping that the RRL works for us all, and if you want an extra something to help you through – try the meditation!

  187. Is RRLT safe to drink while nursing or should I stop once baby is born?

    • It’s great to drink postpartum! 🙂 CONGRATS!

      • that’s when my grandmother definitely said “not” to drink it!

  188. I’m 36 weeks and have been taking the RRL capsules since my second trimester. I started out at 950 mg and now take that dosage 3 times a day (as it says on the bottle). Does anyone have experience with the capsules? I’m hoping it will help with my labor.

    • Did it help you??

  189. Thanks for this article about red raspberry leaf tea! After reading this, among other pieces about the benefits of red raspberry tea, I decided to try it. I ordered some Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew from Bulk Herb Store and it is really good. I’m only 14 weeks into my first pregnancy, but I’m going to try drinking on a regular basis and see how it helps with labor, and I’m excited to try some of the recipes you posted for RRT as well! Thanks again!

    • Hey, I commented a bit earlier about drinking this tea, and I would just like to mention that I just realized that the Bulk Herb Store mama’s red raspberry brew blend (sorry, I am a big fan of bulk herb store!) has all of the same ingredients as the recipe for the tea blend shown at the end of this article. Just thought it might be helpful to some. 🙂

  190. How many teabags would you recommend for the labor day tea? Im 39 weeks pregnant and if i don’t progress by next tuesday they will induce and this is the only thing i haven’t tried. The Dr. gave me the go ahead on the tea, so I’m preying this works. Thank you for any advice!

  191. Since, I am from South Asia I love leaf green tea than other tea. Raspberry leaf tea also has some medicinal benefits as well. One tea pack work fine for me and keeping me fresh.

  192. How many tea bags would you recommend when making the labor day tea?

  193. I wanted RRL tea to work for me but I don’t think it did. My labor with my dd was 36 hours with regular contractions that varied in intensity. I ended up going in to the hospital at hour 30 and begging my midwife to put me out of my misery. I drank the tea religiously from about 14weeks on. I even added the capsules around 37 weeks. I wish I could have said it was effective but my contractions lacked the strength, something I had hoped RRL tea would help my utuers to build during the months I drank it. Will I drink it next time? Maybe every once in awhile, but I won’t count on it to do anything.

  194. My Prenatal has “Red Raspberry Leaf Extract… 50mg”…I have been taking it for at least 4 years. We have been TTC since 2012, had a miscarriage in 2014 and just completed IVF implantation 2 weeks ago. I never stopped taking the prenatal (PURE SYNERGY PRENATAL [organic]), In the last two weeks I have felt cramps here and there, not constant, sometimes during the day and sometimes while I’m lying in bed and stretch my body and legs out I get an unusual stomach “contraction”. I am very in tune with my body and the “contraction” is not in my uterus, but in my stomach area. I’m not sure what to do. Avoid stretching? Get off this prenatal and get on one that does not have RRTL extraction? So many decisions, precautions, products, advise, opinions…overwhelming.

    • If the contractions aren’t in your uterus could it be a muscle spasm? Magnesium would be great for that.

  195. is there a particular brand you can recommend??! please ?

      • Can you recommend a RRL capsule? I really don’t care for tea and I couldn’t drink one cup every day, let alone 3!

      • I clicked the link above of the brand you recommend for the loose leaf version, but I’m afraid the page has updated since you last posted the link. Would you mind giving me the brand name? Is it Frontier? or Wild Tea #20? Or something else? Thanks in advance!

        • I’ve used the Frontier brand of loose leaf and also Traditional Medicinals bags and thought they were both good. ?

  196. I’m just now reading your post about RRL and I’m 31 weeks with my second. I’m hoping for a successful VBAC this time, so I’ve been reading a lot on preparing my uterus and body, and hopefully having an easier delivery. This tea sounds great! When you mix it with coconut milk, are you talking about full fat canned coconut milk or the kind in the carton, like almond milk? Also, do you buy your other herbs and teas from Amazon as well? Thanks!

  197. Hi! I’m 14 weeks..: actually have RRLT because I needed to drink it to avoid a D&C after my baby passed with the last pregnancy. I’ve been spotting this time… My 1st daughter was 23 hours of horrible labor, most of it dilated to 8-9… And The benefits on blood sugar are tempting because I had GD with my first… Do I start now, or because of the bleeding wait until 36 weeks?

  198. I drink 6 cups strong tea of loose organic rasberryleaf tea daily from week 15 till 40 .. ( added some honey and peppermint leafs) Amazing! I believe this really works , it helps your body get strong and ready for labor, I would never want to do without . my labor was 1 hour and 20 minutes, from beginning till end . very intense but I felt completely in control and relaxed. I also took 2500mg evening primrose oil my whole pregnancy and in the last few weeks Capsules that contained black and blue cohosh ( I’d reccomend gentle birth tincture and 5 W also) postpartum recovery is much easier and faster when you keep drinking rasberryleaf leaf tea for a couple of weeks

    • Wow, that’s a fast birth! Glad it went so well 🙂

    • Did you do anything else like a certain kind of exercise or vitamins? This is my first time being pregnant and I am 32 years old. I would love to have your experience!

  199. I gave birth to my first child last week, and the birth was super easy! Only took three contractions to push him out, and I didn’t really push, my body did it for me while I just sat on the floor, on my knees. And it did not hurt, I only felt intense pressure. No ring of fire and no tearing. My midwife told me that my uterous was very strong since it only took three contractions, and that it was my first baby. I drank two cups of the tea (almost) every day for the last two months of pregnancy!

  200. Hello Genevieve! I’m receiving your weekly pregnancy emails (I’m 35 weeks!) and watched a video last week in which you talked about making ice cubes out of the tea for labor time. How concentrated did you make the tea for the ice cubes? I am using tea bags, not loose leaf. Thanks so much! Loving your emails/blog!

    • Hi Emily, congratulations on your pregnancy! For the ice cubes, I just made the Labor Day Tea recipe that is outlined above in the post. Try it out and best wishes to you!

      • Thanks so much!

  201. I’ve had a hard time finding loose organic “red” raspberry leaf tea online.

    The link in the article goes to organic raspberry leaf tea not “red”. Is there a difference between the 2. I presumed all studies re pregnancy were With regard to the European red variety

    • The “red” part is not the most important with raspberry leaf tea. Any thing in the rubus family would have the same/similar effects. I grow domestic and wild raspberries in my yard and have been harvesting the leaves for my tea. My wild raspberries are black (not blackberries, but true black raspberries) and their leaves are just as effective in the tea.

      Hope that helps!

  202. Hi, I have heard that rrlt can help normalize blood sugars and if so would it be wise to start drinking it in the 1st trimester. I am a diabetic and just found out that we are expecting another little one. I don’t trust diabetic medication use during pregnancy. During my last pregnancy i had extreme morning sickness and was almost impossible to control blood sugar levels which lead to me having a emergency c-section (little guy was a fat 11lb 4oz). I am hoping for a VBAC with this one and i am hoping that rrlt will help with the labour and delivery. Thanks for any insight that you can give me.

  203. Hi I am 22 weeks pregnant can I start taking the raspberry leaf tea or when is the best time to take it this is my 6th baby thanks god bless all of u

    • Yes, of course, talk to doctor too. I always had a double mug every afternoon. Any time of day is fine.

  204. On my third pregnancy, I heard about rrl for the first time. I drank it religiously from about 32 weeks on. My first birth was pretty easy, in my opinion. Second, was excruciating to say the least. So on my third I looked up ways to ease the pains I had previously experienced. My little girl was born at 35 weeks, can’t say I would blame the tea, but it did jump start some serious contractions a few days into drinking it. That’s the only possible negative thing I could possibly say if the rrl was the cause of my early labor. But again, hard to tell. Anyway, going into labor at 35 weeks was scary, but oh my goodness was that labor AMAZING! I was calmly and peacefully speaking to my grandmother in Nevada explaining the nurse was coming in to check me and I had been dilated at a 4 about an hour before and assumed I was maybe a 6 or so when the nurse looked up and told me it was time to push! I calmly explained to my grandmother that it was time to have a baby and I’ll send along some photos soon. 20 minutes later to be exact! My mom was there with me on all 3 births and still to this day tells everyone she’s never seen anything like it. I pushed a good 3 times on the count of ten and told the doctor I could keep going. next thing I knew, he told me to feel my baby and when I reached down, I felt her shoulders and he instructed me to grab her. I literally pulled her right out and onto my chest. It was one of the most Beautiful and amazing moments of my life. Now that I’m 32 weeks with my 4th (and final) child, I’ll be starting my rrl regimen next week just to be safe. I absolutely and completely believe the strength the tea gave my body in preparation for my little girl’s arrival was incredibly amazing and praise rrl for my beautiful labor and delivery.

    • How did labour go this time?!

  205. This was SO helpful. So much information, and I love that you back up your info with conducted research. AND you added recipes. Thank you for being so informative! <3 I'm not pregnant but am in my childbearing years and work in the birth community, so I will definitely be recommending this! I do have severe and irregular periods so I am hoping this will help. All blessings to you!


  206. During my pregnancy I had read a birth experience that blamed RRL for her placenta needing to be manually removed. I started drinking less, but I had the same issue, my placenta needed to be removed manually! Has anyone ever heard of this situation?

    • With my second child and first pregnancy I drank the tea, I did have a placenta that was attached to the cord on the outside and the cord broke. (The cord was branching out on the outside rather than in. My midwife was able to deliver the placenta anyway but with more effort. Sorry, for lack of detail as this was nearly 23 years ago. I drank more tea for each pregnancy after and did not have that problem again. I am saying this to say it probably had nothing to do with the tea. I have 5 living children and had 3 miscarriages. Once I started drinking the tea during and after birth (or after miscarriage), the amount of bleeding and time of bleeding was dramatically reduced (from about 8 weeks to about 2 weeks). If I had to do it over, I would probably not drink the tea first trimester, but would start the second trimester.

  207. I drink a cup of red raspberry leaf tea every night throughout my pregnancy. I can’t say if it helps with labor, I had a c-section because my baby was breech. I can say it helps with iron. I was always borderline anemic since I started drinking the tea my iron levels have been fantastic. I drink it for the iron and trace mineral benefits. Side note: on top of being breech I had our with my baby. I would be interested to know how many people that drink rrlt also had igur. I always wondered if there was a correlation.

  208. I did drink raspberry leaf tea, but my midwife didn’t recommend that I start until 36 weeks. I had a wonderful, natural home birth. I wouldn’t say it was fun, but it was perfect!

  209. Is red raspberry leafy tea the same as just raspberry tea ? Or is it the leaves that make it more effective? -thank you for all of your posts, they have encouraged me to go all natural into my labor where as before I was still struggling with deciding. God has used you to help rid me of my fears and doubts! Bless you and your family!

    • The leaves are what have the therapeutic properties, so they are different. Thanks so much, I’m glad we’ve been helpful to you!

  210. I just tried to do the labour day tea… I must say by far its the most disgusting thing I have ever had in my mouth LOL! but hopefully it will help to stimulate my overdue baby 🙂 wish me luck…. Yuck ?

    • Did it work? Sorry just curious. How many teabags did you use to make the tea if i may ask?

    • Add milk and sugar! That stuff is potent, but the milk helps take the bitter out. No need to have to suffer through for no reason.

  211. I’m not a tea drinker. Will I get the same benefits from the reD raspberry leaf capsules? And what would be the recommended dosage as far as how many capsules per day?

  212. I notice that your recipe calls for raw honey. I would love to add that to the tea (as I’m not a huge fan of the taste and think honey could do a lot to improve it) BUT my OBGYN said NO HONEY! I’ve read that’s because of a bacteria that can cause infants problems (reasoning for no honey to children under 1 year.) Do you have any research that supports the idea of my immune system taking care of that bacteria before it reaches my baby? In my mind, I would think it’s safe but I’d like to know more about it.

    • There are many things you can eat that will not reach your baby, that baby should not have. The botulism in honey will not hurt anyone with a closed gut. Babies have an open gut and cannot handle it until after the age of one, but through your digestive system, there is no problem with it.

      However, if you have blood sugar issues, then honey can be a problem.

    • You could also try maple syrup or maple sugar as a sweetener since it is very low on the glycemic index. Has less effect on your blood sugar levels.

    • In 25 years of natural birthing, I’ve never heard any medical professional worry about honey. I ate it by the spoon when I was pregnant. I’d ask your dr to show you the information he is using.

      • Most people aren’t really eating honey. Most honey is cut and coming from China, there are documentaries on this, check Netflix, real raw local honey from your local beekeeper. Most of the stuff from regular stores are no good and cut with rice Syrup and not labeled as such.

  213. Is there a point in time when you should stop drinking it – I am 23 weeks, if I start it now, should I stop at a anytime before my labor or just keep drinking it everyday?

    • Just drink it every day until you deliver.

  214. Can you recommend a good brand to go with?

    • I use Traditional Medicinal brand. Can be found at Kroger (at least ours had it) in the healthy/organic foods section.

  215. Hi Genevieve,

    Very helpful. I know you wrote about RRTL but I was wondering if Lemon Balm tea is okay to drink during pregnancy? I am currently 27 weeks.

  216. This was so timely and helpful! I’m 12 weeks and have been wondering about RRLT and when to start! I appreciate your natural suggestions and also your christian encouragement. As I prepare for my first baby I’m glad I have your advice! Blessings!

  217. My daughter is 16 weeks old now. She’s my first. I started drinking 1-3 cups of red rasberry leaf and nettle tea in my second trimester. I’m a nurse (a very crunchy one) so I was fully aware of how long first labors typically last. My mom had long labors so I wasn’t optimistic. But my entire labor was 6.5 hours. It was so fast I almost had her in the car. Thank God I’d already been planning a natural labor since I was only at the birth center for a few minutes when she arrived. Maybe it’s just my body but I think I’ll do fewer squats and drink a little less tea next time just in case.

  218. I was taking red raspberry leaf tea years before I conceived my son for my periods so for me it helped with that. Definitely lessened cramps which were quite powerful at such a young age to the point where later in life labor pains were a been there done that sort of thing. Now after my daughter and after guzzling down gallons of the stuff over ten months ago, I no longer get any cramping, and quite honestly don’t know what that’s about, because I actually haven’t had any red raspberry leaf tea since the day before she was born back in April!

    • I swear by the raspberry leaf tea!!!! I’m a first time mom and gave birth to my son naturally on 8/29/18 – 7 lb, 6 oz and 19 in long. He’s currently 8 months old and super healthy. I took the tea at 28 weeks and drank it once a day every morning and upped the tea by 2 cups after two weeks. Honestly I was going back and fourth between 1-3 cups a day. I was also eating 6 dates per day starting at 36 weeks. (4 weeks before my due date which was estimated to be on 9/3/18) At my 36 weeks appt, my OB checked my cervix and said that my cervix was super thin and I was already at 3 cm! She couldn’t believe me that I didn’t feel a thing. No contractions whatsoever. 37 weeks i was dilated at 4 close to 5 cm – 38 weeks a 6 cm. And at 39 weeks my OB sent me home that morning at a whopping 7 cm!! Again I wasn’t feeling a thing! But later that evening i started feeling somewhat of a cramp. And went to L&D that night. I was known to be the walking legend of room #217 as I was now at 8 cm when the nurse checked. Again all I felt was mild cramps. I basically was given the option of being admitted or going home but I opted to stay so they can monitor the baby. Not sure about other hospitals but I was able to get those wireless heartbeat monitors placed on my belly so I wasn’t hooked up into a machine or anything so i can roam around freely. Finally 26 hours later I decided to bounce on the birthing ball and felt the crazy contractions everyone talked about. It was painful and bearable at the same time lol. Honestly I don’t even know how to explain it. I pushed for 1 hr 20 mins and baby came right out. The cool thing was my husband was able to witness the amniotic sac aka baby coming out. Until I believe it broke right when his head and neck same out. Hopefully that make sense 🙂 anyways I had a wonderful birth and I wouldn’t have trade it for anything.

  219. This is my first pregnancy and I started out with Mommypotamus’ Pregnancy tea of RRL, Nettle and rosehips and my midwife suggested adding Oatstraw to my recipe as well. The taste is great with just the herbs. And Im hoping it will give me this supernatural birth you speak of! Lol!

  220. Hi,Genevieve
    Can you please let me know if it’s ok to take the new Beef Liver Capsules from Vital Proteins while pregnant ? I know it’s ok for the Vital proteins powder during pregnancy
    It’s my second pregnancy and I feel so extremely tired this is my second trimester already , I feel these liver capsules would help .
    Thank you

    • It is a food, so I would think it would be OK. I would talk to your doctor though 🙂

    • I think that the beef liver capsules would be fine in moderation, but of course check with your provider for the official go-ahead.

  221. I am a first time mom. I took the supplements religiously 3 times per day from week 20 on. My labor was short no complications and painless as Mama Natural described. My contractions felt very powerful and effective but I would not describe them as painful.

    • what supplement?

  222. I’m 39 weeks, hoping for a VBAC. I went overdue by 10 days with my first when my water broke, which is what started labor. I’m thinking I’ll go overdue with this one, but we’ll see! My question is, if I start drinking now, will I still benefit from the tea? I would probably get a good 2 weeks of tea in, assuming I go overdue again. I literally just heard about this for the first time 2 days ago, but I’m hoping I’m not too late!

    • Yes, it’s never too late. Give it a try. I would do double brew 🙂 Congrats mama!

      • Good to know, thank you! I’ve been drinking twice what I should, but didn’t double brew it, so I’ll do that from here on out. Hopefully it works! Thank you again!

        • Hi Sheila,

          I’m curious to know if this helped you? I am currently 39 weeks and 3 days, waiting patiently :-). I’m just learning about RRLT now and will be double brewing tomorrow!!

  223. I didn’t drink it my first pregnancy, but did the second. The pregnancy I did drink it, I had the longest, most excruciating, difficult labor. It seemed to have had no effect…Unless my labor would have been worse without it but that’s hard to imagine.
    I’m sort of meh on it, but I’m drinking it this go around more as a ‘just in case it helps’.

    • That’s a bummer. That’s the mystery of how we are all so different. What works for some doesn’t work for all.

    • What brand of raspberry leaf tea did you drink? Did you take capsules? How much did you drink?
      Thank you for sharing your story!

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