The Social Security Administration (SSA) just released the Top 1,000 baby names in the U.S. for 2018—a list of the most popular names used during the past year—and there was quite a shakeup, with plenty of new faces appearing. Here are some of the biggest highlights. Take note: These will probably be some of the top baby names for 2019.

Top 10 Baby Names Changes, 2017 to 2018

Top 10 Baby Names Changes, 2017 to 2018

Though the Top 10 saw a slight shuffle, the most popular baby names remained fairly constant, suggesting they’ll remain top baby names in 2019. The top four baby names for both sexes didn’t budge, with Liam, Noah, William, and James holding strong for boy names and Emma, Olivia, Ava, and Isabella ruling the girl names.

There are some new faces, however, with Lucas making his first appearance on the Top 10 at 8. He edged out Jacob, who fell to 13—it’s the first year he hasn’t been in the Top 10 since 1993! On the girls’ side, Harper reappeared at 9, nudging out Abigail who fell to 11—the first time she’s been outside the Top 10 since 2001.

The biggest mover of the group is Oliver, a posh English pick who rose four spots to number five on the boys’ list. The biggest drop was Logan, who fell from fifth place to tenth.

Changes in the Top 100 Baby Names, 2017 to 2018

Shuffling in the Top 100 is to be expected, and the most recent charts certainly delivered. Several girl names, like Mila and Nova, rose fast—jumping from 30 to 14 and from 95 to 56, respectively. On the boy’s side, Theodore and Asher are red hot, jumping from 62 to 44 and 57 to 47, respectively. Could these be some of the top baby names of 2019? Time will tell!

A few names that sit just outside the Top 100 are gaining traction, like Emersyn and Parker for girls. Arya is another one to keep your eye on, as this beloved Game of Thrones character saw a huge leap on the charts and will no doubt continue to rise. For boys, it’s all about nature names, with Jasper and Brooks picking up steam. Gael is another unexpected unisex moniker that has been inching closer to the Top 100 for boys.

Quite a few girl names also fell from the Top 100, including unisex darlings Mackenzie, Aubree, Reagan, and Peyton, as well as classic cuties Clara, Isabelle, and Melody. Some long-time favorites fell as well, with Lauren and Alexis trending down. Of the Top 100 boy names, only three dropped out: Gavin, Ayden, and Chase. Like the girls’ side, some classics noticeably slipped in popularity, including Aaron, a handsome Hebrew name meaning “high mountain.”

With so many names dropping out of the Top 100, that means there are plenty of fresh faces on the scene! We love seeing spunky sweeties Isla, Ivy, and Emery appearing on the girls’ side, along with classics like Josephine, Sophie, and Delilah. Of course, we’d be slacking if we didn’t mention Brielle, a French name that has rocketed in recent years. For boys, additional classic names joined the Top 100 party, including Everett and Miles. Not to be outdone, Axel arrived on the scene, too.

Biggest Baby Name Movers From 2017 to 2018

Many baby names skyrocketed in popularity. If you want to avoid one of the top baby names of 2019, you might want to think twice before using a name on this list.

Girl Names on the Rise

  • Meghan [+701]: No doubt helped by the Duchess of Sussex, this variant of Meghan spiked back on the charts at 703. Meaning “pearl,” she’s a gentle name with a sweet side.
  • Adalee [+370]:  A fun name with modern styling, she’s similar to Natalie with a trendy -lee ending.
  • Haisley [+343]:  One part Paisley and one part Hailey, this name is also on the upswing, appearing at 765 for the first time ever on the charts.
  • Yara [+314]:  Like Arya, this beauty definitely saw a boost due to television. With a meaning like “water lady,” we can’t get enough of this pick!
  • Everleigh [+190]: She’s a variant spelling of Everly that rocketed to 196. Parents love the -leigh ending and her whimsical sound.

Boy Names on the Rise

  • Genesis [+608]:  While far more common among girls, Genesis spiked in popularity as a boy name. Meaning “the beginning,” he’s a great choice for a new life.
  • Saint [+438]:  Another celebrity baby name pick, Saint saw an impressive increase on the charts. He’s on trend with similar picks Deacon and Bishop.
  • Baker [+431]:  An English occupational name, Baker was a surprise hit this year, appearing for the first time in the Top 1,000.
  • Kairo [+321]: A variant of Cairo, Kairo rose out of nowhere to join the Top 1,000.
  • Watson [+309]:  A handsome English name, Watson is the epitome of a grandpa-chic name.


Names on the Decline

On the flip side, some names dropped significantly on the charts, making them perfect picks for parents looking for something unique.

Girl Names Trending Down

  • Audrina [-322]:  The biggest drop of the year goes to this variant of Audrey, who plummeted 322 spots.
  • Courtney [-242]:  Dropping 242 spots, Courtney is a unisex pick that’s becoming far less common.
  • Angelique [-227]:  Parents used this angelic French pick far less this year, as it fell out of the Top 1,000.
  • Marjorie [-226] : Despite her beauty, Marjorie dipped 226 spots this year.
  • Anabelle [-226]:  A variant of Annabelle, she also dropped 226 places.

Boy Names Trending Down

  • Aaden [-232]:  He saw the biggest drop on the boys’ side, dropping 232 spots and falling out of the Top 1,000.
  • Dilan [-211]:  A variant of Dylan, Dilan plummeted 211 spots.
  • Craig [-203]:  A handsome Scottish pick, Craig went tumbled over 200 spots this year.
  • Mike [-172]:  A shortened form of Michael, Mike dropped 172 spots and out of the Top 1,000.
  • Harper [-171]:  This unisex pick has been trending towards the girls, likely leading to his slip in popularity with boys.

Hot Baby Name Trends for 2019

Like fashion, baby names tend to go through trends. Here’s are some common themes looking forward to the top baby names of 2019.

Top Baby Names in 2019

Surprises were plentiful on this year’s baby name charts, and we can’t wait to see what parents choose for the top baby names of 2019. What are your favorite rising stars? Did anything surprise you?