Tiny Undies Review & Promo Code: Underwear for EC Babies

Is your little one ready to graduate from diapers to underwear? See why Tiny Undies are a great choice, plus get a promo code to save on your order.

Tiny Undies Review & Promo Code: Underwear for EC Babies

Is your little one ready to graduate to “big boy/girl” undies?? Take a look at Tiny Undies before hitting up your local big box store for toddler or baby underwear. They’re also the perfect option if you’re practicing elimination communication with your baby.

What’s up With Tiny Undies?

Tiny Undies- Go Diaper Free

Most underwear meant for young children isn’t so little. If you’re looking for sizes younger than 2T, it ain’t happenin’.

Author and potty training expert Andrea Olson, who wrote the book on elimination communication, decided it was time to change that.

Olson and her team designed and created underwear for tiny humans that’s comfortable and works! Whether you’re potty training a 1 year old, or using elimination communication (EC) with your infant, Tiny Undies are the go-to underwear.

Why Not Use Training Pants?

Tiny Undies- Go Diaper Free

For some little ones, training pants are the best option. But there are a couple benefits to just using underwear.

  1. Training pants feel a lot like diapers to a toilet training toddler or baby.
  2. Tiny Undies have a double-layer crotch with no padding, which helps reinforce EC or potty training.

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Colors vs Cartoons

Tiny Undies- Go Diaper Free

Tiny Undies were created to provide a stylish, gender neutral option for parents and young children. They come in bold, fun colors and patterns. If you’ve ever checked out the toddler underwear aisle, they’re either plain white, or plastered with a few select cartoon characters.

With Tiny Undies, even if your little girl isn’t a princess fan or your boy doesn’t like superheroes, they can still have a fun underwear option.

Another perk to solid colors: it makes accidents that much easier to spot. This is helpful to reinforce potty training and make sure little ones don’t stay wet and risk getting a diaper rash.

The different color options currently include:

  • Natural/undyed
  • Bubblegum pink
  • Strawberry/red
  • Aqua blue
  • Fig green
  • Tangerine orange
  • Blackberry purple
  • Chalkboard grey

If you want something a little more festive than bright solid colors, Tiny Undies also offers cute patterns that work for any gender. There are nearly half a dozen options ranging from leaves, to watermelons, to a soft grey winterscape scene.

Tiny Undies Offer Smaller Sizes

Tiny Undies- Go Diaper Free

In most modern countries, little ones aren’t able to keep their underwear dry and accident free until about age 3. Compare that to developing countries and past cultures, where elimination communication (EC) is the norm.

Babies don’t actually like being in a wet diaper!

Tiny Undies offers an option for young babies and toddlers who are ready to start wearing “regular” underwear. Unlike brands from the big box store, Tiny Undies starts at 6 months (!) and go all the way up to 5T.

How do Tiny Undies Fit?

Tiny Undies- Go Diaper Free

Since Tiny Undies come in such a wide range of sizes, it’s much easier to get a good fit. The underwear is trim and truly unisex. For boys the “pouch” section in the middle lays flat so girls don’t have to deal with a bulge in the area. And they now come in both briefs and boxer brief options.

Unlike us mamas who may like high waisted pants in a maternity wardrobe, Tiny Undies are low rise. Young toddlers and babies tend to naturally have protruding tummies, and higher waist underwear can pinch and constrict the area.

Tiny Undies don’t have any annoying, itchy tags. And the waistband is soft and thick for a secure, comfortable fit. The leg gussets on the small baby underwear is tight enough to hug the leg, but not so tight it’s constricting.

Designed for Learning

Diaper Free

We’ve all been in one of those potty emergencies where little ones can’t get their underwear down fast enough. Tiny Undies are specifically designed to make dressing and undressing easier for young toddlers. You’ll even find a “learning underwear” option that help young ones know which way to put on their underwear for more potty independence.

Ethically Made

The last thing we want is for our babies to deal with scratchy, uncomfortable underwear. Tiny Undies is made out of super-soft 100% certified, unbleached cotton that exceeds organic standards. You won’t find any harmful chemicals or synthetic dyes here!

The color versions are dyed with eco-friendly dyes that are safe for little ones delicate skin. Even better, they’re BCSI-certified sweatshop-free.

Where to Get Tiny Undies

Here’s where to find Tiny Undies, Tiny Boxers, and even Tiny Training pants. While you’re there you can also check out the infant potties, wet bags, cloth diapers, and more.

Tiny Undies Promo Code

Save $5 off your purchase of Tiny Undies using our exclusive promo code!

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  1. Before shopping at your neighbourhood big box store for infant or toddler pants, check out Tiny Undies. Additionally, they’re the ideal choice if you’re working on elimination communication with your child.

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  3. I never could get my underwear down fast enough to pee! While all I could do is open the pouch on the front of my underwear, even though not even fast enough that I haven’t as wet my underwear!

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