Earth mama… Sorta crunchy… Attachment parent to the extreme… Just where do you fall on the parenting crunch-o-meter?

Take this fun little quiz and find out instantly what kind of natural mama you are! (Full disclosure: I got Crunchy Mama Lite. Kinda surprising, huh?!

What Kind of Natural Mama Are You?

1. Uh, oh, someone needs to be changed. Do you reach for...

2. Naptime! Where will you put your newborn baby?

3. What was baby’s first solid food?

4. It's play time! What toys do you give baby?

5. Oopsie! Baby got a boo-boo. What do you put on it?

6. Ugh. Your little one is cutting a tooth. Do you:

7. Time to head outside! How will baby get around?

8. Time to get schooled! Where will your kids go?

9. What's a typical lunch for your kids?

10. If you were unable to breastfeed, what would you feed your baby?

11. It's getting close to bed time. How do you get the little one to sleep?

12. What type of birth did you shoot for?


Let’s Recap!

Want to see all of the different types of natural mamas in one place? Get a sneak peek at all of the answers below:

You are attached to the max, mama!

Yep, you’re giving Dr. Sears a run for his money! If you and Mayim Bialik were neighbors, you’d be best friends forever. I’d venture to say you’d grill your garden veggies together over a keg of kombucha.

You’re one of those mamas who seems to really enjoy parenting, even the hard stuff. You have patience for days, and will go the distance for your children.

You might feel lonely at times since few others in your neighborhood share your views, but you know in your heart that you’re doing right by your family. That in and of itself is reward enough for you.

You are an earth mama!

You are a believer in all things good and natural. People feel inspired and educated in your presence—especially when you’re treating them to a sprouted flour muffin or a green tea latte.

You treat your children with love and care, and bend down to listen to them eye to eye. You believe kids need a little “wild” in them, so you don’t mind if they play in the mud, make a mess while they eat, or skip a bath every once in a while. Bottom line: As long as they’re getting nourished from the food they eat and the company they keep, you’re one happy mama.

You are a crunchy mama lite!

You like to pick and choose from various natural parenting philosophies, and find your own way to run your home. You don’t need anyone to tell you exactly how to run your house, because you have it all under control.

Your children look to you for calm reassurance and setting healthy boundaries in a wild world. You like to instill healthy habits and a daily routine, but at the end of the day, you don’t mind if everyone occasionally gets off course. Missing a nap or eating chips once in a while is all good fodder for growing and learning. To you, that’s part of living in the real world.

You are a middle of the road mama!

While you’d do anything for your children, you also believe it’s important to nurture other parts of your life, too.

A happy mama creates a happy home. You believe that kids need direction and discipline, and you do so with love.

While you like to aim for healthy, you are not going to make it your life’s calling. Balance and moderation are your code in all things.

You’re a down-to-earth woman who blesses others with your sensibility and steadfastness.

You are a traditional and conventional mama!

Kind, loving, yet strong and firm—you’re the quintessential mom.

You like to pull from the wisdom of past generations and use what works best for you. The occasional microwave dinner didn’t kill you, and it’s fine for you kids, too. And, let’s face it, Girl Scout cookies and Halloween candy are part of what makes childhood so magical!

Your kids appreciate your predictability and the fact that you’re not all uptight about everything. They know that through thick and thin, mama will always be there.

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