Every Mama has a different crunch-quotient, from the complete beginner to the most radical earth mama at the co-op. The big question is, just where do you sit on the crunchy spectrum? Are you the natural living newbie? The queen of crunch? Take our quiz and find out instantly! Then be sure to share your crunchy results with friends.

1. You want something to snack on, what do you reach for?

2. Shower time! How will you wash your hair?

3. Whew! Your bikram yoga class was extra hot today. How will you rehydrate?

4. Time for a grocery run! Where you headed?

5. Uh-oh, you feel a head cold coming on. What do you do?

6. You're heading outside. What will you strap on your feet?

7. If you eat out, how do you roll?

8. How do you brighten your pearly whites?

9. How do you wake yourself up in the morning?

10. What sorta car do you roll in?


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