Walk onto any playground, and you’ll immediately notice several different parenting styles at work. On the jungle gym, there’s a mama hovering over her child to make sure he’s safe. Another mama watches on calmly from the benches as her barefooted child explores the mud puddles. A third mama races her child on the monkey bars.

We all have slightly different ways of parenting our children. And, interestingly, studies suggest this may have a real impact on our children—both in the short term and the long term.

Types of Parents

So what kind of parent are you? Even if you’re a natural mama, the way you parent can be very different.

  • Are you a tiger mama? You are all about a little tough love. Tiger mamas firmly believe that their main goal is to ensure their child succeeds in this world. You believe that a parent should be just that—not a friend.
  • A free range parent? You have no problem letting your kids run a little wild. Who cares if they’re covered in dirt, if they’re happy. And walking to school or playing outside alone? That’s no problem in your book. Free range parents main goal is to raise strong, independent children.
  • Attached to the max? Attachment parents are all about that parent-child bond. That looks a little different for everyone, but it likely means you’re a fan of the family bed, extended breastfeeding, and basically anything that helps you build a tight-knit family—even if it means time for yourself is limited.
  • Helicopter parent? Other people might see it as hovering, but you don’t view your style of parenting that way. Helicopter parents just want to do what’s best for their baby and keep them safe, and that generally means staying on top of everything—all the time.

So what type of parent are you? Do you have a hunch? Take our just-for-fun quiz to find out if you’re right!

Quiz: What Kind of Parent Are You?

1. It’s time to head to the park, and it’s looking a little crowded….

2. On the preschool drop off line, you kiss your sweet one goodbye and say:

3. You’ve scheduled a playdate at your home, and your friends are starting to arrive with children in tow:

4. Your child asks you to read a book. You:

5. In your house, bedtime is:

6. Your child is taking dance class. You:

7. The kids are getting hungry. Your go-to snack is:

8. Uh-oh! Your kids aren’t sharing. You:

9. It’s nice outside, so you go for a walk. When your child gets a skinned knee, you:

10. How do you manage a newborn and a toddler at the same time?

11. Date nights are:

12. Do you spend time outside as a family?

13. Do you have a family pet?

14. The radio is blasting. What song is on?

15. Summer is on the horizon, and you’re in vacation-planning mode. Where are you headed?


Was our parenting quiz spot on? Were you totally surprised by the results you got? Let us know what you think by sharing your results in the comments below.

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