Is baby ready to make his or her debut? If you’ve ever felt like your pregnancy will never end, this video is for you! So… this video is basically for every pregnant mama out there at some point or another, amiright?! 

This video is part of a collaboration we did with Missy and Bryan Lanning of the Daily Bumps vlog and Bumps Along The Way YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Signs Baby Is Ready to Come Out

  1. You’ve exhausted every possible pregnancy craving. Pickles? Check! Ice cream? Check! A cheeseburger at midnight?! Yep, that too.
  2. The baby clothes you bought are totally outdated. Are the styles changing that fast?? Or have you just been pregnant f.o.r.e.v.e.r?!
  3. You do more peeing at night than sleeping. Sleep? What’s that? You spend more time rolling out of bed and waddling to the bathroom than you do actually getting any shut-eye.
  4. Your husband’s on edge every time you sneeze. Admit it: You’ve wondered if something as simple as a sneeze can send you into full-blown labor!
  5. Walking from the couch to the kitchen is a workout. OK, let’s be honest, walking anywhere is a full-blown workout. Mama is tired!
  6. Even your boobs are impressed with themselves. Your boobs are bigger than you’ve ever seen them. And let’s not even talk about those darker and ever-growing areolas.
  7. Your footwear options are at an all time low. You knew your feet might swell, but you didn’t anticipate having to buy a whole new set of shoes!
  8. There’s only enough room for one of you. No matter how big the couch or the kitchen is, it’s simply not enough space for you, your growing bump, and anyone else.
  9. Greetings are tricky. Hugs are just a little bit awkward these days. No matter how far you stretch your arms, your bump hits first.
  10. Your rings stopped fitting months ago. Bye-bye wedding rings. You’re just crossing your fingers you’ll get them back on eventually.
  11. and you constantly ask yourself…  Am I ever gonna have this baby? You’re probably starting to wonder if your due date will ever come. And then, once it comes, you’ll wonder why they call it a due date if you’re still going to be pregnant for another week or two. Come on baby!!

Here’s another video we did with Missy and Bryan that was posted on their channel.

10 Perks of Being Pregnant

  1. The return of chivalry. Anything for you! Might as well bask in it!
  2. Let the calories rip! Eating for two? Sure why not!
  3. Your hubby turns into a softie. Soak up all that extra attention now, mama!
  4. You have the hair and nails of a model. My, how gorgeous you look!
  5. Naptime anyone? When else do you have permission to snooze morning, noon, and night?!
  6. Instant bond with every mother. More friends!
  7. Hello cleavage!
  8. Your husband helps with the housework. Can we keep this going forever?
  9. The convenient belly. A nice table for a bowl of ice cream, huh?!
  10. Unlimited use of the “Pregnancy Card”
  11. and one drawback.. The Question…  Can I touch it?

Hope you could relate. Best wishes to you!