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Explore baby girl names with Mama Natural

Oh happy day—a little girl is on the way! Congratulations to you and your family on the impending arrival of your beautiful baby girl! We’re sure you’re bursting at the seams with excitement and can’t wait to meet your new little one, but there’s one little hurdle to clear: selecting a baby name fit for your little princess.

Here at Mama Natural, we pride ourselves in dishing out the best of the best in baby girl names. We have something for everyone whether you’re the artsy type with your eye on Indigo or a royal baby name lover with your heart set on Charlotte. We’ve scoured the world far and wide for thousands of baby girl names and they’re all here waiting for your attention.

Search our girl name collection by letter

When it comes to a name, sometimes a letter just sticks with you. Maybe you’re in love with melodic girl names that start with M, or a zesty letter girl name that starts with Z. We take the guesswork out of things and have organized little girl names by letter, allowing you to go right to what you want with the click of the mouse.

We also have a section where we list the most popular girl names for each letter, giving you a quick snapshot of what’s trending for each. Certain letters are trending hard like girl names that start with A and girl names that start with E, but there are plenty of letters worthy of your attention. You might just find a stunning name hidden behind an unsuspecting letter, like a girls name that starts with Q!

Browse popular baby girl names

We know popularity is a big make or break factor for many parents. You may prefer the mystery of unique baby girl names. Or perhaps you can’t resist this year’s trendiest and most popular girl names. We’ve solved that conundrum by listing each name’s popularity along with it, giving you a peek at the charts without needing to navigate additional sites.

When looking at popular girl names, there are few things to consider:

  • Are there other spellings of the name that are also popular? This could lead to the name being more common than you thought like Sophia/Sofia.
  • Is the name you’re considering a popular nickname for a more common name? Bella may feel less common, but the chart-topper Isabella has populated playgrounds with it for years.
  • Is your favorite name on the rise? Vintage dolls like Amelia and Evelyn have been spiking in recent years, rising from relative rarity to the top of the charts.

Be sure to check the popularity of each name on your list to make sure it fits your desired popularity.

Find your style in a baby girls name

Every name has a story and a style behind it. Your baby girl deserves a name that speaks to you, and we want to make magic happen for your family. Every parent has their own style checklist when it comes to a name and we have your back on that. We have all sorts of fashionable baby girl names in our collection including:

We know that styles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We have a little something for everyone and won’t leave you disappointed with our assortment of thousands of baby girl names.

Get to the root of it

We all came from somewhere, and names are no exception. Each name has a unique origin and some overlap as variants and diminutives easily spread around the world. Discover where your favorite baby girl names came from or find a name that honors your family’s history. We’ve traveled the great wide world of baby names for you and organized them all by origin to make it a breeze. We have all the bases covered including:

Baby girl names come from all walks of life and there are many rare beauties that can be found by exploring other cultures. Investigate an origin outside of your regular stomping grounds and you might just find a stunning surprise. Some of today’s top names have surprising origins whether it’s Layla‘s Arabic roots or Mila’s Slavic start.

Baby girl names with meaning

Every name also has a hidden meaning which can be a point of interest for parents. While some are stunning like Abigail’s “the father is rejoicing,” others can be a little less inviting like Leah’s “weary one.” Some meanings may be obvious like Violet being a flower, while others like Penelope have an obscure meaning like “the weaver.”

We invite you to explore the meanings of your favorite baby girl names. Some may surprise you. Along the way, you may find a new beloved name with an irresistible meaning that speaks to your heart.

Notable baby girl name lists

Want to explore a new style but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve compiled several lists of baby girl names that you’ll love. Each list takes a range of the best girl names that fit a certain category and places them all in one easy to view spot. Check out our offerings including:

Each list might contain a favorite of yours or a new beauty you haven’t even considered. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a name in a new light to make it sing to you. We strive to bring names to life and hope you find a new favorite or two along the way.

Find the perfect baby girl’s name

Remember to relax and have fun while looking at baby girl names. Not every name is going to fit and, let’s face it, with thousands of them in our collection, most aren’t. But the perfect girl’s name is out there and you will find it in time. Set out on your search with an open heart and mind and the right baby girl’s name might just find you.