Birth Stories

Tiffany's Unmedicated Birth

  • When did you realize you were really in labor?

    I had a contraction around 2:30 am that was very different than any other cramping or Braxton Hicks I had experienced. When they started happening closer together at 4:30am I definitely knew.

  • What was the most challenging thing about going natural?

    Keeping my mind from wondering how much longer it would take, and trying not to look at the clock!

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  • What was the most helpful thing you did to prepare for childbirth?

    Reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth was a huge help in giving me the mental power to go epidural free. It took away the fear of what was happening and allowed me to use my mind to make the process faster and smoother. I understood what was happened and knew that this was all a normal part of life.

  • What surprised you about your birth?

    Pushing! I thought it would be a few pushes and I would be done, but I had to push about 45 minutes because the baby had her hand on her face. I wasn't prepared to power through the pushing phase for so long while unmedicated, but my doula and midwife kept me focused when I started to get scared.

  • I thought it would be a few pushes and I would be done, but I had to push about 45 minutes because the baby had her hand on her face.
  • What pain relief strategies worked best?

    Being free to move allowed me to find the most comfortable position, which for me was standing and hugging a ball. It was also nice to squeeze the hands of my husband and doula. Relaxing my face and neck helped so I could just try and channel energy through my voice.

  • What position did you end up delivering in?

    I was most comfortable standing but after pushing a while my midwife asked me to lay on my side. This helped with the position of the baby and I was able to push her out while laying partially on my side.

  • How did it feel to hold your baby for the first time?

    Shocking and amazing! I could not believe I had just delivered completely naturally and unmedicated. I felt like I had superpowers, and that I did everything I could to start my baby's life in the best way I could.

  • What advice can you give to other mamas who want to go natural?

    It is absolutely possible with the right mindset. Don't let others discourage you. I went in believing that an epidural just wasn't an option and I didn't need it so I was never even tempted to ask for one. However, all that said it is extremely important to let go if complications arise and the birth doesn't go according to plan. I had a complicated first delivery resulting in interventions and an epidural. It devastated me for years because I was so rigid about how I wanted it to happen. Having a natural birth the second time was wonderful, but I wish I weren't so hard on myself with my first baby. Every birth is different and should be celebrated.

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