Hannah Name Meaning

Hannah is a classic name that continues to wow parents with her winning combination of biblical roots and a soft sound. From the Hebrew name Channah, Hannah means “grace” or “favor.”

A simple beauty, Hannah is free of frilly fluff or excessive syllables. She’s a withstanding classic, timeless in her elegance despite dotting the U.S. name charts since its incorporation in 1900. She’s also got the cool factor of being a palindrome name, an honor shared with Ava, Anna, and Emme.

Hannah is a religious name, used both in Christianity and Judaism. In the Old Testament, Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel, a son she was blessed with after diligently praying for a child when infertility left her brokenhearted. Her son Samuel would go on to speak directly to God and lead the Israelites against the Philistines. The biblical Hannah was steadfast in her devotion, a trait many would find admirable. Like Abigail, Hannah wasn’t commonly used as a first name until the Puritans in the 1600s. Since then, she’s risen steadily.

Hannah can also be spelled Hanna and comes with the cute nicknames of Hanny and Han. Similar names to Hannah are Sarah, Leah, and Rachel.

Infographic of Hannah name meaning, which is From the Hebrew Channah, Hannah means grace.
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Hannah Name Popularity

How popular is the name Hannah? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 216 255 0.0724%
1911 243 222 0.0596%
1912 241 300 0.0595%
1913 246 351 0.0619%
1914 249 408 0.0585%
1915 255 510 0.0561%
1916 262 499 0.0517%
1917 266 504 0.0504%
1918 279 471 0.0439%
1919 274 491 0.0469%
1920 306 417 0.0375%
1921 292 465 0.0406%
1922 330 352 0.0316%
1923 309 397 0.0354%
1924 350 339 0.0292%
1925 354 327 0.0289%
1926 350 323 0.0294%
1927 367 302 0.0273%
1928 416 225 0.021%
1929 416 210 0.0203%
1930 427 194 0.0186%
1931 465 150 0.0152%
1932 441 180 0.0182%
1933 465 150 0.0161%
1934 425 194 0.0201%
1935 452 159 0.0164%
1936 526 113 0.0117%
1937 472 149 0.0151%
1938 483 147 0.0144%
1939 484 150 0.0147%
1940 499 142 0.0134%
1941 537 125 0.0111%
1942 495 177 0.014%
1943 551 137 0.0105%
1944 596 106 0.0086%
1945 579 112 0.0092%
1946 707 86 0.0058%
1947 630 130 0.0078%
1948 600 142 0.0089%
1949 627 124 0.0077%
1950 713 99 0.0061%
1951 687 115 0.0068%
1952 735 101 0.0058%
1953 747 102 0.0058%
1954 767 101 0.0055%
1955 882 76 0.0041%
1956 867 84 0.0044%
1957 936 74 0.0038%
1958 1,007 64 0.0034%
1959 955 74 0.0039%
1960 962 74 0.0039%
1961 846 109 0.0058%
1962 895 90 0.0049%
1963 901 83 0.0046%
1964 925 79 0.0045%
1965 941 69 0.0042%
1966 899 77 0.0049%
1967 972 63 0.0042%
1968 877 87 0.0058%
1969 900 87 0.0056%
1970 858 106 0.0067%
1971 794 127 0.0085%
1972 646 191 0.014%
1973 566 236 0.0182%
1974 525 278 0.0214%
1975 436 410 0.0319%
1976 379 497 0.0386%
1977 347 604 0.0448%
1978 312 714 0.0531%
1979 253 944 0.0669%
1980 211 1,216 0.0832%
1981 189 1,398 0.0951%
1982 175 1,566 0.1048%
1983 124 2,389 0.1619%
1984 126 2,256 0.1517%
1985 117 2,440 0.1608%
1986 82 3,379 0.2239%
1987 66 4,592 0.3009%
1988 61 5,559 0.3567%
1989 42 7,830 0.4852%
1990 30 10,274 0.6199%
1991 29 10,768 0.6606%
1992 26 11,491 0.7199%
1993 21 12,504 0.802%
1994 16 14,494 0.9444%
1995 7 17,010 1.1286%
1996 7 18,595 1.2419%
1997 5 20,591 1.3922%
1998 2 21,373 1.428%
1999 2 21,673 1.4472%
2000 2 23,080 1.5109%
2001 3 20,712 1.3746%
2002 3 18,819 1.2558%
2003 4 17,634 1.1591%
2004 5 15,604 1.0238%
2005 7 14,845 0.9709%
2006 8 14,544 0.9288%
2007 9 13,304 0.8432%
2008 17 9,560 0.6185%
2009 23 7,568 0.5063%
2010 21 6,987 0.4848%
2011 25 6,566 0.4609%
2012 22 7,274 0.5105%
2013 23 7,294 0.5123%
2014 28 6,579 0.4516%
2015 28 6,406 0.4403%
2016 33 6,002 0.4163%
2017 32 5,872 0.4207%
2018 33 5,619 0.409%
2019 32 5,586 0.4126%
2020 39 4,823 0.3789%
2021 46 4,145 0.3391%
2022 47 4,441 0.3366%

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Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

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Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

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Ohio (OH)

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Pennsylvania (PA)

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Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

Data via SSA.gov.

Names Like Hannah

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What names are diminutives of Hannah?

A diminutive is a name that’s like Hannah sounds, you might also like these names that sound like Hannah, but shorter.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



Gracious one



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



A diminutive form of Anna or Anne, from the Hebrew hannah, grace.



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me


What names are variants of Hannah?

Mix it up with these names that are a variation of the name Hannah.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender




He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



Happiness; flower; work



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me



He (God) has favored me


What names sound like Hannah?

If you like how Hannah sounds, you might also like these names that sound like Hannah.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender




Grace of the Lord



A place to rest; to be happy



A place to rest; to be happy



Grace of the Lord


What names are similar to Hannah?

Find a name that’s like Hannah, but just a little bit different.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Little drop of water; raven or black-haired






God is my oath



To excel



Whole or universal






Gracious one









To join


Lists With Hannah

Find inspiration in these baby girl name lists featuring the name Hannah.

Siblings of Hannah

Mamas with kids named Hannah also have kids with these names.

Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender




Harp Player






My God is Yahweh



Fine, attractive, pretty






Gracious one



Burned meadow



God will exalt












Whole heart



Who is Like God?



  1. it’s my name i love the name Hannah

  2. We love that it means favored by God. The way it sounds sounds and how it’s a palindrome. Hanalei in Kauai was also a favorite place my husband and I loved.

  3. Love the timeless elegance of her name Hannah Kate

  4. It’s good. Pretty good. My friend’s name is zvonimir and it sounds very good with Joseph and Zvonimir

  5. i adore the name hannah ive always loved this name it is pretty and easy enough to spell and say but still long enough 🙂 . i will name one of my kids hannah jane i love the name jane but like it more as a middle name.

  6. i love the name hannah i will name one of my children hannah jane 🙂 it is such a pretty name

    • didnt realise i had left 2 comments opps

  7. Her first and middle name are from the Bible. My husband, our 8 year old and myself all sat down and thought of a name as a family for her.

  8. It’s a Biblical name. It goes well with her sister’s name (Hailey).

  9. We chose Hannah for our daughter because we liked the sound of it, we wanted something common enough that when she’s older and wanting to get “personalised” items from newsagencies and the like, she’ll hopefully be able to find one with the “right” spelling for her on it! But we nicknamed her “Hannie” because i wanted ti to feel special and unique. Plus, it’s a name from the Bible, which is good because that ties in with our faith!

  10. Saved for years

    • I love my name. Greetings to All Hannahs’ here

      • I love the name. Hannah and it is so popular where I am.

  11. Well her name came to me in a dream I love her name it’s biblical

  12. Like it

  13. Loved the name and the Bible character

  14. Jesus is faithful

  15. We chose biblical names for all our children. Hannah was one we wanted to use for some time. It means “favor or grace of God”. We love the meaning as it reminds us that our sweet Hannah, as well as all our children, is a gift of God’s grace to us.

  16. We chose Hannah after a good debate on that name and Sophia. Hannah won as first name.

    What we love about it is that is a palindrome and, for me, the meaning, which is “grace” she definitely is the grace in our lives.

    I can’t wait to see what Hannah has for us and how her personality and overall everything about her will be!

  17. I liked that Hannah is a strong, but feminine name. It feels old, holy, and grounded.

    • This site has been extremely helpful and we named our twins: Hannah(F) & Hanniel(M)..????

  18. We were looking for a Biblical name with a double consonant in the middle, ending in “a”. We have Emma and Tessa already so Hannah is a perfect fit! (And our big kids are all sorts of jealous that she can spell her name the same backward and forward!)

  19. Son’s name starts with an H (Hendrik)
    It’s a biblical name

  20. Hannah is a very beautiful name. I am very glad my parents named me that. Lol

    • I am so thankful to my parents. I love my name.

  21. I wanted a two syllable Bible name for my daughter that was classic sounding and would work well with the middle name Kay, which I was passing down to her. So I just went through a list until I found one that I liked.

    I like that her name is simple, and common enough to find on a keychain haha. In 7 months, I haven’t yet found anything I don’t like about the name.

    We call her “Hannah girl” ?

  22. Hannah is my daughter’s middle name. Her first name is Morgan so we wanted something cute and suitable. My friend suggested Hannah and I like it ” Morgan Hannah ” .

  23. Hannah Lynn. My husband said he always liked the name Hannah and that was it. Thought about a few other names since but Hannah stuck.

  24. Sweet meaning behind the name. Recognizable and easy to spell. Goes well with our Long and complicated last name.

  25. Hannah in the bible could not have a child and God give her the ability to have a child. It took prayer for me to get pregnant with Hannah that is why she is named Hannah. We love her name too. Perfect fit for her personality. Also Hannah is multicultural such as white, Dutch and African and German.

  26. We had a tough time deciding on a name. We had her middle name picked out, Marie, after both of our moms. We were very picky about how the name flowed and Hannah just sounded right. I picture her in a year or two with blonde curly hair and the name Hannah fits her perfectly.

  27. After family

  28. After a family

  29. Hannah got picked her name means God’s given gift she is truly a amazing gift and that is why I picked hannah I had 9 lost pregnancy before I got pregnant with hannah we were so happy to get a miracle and 3 years down the road it happened again and we got our mason we are completel now love both my babies

  30. I was young and Hannah was a pretty name that is what I went with

  31. My husband and I chose the name Hannah because of our own journey through infertility and the story of Hannah’s from the Bible. The meaning (Grace, Favored) also played an important part.

  32. My husband and I picked hannah for its meaning which was favour and grace. Mostly because my grandma’s name is hannah and her birthday is October 17th which was the day I went into labor, but eneded up giving birth on the 18th. Therefore we decided to name our daughter hannah.

  33. ?

  34. I choose Hannah becauae it is a bible name. Hannah name remind me of when Hannah in the bible could not have a child, and she prayed to God and than Hannah was no longer barren, she had a child and give the child to God. So when Hannah was born we gived Hannah back to the Lord becauase God answer our prayer when I got pregnant with Hannah and gived birth to this bundle of joy.

  35. i gave her that name because i believe that God has given her to me as favour , she is one beautiful girl you have ever seen

  36. My husband and I were making a list of names we liked, and my 4 year old, said Hannah was it. She was very set on that name for her baby sister.

  37. We chose Hannah because while watching Toy Story as a child, my mom leaned over and said, “I was gonna name you Hannah.” She later said I didn’t look like a Hannah, but a Miranda. This is a fond memory of mine. Also, the name is in my husband’s family, so we both have always liked it.

  38. I’ve always loved the name “Hannah”, but my husband and I wanted something more unique. So we decided to join to names together. “HannahGrace” is what we chose for the first name of our 1st born daughter. 🙂

  39. I knew from the beginning I wanted a Biblical name. And actually I wanted our first to be called Hannah, but other family members somehow persuaded us against it. So when the second came along, I wasn’t going to let anyone change my mind! If it was a girl, it was going to be Hannah!! As far as female names in the Bible, this was just my favorite. Not necessarily the story, but at the time, I didn’t care for other female Bible names. Hannah stuck and she is my strong -willed child!

  40. Our eldest’s name. She is caring and beautiful. She is not just beautiful on the outside,but also in the inside. She is a caring smart girl who is a loyal friend. Whenever you look sad, she will ask you if you are alright.
    I was thankful to be able to conceive like Hannah from the Bible. We love our Hannah’s name.

  41. Since I picked our first borns name, Brennan, my husband got to pick our second born. He chose Hannah cuz he loved it, and it had two Ns like Brennan.

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