What Is a Rainbow Baby? (Pregnancy After Loss)

Like the miracle of a rainbow after a storm, a rainbow baby is one that is born after pregnancy loss. Rainbows don’t erase storms, but they symbolize HOPE.

Like the miracle of a rainbow after a storm, a rainbow baby is one that is born after pregnancy loss. Rainbows don't erase storms, but they symbolize HOPE.

After the turmoil and darkness of a storm, when light breaks through the clouds, sometimes we are lucky enough to see a rainbow.

What is a rainbow baby?

Like the miracle of a rainbow after a storm, many mamas refer to babies born after loss as their rainbow babies. The rainbow doesn’t erase the storm, nor does the arrival of a new baby eclipse the tragedy of previous pregnancy loss.

The rainbow sends a message of beauty, promise, and hope to those who see it.

How to Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby

Many mamas choose to celebrate their rainbow baby pregnancy in a special way, including:

Amazing Rainbow Baby photo by JoAnn Marrero on Mama Natural
  • Maternity photoshoots. One of the most famous of these photoshoots was done by photographer JoAnn Marrero. The amazing photo (above) captures the joy of mama-to-be Jessica, who suffered six miscarriages before posing for this image with her rainbow baby.
  • Sharing birth stories. More and more women—sometimes called rainbow mamas—are sharing their birth stories about becoming a mother after loss. In doing so, they are pulling a topic that has long been considered taboo out of the shadows.
  • Wearing rainbow apparel. Today, there are many mamas on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram sporting rainbow tee shirts to acknowledge their pregnancy losses while building solidarity with a struggling community.
  • Buying rainbow apparel for their baby. There’s tons of great apparel for rainbow babies. You’ll find everything from onesies and swaddles, to loveys and toys.
  • Decorating the nurserySome mamas go all out with a completely rainbow-themed nursery, while others made a subtle nod to it by building rainbow bookshelves or adding one small, but special rainbow detail.
  • Having a themed baby shower. A colorful baby shower is another great way to celebrate a rainbow baby on the way.
  • Having a rainbow-themed newborn photoshoot. Lots of rainbow mamas buy special swaddles to outfit their rainbow babies in and hire a photographer to capture their precious miracle.
  • Getting a special tattoo. Not for everyone, of course, but some mamas mark the special occasion by getting a rainbow tattoo after baby is born.

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National Rainbow Baby Day

Of course, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate your sweet rainbow baby every day of the year, but there is a specific day dedicated to lifting up these little miracles.

August 22 is National Rainbow Baby Day.

Rainbow Baby Quotes

C.S. Lewis Quote Somewhere Over the Rainbow Song Lyric 1 Samuel 1 27-28 Verse Quote

Rainbow Baby Gifts

Looking for some special to give a rainbow mama or baby? Check out these rainbow baby gifts.

Rainbow Baby Names

A name with special significance is a fantastic way to honor your rainbow baby. Here, some of the most inspiring choices.

Rainbow Baby Girl Names

  1. Nayeli: Meaning “I love you,” this Native American sweetheart forever expresses your love.
  2. Iris: This goddess’s “rainbow” meaning is too significant to pass up.
  3. Jovie: The “joyful” meaning of this cutie perfectly captures the joy of her birth.
  4. Aiko: Her precious meaning of “little loved one” suits her well.
  5. Felicity: It’s hard not to smile at this Latin stunner’s meaning of “happiness.”
  6. Amara: The “everlasting” heart of this moniker perfectly describes the love around her.
  7. Zara: Meaning “blooming flower,” this English darling represents new beginnings.
  8. Arabella: This beauty’s meaning of “answered prayer” is more than fitting.
  9. Thea: Her meaning of “gift of God” perfectly sums up her place in the family.
  10. Mina: A meaning of “love” puts this German doll into a league of her own.

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Rainbow Baby Boy Names

  1. Ethan: His “enduring and strong” meaning is everything you wish for your son.
  2. Asher: Meaning “happy and blessed,” he will enter your life with the same joy.
  3. Joaquin: This Spanish darling’s meaning of “lifted by God” brings positivity and faith.
  4. Baron: The “young warrior” meaning of his handsome name has strength and vigor.
  5. Asa: Meaning “healer,” he’s the one who will mend your heart.
  6. Felix: The “happy and lucky” side of this Latin pick puts a smile on everyone’s face.
  7. David: The “beloved” side of David more than explains your feelings.
  8. Gabriel: You can find peace and wisdom in his meaning of “God is my strength.”
  9. Valen: His meaning of “strong and healthy” gives your son a surprise stash of strength.
  10. Rafael: A meaning of “God heals” provides comfort and warmth.

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Rainbow Baby Stories

We asked mamas in our Facebook group to share stories about their own rainbow babies. Here’s what they said:

LaTisha M.

We tried every month from June to November, every month I took a test just to stare at a negative. We gave it one last shot before we just completely gave up, and on 11-31-2019, I got the faintest of positives. I continued to test everyday until it showed up dark. We tried so desperately to get pregnant again between losing twins and conceiving our rainbow baby, because when you lose someone, you want nothing more than to have that person back. She isn't a replacement or a void filler, but our little miracle baby!

Corrie H.

Our oldest was 2.5 when we lost our first pregnancy, and I was devastated. But a few months before we conceived again, [my daughter] came home from Sunday School with a picture she had colored. It was Jesus as a shepherd standing with 5 sheep. She brought me the picture and told me “this one is daddy, this one is you, this is me, this is the next baby you will have, and this is the one after that.” It was so precious, but what really wrecked me was that she had colored “the next baby” sheep completely RAINBOW colored. She was 3. She didn’t know what rainbow babies were. Throughout the months that we waited to conceive and throughout that whole pregnancy I kept that picture taped to the wall by my side of the bed. I leaned on the faith of my toddler when my own faith felt far away.

Julie S.

Her name is Faith. 13 years ago I was pregnant with my 2nd when my Dad died. A few days before he passed he looked me straight in the eyes and said “faith.” I don’t know what was trying to say, but that ended up being his last word spoken. I told my husband about that moment and asked him, “if this baby is a girl, what do you think about naming her faith?” From then it was decided. That baby ended up being a boy, so the name was not used. 4 years later, we have our 2nd son. Born at 38 weeks he died suddenly shortly after birth. It was a huge shock, as we didn’t know there was anything wrong. The pain of losing a child is like none other. I went through some health issues, as well as secondary infertility, in the year that followed. Then the rainbow came. This beautiful girl.

Jen B.

I got pregnant fairly quickly, but sadly, we lost the baby. I thought that this was it for me. I just waited too long. I remember one day driving to law school, and seeing this big beautiful rainbow. A few days later, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. My rainbow baby was born 6-11-19.

Erickia M.

After 7 years, 6 Angel Babes, and 1 failed Adoption.. all the Heavens rejoiced as our beautiful baby girl entered this big ol world Dec 2014 and made me a Mama ??When our daughter was 2 years old, she started Praying for another baby. 500+ injections later, a very high risk pregnancy, and scary delivery, God surprised us with the most perfect little boy ?? in Nov 2017.

Evie R.

I will always have a hole in my heart from the losses, but Annora helped to heal me in a way that only a precious baby can. God always has a plan, even though we may have to experience great loss and pain, He will never leave you. He doesn’t promise that we will not suffer, only that we won’t suffer alone. ❤️❤️

Whitney C.
My advice to mothers who are hoping for their rainbow baby is to be positive. I know how hard it can be, but remember darkness never stays forever. Whether that baby comes from your womb or is adopted, you will gain your rainbow. Your rainbow baby will come when you least expect it. 
Ashley R.

[My rainbow baby] was born on the same date I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, exactly a year later. We gave him the middle name “Adaiah,” because it means “gift of Jehovah.” And that’s what he is. Even in the darkest moments, don’t turn away from hope. There is always hope. Even if the hope isn’t in the rainbow, have hope in finding peace.

Adrienne H.

To all the mommas hoping for their miracle, the road is hard and you might feel like giving up, but just know the pain will always lead you to your miracle. I almost gave up many times, I saw a therapist and made sure my mental health was always looked after, because you cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself in this journey.

Tegwen H.

Our Vesper Joyce was born healthy and naturally in a hospital. She is almost 2 and has brought so much healing and joy to our souls. She’s truly the rainbow after the storm.

Kristen S.

Rainbow twins! ?? The doctor who scanned us warned that it looked like one baby might not make it. But, here we are today! We had an easy pregnancy with our modi identical boys and a magical and surreal delivery. Smooth, easy fast vaginal delivery for both boys. We can't believe how truly lucky we are!!

Andree’ J.

My advice for anyone finding themselves on this journey, is to know that you aren't alone. Find a support group or that friend that might be going through the same thing. I realized that many of my classmates were on the same journey. We messaged each other when we needed advice or a moment to vent. We encouraged, we prayed, and updated... even when one of us graduated to parents! Now we message each other with baby updates!!

Amy P.

Through all the heartache and struggle... giving up was NEVER an option, and we are so blessed with this little girl. Ladies struggling with infertility and loss.. do not give up and never lose hope.. .your miracle is right around the corner ❤️?

Shayla W.

After a dozen losses, we found out I was pregnant with twins, wow! Then several weeks later twin B disappeared, but Joe just kept growing and growing. He was delivered at 35 weeks after spontaneously ruptured waters and he was born on the way to the hospital after 45 minutes of labor (from first contraction to him being out). A year later we had a surprise, I was 23 weeks pregnant with a girl. Her name is Persephone, and I'm convinced that she is the twin Joe lost. They are inseparable.

Jessica S.

I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby on my due date of the baby we lost. I will always miss the baby we lost, but that sadness doesn’t take away from the joy this rainbow baby is giving us. It’s emotional and can be scary at times carrying your rainbow after a loss, but it is truly a blessing. You never fully heal from the pain of losing your precious baby, but you do heal in ways that are indescribable from the love and blessing of a rainbow baby ?

Amanda B.

My advice for other mamas in waiting is to keep your faith and take time for yourself. Take time to pamper yourself and don’t let yourself get lost in the trying. I know it’s tough, mamas, but you’re not alone ❤️

Krysta O.

She’s everything I ever dreamed of. Smart, tenacious, happy, outgoing, strong, loving, stubborn, and beautiful. She’ll be a year old on the 24th, and I’m so blessed everyday I’m her momma ❤️

Audrieana T.

After 6 miscarriages I finally got my miracle rainbow ? baby girl! Miracles happen mama! Just pray and have patience!

Emily G.

My best advice for parents waiting for their rainbow babies, is to let go and trust in God’s timing. He will bring that sweet baby when the time is right. All of my children have changed me and taught me so much, even the one who didn’t get to stay earth side with us. ❤️

Alexandria M.

It is heartbreaking to miscarry, but just trust and soak up every moment you have ❤ I try to remember even when it's tough that I am thankful for the children I am blessed with and am so thankful for the gift of their little lives.

Megan J.

After giving up hope from the miscarriages and almost a year worth of tests and trying, I had FINALLY accepted that my son, (4.5 years at the time) would be our one and only and I was okay with it! Little did I know, about a month later, SURPRISE we were pregnant! Just let God work in His way and have patience!

Stacey L.

Currently 22.5 weeks with our rainbow. We have had 4 losses, including this one's twin. Our fertility journey has not been easy. My first born came into this world at 31 weeks along. And this one has been trying to make his appearance early also. Weve been seeing highrisk drs and on bedrest for the remainder of pregnancy ?

Libby G.

My rainbow baby is 11 years old now. She just crossed over from cub scouts to an all girls BSA troop. She is so very proud. I will never forget how hard we fought to have her. She inherited that fire in her spirit!

Christina C.

I lost my son in 2009. Had my daughter 2010. She saved my life.

Dani S.

My double rainbow is now 3. She was born on the exact date—one year later—that I found out her brother’s heart stopped beating.

Sarah V.

When we experienced the loss of our first baby, I was devastated but also conflicted. I was able to make peace with the experience early on, but was surprised by the pressure from those around me to grieve in a way they thought was most appropriate. Their unintentional pressure, caused me to question the way I was processing. I think the greatest thing I learned throughout my journey to parenthood is we all do things different, and that’s okay!

Justine M.

My ?♥️ -Justine M.

Lorna M.

After [my first loss], I was scared to have any more children. I didn’t want to have the same outcome. I eventually grew to trust that my body was capable of growing a healthy baby and went on to have five more children. Moms, don’t give up hope and trust your bodies and the specific timing. We are all different.

Mikaela S.

Our rainbow was conceived on the due date of our ectopic ❤️ She is an absolute miracle and the happiest, sweetest, smartest little girl. I often say God knew exactly what I needed and gave me that baby.

Mandie S.

My advice to any moms hoping for their rainbow is first, rainbows come after a storm. You just gotta be patient and find the right angle. Second, it’s not your fault, you didn’t fail, your body isn’t a failure. There is no grade in getting pregnant, and everyone’s journey to pregnancy is different, so don’t compare. Also, a miscarriage isn’t something to be ashamed of or feel guilty over. It’s hard not to, but they are way more common than people think. I’m happy to talk about my miscarriage, because it’s a part of my life. It doesn’t define who I am as a women. ?

How About You?

Have you experienced a pregnancy loss? Are you a rainbow mama? Share your story in the comments below.

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a doula and childbirth educator. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 135,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. I got pregnant in December 2018, and lost the baby in January 2019. I didn’t know I was pregnant until I miscarried. It was very traumatizing. Then a few months later I went on to have a stroke at 21 years old. It took me a while to recover, like about 2 years. I found out I have a gene mutation called MTHFR mutation that is very common but highly under-diagnosed. 70% if the world has at least 1 copy. My husband also has this mutation. Our son has 2 mutated copies unfortunately. It was a major cause of the miscarriage and the stroke. When I got pregnant again I had to be put on different prenatals that contained methyl folate instead of synthetic folic acid because it would poison me and risk another miscarriage or other horrible problems. I finally had my rainbow baby May 2022. He’s a baby boy named Titus. He is a blessing from God. I almost lost Titus at 24 weeks most likely due to a partial placental detachment but thankfully he was ok. Later on we found out he had in-uterine growth restriction and had to be induced at 37 weeks. He is 5 months old now. He is thriving and doing well. His weight still has to catch up but he is very strong.

  2. Lost my daughter May 20, 2018 at 38 weeks full term. This is my rainbow baby born May 26, 2020. He turned 6 months on Thanksgiving. I had a dream one month before I lost my girl. I knew something happened to the baby and kept asking where is she? A voice spoke and told me you didn’t have a girl you have a boy and his name is Jordan!” So meet my Jordan Leonidas. My daughters name was Moriah Faith. In Hebrew Moriah means God teaches, that year we lost our home, car, jobs, opportunities to move into any new home, my daughter and almost myself with her, and the last of our finances on the funeral, casket, burial ceremony etc. We’re still homeless but thankful to stay with family while we save up and thankful for this little guy right here. Through it all, God taught us Faith in him alone. So Moriah FAITH was born. And left us with the gift of LOVE. After everything goes all that remains is Love. That’s why we smile, that why we cry, that’s what’s worth fighting for, protecting, and even dying for. We would sacrifice everything for Love, sounds pretty familar right. ????

  3. Just had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. Went to doctor yesterday for ultrasound and they didn’t detect a heartbeat. Doctor asked me to go for a D & C as I didn’t bleed. Don’t know what caused it. This is my first pregnancy at age 34.

  4. I’m 17 and a couple of years ago I found out that I’m a rainbow baby. I just want to say that the child born as a rainbow baby may feel confused if they find out. I personally began to question my own existence. Be careful how you tell them, and be prepared to tell your child that they are wanted, they are loved, and most of all that they are supposed to be alive. Before I really understood what this was all about I had a lot of bad thoughts that I regret. Don’t let that happen to your rainbow baby.

  5. I just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant again! I am super excited and nervous. My sunshine baby is 13. My second baby, Georgia, was born prematurely and died at 5 days old in May of last year. This past March I found out I was pregnant again, but unfortunately miscarried at 8 weeks. Trying to not panic over everything is the hardest thing. My mind keeps worrying about every possible way this could go wrong. All we want is to have a baby we don’t have to give back. Saying prayers this little bug sticks around ❤️?????

  6. My husband and I lost our identical twin girls 3 weeks ago. I was 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant. The day before we lost them, I had TTTS laser surgery performed.

    The night of surgery the girls were doing amazing. Strong, steady heartbeats, and they were moving around like crazy. The fluid levels evened out as well. The doctor, as well as us, were so hopeful that they’d be okay.

    The next morning we had another ultrasound done. The tech- only minutes into the scan, ran out of the room to get the doctor. My heart sank. I knew something was wrong. I panicked, I was shaking, I was scared for what news we were about to receive.

    We knew there would be a 50 percent chance we could lose one baby. We also knew there was a ten percent chance we could lose both. We never ever expected to lose both of the girls. The doctor came in, not looking too chipper. Once she scanned the babies and told me she was so sorry, I lost it. It was the worst pain that’s ever hit me in my entire life.

    I have a living son, he’s 11 years old. His birthday was the following Monday after I had the DNE done. It was so hard for me to enjoy his birthday, because I know I’ll never be able to celebrate my girls’ birthday with them.

    So.. now my husband and I patiently wait for my normal period. We do both want to try again. I’m scared. I’m petrified of all of the what if’s I know I already ask. I’m not even pregnant yet, and I’m worried. I want, more than anything, to have a baby with my husband. My son is from a previous relationship. I already warned my OB that when the time comes I’ll probably be calling multiple times a week in fear of every ache and pain I experience. Will this concern get worse when I’m pregnant?

    • So very sorry for your loss. Those feelings will likely come up once you become pregnant again. If you’re not already, I highly recommend seeking out a therapist trained in pregnancy loss. Hiring a doula could also prove helpful, they could help answer the burning questions you have when your provider is not reachable. Best of luck to you and thanks for sharing your story ❤️

  7. I am so incredibly blessed. My oldest is a rainbow baby, he is 8. I had 2 miscarriages before him. The professionals tell you to look to your mother to determine your fertility, and we still don’t know how my mom got me (several years of taking fertility drugs, and none when she somehow conceived me). We figured it wouldn’t happen, but we were able to have him. Then we had 2 pretty girls, another miscarriage and rainbow boy, who is now 3, another baby boy who is 19 months, 2 more miscarriages, and another sweet rainbow boy die in February. There is no explanation for my come and go fertility, but we love every one of our children!

  8. My rainbow baby is due in the next week or so and like your article mentioned it is a rollercoaster of emotions when you find out you are expecting after loss. It is never just the innocent joy you felt prior to the loss because you have the tragic what if looming over you. Once I made it to full term I felt the other confusing emotions of happiness and relief but also not wanting to forget my first precious child turned angel. Anytime a stranger asks if this is my first child I want to say technically no but don’t want to get into it with a stranger so I just say yes.

    I had a missed miscarriage which means I had no symptoms and I feel like I found out in the worst possible way, when my husband and I went in for a ultrasound only for the tech to realize there was no heartbeat and then tell us the devastating news. To make matters worse my body did nothing so I had to go in to the hospital and have a D&C to remove the baby from my womb. I don’t wish this experience or pain on anyone and I will never forget my first baby who I know was a girl. Anytime I share that we lost our first it never fails that the woman I share it with shares a miscarriage story too. I plan to take photos of our rainbow baby and incorporate a rainbow in one of his photos and share on social media to share our story with others. If our pain can help someone else it will have been worth it. Women shouldn’t feel they can’t share their miscarriage stories and sharing your rainbow baby is a positive way to open the conversation.

  9. Dear Genevieve,
    I received your newsletter during my pregnancy. My baby was moving a lot. He was laying in transverse position and I did all the exercises I could to get him to turn. We did an ECV, external version, in week 36 and he moved without problems and stayed head down. I was so relieved, looking forward to a natural birth. I was just going to write to you, give you a feedback to please mention monitoring fetal movement/counting kicks, when I thought: I’m just gonna check if she really didn’t say anything about it in the newsletter. I came across this and was still convinced you had not mentioned it in the newsletter. No one ever told me about the importance of fetal movements. Had I been aware, my son would most probably be here today. So I found it in Newsletter of Week 31, along with the topic of how to flip breech. I felt really sad. I must have skimmed through and looked more deeply into the other topic. Yes, it says if baby doesnt move for an hour or two call your midwife. But that passed my brain unnoticed, because he was so active all the time, it wasn’t an issue for me. 7 days after the external version all was fine, supposedly. They did only one doppler throughout the pregancy, in week 21, all seemingly perfect. So the night of the 9th to 10th day after the turning of the child he wa overly active for one night. I did wonder a bit but discarded it. Also, since turning him he had reduced movements. Then the movements nearly stopped and then completely stopped. It took us quite long to realize and wonder and call my midwife. Maybe 48 hours after the last kick, the last we consciously remember. Figure that. I’m well informed, well educated. I soaked up all information I could get. Yeah maybe not in touch enough with my intuition or also let’s say just carefree, trusting, because supposedly all was well. My son passed at 37+5, I assume. I just did not pay any close attention to when and how much he had moved, except for being joyful and touching my belly when he did, but not thinking anything of when he did less. I thought it had to do with the changed position. Here we are, my husband and me struggling a great deal. This is tough. I miss him.
    Genevieve, please, I know we don’t want to scare women, but please do not mention it just as a sidenote. The carefree way of writing was just too casual to reach me. Btw as a non-native I remember I also didn’t know what OJ meant and was confused about that, which distracted me from the message as well…
    Thanks for the work you do,

    • I forgot to add: obduction showed the placenta had a limited diffusion capacity thus not providing him sufficiently towards the end of pregnancy when his needs were bigger. There was no way to know though. For some reason that I still don’t understand, he was normal in size, slim but in normal range, and we only found out later his organs were a bit smaller (about 3 weeks smaller in gestational age than his body). He would have lived well and normally and caught up though.

  10. I lost my forth baby at 20 weeks. It feels almost greedy or indulgent telling my story as I am blessed with 3 gorgeous, healthy children. This pregnancy and loss was a miracle in itself however, it acted like crowbar and forced me to open up and address and heal deep old wounds that I would potentially never have dealt with any other way. The birth process was also bitterly ironic as I did it alone at home, naturally, a small triumph in the bleakness after 3 c-sections. One of the most difficult parts of this experience was telling people that I’d miscarried and having to deal with their grief, it was really challenging. This process taught me so much about how to really support people in the grieving process. I am now pregnant again… to put it mildly this pregnancy is a huge HUGE surprise, I had really reconciled myself to not having anymore children, it’s early days still and I’m really struggling with doubt and disbelief. Much love to the other brave mamas here!!!

  11. My first pregnancy in 2014 ended in a miscarriage at 11 weeks. A year later I was pregnant again with my Rainbow baby. Throughout my entire pregnancy with my Son I was a basket case. We went to L&D all the time just to settle my nerves. He has been a true blessing to our family. During my pregnancy I finally realized that the timing of my first pregnancy was not right and that everything happens for a reason.

    Two Weeks ago we experience the loss of another baby at 12 weeks. This time around the grieving is even harder as we saw the babies heart beat 3 weeks prior. Knowing that this angel was here and now is gone is the hardest part. I am trying to remember that everything happens for a reason, and to cherish my Son even more. This post really helped me feel like there is a community out there that I can lean to for support.

    Thank you.

  12. At 21 I had my first child stillborn. I was 24 weeks pregnant and she didn’t even weigh a pound. We named her Holly Sophia. Fast forward to 7 years later and I’m about to have my third rainbow baby. She was my only girl. I’ve got all boys now! Being so young and having such a horrible loss was terrifying. I feel like the important thing to remember is not to expect to get back to “normal”. That normal doesn’t exist. I read a quote once that said something along the lines of “there are moments where you realize nothing will ever be the same. Time is divided into ‘before this, and after this'”. And that is so true. There’s before I had holly, and after. But after has been beautiful too.

  13. In March of this year we found out we had lost our little daughter (our 3rd child) at around 20 weeks. It was so shocking and unexplained. I was induced to give birth to her, and even though she was tiny the birth was just as intense as my first two. We felt the peace of God so strongly through it all, though, and still do as we continue to heal. I just found out I am pregnant again, a bit sooner than we expected, and am afraid to let myself get too excited, but praying this one will be born happy and healthy!

  14. My second child, my son Hudson, was born at 39 weeks via C-Section. We knew from 14 weeks pregnant that he had Trisomy 18. We chose a C-section so that we could meet him alive. And we did. He wasn’t breathing at first but after 30 minutes he started breathing on his own and did so for 8 hours. After 8.5 hours of a beautiful life he went to the arms of Jesus. 11 months after Hudson’s birthday my daughter Keziah was born. It was a completely unexpected pregnancy. At first I wasn’t ready and I cried, I was still deep in grief. But her little life has been incredibly healing. On Hudson’s first birthday Keziah was about 3 weeks old. Holding her in my arms while I remembered Hudson was a beautiful gift I could not have imagined. I also have a 3 year old who has walked this journey out with us too. She knows about Hudson and remembers meeting him in the hospital. His pictures are on our walls so he will not be forgotten…. I love you my little boy!

    • Precious ? What a gift to hold him… and you will again. Xo

    • Its really difficult to lose a child to Trisomy 18. We lost our son at 29 weeks and 5 days. We named him Isaiah. He too was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and had many birth defect . but that didn’t stop us from loving him nor did it stop him from growing . Isaiah was born on February 22nd 2018 he weighed just shy of 2 pounds. He was perfect. We did everything we could trying to give Isaiah a chance at life unfortunately he passed in utero. you were truly lucky to have met your beautiful baby even though it was a short time. those are such Precious Memories. I wished so hard to have seen my son in his eyes and to have him look at me. I’m too scared to try to get pregnant again losing a baby is a pain I don’t know I could handle again.

  15. Our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. When I got pregnant with our daughter, I wasn’t online much, and had never heard of the term “rainbow baby.” Once I did learn it, though, I told her that’s what she was, and she thinks it’s the best thing ever. lol. I’ve had five successful pregnancies since then.

    One thing I would just say to partners and family members and even caregivers during a woman’s first (second, third) post-loss pregnancy would be to be patient. I know I was an absolute basket case during my daughter’s pregnancy. Every twinge, cramp, or tug was enough to send me into panic mode. It was by far the most stressful of my pregnancies.

    I would also just say to validate that, no matter how early in the pregnancy the loss occurred, a child has been lost. Not a clump of cells. Not what “would have been” a “real baby” as someone so delicately put it to me. A baby. Let her know he/she mattered and that you remember the pregnancy and child. Even if you never saw him/her. My mom has Christmas ornaments and other keepsakes to memorialize the baby we lost and she still thinks of that baby as one of her grandchildren. It’s nice that someone other than me remembers.

    I also just really wish it was considered normal to mention thinking about them. Like, not in a depressed way. But, if sometimes crosses my mind that he would have been this old or that I just passed my would-have-been due date. I’m not sobbing about it. I’m not depressed. It’s just remembering something about one of my kids the same I would any of them. I wish I could mention it at times without people assuming I’m in a bad place or something.

    • So true. I love your mom’s perspective. I do believe we will meet those babies again on the other side. ??

  16. In January 2016 I had a stillborn at 21weeks 5 days. We are unsure of what happened. I had a dr apt Wednesday and everything was fine, went to OB ED Saturday and found out that our baby boy, Myles, had no heartbeat. I was induced that night and he was born sleeping the next afternoon. We did not have funeral services for him but he was cremated and me and.my husband both have necklaces with some of his ashes in them. Our August 2014 LO has a build a bear with Myles heartbeat in it. We waited several months to start trying for our rainbow. We got pregnant in June 2016 and miscarried then got pregnant again in July 2016 and miscarried. I underwent several tests and everything was coming back normal except for a clotting factor. I was put on 2 baby aspirin daily and found out I was expecting again in November 2016. We just welcomed our sweet rainbow baby, Charlotte, on July 10 2017. She is so beautiful and peaceful. I believe that her angel siblings were watching over her the whole pregnancy. I had many anxieties the entire pregnancy but everything was perfect. Prayers and faith kept us all going. ❤

    • What a journey… that must have been heart wrenching. So glad you have your Charlotte, your angel babies and the aspirin solution.

  17. I experienced two miscarriages and now have my rainbow baby, Josiah. My pregnancy with him was emotional and difficult but he is such a blessing! I actually started a local nonprofit called Sent from Heaven with a friend. We create care packages for families when they lose a child. It’s a heartbreaking but beautiful ministry. You can read my full story and my cofounder’s on our website.

    • So beautiful! Love your ministry’s name… perfect!

  18. I’m a rainbow mama with twins. 🙂 I miscarried with my third pregnancy. Precious baby was around 5-6 weeks but miscarried around 7-8 I was heartbroken as was my husband. It was such a sad and emotional time for us. This was in May 2012. I had a 6 mo journey of regulating my hormones after the mistake of taking Methotrexate. I felt pressured by the doctor to take it even though my heart was saying not to. It was horrible. It made me feel so sick. I took supplements to get my folic acid stores up and regulate my body as it was so off. Accupunture was a God send! Then we found out we were expecting again in Oct 2012. In Nov we found out it was twins! Ahhhh! It was such a surprise! And an amazing blessing. Funny story was I prayed and asked God for twins and his will of course. I just felt gee we are older and if it’s a girl we’d try again for a boy so we can pass on my husbands name and it would just be so awesome if we can have a girl and a boy. That way I didn’t have to wait for my stores to replenish. Well that prayer was answered a girl and a boy. 41 weeks and 3 days later He was 8.13 and she was 7.9! Now they are 4yrs old!

    • What a double blessing! Thanks for sharing your story as it helps other mamas. And way to go… those were some big twin babies!

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