Elias Name Meaning

A variant of Elijah, Elias has a dash of religious influence and a hefty serving of style. He’s got cool ancient vibes working for him as well as a modern sound that’s the envy of other names.

His religious side isn’t as apparent as other names, but he has enough faith to go around. Meaning “my God is Yahweh”, Elias also appears as a saint and has been the name of several head bishops and martyrs in Catholicism.

Elias’ sound is quite unique compared to other top picks, setting him apart from the rest of the pack. His polished -s finish is reminiscent of James, yet he has an untamed side just waiting to be explored. He’s never suffered from overuse, remaining a handsome pick with untapped potential.

If you’re still not swooning, Elias checks off more than enough boxes to compete with today’s trending picks. He’s a vowel name for one, a trend that’s packed with names like Ethan, Aiden, and Owen. He’s also a place name thanks to Mount Saint Elias, a stunning peak on the Alaska-Canada border.

Everyone knows Eli is a hot choice on the charts, but what if I told you that you could use the name and not get saddled with the popularity? That’s where Elias comes in, holding the key to the puzzle with the handsome nickname.

Infographic of Elias name meaning, which is A variant of Elijah, Elias is a Hebrew name meaning my God is Yahweh.
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Elias Name Popularity

How popular is the name Elias? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 439 12 0.0034%
1911 394 22 0.0059%
1912 403 51 0.0101%
1913 402 73 0.0129%
1914 449 75 0.0108%
1915 524 79 0.0087%
1916 457 111 0.0115%
1917 480 105 0.0105%
1918 508 102 0.0095%
1919 504 102 0.0097%
1920 501 111 0.01%
1921 520 106 0.0093%
1922 498 116 0.0104%
1923 462 135 0.0121%
1924 472 134 0.0115%
1925 441 150 0.0133%
1926 438 150 0.0136%
1927 452 144 0.013%
1928 462 134 0.0125%
1929 441 140 0.0135%
1930 458 130 0.0124%
1931 462 114 0.0116%
1932 506 92 0.0093%
1933 500 90 0.0097%
1934 494 98 0.0101%
1935 484 98 0.0101%
1936 524 81 0.0084%
1937 535 80 0.0081%
1938 520 89 0.0087%
1939 477 101 0.0099%
1940 599 63 0.0059%
1941 496 102 0.0091%
1942 567 79 0.0063%
1943 571 80 0.0061%
1944 539 89 0.0072%
1945 525 92 0.0075%
1946 607 70 0.0047%
1947 584 95 0.0057%
1948 567 97 0.0061%
1949 550 109 0.0068%
1950 530 121 0.0075%
1951 543 117 0.0069%
1952 539 126 0.0072%
1953 553 120 0.0068%
1954 564 123 0.0067%
1955 612 104 0.0057%
1956 612 111 0.0059%
1957 615 112 0.0058%
1958 619 110 0.0058%
1959 621 111 0.0058%
1960 591 132 0.007%
1961 558 154 0.0082%
1962 585 136 0.0074%
1963 571 143 0.008%
1964 580 138 0.0078%
1965 577 131 0.008%
1966 558 137 0.0088%
1967 592 115 0.0076%
1968 563 133 0.0089%
1969 548 160 0.0104%
1970 520 196 0.0123%
1971 538 176 0.0117%
1972 487 213 0.0156%
1973 507 191 0.0147%
1974 437 283 0.0218%
1975 463 257 0.02%
1976 437 271 0.021%
1977 409 325 0.0241%
1978 433 294 0.0219%
1979 416 325 0.023%
1980 427 325 0.0222%
1981 424 342 0.0233%
1982 423 353 0.0236%
1983 408 356 0.0241%
1984 453 295 0.0198%
1985 409 388 0.0256%
1986 422 375 0.0248%
1987 385 461 0.0302%
1988 379 487 0.0313%
1989 358 587 0.0364%
1990 360 628 0.0379%
1991 351 652 0.04%
1992 351 638 0.04%
1993 335 712 0.0457%
1994 320 775 0.0505%
1995 303 845 0.0561%
1996 293 873 0.0583%
1997 276 983 0.0665%
1998 262 1,112 0.0743%
1999 258 1,178 0.0787%
2000 242 1,375 0.09%
2001 227 1,499 0.0995%
2002 219 1,548 0.1033%
2003 210 1,686 0.1108%
2004 206 1,747 0.1146%
2005 188 2,104 0.1376%
2006 186 2,148 0.1372%
2007 173 2,353 0.1491%
2008 157 2,518 0.1629%
2009 157 2,478 0.1658%
2010 141 2,820 0.1957%
2011 139 2,989 0.2098%
2012 114 3,220 0.226%
2013 113 3,493 0.2453%
2014 103 3,771 0.2588%
2015 100 4,093 0.2813%
2016 93 4,474 0.3103%
2017 78 4,881 0.3497%
2018 67 5,310 0.3865%
2019 60 5,679 0.4195%
2020 54 5,835 0.4584%
2021 48 6,297 0.5151%
2022 42 6,596 0.5%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Maine (ME)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Missouri (MO)

Mississippi (MS)

Montana (MT)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

Data via SSA.gov.

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What names are diminutives of Elias?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender




The Lord is my God



The Lord is my God



The Lord is my God



My God is Yahweh


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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

The Lord is my God



Variant of Elijah



My God is Yahweh



God is my salvation



God is my salvation





Famous warrior



The Lord is my God




What names sound like Elias?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

My God is Yahweh



Elli's estate



Elli's valley



Elli's town



Man of the forest



God is good


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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

God is My Judge






God will strengthen






God will exalt






Who is Like God?



To rest



Name of God



Honoring God


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Siblings of Elias

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Hill hollow



Pledge, oath



Burning brightly



The beginning



Of unknown meaning



Home ruler



God is gracious



God is my strength



From Lucania



  1. I wanted a German name and my husband and I loved Elias from a list of options. Elias is German for Elijah. We love that it’s a little more unique and gives character to a great biblical name. I also like being able to call him Eli for short. His name embodies a servant heart. My baby is lighting up the room always happy and smiling. He is already on a great path to helping people find joy.

  2. Elias comes from the name Elijah which means God is Lord. We are praying this for our son, that he follows the Lord. Plus we like the nickname Eli!

  3. Elias means “the Lord is my God.” My prayer for Elias is that the Lord would be his God and that because of that, he will make a real difference in his world.

  4. We thought it sounded unique and sophisticated. We also loved that it can be shortened to Eli and has a strong meaning.

  5. We love that Elias is a declaration over his life that God is Yaweh. Ultimately, he is the Lord’s and we want him to always know that and follow his purpose the Lord has given him.

  6. It was a family surname

  7. Elias is Hebrew for Elijah. It means one who knows Yahweh is Lord.

    There is power in the names we give our children and it should be done with intent and purpose.

  8. I wanted a name that was different, unique and not common. I also wanted a name with a strong meaning, Elias means ” The Lord is my God” or Yahweh is my God. His middle name is James which is also biblical and has a good meaning

  9. Was the only name dad and I could agree on

  10. Loved the meaning, the Lord is my God

  11. I liked the meaning

  12. I chose Elias as a name because of it’s Hebrew meaning…. “The Lord is Yahweh.” Elias is also another way of spelling Elijah. For me, Elias is more modern and I haven’t seen it used often.

  13. Love it

  14. It seemed like the perfect name for a baby, teenager and adult, but the meaning of the name is the primary reason we chose it.
    It’s the Greek form of Elijah, which means “Yahweh is Lord” and we pray our little guy will come to believe this, and live His life for the One True King.

  15. Just liked the way it sounded.

  16. Elias is a classy, classic name but it also has biblical significance as well. It means Yahweh is God. Elias is our sweet rainbow baby and I feel like his name is such a great testament to our trust in the one true God through trials and grief and everything in between. Elias is our precious gift from God and a special blessing that truly deepened my love and trust in God. We found out we were pregnant again just 5 weeks after losing our first baby. At the time the grief had consumed me and I was struggling with depression. I was aching for the life we lost and then to find out that the womb that felt like a grave had been turned into a garden was so life giving. It took us some time to grieve even after we found out we were pregnant again so our excitement was gradual, but it was healing. We put our faith in the One who sovereignty knits us together and trusted Him for whatever outcome it would be. Faith is not blind, and the evidence of God’s trustworthiness is written all over my precious son’s life. I can’t think of a better name for our boy.

    • I was 40 weeks and went in to be induced to have my sweet boy. I got there at 6:00 am and nothing went as planned! I ended up having to have an emergency C section because my placenta ruptured! He was born at 7:53 am weighing 7 lbs and 1 ounce, perfectly healthy or so I thought at the time. He was 9 days old when I found out he was born with multiple heart defects. He had his first surgery at 2 weeks old, coarctation or the aorta. I’m praying and believing he doesn’t have to have another surgery in the future. He has 2 holes in his heart and I know the Lord can close them, I believe he will!

  17. It’s Spanish for the name Elijah and Elijah was a great man of faith in the Bible. He was a prophet and saw God do many miracles throughout his life. We pray our son is a man of great faith just like Elijah in the Bible.

  18. I choose the name Elias because it means yaweh has healed. I prayed for my baby when i wasn’t able to become pregnant for a while, and here he is all thanks and glory to god.

  19. Me & my husband both names start with an E
    Our first boy name is Emmanuel – God is with us
    & decided to go with Elias – Lord is my God
    Love that we all have names with an E and the meaning behind the boys names

  20. Elias is a Greek take on the Hebrew name Elijah which means “Jehovah is God”.

  21. I had an ultrasound done at 15 weeks and prayed for a sign on what his name was. I instantly felt a strong connection to Elias Daniel. I got home and told my husband and he loved it.

  22. I thought the name Elias was unique at the time, turns out it’s gotten popular! Not too popular yet though thankfully ?

  23. His name means father is king. I believe and stand in faith that god leads my life and home. He blessed me with this beautiful child and his name is fitting. Also it’s a version of Elijah from the Bible.

  24. It’s a very honest and beautiful feeling that I ever had

  25. Elias means Elijah in many other languages, including Spanish. We loved the biblical reference.

  26. It was all my husband he choose the name. We were watching a soccer game and I said if the guy that’s playing makes a goalie his name would be Elias and that’s the guys name who made a goalie and it stayed like that we were having trouble choosing a name but Elias was meant for my baby boy.

  27. My husband and I thought of this name just because we wanted to keep his dads name in the family. My father in laws name is Francisco Elias. So I put together Elias for my father in law and jose for my husbands name.

  28. Elias is biblical and sounds great in French Spanish and english also can be shorter. Eli or lias it’s good name

  29. We really wanted a biblical name, but we couldn’t agree on any of them! My husband LOVED Elijah “my God is God” and he came home one day and told me the Greek form “Elias” And We both loved it!! It’s a very popular name worldwide and we love different cultures. It has MANY different ways to pronounce it, so that can be a challenge for people (especial for grandpa)!! But overall, we are truly loving it!!!

  30. We choose Elias because it’s a name of my husband late mother when you read it backwards, and my husband is a hiker he really wanted to climb saint Elias mountain in Yukon, but he didn’t have a chance to climb it so maybe our son will ??

  31. Well my son father name is Elijah. My daughter said that she would like to name him, so I let her name him, she is 10 by the way ?. She calls me in her room and said that she had the perfect name, she wanted to name him Elias, because Elias is the nickname of Elijah in the bible. I thought that was so sweet. So that’s how we got our son name.

  32. We chose it because of its biblical and Scandinavian roots. It’s also the name of a mountain in our lovely home state of Alaska that’s close to where I grew up. It has a great nickname (Eli), and it’s not overly common.

  33. It’s a unique biblical name

  34. Similar to elijah

  35. Because I wanted something similar to his brothers name. It sounds like an awesome name.

  36. I wanted something easy to pronounce and spell, but not super common/popular. I also wanted to find a name of biblical origin to reflect our family values. The meaning of the name is just as important as the sound of it.

  37. We chose the name Elias because we have always loved the name Elijah, but felt like it was too common of a name. So we came to find out that Elias is a Greek translation of the name Elijah (which is another plus because my husband has always been a fan of Greek names). We also wanted a name that can sound good in English and in Spanish, and we have chosen to go with the Spanish pronunciation, eh-LEE-as.

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