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Hey baby! Here you’ll find articles, guides and recipes for your little one’s first year.

Hot Topics 🔥

  • Probiotics for Infants: Everything You Need to Know

    Wondering about probiotics for infants? Find out how probiotics can improve baby's long term health, plus which probiotics for babies are best.

  • The Natural Mama’s Guide to Amber Teething Necklaces

    Amber teething necklaces. Many mamas swear by em, but do they work? Are they safe? Should you buy a baltic amber teething necklace for your baby? Find out!

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    Alternatives to Routine Newborn Procedures

    Want to raise a natural baby? There are lots of decisions to make. Find out which routine newborn procedures are needed, and which you can skip.

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    Baby's First Food: The (Surprising) Best Foods to Start With

    Is baby ready for solids? Here are the top eight real and healthy first foods to start your baby on the right foot. Plus, three common first foods to avoid.

  • Mama Natural's Cloth Diaper Setup

    What do you need to get started cloth diapering? See our full cloth diaper set up - from the diapers to the sprayer - in this post!

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    Baby Poop: What's Normal & What Ain't (With Pictures!)

    Is green baby poop normal? What does breastfed baby poop look like? Formula poop? Newborn baby poop? Get info and see pictures for all of these and more!

  • Lactation Cookie Recipe to Increase Breast Milk Supply

    A lactation cookie recipe to increase breast milk supply made with all natural and healthy ingredients. If you're struggling with supply, this is for you.

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    Alcohol and Breastfeeding

    Alcohol and breastfeeding is a confusing topic. Can you drink at all? How much is too much? Here's the bottom line, and the facts may surprise you.

What’s New 🐣

  • Food Allergies: How Common Are They? And Who's Most At Risk?

    It's important to have a good understanding of food allergies before baby starts eating solids. Check out this explainer for everything you need to know.

  • Baby Congestion: What Causes It? Plus, How to Give Baby Relief

    Is baby all stuffed up? Learn how to clear baby congestion STAT, plus learn what causes baby congestion in the first place.

  • Green Baby Poop: What's Normal... And What's Not?

    A routine diaper change can elicit quite a few questions when you discover green baby poop. What does it mean? Is baby OK? Find out how now.

  • The Best Baby Monitor (Plus 4 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure)

    Find out what the best baby monitor is, plus learn why some of the most popular options available today aren't recommended at all.

  • When Can Babies Have Cow's Milk?

    Cow's milk is the most common allergy in kids. So when can babies have cow's milk? Find out, plus learn how to introduce it and get suitable alternatives.

  • Baby Constipation Remedies: What to Do When Baby Can't Poo

    OTC constipation remedies shouldn't be your first line of defense. These natural constipation remedies are safe, effective, and provide relief fast.

  • What Causes Constipation in Babies? 8 Reasons Baby Can't Go

    Baby's poop is a great indicator of overall health, but what happens when their daily doo stops? Find out what causes constipation in babies.

  • Signs of Constipation in Babies: Is Baby Backed Up?

    A red face, straining, and an extra firm belly are all signs of constipation in babies. Learn what else to look out for, so you can help baby get relief.

  • Eye Color Chart: What Color Eyes Will My Baby Have?

    Ever wonder what your baby is going to look like? Though tools like face swaps are just for fun, this eye color chart can provide some clues.

  • Common Food Allergies in Kids: Watch Out For These 8 Foods

    What are the most common food allergies in kids? Here are the top 8 food allergies, signs that your child may have a food allergy, plus how to prevent them.

  • Infant Allergies: How Breastfeeding Can Help

    What's the link between breastfeeding and infant allergies? Should breastfeeding mothers eat allergenic foods? Here's what you need to know.

  • When Can Babies Have Eggs? (And Why They Should)

    Wondering when can babies have eggs? Although eggs are one of the most common food allergies, there are compelling reasons to offer this food to your baby.