What’s your childbirth IQ? Take our childbirth quiz and find out instantly! Are you a Birth Novice or the Birth Master? Answers these questions to find out now.

Whether you’re a birth professional like a doula, or just a curious mama who’s going through our natural pregnancy week-by-week, this just-for-fun quiz is for you!

How much do you really know about childbirth?

1. Transition usually lasts: 

2. Most women lose their mucus plug:

3. Braxton Hicks contractions mean you’re going into early labor

4. Active labor begins when your water breaks

5. What happens during the third stage of labor?

6. Signs of early labor include:

7. Early labor lasts for no more than 5 hours

8. The average length of labor for a first time mom is: 

9. Your midwife will say baby is “fully engaged” when: 

10. The onset of active labor is characterized by: 

11. You know it’s time to go to the hospital or birth center when:

12. Your body will have established a steady rhythm of contraction and dilation by the time Active labor begins

13. The thinning and softening of the cervix is called: 

14. Dilation is measured in: 

15. Transition is when: 

16. Non-physical signs of transition typically include: 

17. The pushing stage of labor, on average, lasts for: 

18. Crowning is when: 

19. The third stage of labor is:

20. Once baby is out your contractions will stop

21. The hormone that brings on contractions is called: 

22. The delivery of the placenta usually takes:


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