Levi Name Meaning

A biblical darling with modern appeal, Levi is a Hebrew name that means “joined together.” He’s been making quite a splash in the baby name pool, his popularity rising steadily first in 2009.

Levi is a surprisingly fresh biblical choice, flying under the radar for a number of years before his recent climb of the charts. The son of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament, Levi would go on to lead a tribe of Israelites known as the Levites that contained Moses.

He’s a fabulous choice for the current L trend in boys, led by Liam, Logan, and Landon. He also has the ultra-cool vowel ending, seen in Miloand Eli. Despite being right on the money with today’s style, he’s hardly trendy, earning his wings through years of usage. With his meaning, he’s also a clever choice for a twin or first child of a couple.

Levi is quite the character, stuffed to the gills with spunk and pizzazz despite being just four letters. He’s rugged and woodsy, packing the cowboy appeal of Wyatt or Jack. He’s the perfect name for a little boy bursting with energy and even better on an adult ready to take on the obstacles of the world.

Infographic of Levi name meaning, which is Levi is a Hebrew name meaning joined together.
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Levi Name Popularity

How popular is the name Levi? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 307 32 0.0091%
1911 318 37 0.0099%
1912 355 75 0.0149%
1913 384 79 0.0139%
1914 359 131 0.0188%
1915 364 178 0.0196%
1916 367 178 0.0184%
1917 410 148 0.0148%
1918 379 203 0.0189%
1919 340 235 0.0224%
1920 382 208 0.0187%
1921 370 229 0.02%
1922 378 216 0.0194%
1923 409 177 0.0158%
1924 404 190 0.0164%
1925 400 187 0.0165%
1926 372 210 0.0191%
1927 376 206 0.0186%
1928 434 153 0.0143%
1929 404 171 0.0165%
1930 446 138 0.0132%
1931 400 160 0.0162%
1932 400 157 0.0159%
1933 444 114 0.0122%
1934 393 158 0.0163%
1935 427 134 0.0138%
1936 453 114 0.0118%
1937 445 118 0.012%
1938 410 156 0.0152%
1939 439 130 0.0128%
1940 469 112 0.0105%
1941 461 123 0.0109%
1942 503 109 0.0086%
1943 457 145 0.0111%
1944 459 135 0.0109%
1945 445 138 0.0113%
1946 499 127 0.0086%
1947 496 143 0.0086%
1948 482 148 0.0093%
1949 495 137 0.0085%
1950 494 138 0.0086%
1951 468 169 0.01%
1952 474 173 0.0099%
1953 484 166 0.0094%
1954 496 170 0.0093%
1955 513 160 0.0087%
1956 530 159 0.0084%
1957 574 135 0.007%
1958 572 133 0.007%
1959 578 136 0.0072%
1960 601 124 0.0065%
1961 629 112 0.0059%
1962 600 122 0.0066%
1963 660 96 0.0053%
1964 626 107 0.0061%
1965 820 41 0.0025%
1966 612 105 0.0067%
1967 672 80 0.0053%
1968 675 76 0.0051%
1969 732 69 0.0045%
1970 768 71 0.0045%
1971 638 122 0.0081%
1972 566 151 0.0111%
1973 584 140 0.0108%
1974 482 228 0.0175%
1975 394 351 0.0273%
1976 381 370 0.0287%
1977 365 418 0.031%
1978 324 506 0.0376%
1979 233 934 0.0662%
1980 225 1,034 0.0707%
1981 181 1,358 0.0924%
1982 213 1,121 0.075%
1983 230 943 0.0639%
1984 219 1,010 0.0679%
1985 208 1,127 0.0743%
1986 206 1,152 0.0763%
1987 191 1,381 0.0905%
1988 172 1,600 0.1027%
1989 169 1,769 0.1096%
1990 178 1,707 0.103%
1991 181 1,718 0.1054%
1992 164 1,906 0.1194%
1993 160 1,968 0.1262%
1994 157 2,086 0.1359%
1995 154 2,249 0.1492%
1996 163 2,116 0.1413%
1997 156 2,201 0.1488%
1998 158 2,156 0.144%
1999 169 2,142 0.143%
2000 172 2,176 0.1424%
2001 172 2,164 0.1436%
2002 165 2,306 0.1539%
2003 170 2,336 0.1535%
2004 154 2,591 0.17%
2005 141 2,737 0.179%
2006 133 3,010 0.1922%
2007 132 3,190 0.2022%
2008 116 3,685 0.2384%
2009 85 5,013 0.3354%
2010 70 6,003 0.4166%
2011 66 6,646 0.4665%
2012 55 7,223 0.5069%
2013 50 7,411 0.5205%
2014 45 8,043 0.552%
2015 42 8,296 0.5702%
2016 42 8,064 0.5593%
2017 37 8,367 0.5995%
2018 33 8,440 0.6143%
2019 25 8,973 0.6628%
2020 19 8,834 0.694%
2021 12 9,469 0.7746%
2022 12 9,583 0.7264%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Maine (ME)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Missouri (MO)

Mississippi (MS)

Montana (MT)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

Data via SSA.gov.

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Pasture or meadow



A Russian form of Leo, “the lion.”



Like a lion; famous warrior


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Lion man



Lion man



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Plowed land









Brave lion



Brave people



Helmet of will


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Happy and blessed



Enduring and strong



God is gracious






God is gracious



From Lucania



To rest






Brave in battle


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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

A variant form of Peter.



From the south town



Counsel; song



Man of the forest



Independent one



Small stream



High and noble



Perfect unity



God has answered



Woods, forest



Precious stone



“She who clings lovingly.” From a Germanic base meaning “to adhere.” An allusion to the adhesive property of clover sap.



Lily flower



  1. hey my name is kenniyah am 11 i want to know are you a boy am a girl i need a boyfrind if you are a boy can you boy be my boyfrind i love boys boy are just so so so so so so so so so cute they are i just love boy so if you are a boy let me know okay levi

  2. hey my name is kenniyah am 11 i want to know are you a boy am a girl

  3. I chose Levi because of the Levites being dedicated to God in the Bible. I wanted my son to be dedicated to God and used by Him

  4. Levi means joined. We liked it because Levi has a half sister and we feel he completed joining the family together in excitement for his arrival.

  5. I have loved the name Levi ever since I was young. To me, it’s a sweet but manly name at the same time. Also, my husband and I are Christian so the name Levi is special to us since it is one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

  6. I just liked the name. I’m in South Africa so it’s not too popular here.

    One thing I dislike about it, is that many people here can’t pronounce it correctly….

  7. We wanted his name to be unique, biblical and with meaning.

  8. My husband picked his name because of the Bible

  9. I’ve always loved the name and the meaning was perfect for our fifth baby. “Joined in Harmony

  10. I have two other boys and this is the only other name I liked. I like short uncommon names

  11. I love the meaning of Levi (joined in harmony) and how that name plays out in the biblical story of how the Levites were meant to live in harmony with the people and bring them closer to God. I also love how the name Levi sounds (we prefer the Lee-vie pronunciation) so cute!

  12. My mother choked his name before she passed away early this year. Because she loved it we gave him the name.

  13. Just a beautiful name

  14. Levi is the son of Jacob and Leah in the Bible and my parents were going to name me Leah but decided on Leanna. I’ve always loved the name Levi because it’s short, strong, and sweet. Levi is a Hebrew name meaning joined in harmony. It’s a beautiful name for a boy.

  15. Levi means unity or to join together. We prayed over what to name him and we were walking through a season of life defined by unity in our little family and felt like God pressed the name Levi upon our hearts.

  16. This is my 2nd child with my husband. I named our daughter. I told him in this 2nd pregnancy, that he could name the next child. When we found out that we’re having a son, my husband got to brainstorming. He didn’t want our son to have his name. He wanted something biblical and that you don’t hear a lot of anymore. So Levi just stuck in our heads. The name fits him so well. My hubby did a great job.

  17. As an anime fan and Christian, I wanted a name which had both sides.
    Levi is a strong and brave character in AOT.
    Levi was also the kind brother of Joseph who loved him and convinced the other bothers to not kill Joseph.
    Levi is a best name for Boys!

  18. We just loved it!

  19. My name is biblical and I wanted to keep that tradition going so Leah in the Bible (KJV) had 6 sons and Levi was one of the them and I loved the name so it was perfect!

  20. My husband and I love short L names, Eg: Leo, Luke, Liam, Levi, We didn’t think Leo would be a name for him to grow into, Luke was a little too common for me (My husband really like it though, maybe a future boy will be a Luke) Liam would have been short for William, which is Levi’s middle name. So that left us with Levi! Both I and my husband love it, and it sounds so strong and noble, the meaning of “Joined together,” is nice too.

  21. Na

  22. Our Levi James is my first great grand! He is beautiful at 13.9. I can hardly wait to hold him. They are in TX, but I’m in Chattanooga, TN. Both his great grands live in Chattanooga, so all of us are on pins and needles awaiting hit first visit to Tennessee! Oh, and his granddad is named James..so proud!


  23. I have always loved the name Levi. I’m not sure why I picked it out of what seemed like a thousand names I went through…but this one just stuck and I couldn’t shake it.

  24. Levi means unity. He is uniting us in ways we cannot understand yet.

  25. We wanted a biblical name for our son and one that had meaning. The levites in the Bible were the priests and worship leaders (my dad is our church’s worship pastor). Also, if/when we have a girl, we have chosen Lily for her name. We like the idea of Lily and Levi. Plus, it sounded best with the middle and last names…Levi Miles Copeland!

  26. As Spanish speaking parents we wanted a name that was easy to pronounce in English & Spanish & with meaning . Levi in the Bible means joined in harmony and we thought it would be the perfect name for our 1st born

  27. Levi was supposed to be the middle name for our first child (who was actually a surprise GIRL) so when it came time to name number two, the prior first name didn’t feel right anymore, so we dropped it and bumped Levi up a level. It fits his personality perfectly and I’m so glad we chose it!

  28. First important reason why I choose Levi is because a name out of the Bible and the meaning of it which is joined or attached and a strong name to easily pronounce.

  29. I have always loved the name Levi!!! More recently I learned it was also a biblical name. I also learned the meaning of the name is attached or joined. The name Levi also reminds me of my estranged father. So there are a few reasons why I chose the name Levi!

  30. There are two Levis in my family who both died in a German concentration camp. Remarkable to me: both were nicknamed ‘Shey’/’Shay’. [In Dutch: ‘Sj?’.] Does anyone know if this had a special meaning? Thanks for letting me know.

  31. We chose Levi because we liked the way it sounded. The meaning is “joined in harmony” and our son is a twin so we felt it fit perfectly.
    We felt like it was a strong biblical name that would stand the test of time.

  32. Strong bibilical name that Daddy and I both loved

  33. Dad and I are both teachers (sooo many names already have a matching face). This was the ONLY name we could agree on. Good thing he was a boy!

  34. My husband picked his name after a friend of his who had passed away

  35. It was the only name my partner agreed to! He said he wanted a strong masculine sounding name.

  36. This was a unisex name me and my partner chose as it was biblical

  37. Levi means faithful. My husband an I wanted our son to persevere in all circumstances with God. We wanted him to stay faithful to God in all situations and that’s why we name him Levi.

  38. Levi met all the criteria I had when picking out a boy name. 1) Biblical, 2) Family, and 3) Unique but not crazy.
    My paternal great-grandfather, my paternal grandfather, my father & my half-brother are all named Levi. So this little guy will be the 5th generation. Very proud to give my son a name that has such a deep root in our family as well as the meaning–my dad passed away 3 years ago but he’ll always be “joined together” to him by blood & by name. ?

  39. We went with Levi-James River.
    So we will probably call him Levi or River.
    We liked having an old testament and a new testament name. We moved to Virginia recently near the James River and for me River is also for healing moving waters. Beautiful healing changes to sustain and fortify.

  40. Baby Levi’s name was chosen at my Gender reveal. My Uncle said his name should be Levi so my husband said uncle Dion if you win the raffle we will name him Levi. Sure enough he won the raffle with ticket number 16, before the party when I was putting the raffle tickets in an envelope 16 fell out and I told my husband wouldn’t that be funny if this is the winner. It wasn’t just that though, in the Bible the levites used to cast lots (which is like a raffle) to see who would be the next priest. My husband and I are firm believers in the Bible and this was to many coincidences to not be a Sign from the Almighty Himself. Not only that but if I ended up a boy my late mother wanted to mame me Levi. It’s a great name and not a lot of people have it.

  41. The name so adorable

  42. I wanted something unique and different, but also with a classic sound to it. My husband and I both immediately took a liking to Levi!

  43. I came to love the name Levi I didn’t know what to do we thought we were having a baby girl but God gave us a sweet baby boy so I had two names picked out and we said he looked like a Levi lol he is such a great little baby.So come when I was looking for a middle name I was like what would go with the name Levi? I went over and over baby names Come to find out We went with Mason I have always loved that name so we went with Levi Mason ?????

  44. It’s a family name and it was important to us to give him a family name

  45. I asked God to help us on a name do to myself having 4 kids and not knowing what to name him. I love the name Levi and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

  46. My husband actually picked the name Levi, I absolutely love it! According to Google Levi means ‘conqueror of Gods’

  47. Strong Biblical name

    • hey my name is kenniyah am 11 i want to know are you a boy am a girl I need a boyfrind are you a boy I love boys so so so so much but I just need a boyfrind

  48. I had a dream three years before having my son that I would give birth and name him Levi so fast forward and when I found out I was pregnant I knew I was having a boy and would name him Levi

  49. We are a Faith based Family and we thought it would be awesome to give our baby a biblical name. ?

  50. I always wanted to choose a Biblical name so when I came across the name Levi while reading the book of Matthew I knew it would be a top choice.

  51. I chose Levi because it is Matthew’s Hebrew name in the Bible. My husband’s name is Matthew. So it was a unique way to name him after his dad. Plus, I loved it and it wasn’t super popular at the time.

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