Ezra Name Meaning

A sweet Biblical pick with a zinger of a middle letter, Ezra has been warming up in use recently. He’s a gentle soul with endless appeal, a handsome choice for any little guy.

Ezra fits in well with his Biblical brothers Elijah and Josiah, an ancient name with a surprisingly modern sound. He’s a worldly pick thanks to his religious starts, appearing within all three major religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Within Christianity, he appears as a prophet tasked to bring the word of God to Jerusalem.

Ezra is also a natural fit in many of today’s trends, his vowel name start working well with Owen, Eli, and Asher. He’s also part of the gentle name movement in boys, where names shun the hardness seen in Hunter and Gunnar for the sweetness of Riley, Caleb, and Levi.

While Ezra has the grandpa-chic genre in the bag, he’s not too stuffy to appear on a little boy. He’s the perfect pick for a curious little one ready to take the world by storm. His gentle feel is reminiscent of cuddles with his mama while his boyish twinkle is right where it belongs on the jungle gym.

For those who prefer to focus on the background of names, Ezra’s meaning of “help” is divine. Who doesn’t need a little helper in their life? His selfless meaning is just as precious as his sound, making him a natural choice for many parents.

Infographic of Ezra name meaning, which is A Hebrew name, Ezra means help.
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Ezra Name Popularity

How popular is the name Ezra? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 458 11 0.0031%
1911 561 7 0.0019%
1912 472 34 0.0067%
1913 608 23 0.0041%
1914 502 59 0.0085%
1915 483 91 0.01%
1916 463 107 0.0111%
1917 489 99 0.0099%
1918 527 95 0.0089%
1919 505 102 0.0097%
1920 528 98 0.0088%
1921 469 132 0.0115%
1922 488 121 0.0109%
1923 481 123 0.011%
1924 514 111 0.0096%
1925 548 93 0.0082%
1926 514 103 0.0094%
1927 622 67 0.0061%
1928 536 92 0.0086%
1929 575 72 0.007%
1930 579 73 0.007%
1931 616 57 0.0058%
1932 687 44 0.0045%
1933 712 35 0.0038%
1934 623 56 0.0058%
1935 646 48 0.0049%
1936 584 63 0.0065%
1937 813 24 0.0024%
1938 891 19 0.0019%
1939 971 13 0.0013%
1940 1,119 10 0.0009%
1941 1,081 10 0.0009%
1942 899 21 0.0017%
1943 845 26 0.002%
1944 810 27 0.0022%
1945 1,027 12 0.001%
1946 1,472 5 0.0003%
1947 1,068 15 0.0009%
1948 1,192 10 0.0006%
1949 974 20 0.0012%
1950 934 22 0.0014%
1951 851 33 0.0019%
1952 917 25 0.0014%
1953 910 28 0.0016%
1954 1,112 15 0.0008%
1955 1,227 11 0.0006%
1956 1,053 19 0.001%
1957 992 24 0.0012%
1958 1,105 16 0.0008%
1959 1,182 14 0.0007%
1960 0 0%
1961 1,082 18 0.001%
1962 1,069 18 0.001%
1963 991 23 0.0013%
1964 1,268 10 0.0006%
1965 1,094 16 0.001%
1966 958 23 0.0015%
1967 1,106 14 0.0009%
1968 909 29 0.0019%
1969 860 40 0.0026%
1970 1,087 22 0.0014%
1971 837 53 0.0035%
1972 870 44 0.0032%
1973 773 62 0.0048%
1974 802 58 0.0045%
1975 728 81 0.0063%
1976 723 84 0.0065%
1977 675 110 0.0082%
1978 724 90 0.0067%
1979 740 88 0.0062%
1980 733 94 0.0064%
1981 676 114 0.0078%
1982 715 102 0.0068%
1983 822 65 0.0044%
1984 736 91 0.0061%
1985 705 107 0.007%
1986 752 96 0.0064%
1987 668 140 0.0092%
1988 660 156 0.01%
1989 763 118 0.0073%
1990 792 117 0.0071%
1991 811 110 0.0067%
1992 813 116 0.0073%
1993 694 171 0.011%
1994 743 149 0.0097%
1995 664 203 0.0135%
1996 559 281 0.0188%
1997 553 306 0.0207%
1998 486 405 0.0271%
1999 484 420 0.028%
2000 432 524 0.0343%
2001 433 526 0.0349%
2002 443 520 0.0347%
2003 408 601 0.0395%
2004 379 696 0.0457%
2005 348 819 0.0536%
2006 341 884 0.0565%
2007 340 924 0.0586%
2008 290 1,133 0.0733%
2009 256 1,327 0.0888%
2010 240 1,440 0.0999%
2011 203 1,754 0.1231%
2012 183 2,079 0.1459%
2013 142 2,743 0.1927%
2014 117 3,403 0.2336%
2015 92 4,319 0.2968%
2016 84 4,856 0.3368%
2017 69 5,290 0.379%
2018 59 6,000 0.4367%
2019 49 6,489 0.4793%
2020 44 6,618 0.5199%
2021 37 7,365 0.6025%
2022 26 7,813 0.5922%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Maine (ME)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Missouri (MO)

Mississippi (MS)

Montana (MT)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

Data via SSA.gov.

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Helped by God












Help, aid






Help, aid; helper


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Helped by God



The Color Blue



Bluish Color



Help, aid



God will strengthen






Help, aid


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Father of nations



A favorite son



My God is Yahweh






He will laugh



God is salvation



Joined together



Who is Like God?



Name of God





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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender




To rest



Rising, ascending









Devoted to God



God is my strength



A variant spelling of Hally.



Free man



Jehovah increases



Tailor; to cut






Gracious one






God is my oath



A willing protector



A French form of Mary.






To descend



Ram's horn






Bright fame



God will strengthen






Jolly, jovial



God is good



Most beautiful



Fair or white



God will increase






Father’s rejoice



Help, aid



Olive tree



Thankful one



From Lydia






Venerable or honorable



Enduring and strong



Broad hillside.



  1. Ezra is a strong name for a boy. It means helper and I love it!

  2. The name Ezra has been a favourite of mine ever since I met a cute little boy about 5 years ago with that name. A couple years later I find out that it’s on my sister’s list of names so I figured I’d never use it. I got pregnant and we had the hardest time coming up with a name. We agreed on Ezra but didn’t know if we should use it. A week before baby was born, it came up in conversation with my sister and she said she didn’t think they would ever use it. I asked if we could and she said yes! Have an Ezra for us.
    I love the meaning behind Ezra. (help, aid or protect) it also comes from a word meaning God protects and that is special to me.

  3. This was a name my husband and I searched and loved. It means helper and is based on a profit in the Bible. No complaints about the name other than it is gaining popularity

  4. We choose Ezra because it’s a biblical name and I just love how it looks and sounds

  5. I chose the name Ezra because God showed me the name for my first son years ago. I forgot about it and slightly ignored it but the thoughts came back to me when I was about 5-6 months pregnant . I love the name! It is beautiful and has a mighty meaning .

  6. Ezra is both a biblical name and a star wars character (:

  7. Love the name and it’s meaning googled went through a lot of names are and Ezra just stuck out to us

  8. We had it on our list of possible names. When he first opened his eyes and looked at me the name popped into my head and I knew he was an Ezra.

  9. Love the meaning

  10. I wanted a name with a Z but that didn’t start with a Z. Ezra is short, unique, and strong. It is also a name from the Bible meaning “help” or “helper.” I also like that it starts with an E and has 4 letters like my husband’s name, Eric.

  11. We love choosing names based on their meaning, and as Christians, we really like Biblical names. His middle name is Jonathan, for his late brother and grandfather, which means “the Lord gives” in Hebrew. So we reflected on what exactly has God given us? Ezra means “help, aid, protection.” Throughout our losses and triumphs, we are convinced that God has helped us every step of the way. So Ezra Jonathan means ” the Lord has given help.”

  12. I like that it’s biblical and means help in Hebrew or God helps. Seems fitting for our day in age

  13. It was a name I hadn’t heard of until about 2 years ago and fell in love it. When I became pregnant and found out my baby was a boy I immediately knew that Ezra was going to be his name.

  14. It sounded good and had a good meaning

  15. We chose Ezra because we wanted a biblical name, but one that’s not overused. We also wanted a cool name that sounded somewhat trendy but that didn’t sound made up or new age or something. It was also the only one we could agree on!! I also love that it means “helper” in Hebrew.

  16. We like the originality of it and it means helper in Hebrew. One of our favorite bands lead singer also has the name.

  17. Ezra means “helper” and we loved this name as Christians who believe in the trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) as God sends us the Holy Spirit to be our “helper”. Our last name means “in the valley” so helper in the valley felt special for both of our life stories!

  18. I have a friend a son named Ezra and i fell inlove with the name so I decided to name my newborn that. I love the name it means helper or help in hebrew and its a bible name. Ezra is a high needs baby according to dr Sears

  19. Ultimately we ask the Lord to reveal our children’s names to us when they are in the womb. With a name it carries meaning, and it’s important that when we call our children by their name we are speaking Truth over them. Ezra means helper, which is not only a great confession of him, but also Ezra in the Bible was helping the King finish the buildout of the temple. My husband and I moved to Colorado two years ago to help plant a church…Ezra King was only appropriate?

  20. My husband and I had a few names that we both liked picked out, but we waited until our baby boy was born to make a final decision. We blessed him with the name Ezra upon meeting him and it fit perfectly. We liked the name because it is a Hebrew name that comes from the Bible and means “God’s help”. It is a strong name is not super common and describes our baby boy to a tee!

  21. We are a big Star Wars family, I wanted to name our little jedi after a character from the Star Wars universe. Ezra is the name of a young jedi in the animated series Rebels, I love the character and his name is so unique.

  22. Biblical and unique!

  23. We wanted a Bible name. So we chose a Bible name of a prophet found in the Old Testament. Name isn’t as commonly used and easy to say and spell.

  24. It’s a biblical name. It’s short but strong

  25. A strong biblical name that is short & sweet. Our reason for choosing this name was mostly due to who Ezra In the Bible was. And the meaning of “helper”

  26. I loved the old fashion tone to it and my other son is named evan and that felt right together.

  27. Ezra is a biblical name

  28. I picked his name because it’s in the bible

  29. We chose Ezra because of our catholic faith. It is based on the book of Ezra in the Bible and means God’s helper.

    We love the name Ezra because it’s unique enough that he most likely won’t share his name with any classmates, but common enough that people will know how to pronounce it.

  30. I love the meaning. It means helper.

  31. Ezra keans helper. And it seems to be what he is to our family. Also had a dream about it. And the nake was just perfect for our 4th child.

  32. We chose Ezra after my husband’s mother’s father (middle name, John, after my mom’s dad) but we also love the account of the prophet Ezra in the Bible and how he was used as a leader of his nation during a troubling time of transition and testing.

  33. Ezra was a scribe and priest in the Old Testament in the Bible who helped God’s people get back to the heart of God and renew their commitment to God and do what they needed to do to be made right with God.

  34. We loved the name Ezra because it’s simple and we like that it was a Bible name.

  35. I chose the name Ezra because he looked like an Ezra in his 3D ultrasound.
    I love the name because it matches him and his personality and its unique.
    Ezra is a Happy baby who loves to stand and play with the dogs.

  36. We like shorter names but we also like names that have special meanings. Ezra doesn’t seem to be a common name – also something we like.

  37. My husband is Jewish and we both wanted a Hebrew name, so when we came across the name Ezra it just felt right!

  38. I love the show PLL but I didnt name my son my husband did

  39. We wanted a biblical name. A lot of our friends have biblical names and their children do too, so we searched and searched for names that were easy to recognize, easy to spell, easy to say, and ultimately that had a special meaning. Ezra means “the helper” and he was a prophet in the Bible who lead many people to the Lord.

  40. My husband choose this name and I love it!

  41. Ezra is my third child. I choose his name because my older children are girls and both have a name with letter Z in them. So we were limited to boy names with a Z. I didn’t want it to start with a Z just have the letter. Also it wasn’t a common name (at the time I choose it). It goes so well to us with him middle name which is his fathers first name, Thomas. It took a little while to narrow down but we finally found a perfect fit for our first boy, Ezra Thomas.

  42. Biblical.
    Starts with E like me daughters first name.

  43. Ezra was the only boys name my husband and I could come up with that we both liked! I love the meaning of the name – Ezra is Hebrew for “help” – and I pray my son will be a help to others all this life and not strive for selfish ambition!

  44. Ezra…means Strong Helper….who doesn’t want that?

  45. i like that it is not that common and has a beautiful meaning of “Gods helper” as well as other meanings in different languages such as “redemption, rejoice, joyful”.

  46. I had heard the name years before and loved it! I suggested it after we found out we were expecting and he also instantly loved it. We like that you don’t hear it often, though it is becoming more popular recently for both sexes, and we just think it’s a cool name, sound and spelling. Also, it lends itself to plenty of nicknames!

  47. Ezra is after a great man in the Bible. It means helper and he is truly a helper, even at 2 years old. Always wants to “help” me with any chore I am doing! His middle name is after his grandfather who is also a great man of God. And a strong godly meaning. I like the name Ezra because it is unique but not too unique and it fits well with his brothers name, Jonah. They are 18 months apart and best friends. They will always be together.

  48. My first borns name starts with E and I wanted to stick to the E theme, and his aunt brought Ezra to my attention. It’s also Hebrew and from the Bible like my 1st sons name. It’s a short name, which I kind of wanted a long name with at least 3 repeated letters (3 e’s or a’s) but finding E names isn’t that easy.

  49. Loved the name

  50. We chose this name for so many reasons! Ezra is a biblical name, and Ezra and Nehemiah brought Torah (symbolically education) to the masses. As a public school teacher, I like to call them the fathers of public education. Also, in modern Hebrew, the word Ezra means “help”. I loved the idea of naming my child as a helper, and teaching him that we all have the responsibility to help others.

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