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The honor of the Lord of the universe



Sword Sharpener



Let's Go









Morning Sun



Quiet Warrior


The continent of wonder is not only home to beautiful landscapes and rich tradition, but Africa is also a cradle of magnificent monikers. African boy names have tremendous meanings and stories behind them, making them favorites for many parents. They also have an appealing sound that transcends languages and borders with ease. Let’s review these exciting names together.

African boy names aren’t dominating the baby name scene like other origins, making them ideal for parents seeking something less common. The most popular picks are the similar-sounding Amari and Omari. Parents adore these vowel name cuties, and their “i” ending gives them a unique edge over other names. Place names are prevalent among African boy names, too, with Zaire and Kenya standout stars with an exotic flair.

The meanings behind African boy names are incredible, with most offering happiness and life lessons. There’s Sekou’s “wise and educated” for a life of learning, and Ajani’s “he who wins the struggle” for conquering life’s mountains. To capture the joy of your son’s birth, you could try out Jumoke, as his “everyone loves the child,” meaning leaves hearts skipping a beat. Sanyu’s “joy,” Ilori’s “special treasure,” and Dakarai’s “rejoice” also fit the excitement surrounding the newest addition to your family. Our favorite happens to be “song of my soul,” the gorgeous meaning behind Lerato. Seriously, what’s not to love about that?

If you’re a fan of strong meanings, you’re in luck with African boy names. Power is prevalent among them, with many packing an inner strength for your little one to carry through life. You can look for literal meanings like Zuberi’s “strong,” and Mandla’s “strength” for this effect. There’s also Ayele, an exciting pick meaning “powerful,” and Djimon, who turns it up a notch with his meaning of “powerful blood.” Our all-stars in the strength arena are Zareb, meaning “guardian,” and Lencho, meaning “lion.”

You can seek the softer side, too, with many nature names waiting to be discovered among African boy names. Okapi is not only eye-catching, but it’s also an animal name. Also known as the zebra giraffe, the okapi is striking in appearance and gentle in spirit, making it an excellent namesake for your little one. Similarly, Barack’s “lightning” has all the energy of a young boy, while Zahoor’s “blossom” is gentle and serene.

Spiritual names are common as well, with Yohance’s “God’s gift” and Dubem’s “the Lord is my shepherd,” the most religious of the bunch. If you want something less specific, try out Keita, whose meaning of “blessing” is a perfect description of your little one. There is also Sadiki, meaning “faithful.”

African boy names vary in maturity level, too. There are serious names, like Reth, Dialo, and Davu that are at home on an adult, though they can grow with a little boy with ease. There are also more playful picks, like Obi and Desta. They have a childish charm you can’t help but love.

Regardless of what name you stumble across, you’re bound to hit gold among African boy names.