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Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)


Brave Noble Person

Indian (Sanskrit)


Brave One

Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)


Goddess Radha

Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)



Indian (Sanskrit)


Starry night

Indian (Sanskrit)


Holy River

Indian (Sanskrit)


Indian (Sanskrit)


Full of Youth

Indian (Sanskrit)


Of the Yoga Practice

Indian (Sanskrit)

Travel to the heart of New Delhi and beyond with Indian girl names. These names are beautiful in sound and appearance, though many have wonderful meanings beneath the surface too. Let’s venture into the world of Indian girl names and see what we can find together.

While they aren’t incredibly common stateside, Indian girl names do appear on the popularity charts. The most popular is Maya and her variant Mya. She’s a gentle name with worldwide appeal, so it’s little wonder why parents adore her. Kali is also trending upwards, which doesn’t surprise us. She’s fun and bright with a contemporary feel, allowing her to wear well it today’s classrooms. Anaya is an up and comer to watch as well. Her sound is smooth and pleasing to the ear, winning over parents left and right.

While a few are trending, the vast majority of Indian girl names are still rare in the United States. That may be the case, but that doesn’t make them unusable by any means. In fact, exploring rare girl names is a great way to spot the next trend or find something that piques your interest. Indira has our attention, as this vowel-name cutie is loaded with style, and her -ira suffix is trending higher on the charts. Kiran checks off tons of boxes, too, as this fashionable find mimics the more popular Irish name, Kieran, giving her a dash of unisex vibes. If you want something a little shorter, check out Kavi. She’s a fun name with bounce, working well on an energetic little one. Many of these rare darlings work well with today’s top names, like Navya, Avani, and Jaya. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know what beauty you’ll find.

Lovers of sing-song names are in luck, as many Indian girl names dance off the tongue. Lalana and Lalika are the top contenders in this category, and their nicknames Lala and Lali are simply precious. Pallavi has a melodic feel, too, while Ballari gives us adorable ballerina vibes.

You’re not limited to longer names either, as short and spunky choices are plentiful. Parents adore tiny names with ‘tude, and Indian girl names deliver. Urja and Rani offer buckets of style and pop, making them perfect for those looking for a name with energy. We’re keen on Teja and Aja, too, as these pint-sized picks are zesty as can be.

Spiritual picks are common among Indian girl names, delighting those in touch with something higher. Karma and Dharma are the top contenders, but you can turn to meanings behind names, too. Devi’s “goddess” and Deva’s “divine” come to mind, as does Vandana, a gorgeous moniker meaning “worship.”

As always, meanings are some of the best features of Indian girl names. Veda’s “knowledge” and Sana’s “brilliant” are absolute crowdpleasers. Saisha’s “meaningful life” and Nitya’s “eternal” win over many as well with their strength. You can also look for a name that fits your little one’s personality, like Riya, a cutie meaning “singer” that wears well on a vocal baby girl.

Indian girl names are as vast and majestic as the land itself. Explore them with us.