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God is gracious





Usher in a touch of Tuscany with Italian boy names. This vibrant mix of classics and underused darlings is a one-stop-shop for awesomeness. They’re distinct in styling yet surprisingly unique, giving you a taste of the Italian countryside without a plane ticket.

When most people think of Italy, they think of romance, and Italian boy names are no different. The first that usually comes to mind is Romeo, the fateful hero of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Now, please don’t get caught up in this reference and think he’s unusable, as Romeo is a popular pick among celebrities. Most notable is Romeo Beckham, the son of fashion-forward Victoria and David Beckham. Other notable contenders with romantic vibes are Lorenzo and Carmelo.

Similarly, Italian boy names are well-known for their drama. In fact, one of the most popular picks in the group is Leonardo, a name with power, prestige, and of course, Hollywood ties. He has tons of adorable nicknames, too, with Leo the obvious choice along with the less-common yet equally adorable Nardo. Giovanni is another that sends our hearts aflutter.

Sing-song picks are plentiful among Italian boy names, as the language is simply beautiful to the ear. There’s Emiliano, a name that dances off the tongue. He’s balanced by his tough-guy meaning of “rival,” too. Another is Galileo, a melodic stunner who appears in the classic ballad Bohemian Rhapsody. You could always embrace the music side entirely with names like Tempo and Piccolo, as well.

Italian boy names aren’t all long and luxurious, however. There are many short, spunky picks waiting for parents to discover. Luca is a standout among them, as he’s a variant of the popular Lucas and Luke but has a pop of distinctly European styling. Enzo is another that’s picked up steam, though he can be used as a nickname for the longer Lorenzo if you’d like. Rocco is a big name in a small package, and we’re in love with this name’s youthful charm. Rizzo is a fun alternative to him, and his meaning of “curly-haired” is downright precious.

Speaking of meanings, Italian boy names have some of the best out there. Donte means “lasting,” which can signify your love, while Orazio’s “prayer” is great for honoring your faith. Benevuto’s hidden “welcomed birth” background is one we’re crazy about, as well as of the few flower names for boys in the genre, Fiorello, whose meaning of “little flower” is super sweet.

Skirting the top of the charts with variants is effortless with Italian boy names. Switch up Matthew with Matteo, or honor an Anthony with Antonio. You could completely go unexpected, too, with a bold choice like Battista or Xanto, or take a spin with the epic car name, Ferrari.

With Italian boy names, the sky is the limit. You can blend into modern trends or dive deep into history, all with the same list of names. From the angelic Agnolo to the youthful Yovanny, there’s an Italian baby boy name waiting for your little one.