Lucas Name Meaning

A famous surname of Star Wars proportions and classic first name choice, Lucas has steadily risen from obscurity to become a vintage charmer of the baby name charts. He’s a Latin derivation of the Greek Loukas meaning “from Lucania.”

Lucas manages to be both rugged and refined, at home in the woods and boardroom alike. He’s not a name that’s straddled by obvious meaning, free to be the man he’s destined to be without interference. A little Lucas is teeming with personality, ready to take on the wilds of the backyard and playground as well as cuddle up for story time. He ages well, growing from an adventurous adolescent to an admirable adult without much of a fuss.

On trend with the L name craze for boys including Logan, Liam, and Levi, Lucas separates himself from the rest of the L pack with his old-school charm similar to Samuel, Henry, and Charles. He also has the popular biblical nickname of Luke as well as the ever so spunky Luca or Luka.

Lucas is a name that wears well across cultures as he appears in many languages including Dutch, French, and Spanish. His alternative spelling of Lukas stands apart, distinctly European with his inner K.

Infographic of Lucas name meaning, which is A Latin name derived from the Greek Loukas, Lucas means from Lucania.
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Lucas Name Popularity

How popular is the name Lucas? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 0 0%
1911 0 0%
1912 0 0%
1913 0 0%
1914 0 0%
1915 0 0%
1916 0 0%
1917 1,430 5 0.0005%
1918 1,228 8 0.0007%
1919 0 0%
1920 1,256 9 0.0008%
1921 1,443 6 0.0005%
1922 1,362 7 0.0006%
1923 1,143 12 0.0011%
1924 1,635 5 0.0004%
1925 1,446 6 0.0005%
1926 1,054 16 0.0015%
1927 1,597 5 0.0005%
1928 1,391 6 0.0006%
1929 1,161 11 0.0011%
1930 1,430 5 0.0005%
1931 0 0%
1932 1,334 6 0.0006%
1933 1,451 5 0.0005%
1934 1,059 12 0.0012%
1935 1,113 11 0.0011%
1936 0 0%
1937 0 0%
1938 1,360 5 0.0005%
1939 1,091 9 0.0009%
1940 1,409 5 0.0005%
1941 1,299 5 0.0004%
1942 1,207 8 0.0006%
1943 1,230 7 0.0005%
1944 0 0%
1945 1,271 6 0.0005%
1946 0 0%
1947 1,149 12 0.0007%
1948 1,240 9 0.0006%
1949 0 0%
1950 1,322 7 0.0004%
1951 1,349 6 0.0004%
1952 1,281 8 0.0005%
1953 1,400 6 0.0003%
1954 0 0%
1955 1,237 11 0.0006%
1956 1,304 8 0.0004%
1957 1,356 7 0.0004%
1958 1,059 19 0.001%
1959 883 36 0.0019%
1960 940 28 0.0015%
1961 928 30 0.0016%
1962 777 55 0.003%
1963 854 38 0.0021%
1964 853 40 0.0023%
1965 790 46 0.0028%
1966 925 27 0.0017%
1967 940 23 0.0015%
1968 808 43 0.0029%
1969 722 72 0.0047%
1970 670 100 0.0063%
1971 574 155 0.0103%
1972 533 171 0.0126%
1973 462 244 0.0188%
1974 315 544 0.0419%
1975 230 867 0.0675%
1976 230 857 0.0665%
1977 203 1,088 0.0807%
1978 136 1,939 0.1442%
1979 108 2,541 0.1802%
1980 98 3,079 0.2106%
1981 88 3,369 0.2292%
1982 106 2,734 0.183%
1983 114 2,357 0.1597%
1984 129 2,105 0.1415%
1985 122 2,311 0.1523%
1986 124 2,191 0.1451%
1987 121 2,318 0.1519%
1988 112 2,706 0.1736%
1989 114 2,860 0.1772%
1990 112 3,087 0.1862%
1991 107 3,236 0.1985%
1992 106 3,377 0.2116%
1993 95 3,916 0.2512%
1994 94 4,010 0.2613%
1995 92 4,076 0.2704%
1996 92 4,103 0.274%
1997 98 4,027 0.2723%
1998 93 4,083 0.2728%
1999 90 4,219 0.2817%
2000 83 4,818 0.3154%
2001 83 4,898 0.3251%
2002 75 5,377 0.3588%
2003 71 5,754 0.3782%
2004 66 6,711 0.4403%
2005 58 7,574 0.4954%
2006 59 8,134 0.5195%
2007 53 8,753 0.5548%
2008 46 9,322 0.6031%
2009 39 9,607 0.6428%
2010 35 10,376 0.72%
2011 29 10,395 0.7296%
2012 27 10,701 0.7509%
2013 23 11,544 0.8108%
2014 19 12,151 0.834%
2015 16 12,297 0.8451%
2016 14 12,876 0.893%
2017 11 12,951 0.9279%
2018 8 12,585 0.916%
2019 8 12,412 0.9169%
2020 8 11,126 0.8741%
2021 8 11,501 0.9408%
2022 8 10,764 0.8159%

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California (CA)

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District of Columbia (DC)

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Kentucky (KY)

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Wyoming (WY)

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Famous warrior



Famous warrior



From Lucanus



From Lucania









Person from Lucania



From Lucania


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From Lucania



From Lucania



From Lucania



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From Lucania



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Youthful and downy



Upright, just



A variant form of Louis.



Famous warrior



City in Belgium



A variant form of Lucius.








Light; from Lucanus






Light; from Lucanus



From Lucanus








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A favorite son



God is My Judge



My God is Yahweh



Home ruler



He will laugh






Yahweh is God



God supports



He gave



A willing protector


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From Lydia



Elf ruler



Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification



Son of Jack



A favorite son



Bent grass meadow






To excel



He gave





One from Rome






My God is Yahweh



Gift of God



  1. Not very meaningful but – my husband is a huge StarWars fan, but I have always loved the name Lucas after hearing it from a TV show my older sister used to watch growing up. The meaning behind it – bringer of light – meant even more to us though after we suffered a few miscarriages and losses in the family. This baby has brought a light to our home after much heartache.

  2. Its a good name

  3. From the Bible. ??

  4. Bringer of Light. Lucas brought light into our life when trying to adjust to a new whole world- marriage, new country, new jobs and weather (UK is quite rainy and not ideal of weather dependent people). All the other things were integrated much easier with a new born who brought the Light into our lives ?

  5. It is a name full of hope. It means bringer of light. & after our first son was stillborn, it just felt very appropriate for our little man

  6. hello

  7. I hate this name because there is a very annoying kid named lucas in my grade

    • Who asked?

  8. Lucas skywalker ????

  9. If you ever read “Peyton Place” you would never name your kid Lucas!

  10. The name Lucas is timeless, it’s a biblical name and has a special meaning: giver of light. Baby was conceived after a rough patch in life and finding out I was pregnant gave me the “light” I needed in my life

  11. Came on a full moon night, name means bringer of light

  12. To honor my Dad and because I love the Gospel of Luke. It means “bringer of light”.

  13. We chose Lucas because my husband always liked it, then we found out it’s the male version of Lucille, his grandmother’s name. That definitely sold it for us.

    I didn’t love the nickname Luke but rewatching Gilmore girls during my free time and I’m learning it’s not so bad after all!

  14. Because I love Star Wars and the chance to call my son Luke, also because it means light, or he who brings light, and he came and did just that at a very dark time.

    • The name sucks

      • I agree

  15. Our little savvy Jedi. His name worked well with ours, Marcus and Victoria. And we can call him Luca to be a bit more different than a potentially common name. Strong. Gentlemanly. Adorable. Good.

  16. His name means “bringer of light”!

  17. Lucas means “bringer of light” and that’s exactly what we want him to be – a light for Christ in this somewhat dark world!

  18. My husband and I just could not agree on a name. We knew the middle name so it had to go well with that. Lucas and Lukas were on the list. My husband would jokingly call bump that and I’d reply that we hadn’t officially picked it yet don’t call him that. Well one day I accidentally replied to my husband that Lucas (bump) was hungry for something sweet. Well Hubby scooped up our toddler and danced around the kitchen and said to him “Mommy said Lucas, that’s his name now!” And that’s how we named my son haha

    Now Lucas is 4.5 months and my husband just cannot stop with the dad joke “Luke, I am your father” lol I swear that’s why he chose the name. People ask if he was named after Star Wars and I say no, but I think that’s where my husband originally picked the name from because the other option was Logan who is Wolverine so yeah…. haha

  19. I really didn’t care for my name as a kid Lucas Daniel Fisher but as I grew up I came into one with it. People used to jokingly call me Luke ass or pukis but all in good fun. Also people would joke around and say Luke I am your father. I would smile at them and say oh really? then where’s all that past due child support. Always got a chuckle. I guess I feel like I have great potential in me for bringing the light. unfortunately I haven’t quite figured out how to get people to see the light in me.

  20. My husband and I chose it long before we were married. We really liked “Luke” but found it sounded better with our last name to make it Lucas with the nickname being Luke. My husband is a Star Wars Fan, so that the name being the same as one off the main characters was an added bonus for him! And Luke is a Saints name (we are Catholic) so that was also a plus!
    We were concerned about Lucas name and what people would do to change it to make fun of him. Our worst fear was confirmed when Grandpa walked in and called Lucas “Pucas” because he had spit up all over an outfit we wanted him to wear.
    Still, I’m very happy we went with the name Lucas because I think it fits our son perfectly!

  21. A strong name that is italian based ( meaning “from the island of Lucania”). I feel it is romantic and flexible as he can choose to be nicknamed Luke if he wishes.

  22. We chose Lucas because of the current state of the world feels isolating and dark right now. Lucas means light. Also, we’re Star Wars fans and Lucas is the last name of George Lucas, and for a nickname Luke. Husband was excited to say, Luke, I am your Father, lol. Finally, I wanted to choose a biblical name, and Luke is the author of both the gospel and Acts.

    • My name is Lucas and I really didn’t like it growing up but came into one with it. People used to joke with me calling me Luke ass or pukis also people would come up to me and say Luke I am your father and I would smile and say back where’s that damn child support you jerk lol

  23. The meaning

  24. it means bringer of light. He was our rainbow baby and born at home in the beginning of the pandemic. He gave us hope. And then we discovered he had 3 holes in his heart and now needs open heart surgery to survive. God has been giving us grace and teaching us so much through these trials. I feel like his light is shining through Lucas into me.

  25. My husband wanted a name that would be easy for him. We chose Lucas because it’s a good name that’s easy to spell and say. I am also a Star Wars fan and it reminds me of the director George Lucas

  26. I need your help
    I need a third name after
    Oliver William
    Please help me with the third name


  27. Loves his blankets and teething

    • I do to

  28. Dad picked the name.

  29. We had a terrible loss of a baby to SIDS and Lucas means light – he is our light after the dark

  30. His name means “light” and we need more of that in this world.

  31. It was my husbands birth name before it was changed to Josef.
    I love everything about his name especially the story behind his name.

  32. I just love it

  33. My husband’s birth name that got changed to josef when he got adopted.
    That it was husbands name.

  34. It was my husband birth name.
    I love everything about the name lucas.

  35. From the bible

  36. We chose the name “Lucas Josiah” for our baby because of its meaning – “light” and “God heals.” God has used our baby boy in such sweet ways to bring light and healing into our lives after 2 miscarriages, so it seemed like the perfect name for him. We hope that he will seek to reflect the true Light as he grows older and that God will continue to use his sweet disposition as a source of healing to those around him.

  37. Lucas my husband had chosen because he’s a huge star wars fan ?
    James is my husband’s middle name. So Lucas James

  38. We both liked it! It was the first one my husband and I agreed on.

  39. It means “Bringer of light”, which as Christians we absolutely love!

  40. He is our fourth boy, so we had kind of run out of names. My brother suggested it a few months prior as a name they were considering for their first, but when they discovered they were having a girl the name was up for grabs. Initially, I didn’t think we were interested in it, but it grew on us!

  41. The priest who married us is Fr Lucas (we love him and the name) and as priests are (typically) childless we decided to honor him by naming our son after him. Also, for St Luke–one of the Gospel writers and a physician. My husband has always admired St. Luke.

  42. My son is so adorable and chunky

  43. Lucas is actually the American version of my husband’s maternal grandmother’s Italian maiden name!

  44. My husband likes the name Luke and I liked Luca so we settled on Lucas. I like everything about the name Lucas – the pronunciation, spelling.

  45. We named our son Lucas after the biblical Luke. We also liked that it was not overly popular at the time (now it is more so), and that it could be shortened to Luke if he wanted. His middle name is Elijah.

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