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Escape to the beauty of the South Pacific with Polynesian boy names. These sun-kissed cuties are ready for their time to shine. Explore them with us and check out our highlights below.

Polynesian boy names aren’t common in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about overuse, making them ideal for parents who’d like something special. The most popular pick is Kai, an easy-breezy sweetheart meaning “sea” that’s seen a recent wave in popularity. When you study Kai, you’ll see the hallmarks of a Polynesian name. He’s nature-based, calm, and striking in style. As we venture through Polynesian boy names together, you’ll notice that many of them start with K, too. There’s also Keanu on the charts, a relaxing name with the meaning of “breeze.” It’s obvious why he’s beloved beyond his Hollywood connection. He has an ear-pleasing sound, and like Kai, he ends in a vowel, a trend that’s seen a steady uptick in use.

If you want something similar to names at the top of the charts but that still honors your heritage, check out Koa. This short and sweet pick is a rhyming twin to the mega-popular Noah. We can envision him scaling the jungle gym and taking the world by storm. You can also check out the slightly longer Kanoa, who gets you the nickname of Noa. Another option is a variant of a name like Keoni, the Polynesian form of John that we absolutely adore. We think his nickname of Kee is precious, too.

Finding a unique baby name is easy with Polynesian boy names, which attracts parents who want something that stands apart. Kaipo is exceptionally rare, but he’s a great way to score the nickname Kai and the charming meaning “sweetheart.” Liko is also an uncommon pick, and his sound is both stylish and striking. We love his -o ending and can imagine him playing around in the waves with his friends. You should also take a peek at Mele if you’d like something rare. He means “song” and is the perfect choice for a baby boy destined for a life surrounded by music.

As you likely know, we’re huge fans of meanings at MamaNatural. From the nature-rooted to the religious, Polynesian boy names offer meanings for everyone. Our top pick is Aolani. He means “cloud from heaven,” which is breathtaking and perfectly fits the newest heavenly addition to your family. Similarly, Kalani means “the heavens.” These handsome names are great ways to honor your heritage and spirituality at once. For a little guy with the world as his oyster, there’s Konala, whose charismatic meaning of “world leader” will guide him through life. You could also capture the beauty of morning with Alaula, a singsong moniker meaning “light of dawn.” We encourage you to keep your eye on meanings as you explore. They can make a name soar to the top of your baby name list.

Browse our collection of Polynesian boy names and see what island treasures you’ll uncover.