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Desire for Peace


Discover a fresh world of amazing monikers with Slavic boy names. Hailing from Eastern Europe, these names are a melting pot of cultures, much like the region. Explore them with us below.

Slavic boy names aren’t all that common in the U.S. but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work well with our current top baby names. Ivan, for instance, is a handsome variant of John with an in-demand vowel start. He’s an unexpected way to honor a John in your life and your heritage. There’s also Kole, a variant of Cole who can honor Nicholas with ease. Not only is he stylish in sound and meaning, but his “victory of the people” meaning is outstanding. Love Julian, but not his popularity? Check out Florian. This fashionable pick has a similar sound and style. Other Slavic boy names that we can see rising on U.S. charts are Bane, Bohdan, and Milan.

Meanings, as always, is the first place we look for inspiration with a new origin, and Slavic boy names deliver some of the best that we’ve seen. Vladimir’s “renowned prince” is out-of-this-world on a baby boy. Seriously, how do you top that? It’s a home run in our eyes. Wojtek is great for a little fighter through life’s obstacles, as his meaning of “warrior” gives him extra strength. Zandros’ meaning of “man’s defender” comes from his Alexander roots, much like Kostya’s meaning of “constant” comes from his ties to the name Constantine. As you can see, many Slavic boy names have powerful meanings, making them a hit for parents who love a bold, brave name.

In the realm of meanings, you’ll also find many religious-rooted names of Slavic origin because of the region’s deep ties with many religions. Stasio means “resurrection,” while Elya means “the Lord is my God.” You can keep it broad with Duscha, meaning “divine spirit,” Wenzel, meaning “greater glory,” or Svatoslav, meaning “one who celebrates holiness.” We always encourage you to look closer at meanings, as sometimes they can make that special name leap off the page.

Classic Slavic boy names are plentiful, with Boris the one most often associated with the region. Meaning “battle glory,” he’s a tough cookie. There’s also Laszlo, a handsome name used by rocker Pete Wentz as the middle name for his little guy. The name has artsy vibes and a beloved vowel ending, so we think he’s more than ready for his time in the American spotlight.

If you prefer rare monikers, Slavic boy names are a wonderful place to search. There are countless picks that are relatively unheard of in the U.S. Casimir is a standout, and his meaning of “destroyer” might fit a baby that was very active with his kicks in the womb. There’s also Damir, a handsome pick meaning “to give peace.” A few other names that might catch your eye are Jarek, Bogdan, and Tibor.

Whichever direction you go, you’re in for a treat with Slavic boy names.