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Mairi Name Popularity

How popular is the name Mairi? Here’s everything we know.

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What names sound like Mairi?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Star of the sea





Star of the sea



Sea of bitterness



Wonderful; peace; propserous


What names are similar to Mairi?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Star of the sea



Star of the sea



  1. Our second daughter is named Mairi. It is a Scottish Gaelic name, and pronounced by native speakers it sounds akin to the English word ‘marry’. A beautiful, classic Scottish name.

  2. We wanted to honor my mother, Mary, who is unfortunately no longer with us. My husband is Scottish and to honor his heritage and my mother we looked at how the name Mary was spelled in the UK/Scotland. There are a few different spellings and we both decided on “Mairi”

    We like that Mairi is unique and uncommon spelling in the states. Plus not many babies are named Mairi so it is a rebirth of sorts of that name from a different time. What we did not anticipate is that people don’t know that the pronunciation is the same as “Mary” so when she was born (we kept the gender as a surprise) we got all of these questions about how to pronounce her name.

    My mother never liked her middle name. Her name was Mary Joseph as a celebration of my grandparents faith. I thought of that as we were deciding on a middle name and ended up with “Mairi Elyse“. We have had so many people tell us what a beautiful name that is. I know my Mom is proud of her granddaughter that she never got to meet. It is a gift to be able to name our daughter after her.

    • That is a beautiful story Christina! However, Mairi is not pronounced like Mary. It has a longer A sound, like the start of the word Mars. Not terribly different from Mary, but not the same either. A lovely name regardless!

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