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Color and Design; sound






Spring Flower



There is sand



Spring born


Sweet, serene, and bursting with natural beauty; it’s no surprise that Japanese girl names continue to wow parents. They vary from familiar favorites to rare gems, and we have them all here for you to explore. Let’s travel to this beautiful island nation and explore its name offerings together.

Japanese girl names aren’t prevalent on the charts stateside, but the few that do appear, make their presence known. Amaya and her variant Amiya are simply stunning, and their meaning of “night rain” is more than tranquil. Their cousins, Miya and Kaiya, are pleasing on the ear and nice alternatives to the more popular Maya and Mia. There’s also Aya, a petite pick that has the vowel-name trend and popular palindrome style down pat. Kairi has our attention, too, as does Tori, a name commonly seen as a nickname to Victoria, which has surprise Japanese roots. Meaning “bird,” we’d love to see Tori used on her own more often.

Japanese girl names fit in many of today’s top trends. They have appeared more often in celebrity baby name circles, too, like Nori, the nickname for North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian-West, and Kanye West. Meaning “belief,” Nori is a playful pick that is just as spunky as the more popular Remi and Avery. We can’t sing enough praises about Yuna, either, a gentle soul meaning “kindness” that is a fun spinoff of the chart-climbing Luna. We adore Nara, as well, a beautiful place-name pick that mirrors Mara and Lara.

Japanese girl names are at home on a little one, with youthful meanings plentiful among them. Aiko’s “little loved one” is a favorite, as is Sachiko’s “child of joy.” Koemi is a sweet pick for a happy baby, as her meaning of “little smile” is more than fitting. Similarly, Miyo’s “beautiful child” and Kamiko’s “little goddess” are perfect for your newest arrival. A hidden surprise in the category is Kohana, a stylish name meaning “little flower” that perfectly sums up your little cutie in a floral package.

Speaking of floral, did you know that Japanese girl names are teeming with nature name options? Most people know about Sakura, a gorgeous name meaning cherry blossom. But beyond her, you’re in for a treat. There’s Sora, meaning “sky” and Ren, meaning “lotus.” You can honor your love of the beach with Nami’s “wave” or Saya’s “sand,” too. Our favorite find is the flower names, as they’re a fun twist on the popular trend dominating the charts today. Sayuri is a beautiful name meaning “lily,” while Hinata’s “sunflower” has our hearts enamored.

As you can see, names from the Land of the Rising Sun are simply stunning. They usher in beauty along with their culture, and their stories are some of the richest out there. With tremendous meanings like Kura’s “treasure house” and Maemi’s “smile of truth,” Japanese girl names have a world of hidden surprises up their sleeves. Browse our vast collection of Japanese girl names to see what sweetheart you’ll find next.