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Easter child



Brotherly; from Germany



Right-handed, fortunate; one who dyes


Taking a journey through the halls of history is easy with Latin boy names. These ancient monikers are enduring classics with a timeless feel that parents have adored for centuries. Whether you want something well-known or seek a rare moniker, you can find it among them. Without further ado, let’s check out some amazing Latin boy names together.

While a Latin origin isn’t always obvious at a glance, many of today’s top choices are Latin boy names. The most common are Lucas, Julian, and Anthony, which have seen peaks in popularity throughout history. Close behind are Leo, Christian, and Adrian. Most Latin boy names float in so-called “sweet spot” territory, meaning they’re common, yet not overused. This helps avoid spelling or pronunciation issues and still keeps some relief of the dreaded first-name-last-initial combo seen in classrooms loaded with mega popular names.

Parents that like names that are a little less common but still follow today’s trends are in luck with Latin boy names. Our first all-star in this category is Felix, a spunky name with the enviable meaning “happy and lucky.” His energetic -X ending fits in well with names toward the top of the charts, but he’s still unique enough to not be heard in every playgroup. Similarly, there’s his friend Dexter, a polished find with the adorable nickname Dex. Rounding out our highlights reel are Crew and Duke, two word name choices that work wonderfully on a modern little one.

If you’re more in the market for something ultra rare, Latin names for boys have you covered too. Valerian and his buddy Valen are our standouts in this category, as they have intense medieval vibes but still sound fresh and modern. You can also find twists on more common Latin boy names, like Adrian’s bold brother Adriano and Vincent’s friend Vincente. Don’t be afraid to explore further down on the charts. There are some exceptional names waiting for you.

As you might’ve already noticed, Latin boy names have no shortage of drama or strength in their sounds. Many have a grand feel that draws people in, like Constantine and Luciano. This bold styling makes for a one-of-a-kind memorable name. In fact, some of today’s most iconic names in celebrity circles are Latin, including Valentino and Cristiano.

The meanings behind Latin boy names are also ripe with possibilities. There’s Cassius, meaning “helmeted warrior,” and his royal buddy, Rex, who means “king.” For religious parents, you have a ton of choices, including Salvador’s “savior,” Castiel’s “angel of Thursday,” and Amadeus’ “God’s love.” If you want something upbeat, check out Caius, meaning “rejoice” or Amias, meaning “loved.” Are you a nature name lover who wants the ultimate pick? Get to know Silas, a rising star on the charts whose meaning of “man of the forest” is a showstopper.

Whatever your style, you’ll find amazing choices among Latin boy names.