Infographic of Emerson name meaning, which is “The son of Emery.”
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  1. I love boy names for girls names 🙂 from the moment I heard Emerson I knew it was the one.

  2. My son is named Emerson . He is a descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson and family. It’s his grandmothers maiden name. It means son of emery so it’s originally a boys name but common for girls now also. I chose it half because of his lineage and half because I liked it and his brothers name is Harrison so they sound good together .

  3. We chose Emerson because of all the amazing poetic quotes by the author and because it means “brave” and we love that for our little girl

  4. We loved that Emerson means “brave, powerful”

  5. Not too common. We both liked it, long and short. Cute short names with Em or Emmy ? Middle name Bexley. Last name Gau.

  6. I love that this name means string and brave. It has now become unisex and can be professional yet feminine when we call her Eme. In the end we just knew she was going to be Emerson Jane.

  7. We made our minds up pretty early that our girl name was Emmy, but I wanted something more substantial and for Emmy to be short for something so we decided on Emerson. We love it and it suits our little lady so well!

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