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Gwenno Name Popularity

How popular is the name Gwenno? Here’s everything we know.

Sorry, popularity data for the name Gwenno is not available.

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  1. Welsh is my first language and my partner who is Scottish is learning Welsh so we were both very keen on giving our daughter a Welsh first name. Her second name is Mh?iri which is in Scottish Gaelic.
    We love the name Gwenno for numerous reasons. My middle name, Wyn, is my father’s name, meaning white and pure. Gwen within Gwenno is the feminine version of this so that felt like a nice continuity there of the riff on the Wyn/Gwen name. It’s cute in that it’s the diminutive version of Gwen, which I always like as it’s softer and friendlier somehow, less formal. It’s meaning is little bright one which was also the medieval Welsh term for the planet Venus, which in Welsh is also the name for Friday. Unfortunately Gwenno was born on a Monday but we liked that she brought us a lot of light and beautiful joy during the darkest month of the year in Scotland, December.

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