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Young Mother






Friend, helpmate



Rescue, Escape



Hewn stone



Keeper of the Gate



Prosperous, fortunate



Early baby



Aristocratic lady, princess



Honest, faithful





Let’s journey to the land of sand and mystery with Arabic girl names. These Middle Eastern darlings are growing in popularity stateside, and we definitely see why. They’re gorgeous in sound and meaning, making them excellent choices for your little girl. Let’s get to know some awesome Arabic girl names together.

On the charts, you’ll notice many variations of Layla, an Arabic name with a gentle feel. Appearing as Laila, Leila, and more, she’s a twin to Lila, who also has many spellings. Together, they’re more common than you’d think, so keep this in mind if you’re wary of popularity. The similar-sounding Aaliyah and Nyla are also on the rise. Clearly, parents are loving Arabic girl names, and we aren’t complaining.

If you want something that follows popular trends but isn’t quite as common, check out Zadie to start, a rhyming twin to Sadie who has an extra splash of excitement with her Z beginning. Leela has our eye too, as this cutie is a cousin to Layla and similar to Leah but has a cutesy side we adore. Asha has our hearts also, as Ash- names are always in style for both genders, like Ashton, Ashlyn, and more.

For rare name lovers, you’re in luck, as Arabic girl names are full of options. Aza is exceptionally rare, yet she has the in-demand palindrome style and an exciting inner Z. Cala and Zulma are quite uncommon too, but both have modern styling that work beautifully in today’s playgroups.

As the home to most of the major religions, the Middle East is also rich with deeply spiritual names. Regardless of what spirituality you call home, you’ll find something fitting among Arabic girl names. There’s Imani, meaning “faith” and Hala, meaning “halo.” Other parents adore the holiness of Sakina, a gorgeous name meaning “presence of God.”

Arabic girl names contain a bounty of nature-themed picks, too, like the floral finds Zahra, meaning “white flower,” Azusa, meaning “lily,” and the gorgeous Nijah, meaning “a beautiful rose.” Yara is our top pick in the category, as her meaning of “small butterfly/water lady” stole our hearts in an instant.

Place names make up another portion of Arabic girl names. Sahara, Persia, and Java are the most recognizable, but you can easily find more obscure choices. We love the styling of Medina, and Seyah is a standout too. These place names are just as useable as Paris and London without the popularity.

Meanings, as always, are our high point with Arabic girl names. Amira’s “ruling princess” is absolutely precious on a young girl, as is Sagira’s “little one.” We love the easy-going nature of Anisa’s “pleasant companion” and Zulema’s “peace.” You can also go grand, with Damali’s “beautiful vision” and Tasnim’s “paradise fountain” downright showstoppers. Meanings can help narrow down your choices, as one can speak to your little one’s personality more than the other, so keep your eyes open.

We have a wide array of Arabic girl names to search from the well-known to the rare. Get to know these magnificent monikers with us.

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