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“The battle strategist,” from the Welsh cad (a battle) and gwaladr (an arranger ).



Benefactor's son



Sea fortress



To love



God is gracious; born of yew; youth





Let’s travel to Wales and explore the exciting world of Welsh boy names. From gentle to larger-than-life, Welsh boy names come in many shapes and sizes. Discover them with us.

Welsh boy names have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with their styling pairing well with today’s top baby name trends. Some of today’s most popular picks are Welsh, including Owen, Dylan, Evan, and Gavin. The -n ending in names continues to dominate on the boy’s baby name charts, and this is a common theme in Welsh boy names. Also towards the top of the charts you’ll find Maddox, an energetic pick with the exciting -x ending that parents can’t get enough of. If you’re a fan of more popular names, you can browse Welsh boy names and sort by the most recent chart’s rankings as well as all-time popularity.

For trend seekers, you’re also in luck with Welsh boy names. Many are on the rise, but not super common yet. We see plenty of potential in Bowen, for instance, as he’s a rhyming friend to Owen and Rowan, with the rock-and-roll nickname Bowie, too. We see room towards the top of the charts for Davin, too — a gentle pick who could honor a David in your life. Vaughn is yet another pick who fits popular trends, this time being a grandpa-chic cutie who deserves more time to shine.

If you’re a rare name lover, the potential is endless among Welsh boy names. While there are many Welsh boy names, few make the top baby names chart, leaving plenty of room for you to find rare names. Kendrix is an all-star to us in this arena, as he has the much-loved -X ending and a cool, modern sound. Rhydian is a rhyming cousin to Gideon, though he’s not nearly as popular. We love how he has action-star vibes and would love to see him more often. For rare names, you can sort Welsh boy names with the Surprise Me feature, producing names of varying popularity for you to browse.

Meanings, as always, are our favorite parts of names, and Welsh boy names sure deliver. Reese means “enthusiasm,” which perfectly fits a little boy who’s always raring to go. Caradoc’s meaning of “love” has us swooning too, and the nickname Doc is just as precious. Dover’s meaning of “water” is perfect for a baby destined for a life of beach loving, while the “fiery leader” meaning behind Idris fits a natural-born leader wonderfully. If you’re looking for a particular meaning, use the Search Baby Names sidebar tool. Just make sure you select Welsh in the Origin drop-down menu if you want to stick to Welsh boy names.

As you can see, Welsh boy names are as diverse as they are handsome. Browse our collection of Welsh baby boy names and see what great name you’ll find next.