Ariel Name Meaning

In Hebrew, Ariel means “lion of God.” This gives the name a strong and powerful connotation, evoking the image of a fierce and majestic lion. The name can also be interpreted as “altar of God” or “hearth of God,” which gives it a more gentle and nurturing connotation.

Origins of the Name Ariel

Ariel is a unisex name of Hebrew origin, which means “lion of God.” It first appeared in the Bible as the name of a city where the prophet Isaiah was imprisoned. In Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” Ariel is the name of a spirit who serves the magician Prospero.

Popularity of the Name Ariel

Ariel has been a popular name for girls for decades. In the United States, it reached its peak of popularity in the 1990s, coming in at #53 on the list of most popular baby girl names. It has since fallen in popularity, but it is still a lovely and unique name choice.

In literature and popular culture, Ariel is a character in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” who is a mermaid princess and the seventh daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena of the sea. The 1989 animated film version of the story makes Ariel a popular choice for parents who want to pay homage to the beloved character.

Final Thoughts on the Name Ariel

In conclusion, Ariel is a name with a rich history and a variety of meanings. It evokes images of both strength and gentleness, making it a perfect choice for a baby girl. Whether you’re a fan of Shakespeare or Disney, Ariel is a name that is sure to stand out. And who knows, one day she could be the lioness of your life.

Infographic of Ariel name meaning, which is A Hebrew name meaning lion of God, Ariel is also a Shakespearean name.
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Ariel Name Popularity

How popular is the name Ariel? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 0 0%
1911 0 0%
1912 0 0%
1913 0 0%
1914 0 0%
1915 0 0%
1916 0 0%
1917 0 0%
1918 1,633 5 0.0005%
1919 0 0%
1920 0 0%
1921 0 0%
1922 0 0%
1923 0 0%
1924 0 0%
1925 0 0%
1926 0 0%
1927 0 0%
1928 0 0%
1929 0 0%
1930 0 0%
1931 0 0%
1932 0 0%
1933 0 0%
1934 0 0%
1935 0 0%
1936 0 0%
1937 0 0%
1938 0 0%
1939 0 0%
1940 0 0%
1941 0 0%
1942 0 0%
1943 0 0%
1944 0 0%
1945 0 0%
1946 0 0%
1947 0 0%
1948 0 0%
1949 0 0%
1950 0 0%
1951 0 0%
1952 0 0%
1953 0 0%
1954 0 0%
1955 0 0%
1956 0 0%
1957 0 0%
1958 0 0%
1959 0 0%
1960 2,222 5 0.0003%
1961 0 0%
1962 0 0%
1963 0 0%
1964 0 0%
1965 0 0%
1966 0 0%
1967 0 0%
1968 1,718 14 0.0009%
1969 1,755 15 0.001%
1970 1,638 21 0.0013%
1971 1,883 13 0.0009%
1972 1,988 11 0.0008%
1973 2,243 7 0.0005%
1974 2,230 7 0.0005%
1975 1,624 23 0.0018%
1976 1,598 23 0.0018%
1977 1,183 57 0.0042%
1978 919 101 0.0075%
1979 983 94 0.0067%
1980 887 119 0.0081%
1981 759 164 0.0112%
1982 392 551 0.0369%
1983 349 612 0.0415%
1984 362 599 0.0403%
1985 376 569 0.0375%
1986 363 615 0.0407%
1987 374 586 0.0384%
1988 275 880 0.0565%
1989 207 1,266 0.0785%
1990 94 3,606 0.2176%
1991 66 5,410 0.3319%
1992 87 3,956 0.2478%
1993 121 2,698 0.1731%
1994 144 2,178 0.1419%
1995 152 2,134 0.1416%
1996 165 1,896 0.1266%
1997 145 2,201 0.1488%
1998 146 2,140 0.143%
1999 172 1,813 0.1211%
2000 183 1,739 0.1138%
2001 197 1,632 0.1083%
2002 214 1,530 0.1021%
2003 213 1,529 0.1005%
2004 221 1,515 0.0994%
2005 222 1,547 0.1012%
2006 202 1,715 0.1095%
2007 189 1,750 0.1109%
2008 216 1,527 0.0988%
2009 207 1,536 0.1028%
2010 214 1,422 0.0987%
2011 218 1,411 0.099%
2012 181 1,707 0.1198%
2013 145 2,118 0.1488%
2014 132 2,419 0.166%
2015 135 2,325 0.1598%
2016 139 2,164 0.1501%
2017 140 2,046 0.1466%
2018 151 1,783 0.1298%
2019 167 1,654 0.1222%
2020 199 1,411 0.1109%
2021 222 1,216 0.0995%
2022 238 1,245 0.0944%

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Wyoming (WY)

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  1. Ariel is quite an interesting name. I will use it for character in fnaf

  2. Ariel is quite an interesting name. I will use it for character in fnaf

  3. As a Ariel ( male ) I’m sorry for all this fight. Name you’re daughter or son Ariel. No one can stop you. It’s you. If someone hates the name, remember the value of the name you chose and with calm manners try to convince them.
    I love my name, I said it on boys side too. But I love it on girls too not because of little mermaid but just it sounds cute too on girls. I don’t understand all this harsh words, this site is for pregnant women ( mostly ) , they obviously don’t want to see some people insulting each others especially if that person has a name they planned to give to their child.

    Ariel Kelley

  4. Excuse me…..
    My name is Ariel, my Mother, God rest her soul, named me … is a name that has NEVER been a name that is gender specific….it has been utilized thought history for both boys AND girls….. My mother happened to be an English professor and she loved Shakespeare’s work at The Tempest (written somewhere in the supposed dark ages and, The Holy Bible LONG before Disney utilized it and I was born in the 70’s and my mother passed away before the movie as well SO YA BIG NASTY DUMMY your wrong )which referred to Ariel as being an Airy spirit in the book….I was born in 1972 you ignorant, nasty, commonplace, pleb ..FROM YOUR NAMEAND YOUR IGNORANCE ITS SAFE TO SAY that you come from some middle of nowhere trailer park where nobody has an education and people are profoundly rude because they are profoundly ignorant….. I grew up in beautiful Miami,south Florida, a very metropolitan, beautiful place. Mind your manners , read a book, travel, and perhaps just keep your ignorant,vhateful, and poorly mannered comments to yourself…they are not doing you any service whatsoever….NARCI… that short for Narcissis??? in your case a total Narcissist….Because that name is a man’s name….it stems from ancient Greek mythology……hmmm are you a mean boy or a mean girl…you sound like a mean, nasty little girl …so I going with THAT …so in your case smarty pants, you have a name that stems from a man’s name… so yuck I don’t like yours either … how does THAT feel??? IT’S NOT VERY NICE TO BE HATED OR PICKED ON BECAUSE OF YOUR NAME BY SOMEBODY WHO DOESN’T KNOW YOU AT ALL …..AND MOREOVER IT DOESN’T FEEL VERY GOOD WHEN SOMEONE INSULTS YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER AS WELL BECAUSE THAT IS ULTIMATELY WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN YOU MAKE A NASTY COMMENT ABOUT SOMEONE’S NAME !!!!!! ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE OPENING MOUTH NARCISSIS…..?

    • Wow come on. My son’s name is Ariel too. But I like it for both genders. With this much anger you can’t make a good character for mothers naming their daughters Ariel. My only problem is I hate the little mermaid. I named my son because of it’s meaning and Shakespeare world. I know what the haters comments can be mean but please remember that you are you Ariel.

    • Actually Miss Hot temper Narcissis can be a girls names in Muslim countries, it means beautiful flower :))) in Dubai it’s spelled as Nargess.

    • With this much anger and being hateful things you said just to say someone’s is wrong, I won’t ever never name my daughter nor son Ariel.

    • Ok Ok. So You were grown up in beautiful Florida princess Ariel. But Narcissis is a girls name in Muslim countries because of religious, of course it’s spells as Nargess, it’s also a Persian name. And Narci can mean Narcissa too.
      Also in many countries than USA, Ariel is a boys name. I know it’s hard but come on this is internet, people can be mean but you are also mean :/

    • So you’re mother didn’t teach you to accept some opinions and just say it smoothly not with anger. I hate the little mermaid, but you’re comments and others defending this name for girls ( even I like it more on girl’s ) but now I never name my daughter Ariel, it reminds of you and you’re mean speech.

    • My name is Narcisse, I’m not that narci commenter, but lady my name is a french version of Narcissus, it’s a flower and a popular name in muslim countries. I love Ariel on both genders, I love the meaning and the rhythm of it. I’m iranian, in iran it’s boys name.
      Please keep in mind maybe she was teased in America because of I dunno her family name who’s a guy named Ariel. But you could say you’re own opinions without insulting and hateful things. Even if you want to throw you’re anger in that person.

    • By seeing this hateful comments for a simple name , I rather to never come to America, Canada or europe is better really and even if one day have a child in America, never name him / her Ariel.
      Relax and drink cold water girl :/
      You think that person is sad, huh! I bet he / she is laughing at you’re red face and proud to make a war in this site which is for pregnant ladies.

    • ?So you are now 51/52 years old ? Huh you’re attitudes and you’re comment is like a teenage twitter girl in her first puberty ( even worse ) . Even toddlers behave better than you. I’m a Erielle and I’m a shamed to have a close sounding name to you Karen grumpy old woman. Stay in that BEaUtiTuL florida and try to speak more smoothly and better, this is a mother page site not you’re home or you’re twitter page.

    • Now I just want to convince my sister to never name her son or daughter Ariel because a mean rude old woman like you who made these harsh words. What are you a teenage girl from tik tok?! You’re mother didn’t learn you anything and I bet you are lonely and nobody loves you. It’s People’s ideas, yeah that mean comment was bad but yours is garbage grumpy Karen from florida. That’s why I rather all my family have a same name but a name that you have it too. Be a shame. Oh and btw I have 6 Ariels and all are boys, Burn.

    • Excuse Me…
      My name is also Narcissus, I’m a girl and this name is a common girl’s name in Greek and muslims ( nerges for them, it’s a name of Mahdi’s mother ) !
      It means beautiful flower and I have tons of nicknames which one of them is Narci. What about you? Ariel… huh! Arie or El El 🙂
      You’re mother named you after a air spirit who was also a man. LOL She was a teacher but didn’t teach you anything I bet.
      I was born and raised in Greek ( more beautiful than you’re maimi florida lol )
      You didn’t have a courage to reply to that Narci commenter but chose to write literally bullshits just to say no this name can be for girls ( I bet for a 52 years old you’re blood pressure got high ).
      In that case yeah she’s right you know why? Because you not only made this name dirty for girls side but yourself too. Stay in that BeAUtiTuLL florida and don’t say everything that comes to you’re old brain. Like everybody said, This a site for pregnant ladies not you’re house where you can yell at you’re dogs.

    • Huh I showed you’re bullshits to my sister who wanted to name her child Ariel. She was disgusted and told me no I would never look at Ariel again.

  5. Growing up I fell in love with the little mermaid always liked it the fact that she was able to go wherever she pleased in the sea she was always so well mannered and kind you stuck with me so I chose the name Ariel and the fact that I have lost three babies to miscarriages this makes my fourth but I finally had her I chose Nevaeh as her middle name which was heaven spelled backwards so to me she was a gift from heaven and I want her to know that nothing is impossible and she should look at to see is her playground of opportunity.

  6. People named their boys Ariel a long time ago, though it has become more popular for girls now.

  7. This is boys name but stupid people ( US people ) choosing it for their girls after that ridiculous little mermaid. Yuck!!

    • Wow, what’s all of this hate about? Hope you find peace!

    • I chose this name for my female Akbash puppy because it means “lion of God”. We keep losing our precious animals (ducks, geese, baby pygmie goats and chickens) to bobcats, coyotes and other preditors. Her parents are proven killers of those preditors so i hope she lives up to her name. I would not, however, name a daughter that.

    • Ok Karen but no one asked for your opinion, also it’s none of your business what people name their kids

    • Hello, my name is Ariel and I’m a girl. But i want named after the little mermaid, like you said, and I bet a lot of other girls by the name ariel were not called Ariel just because of the little mermaid. So don’t say bullshit things, every name has a meaning and Ariel for girl has an awesome meaning.

  8. I may call my daughter Ariel in future because I think to be a lion of God may give me a revelation being as SPECIAL WEAPON OF GOD

  9. Hi. I’m from Eritrea, living in Portland, Oregon. We name our miracle baby girl Ariel, cos the tone and meaning of the name , Lion of God! I Recommend for others as well!
    Have a beautiful day!

    • Hi Daniel,
      I came across your comment. We named our twin girl Ariel, her twin brother is Adiel. And we’re from Eritrea living in Texas. Blessings to you and your family! Ariel means “lioness of God”.

  10. Ariel Is from the Archangel Ariel: The Queen of Nature

    Archangel Ariel is associated with Mother Earth and nature. Archangel Ariel is also called the ‘lioness of God’. She is given the supreme responsibility of looking after and overseeing the natural world.

    Her name is a masculine name in Latino culture so her Abuela calls her Ariela.

    Her middle name is Akasha which means “upper sky” in Sanskrit. Archangels keep records and information in the universe, in the form of Akashic records.

  11. Always wanted to name my baby’s Ariel and Dominick since I was a kid and I have both

  12. I picked the name Ariel because of my favorite Disney movie the littke mermaid. I love the name Ariel because it means lion of god. I am not religious but to me lions are strong and that means she will make it through anything.

  13. While looking up girl names, we liked the sound of Ariel, plus our other girls have A names as well, and the meaning of it really resonated with us as well. It means lioness of God.

  14. Ariel means lion of God. We chose the name because we struggled to conceive for 3 years so when we conceived our miracle we knew we wanted her to have a name with a special meaning.

  15. When we found out we were pregnant again, we knew he/she would be our last. We wanted our last baby to have a Disney name (we love Disney). When we found out we were having a girl, we knew her name had to be Ariel.

  16. My husband choose the name he said he liked the name and I like it too

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