Judah Name Meaning

The name Judah means “praise” or “praised”, and is associated with strength, courage, and faith. It can also be interpreted to mean “God’s beloved”, “God is gracious”, or “God will give”.

History of the Name Judah

Judah is an ancient name, with a rich history that can be traced back to the Bible. In the Old Testament, Judah was the fourth son of the patriarch Jacob, and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of the Israelites. Later on, Judah became an independent kingdom in the tenth century BC, and was eventually absorbed into the Babylonian Empire. After the Babylonian Empire fell, Judah regained its independence until it was conquered by the Romans in 63 BC.

Origins of the Name Judah

The name Judah is thought to have originated from the Hebrew word “Yehudah”, which means “praise”. It is also believed to be derived from the Hebrew word “Yahweh”, which is the name of God in the Old Testament.

Popularity of the Name Judah

The name Judah has recently seen a surge in popularity, with more parents choosing the name for their sons. In the US, the name Judah has been in the top 500 most popular boy’s names since 2013, and in 2018 it was ranked as the 81st most popular boy’s name. It is also popular in other countries, such as England, Scotland, and Australia.

Final Thoughts on the Name Judah

Judah is a timeless name that has been around for centuries, with a rich history, deep meaning, and recent surge in popularity. It is a name that can be interpreted to mean “praise”, “God’s beloved”, “God is gracious”,

Infographic of Judah name meaning, which is Meaning praise, Judah is a Hebrew name.
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Judah Name Popularity

How popular is the name Judah? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 0 0%
1911 0 0%
1912 0 0%
1913 0 0%
1914 0 0%
1915 0 0%
1916 0 0%
1917 0 0%
1918 0 0%
1919 0 0%
1920 1,469 5 0.0004%
1921 0 0%
1922 0 0%
1923 1,280 9 0.0008%
1924 1,500 6 0.0005%
1925 0 0%
1926 1,561 5 0.0005%
1927 0 0%
1928 1,398 6 0.0006%
1929 0 0%
1930 0 0%
1931 1,374 6 0.0006%
1932 1,293 6 0.0006%
1933 1,469 5 0.0005%
1934 1,431 5 0.0005%
1935 0 0%
1936 0 0%
1937 0 0%
1938 0 0%
1939 0 0%
1940 0 0%
1941 0 0%
1942 0 0%
1943 0 0%
1944 0 0%
1945 1,264 6 0.0005%
1946 0 0%
1947 1,384 6 0.0004%
1948 0 0%
1949 0 0%
1950 0 0%
1951 0 0%
1952 0 0%
1953 1,338 7 0.0004%
1954 1,359 7 0.0004%
1955 1,336 7 0.0004%
1956 1,567 5 0.0003%
1957 0 0%
1958 1,459 6 0.0003%
1959 1,454 6 0.0003%
1960 1,498 5 0.0003%
1961 0 0%
1962 0 0%
1963 1,330 7 0.0004%
1964 0 0%
1965 1,389 6 0.0004%
1966 1,275 8 0.0005%
1967 1,370 6 0.0004%
1968 1,278 10 0.0007%
1969 0 0%
1970 0 0%
1971 1,357 11 0.0007%
1972 1,503 7 0.0005%
1973 0 0%
1974 1,293 13 0.001%
1975 1,192 18 0.0014%
1976 1,392 12 0.0009%
1977 1,062 28 0.0021%
1978 1,239 18 0.0013%
1979 1,615 9 0.0006%
1980 0 0%
1981 1,092 31 0.0021%
1982 1,414 16 0.0011%
1983 1,603 10 0.0007%
1984 1,371 17 0.0011%
1985 1,400 18 0.0012%
1986 1,572 13 0.0009%
1987 1,596 14 0.0009%
1988 1,162 36 0.0023%
1989 1,518 20 0.0012%
1990 1,387 28 0.0017%
1991 1,386 28 0.0017%
1992 1,352 32 0.002%
1993 1,468 26 0.0017%
1994 1,319 36 0.0023%
1995 1,105 61 0.004%
1996 1,424 31 0.0021%
1997 1,061 72 0.0049%
1998 1,034 80 0.0053%
1999 925 112 0.0075%
2000 791 157 0.0103%
2001 727 192 0.0127%
2002 651 244 0.0163%
2003 673 246 0.0162%
2004 553 370 0.0243%
2005 510 444 0.029%
2006 497 483 0.0308%
2007 425 649 0.0411%
2008 392 731 0.0473%
2009 325 960 0.0642%
2010 295 1,088 0.0755%
2011 286 1,205 0.0846%
2012 269 1,279 0.0898%
2013 260 1,336 0.0938%
2014 240 1,520 0.1043%
2015 232 1,630 0.112%
2016 233 1,643 0.114%
2017 206 1,869 0.1339%
2018 201 1,986 0.1446%
2019 189 2,031 0.15%
2020 185 2,012 0.1581%
2021 183 2,080 0.1702%
2022 181 2,042 0.1548%

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  1. Judah means “God praiser” and River from the scripture found in Psalm 1. I’ve been praying that over him since he was conceived. “Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, Nor stands in the path of sinners, Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree Planted by the RIVERS of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.”
    ??Psalms? ?1?:?1?-?3? ?NKJV??

  2. We chose Judah firstly because the name came to us after prayer! We loved the meaning, “God be praised.” Judah is one of the sons of Jacob in the Bible. From each son, a tribe descended.God promised that the Messiah would come from the tribe of Judah, and so He did. Christians call Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah because He conquered the power of sin and death.

  3. The first trimester was really hard for me as I was away from family and friends. I knew that God was with me, and I clung to him during that time. Judah means praise in Hebrew, which was something that God spoke to me during this time, that I needed to praise him through this season, because this was actually a weapon against the spiritual warfare that was happening for Judah’s life.

  4. His name is Judah Aslan. Judah means praise in Hebrew while Aslan means lion in Turkish. His name means praise the lion which is a biblical reference to the Messianic King Jesus

  5. We chose Judah from the Bible, Jesus is the lion from the Tribe of Judah. We love that it is a strong name!

  6. I love the name Judah!

  7. Judah means praise which is something we wanted to declare over our kiddo. That he was born to praise God.

  8. We chose the name Judah because it means I will praise.

  9. It means to Praise and we sure were praising God when we got pregnant with this rainbow baby 🙂

  10. We were looking for a semi uncommon J name for our third baby. His siblings are Janessa and Jagger.
    We came across Judah and liked it. We didn’t love the religious association but overlooked that anyway.

  11. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for more than 8 years. The doctor had given up on us. She told me there’s nothing else she could do that I needed fertility treatments like IUI or IVF. I went home devastated and ready to give up too; but I told my mom who then prayed for me on a prayer line. Some weeks later I was pregnant and overjoyed. I knew that all praise goes to the most high God. So what better name to thank him with than Judah.

  12. Judah means praise! We wanted a Biblical name and prayed a lot about it, and this is what we ended up with! We love the name. The only thing I don’t like and didn’t think about, is that his middle name is James and my extended family has been calling him “JJ”. I’m really not a fan of that, but oh well!

  13. We chose the name Judah because it means “praise,” and after having a miscarriage, we were praising God for our rainbow baby, who actually arrived 2 years to the day after my loss date. He came 12 weeks early, but he’s been beating all the odds!

  14. Judah means “the praise of the Lord” in Hebrew and it is our prayer that he would come to know, love and praise God! The beautiful song “Lion and the Lamb” was the pathway to how we fell in love with the name…. “Our God is the lion, the Lion of Judah!”

    Judah was a c section baby, and praise the Lord that he was! I desired a vaginal birth so much but he wouldn’t go head down. I was going to do the ECV and did one session of Webster chiropractor when something kept making me feel that he just couldn’t go head down. So I didn’t go through with the ECV and chiropractic sessions. When he came out, the cord was wrapped around his neck, twice! Poor little guy. Now he is healthy, safe and well. So I just wanted to share with other mamas that sometimes the best way for our babies to come out safely, may not be vaginally. And that’s okay. 🙂

  15. We both really like the name. It’s not a family name or anything. We don’t really have a story.

  16. We love that it means praise and that Jesus was the lion of the tribe of Judah. We are praying this one praises the Lord all his life and is as bold as a lion for Christ.

  17. We name him Samuel Judah because we prayed very hard for him for months. He came to us after 3 miscarriages. Samuel means prayed for child and Judah means praise the Lord, which we do on the daily for him.

  18. Judah means “praise,” which is the posture of our hearts in this season of joy. We underwent three rounds of IVF and two miscarriages before we were able to have this bundle of joy. We are thankful to God for this gift and what a blessing he is to our lives!

  19. My husband’s middle name and I love the meaning – praise.

  20. We chose the first name Judah, because it means praise. We are so thankful to God for this baby and praise Him every time we think of our sweet boy. How middle name, Michael, means who is like God. It is also my grandfathers name, my father in law’s name and my husband’s middle name.

  21. Hey Moms! We chose the name Judah because it is a powerful name with a lot of loving force and a strong biblical lineage. The line of Judah gave rise to King David, King Solomon, and Jesus, who is sometimes referred to as “The lion of the tribe of Judah” . I love everything about it and I call him my little JuJu bean. He is so beautiful and calm and I’m more in love than I ever thought I could be.

  22. We wanted a strong biblical name that had significant meaning. Judah has such a unique story in the Bible and has such an impact on our faith. It’s not very common and we wanted a unique yet strong masculine name.

  23. We needed a strong name for this 9th child and 6th son. Judah fit that need and also went well with our other children’s names. It means Praise.

  24. We choose the name because if it’s meaning.

  25. Because Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah and I love that!

  26. My husband and I really wanted to name our first child something that meant praise or worship. We came across the name while reading, and it just stuck. Our little guy loves music and is such a happy boy.

  27. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant the first time we picked out a girl and a boy name. When we got pregnant again and found out it was a boy we knew Judah was the name. My husband wanted a name from the Bible and for me it was important to have a name with a good meaning. Judah means praise. He came after a miscarriage that almost took my life. Throughout that situation we praised the Lord. And I think he is just a perfect reminder that regardless of where you are right now or what you are going through you can always find something to be grateful for and praise the Lord.

    I like names that are not common but also not too weird. So Judah was perfect for us.

  28. I wanted to stick with a two syllable name since my other two boys had a two syllable name. The meaning of names is also important to me and Judah means “praise”. I had two miscarriages before getting pregnant with Judah and during the end of my pregnancy I just prayed that he would be born healthy and I would be well too. After his birth my first thought was “praise God for this healthy baby!”

  29. I chose it because I love that it means “Praise
    It’s a name that people have heard of without beingpopular or overused.
    It goes well with our daughter’s name

  30. Yahuah Elohim told me to name him this so I listened to our Elohim!

  31. When I got pregnant, and before we knew the gender, my husband and I weren’t super serious about discussing names yet since it was so early on in my pregnancy. I was talking about names with my brother one day, and he said, “You should ask God about what name to give your baby.” DUH. I ask God about so many things, and if He is the one creating this child inside me, He surely has a name already for my sweet baby. So as my husband and I started to pray about it, and the name Judah kept coming to me. Every time I’d read my Bible, somehow there was reference to Judah. Every sermon I was hearing, there was mention of Judah. And every time I heard the name Judah, it was like my baby jumped within me. I felt a rush of excitement. Every. Time. It was wild. Any way, a couple weeks pass and life gets busy, I feel sick and insomnia kicks in like crazy, I forget about names. Then we have our ultrasound, and we find out the gender and its a BOY! So happy! And my husband says: “but we already knew that since God gave you the name Judah”. I completely forgot. Yes, yes He did, and yes, yes it’s a boy. So throughout the rest of my pregnancy, we kept praying if Judah was the right name, and we kept sensing it was. So the big day comes, I end up switching to a home birth 5 weeks before delivering (had this really strong sense that I should) and it turns out I had a 35 hours of early & active labor, and pushed for over 5 hours. There are so many details, like an extremely short chord, plus it was wrapped around our boys neck, plus he was posterior, when he came out he was turning blue because of cord, so my midwife had to reach in and pull his shoulders out, which because the cord was so short ended up ripping part of my placenta, which caused bleeding….etc…etc…etc… so many things but in the end our boy was GREAT! A great APGAR score test, and I am good, and wow…(If we would have had the original planned hospital birth, I’m pretty sure it would have been an emergency c-section). sSo many things we praise God for! And that is exactly what Judah means – PRAISE! (not to mention it took us a long time to get pregnant, so we definitely PRAISE GOD for JUDAH!)

  32. After years of infertility, and the sweet adoption of our first child, we became pregnant. We were over the moon, as you can imagine. We chose the name Judah because it means, Praise God, which was a pretty good way to describe how we felt. We paired Judah with Nathaniel, meaning gift from God. Praise God, gift from God. That’s our Judah.

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