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Office holder



Traveler's protection



Yew-tree valley



Son of Maurice


Travel from the prestige of Windsor Castle to the greenery of Stonehenge with English boy names. Long-loved and steeped in history, English boy names are a sea of naming possibilities, from perennially popular picks to seldom heard darlings that’ll leave you swooning. Let’s cross the pond and check out some amazing English boy names together.

The most well-known English boy names are the classics, like James, Henry, and Christopher. They’ve appeared frequently throughout history and offer enviable associations, including kings, authors, and scholars. This gives your little one an extensive list of namesakes to explore. Classic names rarely encounter spelling or pronunciation issues, making them attractive picks for many parents seeking something mainstream. They’re also favorites for the middle name slot, with James one of the most common middle names used for boys today.

While classic choices continue to shine, there is a fresh crop of English boy names ruling on the charts today, including the boyish charmer, Oliver, and his occupational buddies, Mason, Hunter, and Carter. They follow many of today’s top trends, like the surname favorites Jackson, Lincoln, and Hudson, and typically feel polished or buttoned-up.

If you’re a fan of the posh feel mentioned above, you’re in luck, as English boy names are loaded with many so-called preppy monikers. Our highlight among them is Everett, a vintage sweetheart with the manicured look and sound but the edgy nickname of Ever. Harrison is another posh pick on the rise, helped in part because of his place in Prince Harry’s son’s name: Archie Harrison. He also has a Beatles connection like another English favorite, Jude, winning over music fans. Rounding out our favorite upperclass English boy names are Tucker, Preston, and Barrett.

On the flip side, many English names for boys feel casual and fun. Everyone’s favorite dashing little boy name, Charlie, fully embraces this role. Close behind him are Jack, Tyler, and Chase. These names are young at heart and spirited in nature, making them perfect for a bouncing baby boy.

As always, meanings are our favorite part English boy names. They give the name a life beyond the page and often can be the deciding factor for parents who are struggling to decide on one. Jasper’s “treasurer” is delightful on a little boy eager to explore the wonders of the world, while Rhett’s “advice” is powerful and full of wisdom. Speaking of power, it’s hard to top the might of Raymond, a classic English moniker meaning “protector.” If no name speaks to you at a glance, search by meaning and see if any connect to you on a deeper level. You never know what you’ll find.

English boy names aren’t a one-size-fits-all package. There’s something for every style. We have all the English boy names you could dream of in one easy-to-search database. See each name’s popularity and meaning in a glance and find the perfect pick for your new baby boy with us.