Henry Name Meaning

A regal name used for centuries, Henry has widespread appeal across time and continents. Meaning “home ruler” from the German Heimirich, Henry has always been surrounded by images of strength and honor.

Henry has been popular among kings with over a dozen Henrys ruling between Germany and England alone. He’s also the formal name of the Duke of Sussex, the spunky younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana who stands apart with his fiery red locks and mischievous grin. Despite these regal roots, he’s also nimbly used among commoners. He’s been the name of poets, authors, and actors alike through the years, all beloved for their creative talents and ways with words.

Henry is universally agreed to be strong, but he’s also soft in sound, his friendly -y ending matched by Anthony, Bentley, and Zachary. This softer side has been the key to other names success like Liamand Asher. He’s also bursting with cool British vibes like Oliver and Toby. Regardless of his ancient pedigree, a little Henry will be effortlessly on-trend and have a name that will age gracefully.

There are a few dashing nicknames for Henry like Harry, a darling choice for Potter fans, and Hank, a precious nickname who’s woefully underused. There’s also Hal, another rarely heard gem. Variants of the name include Henrik, Hendrik, and Hendry. Music lovers could stretch it further with Hendrix as well. Similar names to Henry’s style are John, Arthur, and Thomas.

Infographic of Henry name meaning, which is An English variant of the German name Heimirich, Henry means home ruler.
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Henry Name Popularity

How popular is the name Henry? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 10 2,884 0.8191%
1911 11 3,156 0.8475%
1912 12 5,636 1.1176%
1913 12 6,386 1.1263%
1914 12 8,106 1.1631%
1915 14 10,129 1.1149%
1916 14 10,655 1.103%
1917 15 10,694 1.0689%
1918 16 11,349 1.0575%
1919 16 10,611 1.0133%
1920 17 11,302 1.0165%
1921 17 11,412 0.9966%
1922 17 11,201 1.0054%
1923 18 11,065 0.9879%
1924 18 11,193 0.9639%
1925 18 10,614 0.9391%
1926 19 9,999 0.9091%
1927 19 9,865 0.8912%
1928 21 9,314 0.8705%
1929 21 8,569 0.8273%
1930 22 8,593 0.8226%
1931 22 7,800 0.7903%
1932 23 7,465 0.7556%
1933 24 6,724 0.7217%
1934 27 6,731 0.6963%
1935 26 6,850 0.7049%
1936 28 6,444 0.669%
1937 30 6,667 0.6766%
1938 30 6,556 0.6404%
1939 31 6,557 0.6446%
1940 31 6,820 0.6416%
1941 29 7,160 0.6362%
1942 31 7,559 0.5986%
1943 31 7,623 0.5839%
1944 35 6,967 0.5621%
1945 37 6,597 0.5409%
1946 41 7,311 0.4955%
1947 46 7,807 0.4677%
1948 45 7,417 0.4646%
1949 46 7,174 0.446%
1950 47 6,964 0.4325%
1951 47 7,120 0.4199%
1952 50 6,974 0.3995%
1953 54 6,657 0.3761%
1954 59 6,398 0.35%
1955 61 6,198 0.337%
1956 72 5,949 0.315%
1957 75 5,739 0.2982%
1958 84 5,143 0.2721%
1959 83 5,048 0.2657%
1960 84 4,967 0.2621%
1961 91 4,608 0.2441%
1962 92 4,345 0.2367%
1963 93 4,180 0.2329%
1964 92 4,112 0.2336%
1965 93 3,802 0.2325%
1966 92 3,567 0.2285%
1967 93 3,328 0.2193%
1968 95 3,117 0.2076%
1969 100 3,045 0.1977%
1970 103 3,128 0.1966%
1971 112 2,933 0.1952%
1972 118 2,396 0.1759%
1973 111 2,342 0.1807%
1974 115 2,308 0.1776%
1975 124 2,078 0.1617%
1976 122 2,114 0.164%
1977 127 2,124 0.1576%
1978 128 2,017 0.15%
1979 138 1,915 0.1358%
1980 135 2,052 0.1403%
1981 126 2,175 0.148%
1982 134 2,064 0.1381%
1983 136 1,942 0.1316%
1984 135 2,013 0.1353%
1985 137 2,048 0.1349%
1986 140 1,972 0.1306%
1987 136 2,068 0.1355%
1988 140 2,065 0.1325%
1989 141 2,161 0.1339%
1990 138 2,233 0.1347%
1991 142 2,247 0.1379%
1992 141 2,318 0.1452%
1993 135 2,472 0.1586%
1994 144 2,409 0.157%
1995 136 2,533 0.1681%
1996 139 2,549 0.1702%
1997 139 2,651 0.1792%
1998 136 2,777 0.1855%
1999 130 2,899 0.1936%
2000 126 3,110 0.2036%
2001 121 3,187 0.2115%
2002 115 3,320 0.2215%
2003 116 3,464 0.2277%
2004 109 3,902 0.256%
2005 102 4,174 0.273%
2006 95 4,666 0.298%
2007 91 5,109 0.3238%
2008 78 5,777 0.3738%
2009 71 5,894 0.3943%
2010 67 6,397 0.4439%
2011 57 7,229 0.5074%
2012 43 8,066 0.566%
2013 37 8,870 0.623%
2014 32 9,428 0.6471%
2015 29 10,164 0.6985%
2016 22 10,363 0.7187%
2017 18 10,406 0.7456%
2018 16 10,649 0.7751%
2019 12 10,704 0.7907%
2020 9 10,355 0.8135%
2021 9 11,307 0.925%

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Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

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Hawaii (HI)

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Idaho (ID)

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Indiana (IN)

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Kentucky (KY)

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New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

Data via SSA.gov.

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A diminutive form of Harold and Henry.



Home ruler



Home ruler



A diminutive form of Henry.

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Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler





Son of Henry



Home ruler



Son of Henry



Home ruler



Son of Hendrick



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler



Home ruler


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High meadow


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Noble, bright, famous



God is My Judge









God is gracious



Jehovah will increase



From Lucania



Bright fame



Western meadow



A willing protector


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Whole or universal






Son of Aodh



Bright fame



Of unknown meaning



My God is Yahweh



God is gracious



Noble one



God is my oath



Dew of the sea



Commander of the army



Mack's stream



Free man



  1. I loved that it was a classic “older style” name. I like that his name never gets old and not many had it.

  2. We chose to go the family route for our firstborn’s name! My husband and I combined names from our fathers, pulling his father’s middle name (Henry) and my father’s first name (Christian), and swapping the order for Henry Christian. We liked the meaning of both names too (leader and follower of Christ!) so that was an added bonus!

  3. It was one of the few that both my husband and I could agree on 🙂 Also I thought it was cute and he has his choice of nicknames one day when he is older.

  4. We named him after my husband’s Opa and his middle name is after my Poppa. We wanted to honour some really great men, plus we loved the older names.

  5. I have a dog named Randall and wanted an older classic name to go with his. Henrys a name that never seems to go out of “style” and went nicely with the middle name we chose, James 🙂

  6. Henry is not religious. It’s both new and old

  7. It was a name both my husband and I mutually liked, way back before we were married or were ready for children. We liked how it sounded with his last name, and we liked how it fit into his initials. We also found it amusing that according to a baby name book, it means “ruler of the house” and it was just so fitting, given how my pregnancy had gone.

  8. We didn’t have the name Henry on our list going into labor, but he just looked like a Henry and we started saying it out loud and it just fit! His middle name is Michael because that is my dad’s name and Henry was born on his Grandpa’s birthday!

  9. Special meaning for us. A classic name. Don’t like the alternate spellings.

  10. I loved the sound of it and the meaning. I didn’t name him until he was born to make sure he looked like a Henry.

  11. Always loved the name so much. His middle name,
    Alan, was selected to memorialize my father in law who died 5 years ago. Crazy enough the baby resembles his grandfather!

  12. We chose the name Henry because we wanted a strong name for him. The verse we chose for his life is Ephesians 6:10 “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.”
    Our prayer for Henry is that he would grow up strong by Gods power, not his own strength.

  13. I just liked the name.

  14. At first I thought I would want something super unique and unheard of. I probably read every baby name list out there! ? We just couldn’t agree on a name. Then after our 20 week ultrasound my husband suggested Henry. It just fit! Not what I expected but now I love it! Classic and strong and goes great with family middle name, Alan. ?

  15. It was literally the only name my husband and I could agree on! We love the meaning, the sound, the fact that its classic with a little bit of an ‘”old man” vibe, and that there are many admirable men who have used it as a first or last name.

  16. This was my great grandmother’s maiden name. My great grandmother raised my mom and was born on August 28th. Henry almost came on her birthday! Also it’s just a good strong masculine name.

  17. Can’t go wrong with a good classic name. And hank the tank is a great nick name!! Henry was my husband’s grandfathers name.

  18. It’s an oldie but a goodie, we call our Henry Harry, His middle name is Peter, after my brother. I thought it was nice with James, (Or Jamie,) his brother. Harry is 4 now and thriving, he just started kindergarten and he’s loving it! 🙂 Nobody in his class is a Henry or a Harry, so I’m really happy with my choice.

  19. We’ve loved the name Henry for awhile now, but it’s also the name of my husband’s grandfather who we lost in April. We also lost my grandfather in February, though our nephew was named after him. We’re excited to meet the little man!!

  20. This is kinda funny because I don’t have a son…. I have a cat named Henry. The name suits him perfectly. He is an orange tabby so he has reddish orange hair. He is definitely the ruler of the house, but he is the sweetest, most gentle cat I’ve ever had. Just wanted to share and say I really like the name “Henry”!

  21. Grandma’s suggestion

  22. Our daughter is the one that came up with Henry, we all love it. His middle name is Ivan, so when he’s all smiles and happy he’s Henry, when he’s cranky and throwing a fit he’s Ivan the terrible!

  23. It is his great grandfather’s name.

  24. Family name!

  25. We love the name Henry. It’s a classic name. It means ruler but we also discovered after we chose the name that my father in laws uncle was named the polish version of Henry. The name also an explorer who discovered the Hudson Bay, Henry Hudson.

  26. I love my son

  27. 1. We wanted a more classic name.
    2. It’s a great generational name. I don’t care for hank though.
    3. Henry has an amazing personality full of energy. He gets along with everyone he meets!

  28. My husband and I both love the name, and we think we both love it because we love Shakespeare’s Henry V!

  29. We didn’t know if I was growing a girl or boy so we came up with a short list of our favorite names and Henry was on mine but not my partner’s. He vetoed it from my first brainstorm. When Henry was boraa?n and we met him for the first time all the names we had considered were out the window. They just didn’t feel right. So we took the next few days to get to know him and look at his features. I mentioned Henry again and it fit. Perfectly. We like the classic strength, elegance and sweetness of the name, the option of the nickname Hank and hope Henry suits his personality and he likes his name all through his life.

  30. My husband and I generated a shortlist of names prior to our Son being born. We wanted to meet the little guy before we selected the name.

    For our naming criteria, we wanted a name that could not be shortened (I.e Lukas shortened to Luke), we wanted his name to be his name with few exceptions.

    When I first saw our little boy, from our short list of names, I knew his name was Henry.

    We also wanted his name to have meaning and history. ‘Henry’ from the German ‘Henrik’ means Ruler or Lord of the House and was the name of English kings.

  31. A strong less common male name that means estate ruler. Also it fit well with our two syllable last name.

  32. I am not so crazy about Henry, Harvey(meaning battle worthy), Harry and Harlan are much more spunky and approachable for me

  33. The name is not frequent but it’s certainly recognizable. My husband had ancestors on both his mom’s and dad’s side with this name, so we chose it. For middle name we chose my father’s name, Victor.

  34. We just loved the name!

  35. He is actually named after his father and grandfather’s. My baby boy is Henry IV. What I like about his name is that it sounds like royalty, the king’s of England were all Henry’s, but also there were great poets and actors etc with this name. So I love his name more than I like it ?. I see a bright future for my little bundle of joy ??

  36. We chose Henry because it’s an older, classic name. I don’t like the nickname Hank that a few people have called him so I hope that doesn’t stick!

  37. Chose Henry after my grandpa. I don’t like that people keep asking me if we’re going to call him “Hank“. I hope that nickname doesn’t catch on.

  38. He is named after his father. His full name is Henry Raphael Murray V!

  39. My mom passed away about 3 years before I got pregnant. Her father was named Henry and when I was born she wanted to name me Henrietta. We did not find out the sex of the baby before birth but I knew if we had a boy his name would be Henry as a way to honor and remember my mom and my grandfather.

  40. I was looking for a powerful name, rooted in the Western tradition that was not biblical in nature

  41. We looked for family names in our family tree that we liked and would be meaningful. We also wanted a classic name that wasn’t to “trendy.”

  42. I chose Henry,because I named him after my late brother. My only brother for that matter. I also love the meaning of Henry which is RULER.

  43. I named my son after my grandfather (mother’s side). I always just loved his name. I do not like the “nick-name” Hank. Haha

  44. He’s the fourth Henry in the family! We call him Hank. At first that name felt too formal for a baby. But he owns it well. Someday he can choose his own nickname.

    • I love it. My lil guy is also the 4th Henry in the family. Henry James Lewis IV ?. Seeing your post made me feel more confident in my lil guy being called Hank lol

  45. We are Sara and Peter – both pretty traditional names so something new age wouldn’t work .
    We decided since baby would have dads last name to pick a first name from my side and come up with our own middle (Isaac).
    My Grandfather and great grandfather are William Henry and we liked Henry- just a solid name . Sometimes we call him Hank 🙂

  46. classic

  47. We chose Henry because it’s classic and it’s also my husbands grandfathers name.

  48. His official name is John Henry. My husband’s family has a tradition of naming the first born sin John Henry. In fact, they can trace this tradition back to the 1600s in Germany as Johann Heinrich! As much as we can figure, our son is John Henry, the 10th. Since there are quite a lot of John Henrys in the family, we call him Henry.

  49. I loved how classic it was. It’s a good name to grow with my baby. I also like how regal it sounds.

  50. My husband and I chose Henry because we love old fashioned names and it was the only one we agreed on! I love that the name has many nicknames and that it will grow with our son.

  51. It is my great uncle’s name.

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