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European, Spanish

European boy names are popular worldwide thanks to how easily they cross borders and languages. They’re perfect for little travelers and inspire wanderlust. But, while many European countries share masculine boy names, they can have different spellings or pronunciations. Some origins can be intertwined, especially as countries have shifted names and boundaries over the years. For this reason, some fall into multiple origins. Let’s check out a few highlights together.

German boy names are some of the most popular European boy names. The most common picks among them are William, Charles, Robert, and Milo. Several monikers that have earned the timeless label over time come from Germany, and many of today’s up-and-coming boy names are also German. You can find strong-sounding German boy names like Roderic, and you can also find gentle ones, like Emory. Explore them to see which names catch your eye.

European boy names also contain those from the British Isles, including those that are English, Scottish, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic, and Welsh. From these diverse islands you’ll find time-tested classics, including James, Kenneth, and Arthur. Many of today’s chart toppers continue to come out of this region, including Oliver, Parker, and Aiden. Search these origins and see what chart toppers you spot.

French boy names are another large sector of European boy names. They have a distinct styling, like Beau and Damien. They’re polished and fashion-forward, much like the city of Paris. Others to watch are Lewis and Andre. Trendsetters are also in their ranks, including Dax, Remy, and Case. If you’re looking for a name on the rise, look no further. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to wind up with a winner.

Italian boy names like Leonardo, Luca, and Giovanni are also moving up the charts, bringing the boot nation front and center among European boy names. Often associated with art and romance, Italian boy names generally end in a vowel and have a charisma that leaps from the page. Emiliano, Lorenzo, and Enzo are rising fast among them, and we see many other fashionable finds waiting for you. They’re also a great place to find historically significant names, especially if you want to honor a scholar or astronomer.

Other European boy names come from less common origins, like Bulgarian boy names. We absolutely adore these rare picks, including Zahari, Radko, and Lyuben. You can try out a Danish name, like Torben or Roosevelt, or go Dutch with Lieven, Bastijn, and Harlem. There’s the Polish Zajac and Bendek, and the Portuguese Valente and Thiago. As you can see, these smaller origins have amazing options waiting for discovery. Tap into your origins and see what name speaks to your heart.

Some names share so many origins we’ve labeled them European to cover all bases. Our highlights are Andrin, meaning “ruler of the home,” Ado, meaning “awe-inspiring,” and Slavomir, meaning “renowned glory.”

European boy names come in all shapes, styles, meanings, and more. Explore them with us.