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The fair one



Crooked nose


Journey to the land of bagpipes and Highlands with Scottish girl names. Pleasing to the ear, these beloved monikers have reigned on the baby name charts for generations. Let’s check out some together, shall we?

Glancing at the top baby names, it might surprise you how many Scottish girl names are among them. There’s Paisley, of course, the red-hot stunner that’s seen a meteoric rise in popularity. She’s a fun choice that parents can’t get enough of, and we totally see why. Isla is another Scottish gem, and with her gentle sound, it’s not a shocker to see her so well-loved. You’ll also find Mackenzie and her shorter sister McKenzie, names that are generally pronounced the same and full of spring and bounce, making them perfect for an energetic little one. Rounding out the top Scottish girl names on the charts are Finley and Fiona, two cuties that we hope to keep on seeing.

For those seeking a name on the rise, look no further. Ainsley is making serious strides on the charts along with Blair, a unisex pick with a polish that’s hard to top. Lennox is like Blair in her styling, but she also has the edgy -X ending that’s seen an upswing in popularity in recent years for girls. Maisie has seen a heck of a rise too, perhaps because of a certain Game of Thrones actress who also brought Arya into focus. Lastly, there’s Davina, and we’re gaga for this gorgeous moniker. She’s rising steadily, and we see plenty of room for this beauty to blossom. If you’re actively seeking a name on the rise, glance at the popularity chart listed with the name. This will give you an idea if the name is trending or falling in popularity.

There are several Scottish girl names that aren’t necessarily on the rise but should be in our eyes. Bonnie is the most obvious pick. This serene name meaning “attractive” has the vintage styling that’s trending hard right now, and we absolutely adore her. Then there’s Dallas. This place-name stunner has sass and style, and we can totally picture her on a little fashionista. If you’re a lover of preppy names, check out Greer. She gives us all the lacy socks and cardigan vibes without too much popularity.

Scottish girl names can also be exceptionally rare, delighting those who want a name that stands out. Kenza is a perfect example of this. She’s close to mega-popular Mackenzie, but she has her own sound that makes it obvious she isn’t a nickname. Fennella is another rare beauty, and her singsong nature leaves a lasting memory on those who hear her. Adaira deserves more attention too. For rare name lovers, be sure to use the Surprise Me feature while browsing Scottish girl names to see what new name you’ll find next.

So buckle up, keep your eyes open, and travel to the land of Scots with Scottish girl names.