Ezekiel Name Meaning

A Biblical pick with a distinct style, Ezekiel has quite presence on the charts. He’s got a lot going for him thanks to his zesty inner Z sound and nickname potential, making him a solid force to be reckoned with within the cool names category.

Ezekiel is also a standout star in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, appearing as an important prophet. In the Old Testament, Ezekiel foresees the fall of Jerusalem and the later restoration of Israel. His meaning of “God will strengthen” resonates with many and adds an extra dose of power to the name. There is also the connection to Saint Ezekiel Moreno y Diaz, a well-known missionary that was deemed the patron saint against cancer.

Ezekiel’s grand feel can seem overwhelming on a little guy, but this shouldn’t scare parents away. He has all sorts of cutesy nicknames to make him more wearable in childhood from the adorable Zeke and Kiel to the ultra-cool Easy.

Quirky picks are all the rage right now, with rare letters popping up left and right as seen in Quinn, Ezra, and Xavier. Ezekiel fits right in this trend without being too out there, a well-known pick with a solid foundation.

Infographic of Ezekiel name meaning, which is A Hebrew name, Ezekiel means God will strengthen.
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Ezekiel Name Popularity

How popular is the name Ezekiel? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 628 5 0.0014%
1911 706 5 0.0013%
1912 0 0%
1913 806 11 0.0019%
1914 1,079 7 0.001%
1915 831 23 0.0025%
1916 835 23 0.0024%
1917 1,046 13 0.0013%
1918 1,099 12 0.0011%
1919 892 24 0.0023%
1920 830 31 0.0028%
1921 966 22 0.0019%
1922 823 33 0.003%
1923 914 25 0.0022%
1924 929 25 0.0022%
1925 1,224 10 0.0009%
1926 780 35 0.0032%
1927 879 27 0.0024%
1928 1,200 11 0.001%
1929 1,150 11 0.0011%
1930 817 29 0.0028%
1931 1,105 11 0.0011%
1932 1,041 13 0.0013%
1933 945 16 0.0017%
1934 858 22 0.0023%
1935 1,037 13 0.0013%
1936 1,032 12 0.0012%
1937 820 23 0.0023%
1938 899 19 0.0019%
1939 1,274 6 0.0006%
1940 830 24 0.0023%
1941 907 19 0.0017%
1942 1,063 13 0.001%
1943 977 17 0.0013%
1944 816 26 0.0021%
1945 841 22 0.0018%
1946 955 19 0.0013%
1947 820 36 0.0022%
1948 827 31 0.0019%
1949 874 28 0.0017%
1950 1,131 12 0.0007%
1951 1,160 11 0.0006%
1952 1,220 10 0.0006%
1953 920 27 0.0015%
1954 1,406 6 0.0003%
1955 1,176 12 0.0007%
1956 1,025 21 0.0011%
1957 1,264 10 0.0005%
1958 1,124 15 0.0008%
1959 0 0%
1960 919 30 0.0016%
1961 1,043 20 0.0011%
1962 0 0%
1963 1,380 6 0.0003%
1964 1,617 5 0.0003%
1965 1,158 13 0.0008%
1966 1,572 5 0.0003%
1967 1,303 7 0.0005%
1968 0 0%
1969 1,534 6 0.0004%
1970 1,581 6 0.0004%
1971 1,270 13 0.0009%
1972 1,057 23 0.0017%
1973 1,183 16 0.0012%
1974 915 39 0.003%
1975 876 48 0.0037%
1976 964 36 0.0028%
1977 890 51 0.0038%
1978 831 61 0.0045%
1979 813 69 0.0049%
1980 877 58 0.004%
1981 860 60 0.0041%
1982 824 72 0.0048%
1983 746 85 0.0058%
1984 733 92 0.0062%
1985 879 58 0.0038%
1986 785 85 0.0056%
1987 751 101 0.0066%
1988 693 135 0.0087%
1989 675 165 0.0102%
1990 620 220 0.0133%
1991 653 198 0.0121%
1992 630 217 0.0136%
1993 620 233 0.0149%
1994 610 241 0.0157%
1995 570 277 0.0184%
1996 522 340 0.0227%
1997 468 425 0.0287%
1998 456 448 0.0299%
1999 376 659 0.044%
2000 355 719 0.0471%
2001 362 698 0.0463%
2002 348 753 0.0502%
2003 324 875 0.0575%
2004 316 952 0.0625%
2005 309 1,045 0.0683%
2006 270 1,260 0.0805%
2007 249 1,418 0.0899%
2008 238 1,527 0.0988%
2009 225 1,593 0.1066%
2010 211 1,675 0.1162%
2011 195 1,843 0.1294%
2012 197 1,920 0.1347%
2013 186 2,172 0.1526%
2014 180 2,359 0.1619%
2015 146 2,784 0.1913%
2016 121 3,364 0.2333%
2017 82 4,721 0.3383%
2018 87 4,312 0.3139%
2019 71 4,881 0.3606%
2020 64 4,939 0.388%
2021 53 5,791 0.4737%
2022 49 5,912 0.4481%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

Maine (ME)

Michigan (MI)

Minnesota (MN)

Missouri (MO)

Mississippi (MS)

Montana (MT)

North Carolina (NC)

North Dakota (ND)

Nebraska (NE)

New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

New Mexico (NM)

Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

Data via SSA.gov.

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Gift of Isis



Form of Ezekiel


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Strength of God



Strength of God



Strength of God



Strength of God



Strength of God


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Divine cauldron



Divine cauldron






He Walks Alone

Native American






Aztec (Nahuatl)

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Father of nations



Stone of help



My God is Yahweh



Tree cutter



God gives strength



He will laugh



God will exalt






Name of God





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God is my oath



God contends






The Lord recalled









God is my strength



My God has answered






My God is Yahweh



My messenger



Cyneburg's field



  1. I wanted a strong biblical name and Ezekiel was a major prophet in the Bible

  2. My first born’s name is Eliza and I wanted that the second baby’s name would start also with an E, I also wanted it from the bible and that’s where we decided that Ezekiel is a perfect name we can choose. we love it!

  3. I chose the name ezekiel because I have to very close friends with this name one goes by EZ and the other by Zeke, so he has lots of options for nicknames! I am also a Christian and this is one of my favorite prophets and it means strength of God.

  4. We chose the name Ezekiel as we were looking for a strong biblical name that isn’t heard as often. And we just adore the nickname Zeke!

  5. My husband and I love the name. It means “God will strengthen”. And he is a testament to how God has strengthened our relationship and our family when finding out I was pregnant, meeting him for the first time and going forward.

  6. Ezekiel means my strength comes from God or God strengthens me and its a name from the Bible, Ezekiel was a prophet. I named the 1st twin Ezekiel as it seemed fitting due to the fact that we were always receiving negative feedback from the doctors and despite this they pulled through and came out strong and healthy

  7. Husband is a huge cowboys fan while his name is also mentioned in the Bible. Worked out for the both of us 🙂

  8. The name means God will strengthen

  9. The meaning of his name is “strength of God”. We loved knowing this is the beginning of pointing him towards a path in relationship with the creator, and his middle name Xander, means defender of men. It is a big name and that encourages us to build h to live his name fully.

  10. I chose this name as it was the name of my grandfather, and I find it powerful to connect names this way. I also liked the meaning, “god strengthens.”

  11. My husband and I choose it because we had a miscarriage last November and wanted a name with a strong meaning!
    I love the name and the meaning! And we can call him Zeke for short.

  12. It’s a biblical name meaning “strength of god” and after our miscarriage before this rainbow baby it only made sense and we prayed together as a family and church for this baby. I love all the e’s and writing it in cursive, and the nickname “Zeke” for “Zekie”

  13. My husband and I chose the name Ezekiel because of our trust in the Lord. My life has revealed how much I’ve been covered and loved by His grace and it would be fitting that our son would walk in His ways and follow the Lord as well since God created Him in my womb. I truly believe the name we give our children will speak to who they are called to become. And my dear son will do amazing things because of His obedience and surrender to the Lord Yeshua.

  14. In the bible , the book of Ezekiel is probably one of the scariest but heartfelt side of GOD. However, when i think about the prophet Ezekiel having to convey such a heavy and personal message to the people, it makes me realize that there was a deep trust GOD had in him to send that message. We contemplated on the name for a long time just because we weren’t fully sure (and i personally have a thing for names that roll off the tongue lol.) I kept thinking what if i hear a different name after my son is born and feel alittle sore that i didnt wait to choose a name like that. But everyday a voice in the back of my mind got louder and louder screaming his name is Ezekiel! So i finally decided to give my son a name that speaks for the future of his relationship with GOD ?.

    Ezekiel – GOD strengthens.

  15. I am 3 months preggy and I am so excited what to name my son or it could be a daughter.. Ezekiel is a great choice for me and my husband, we agreed with it so quickly. I’m so Inloved with the name “Ezekiel” ? and Zeke to be his nickname. It has a powerful meaning God will strengthen and I pronounced it to my baby’s life! So excited! ???

  16. Zeke for short

  17. It means God strengthens, and he was our rainbow baby after a miscarriage, so I thought it was fitting. It also was the only name my husband and I agreed on even before we knew the gender. So when we found out it was a boy we felt like that was the name God had chosen for him. I feel like it’s perfect because even at birth everyone commented how strong he was.

  18. We chose the name Ezekiel based on the story of the dry bones In Ezekiel in the Bible. We got some hard news right after we found out we were expecting, that our son could possibly born with muscular dystrophy and really felt like naming him Ezekiel was a step of faith that God was going to strengthen his body and keep him well.
    His nickname is Ziggy For short and we just love our little guy so much.

  19. I chose the name Ezekiel because it’s from the Bible and I love the way it sounds

  20. I chose ezkeile because all my kids have a bible name somewhere in there name and me and my husband had to choose between eden and ezekiel and when i had seen his face on the ultrasound i choose ezekiel.

  21. We chose Ezekiel for our son. We love the meaning of the name. The meaning is God will Strengthen.

  22. It’s biblical, and unique , and has a great nickname, Zeke.

  23. It’s a biblical name and my other kids have biblical names as well.

  24. I Love The Name Ezekiel Because not Is Unique Name Plus Noun Of My Family Have The Name

  25. My husband choose Ezekiel because it’s a very powerful name and he’s very biblical and wanted something close to his name which is Eliezer and we tried the name out for a few weeks and just fell in love wit it

  26. I liked Ezekiel because it is not so common

  27. We chose this name for it’s meaning (God strengthens) for its uniqueness, and the adorable nick name “zeke” it also went great with our last name.

  28. My Husband and his family all had religious names from the bible, but i wanted a name with power and presence. At first when I came across Ezekiel I pondered. In the end no other name seemed fitting.

  29. Ezekiel is from the Bible, meaning ‘God stregthens’

  30. I chose this name because of the meaning and saw it multiple times so took it as a sign ?

  31. It’s a bible name

  32. I wanted to give my son a biblical name i wanted him to have a prophet name because I know he will one day have a relationship with god and I believe my son will be a prophet

  33. It means God will strengthen. We thought we were losing the back due to a miscarriage early on but God strengthened him. Also it’s I’ve of my favorite books of the Bible. I like that it’s unique but not completely different. People have heard it before but it’s not very common.

  34. I chose Ezekiel because it means God’s Strength. It was just going to be Zeke but thought Ezekiel is not so common and Zeke can be for short. I was concerned about it because ppl don’t quite get how to say it and some even laughed at Zeke. But his dad is Zach so Zeke and Zach is nice. He is Zeke Gary because it sounds like Zachary.
    He has a long name because I am forever undecided but I hope he likes it growing up. Ezekiel Gary(dad’s late uncle) Yohan (after my late sister Joanne) Curtis (my bro and dad’s middle name) Davis-Northrup
    I really hope he’s ok with it and won’t be made fun of. He can choose to go by either one I figured.

  35. We wanted to choose a biblical name, but one that wasn’t too common in our circle. We love the nickname Zeke also!

  36. I was pregnant and I bought a bible to go in his crib… And when I got home with the Bible, it fell and when I picked it up it was on the book of Ezekiel. The fact that the name had 3 e’s and my 1st name has 3 a’s was the first thing that stood out to me, it also wasn’t a very common name (well so I thought) and that’s why I picked it.

  37. I chose Ezekiel because it means the strength of God. Ezekiel is a strong name and I like the cute little nicknames like Zeke.

  38. We like bible names and unique names so Ezekiel worked well for us! I also
    Love the meaning, “God strengthens”.

  39. I wanted a strong name and I have always love Biblical names. Ezekiel was a name both me and dad loved.

    • I like my name Ezekiel my mom said she gave it to me because of the meaning. God will strengthen, and I do go by zeke and my dad called me.. e .
      and my Spanish friend called me. zekiel

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