Theodore Name Meaning

A posh pick with loads of history behind him, Theodore has been making a comeback in recent years. He’s jam-packed with vintage cred, a timeless name that’s sure to please. Theodore is on-trend with many of today’s styles, fitting in with the rise of old-man-chic finds like Charlie, Henry, and Samuel.

He’s a name of interesting parallels, managing to feel gentle yet strong, balancing between a sweet side and background of power and prestige. He has presidential ties with the ultimate outdoorsman, Theodore Roosevelt, as well as ancient roots with military strong men like Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Trithyrius. He’s also a literary pick with the beloved Dr. Seuss born Theodor and science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon bearing the name.

Theodore is also a religious choice, a pick that isn’t as obvious as Noah or Jonah. He has a beautiful meaning of “God’s gift” and has been the name of two popes. He’s a name of distinction with upscale vibes, working well on an adult. He’s also a friendly pick for a little guy thanks to his host of nicknames. There’s the oh-so-lovable Teddy as well as the short and sweet Ted. There are also two super cool finds with modern appeal like Theo and Teo under his wing.

Infographic of Theodore name meaning, which is From the Greek Theodoros, Theodore means God's gift.
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Theodore Name Popularity

How popular is the name Theodore? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 53 669 0.19%
1911 56 729 0.1958%
1912 51 1,549 0.3072%
1913 60 1,634 0.2882%
1914 64 1,920 0.2755%
1915 64 2,496 0.2747%
1916 65 2,629 0.2722%
1917 63 2,799 0.2798%
1918 64 3,135 0.2921%
1919 54 3,421 0.3267%
1920 63 3,214 0.2891%
1921 65 3,166 0.2765%
1922 62 3,211 0.2882%
1923 61 3,155 0.2817%
1924 65 3,222 0.2775%
1925 63 3,221 0.285%
1926 63 3,107 0.2825%
1927 62 3,114 0.2813%
1928 66 2,905 0.2715%
1929 65 2,894 0.2794%
1930 67 2,953 0.2827%
1931 70 2,664 0.2699%
1932 67 2,665 0.2697%
1933 68 2,601 0.2792%
1934 74 2,515 0.2602%
1935 78 2,423 0.2493%
1936 87 2,210 0.2294%
1937 86 2,307 0.2341%
1938 83 2,356 0.2301%
1939 90 2,187 0.215%
1940 90 2,302 0.2166%
1941 95 2,322 0.2063%
1942 91 2,655 0.2103%
1943 96 2,607 0.1997%
1944 96 2,567 0.2071%
1945 101 2,339 0.1918%
1946 101 2,603 0.1764%
1947 102 2,916 0.1747%
1948 104 2,825 0.177%
1949 100 3,034 0.1886%
1950 99 2,953 0.1834%
1951 99 3,211 0.1894%
1952 100 3,263 0.1869%
1953 112 2,933 0.1657%
1954 115 3,069 0.1679%
1955 119 2,970 0.1615%
1956 119 2,949 0.1561%
1957 132 2,752 0.143%
1958 139 2,502 0.1324%
1959 145 2,392 0.1259%
1960 149 2,378 0.1255%
1961 151 2,290 0.1213%
1962 146 2,309 0.1258%
1963 142 2,368 0.1319%
1964 151 2,165 0.123%
1965 142 2,134 0.1305%
1966 148 1,889 0.121%
1967 149 1,853 0.1221%
1968 149 1,881 0.1253%
1969 153 1,929 0.1252%
1970 160 1,820 0.1144%
1971 164 1,649 0.1097%
1972 174 1,391 0.1021%
1973 176 1,319 0.1017%
1974 180 1,246 0.0959%
1975 189 1,177 0.0916%
1976 188 1,160 0.09%
1977 195 1,200 0.089%
1978 195 1,196 0.089%
1979 196 1,219 0.0865%
1980 203 1,184 0.081%
1981 217 1,104 0.0751%
1982 209 1,153 0.0772%
1983 205 1,137 0.077%
1984 213 1,041 0.07%
1985 202 1,174 0.0773%
1986 200 1,229 0.0814%
1987 207 1,173 0.0769%
1988 210 1,219 0.0782%
1989 216 1,268 0.0786%
1990 237 1,194 0.072%
1991 251 1,069 0.0656%
1992 259 1,071 0.0671%
1993 279 997 0.0639%
1994 298 893 0.0582%
1995 284 930 0.0617%
1996 298 856 0.0572%
1997 291 930 0.0629%
1998 290 947 0.0633%
1999 317 866 0.0578%
2000 311 909 0.0595%
2001 306 890 0.0591%
2002 301 938 0.0626%
2003 312 926 0.0609%
2004 308 991 0.065%
2005 298 1,079 0.0706%
2006 296 1,100 0.0703%
2007 300 1,119 0.0709%
2008 295 1,110 0.0718%
2009 277 1,205 0.0806%
2010 258 1,309 0.0908%
2011 230 1,550 0.1088%
2012 192 1,934 0.1357%
2013 167 2,420 0.17%
2014 125 3,223 0.2212%
2015 98 4,145 0.2849%
2016 82 4,893 0.3394%
2017 62 5,911 0.4235%
2018 44 7,020 0.511%
2019 36 7,839 0.5791%
2020 25 8,266 0.6494%
2021 10 9,535 0.78%
2022 10 10,428 0.7905%

Alaska (AK)

Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

Iowa (IA)

Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

Maryland (MD)

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Michigan (MI)

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Missouri (MO)

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North Carolina (NC)

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Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

A diminutive form of Edward, Theodore, and Theodoric.



Wealthy spear; wealthy guard; God's gift



Wealthy protector; brave people; God's gift



God's gift


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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender



Divine gift; God's gift



Divine gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



God's gift



A variant form, regarded as Welsh, of Theodore.


What names sound like Theodore?

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Divine wood

Indian (Sanskrit)


Gift of Isis



Gift of Isis









Loved by God





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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Defender of man



A favorite son



From South Munster



Home ruler






Olive tree






Venerable or honorable



He has heard



A willing protector


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Siblings of Theodore

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Name Meaning Origin Popularity Other Gender

Great, magnificient



Bright and clear



Month of June



God is my oath



Easter child



New town



Helmet of will



My Dream






Father’s rejoice









  1. A family friend’s sibling was named Theo and that’s how I first came to like the name
    I love that Theodore means “a gift from God”

  2. I feel sorry for you lot. Ask yourself,did GOD WRIE THAT NAME.

    family. did some smart educated person in greasy times in times when people where uneducated. I know a person called Theodore, who stole the family. Assets and money from the whole family.I’m surley not going to call anybody Theodore.
    Good Luck.

  3. Theodore means “gift from God” and we believe that all like (from the moment of conception) is a gift from God.

  4. Theodore husband a name that I have loved for a while so I couldn’t imagine any orther name !!!

  5. We named him after Ted Williams, the baseball player. His middle name is Cassian, after Cassian Andor. My husband and I are really big baseball and Star Wars people.

    We’ve used the nickname Teddy and Theo so far.

  6. We chose the name Theodore because he is our rainbow baby after our previous full term stillbirth. Theodore means “gift of God” and he truly is a gift to us.

  7. Theodore means Gift from God

  8. Both of our dads admire President Theodore Roosevelt and my husband grew up visiting his homestead on Long Island. Theodore is also a family name on my husband’s side. We use the nickname Theo, and it’s a nod to my grandfather who was named Leo. We liked it because it’s a bit old fashioned and felt unique to bring back!

  9. My husband and I went through so many names for our boy before we found out he was a boy. My husband wanted strong, brash names and I wanted sweet, cute names. One day one of us thought of Theodore and we both liked it! It stuck and our sweet, strong boy was born a few months later. Plus, the meaning adds an extra sweetness: gift from God. Indeed he is.

  10. It’s a cute name

  11. Hi

  12. Love the name, and my partner loves to call him Teddy.

  13. I chose this name for my prince, because it means God’s gift ,I believe God gave me this wonderful gift after 16 years and I was able to deliver him naturally.

  14. Our Theodore is incredibly sensitive and intuitive. He feels very deeply and is rarely ever selfish. We don’t shorten his name with a nickname, but I do like the nicknames for Theodore. Theodore means “gift from God” or “divine gift” and he absolutely is that.

  15. I love the name because my fianc? and soon you be husband is a History lover and so I felt there is a significance and joint love of the name we have. I love that there are a lot of good nicknames and shortened versions of it. I’m not a huge fan of him being called TJ given we chose Theodore Joseph. But otherwise there isn’t much I dislike about the name you know. And I just felt from the beginning that I love that name and I always referred to the baby as Little Cub so I felt it was meant to be and fitting and special to us!

  16. We chose Theodore to honour a grandfather of mine. We liked that it is versatile, whilst he is young he had the nickname Teddy like my Grandad Ted and when he is older he can use the nicknamd Theo.

  17. It was my husband’s favorite name. Means gift of God.
    Middle name is Everett which is after a man who was very special to my husband and his twin growing up

  18. Traditional, formal, cute nickname (Teddy)

  19. Theodore means gift from God. And he is truly the best gift we’ve ever been given!

  20. We chose the name Theodore for our fourth baby (3rd boy). My husband and I like the timelessness of the name and also the nickname options (we use Theo). I also had a relative named Theodore which gives the name a positive remembrance of the special person he was. Highly recommend the name Theodore! Love the meaning behind it too.

  21. My husband and I are believers, so we wanted to give our a child a name that would speak to our son’s true identity. I felt it was important for him to carry a reminder of it for the rest of his life. The name Theodore means “gift from God” or “God-given”. We both agreed that he truly was a blessing and a gift to us, so the name plucked at our heartstrings in just the right way. 🙂

  22. Gods gift

  23. My husband loves names like Patrick & Edward and such. I hate old names, my favourite names are Hayden & Milo. So when we both agreed on Theo (Short for Theodore) We knew it was going to be the only name we would agree on so we just went with it. I like the name it’s really grown on me. His middle name is Lincoln.

  24. We love that it means “gift from God” and all the fun nicknames.

  25. I thought it was cute from the get-go! He has the middle name Frank because of his Grandpa he never got to meet. He is such a caring and sporty kid, He goes by Teddy! I cant wait to see him grow into a Ted. His little brothers are John-Luca and George I think they all go great together!

  26. We love the meaning behind his name. It means “God’s Gift

  27. We love the meaning behind his name. It means “God’s Gift

  28. We love the meaning behind his name. It means “God’s Gift

    It’s a classic name, we love he can go by a shorter name “Theo” or his long name.

  29. It means “gift of God” in Greek

  30. It’s a family name on his dad’s side
    I like that the name is “old fashioned” and that it is the same name of a President that advocated for state parks and helping the world be more “green”
    He’s the most handsome, smartest, athletic, charismatic, compassionate, kind, emotionally intelligent and disciplined person =) He has a beautiful soul <3

  31. Solid, non trendy name

  32. It’s a family name after my father in law

  33. Love the name Theodore chosen for my first grandchild – he is named after his grandfather. And he is a true “gift of God” to us all.

  34. It is after his grandpa, both my boys are named after their grandfather’s.

  35. I love the classic name. He is also named after my father in law (Teodoro)
    We nickanmed our son Theo

  36. This name is strong and timely, and has positive associations like Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy.

  37. The meaning of Theodore; Gods gift. Especially with a complication that healed on its own, it seemed perfect for us!
    We absolutely love everything about his name, the meaning and the many many MANY nicknames.

  38. We chose the name Theodore, because it means “gift from God.” We call our little Theodore “Theo“!

  39. I live the name Theodore.
    My great grandpa’s name was “Theodore babe” and he went by “babe”.
    My grandpa’s name was James Arthur Davis, he went by “Art“.
    I was very close to my grandpa so the name just kind of came to be “Theodore James Weeks.

    My dislikes:
    I HATE the nickname “Theo” and my in laws tend to use that often. ?

    My likes:
    The nickname “Teddy” is pretty cute ?

  40. I had heard the name around a few times from some mama Instagramers and just loved it. It’s so versatile because there are a million nicknames for Theodore. My husband and I loved the nickname “Teddy” for when he’s little, and then “Theo” for an older kid and even into adulthood if he wants.

    Theodore felt like a great outdoorsy, adventurous name for a little boy. It doesn’t feel too formal for a baby, but it’s also not too cutesy for an adult. It’s just the perfect name!

  41. Family name. I love his name. He’s a big sweet happy boy!

  42. We chose it originally because we loved the name and it was unique but still traditional. When we lost our first baby early in pregnancy, we got more into the meaning of names. We still wanted our first son named Theodore but it now took on a new meaning once we found out it meant “gift of God”. Our son truly is a gift from God and the name is so fitting for our situation! God had plans long before our son was born that his name was going to be Theodore and it is very exciting to see those plans come to be and be so perfect!

  43. I love the nickname of Theo & that it means God-given. His name fits so perfectly to our life right now. I just wish it wasn’t so popular right now and that it’s very likely he’ll have friends with the same name but I’d never change his name because of it. He is our little gift from God!

  44. Theodore means gods gift.

  45. Our rainbow baby Theo is truly a gift from the Lord. We prefer the nickname Theo to Ted or Teddy

  46. We loved the name Theodore because it means “gift from God”. Every child is a gift from God, but it feels more so when you wait for ten years for your precious gift like we did. We also liked the ability to shorten his name to Theo.

  47. The name means gift from God!

  48. I chose theodore’s name because it means gift of god in Greek and I
    Chose Roman (his middle name) because it’s my brother in laws middle name

  49. I love the name Theodore because it means “God’s gift”, and this was an accidental (but very wanted) pregnancy! But the real reason we called him Theodore is that his labour and birth was such a gift: quick, easy, natural, and empowering – just four and a half hours start to finish, totally in control and at home, with two hours of active labour at the end and no tearing. And he’s followed through by being a calm, healthy, wonderful baby. Maybe names are self-fulfilling prophecies!

  50. Theodore means “gift of God.” We were thankful for the gift of getting pregnant easily and for our sweet little guy once he was born. It’s also a reminder that he is still a gift even on days when he is cranky, tired, snotty, teething, covered in dog hair and mom needs another cup o’ joe 🙂

  51. We named our son after President Theodore Roosevelt, our favorite president. President Roosevelt fought corruption as an elected official in New York and went on to become a progressive president who started the National Parks program. We also love that the name means”gift from God,” as this baby mist certainly is.

  52. I picked Theodore after he was born and I saw him. His name just came to me and it stuck.

  53. Theodore means God’s gift.
    He’s such a gift to us because he was conceived unexpectedly and had a supernatural birth.

  54. We wanted a traditional name that had a nickname for when he was young but a big name to grow into. He is “Teddy“. I still love his name. We loved what it means. If you’re thinking about it, do it! You’ll love having a Theodore! 🙂

  55. We chose Theodore before we were even married while visiting Yellowstone National Park. We love President Roosevelt’s work with Parks and once we found out we were pregnant, we starting calling him Theo before we even confirmed he was a boy. We love that it is an “older” name. I don’t like that some may feel compelled to call him Teddy. Theo just fits our little man!

  56. My husband wanted a little kid running around named Teddy (that’s what we call him), and we really like the slavery Abolitionist Theodore Weld. There’s Teddy Roosevelt as well. Some people call their Theodore’s “Theo,” or “Ted,” and I sometimes call my son Ted for short. My little blonde hair Teddy boy 🙂

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