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People of victory



Noble, exalted; rational



Lovely one














Beautiful voice


Get ready to go gaga for Greek girl names. These time-tested titles are rich with history and style and have retained popularity over many years. Let’s jump into these Grecian goddesses and see what’s up.

You’re probably wondering if you’ve ever heard any Greek girl names, and chances are, you have. They’re quite popular, with the chart-topper Sophia and her variant Sofia appearing high on many mamas’ baby name lists today. Chloe and her rhyming twin Zoe are Greek as well, along with Penelope, a peppy pick beloved for her endless nicknames. Genesis may appear in the Bible, but she’s a Greek gem with modern styling to boot.

While several Greek girl names rule the top of the charts, there are also many hanging out in so-called “sweet spot” territory. They’re well-known, but not overly popular, making them ideal for avoiding spelling and pronunciation issues while retaining a smidge of individuality. The mighty Athena stands tall here, and this Greek goddess is just the tip of the iceberg. The classic Alexandra reigns as well, while the once super popular Andrea and Melanie have cooled enough to feel fresh again. Anastasia has recently risen the fall into this range, and we think her meaning of “resurrection” is incredible. For this familiar feel, you want to look lower than the top 100 but higher than 400 to avoid being too rare.

If you’re more interested in rare girl names, you’re in luck with Greek girl names, with everyone’s favorite mythical star Pandora making an appearance among them. For a pop of excitement, try out Zenobia and Xenia, as their rare starts give them a burst of energy. There’s also Sirena, an awesome moniker with superhero vibes, and Nessa, a chic pick we’d love to see more often. Rare Greek girl names are simply stunning, from the fiery feel of Phaedra to the place name Iraia.

Greek girl names are chameleons, with vintage darlings like Cora, Lydia, and Iris appearing, along with modern finds like Cali, Lexi, and Elodie. You can find nature name cuties like Amaryllis, Azalea, and Acacia, as well as religious stunners like Thea, Angela, and Ariadne. There are luxurious long ones like Cassandra and Evangelina and short ones too, like Sena and Alix. You’ll find a wide assortment of spunky picks like Phoebe and Reya, as well as uber stylish fashionistas like Cleo and Karis. As you can see, the sky is the limit with Greek girl names.

If you’re unsure where to start, try turning to meanings. As you know, we’re big on meanings here and with good reason. They can really make or break a name, as they give it life beyond the page and can connect with you on another level. Thalia’s “flourishing” is nothing but positive, while Ophelia’s “help” is selfless and admirable. We love the imagery of Naia’s “water nymph,” but we can’t ignore Calla’s meaning of “beautiful.” You can capture your little one’s spirit with Zotica’s “full of life,” or show your endless love with Philomena, meaning “powerful love.”

Wherever they take you, you’re sure to find beauty among Greek girl names.