Thomas Name Meaning

A classic name with long-lived popularity, Thomas has an appeal that’s hard to resist. A Greek name meaning “twin”, Thomas is a familiar friend to many.

A name of many traits, Thomas is mature yet youthful, fun yet serious. He works well on a boisterous youngster ready to take on the world as well as a stately gentleman delivering a commencement speech. He’s a shapeshifter of sorts, magically fitting a wide range of personalities and ages with ease.

While Thomas is a timeless classic, he doesn’t seem out of place on the charts today. Like his friends Aaron and Michael, he has ties that reach back to ancient Hebrew times, but still appears on the charts as a modern fixture. His sound is distinct enough to stand alone but works well in the world of Liam and Noah.

Thomas is a faithful friend with community ties, one who is surrounded by happiness and warmth. He insulates his life with good friends, enjoying his time most when spent with those closest to him. He’s surrounded by good vibes and is a great moniker for a little one.

A Biblical name, Thomas is also an attractive choice for those looking to pay homage to their religious roots. He appears as an apostle who doubts Jesus’ resurrection before seeing him with his own eyes. Thomas is also the name of several saints.

Infographic of Thomas name meaning, which is Meaning twin, Thomas is a Greek name.
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Thomas Name Popularity

How popular is the name Thomas? Here’s everything we know.

Year Rank # Births % Births
1910 12 2,842 0.8072%
1911 10 3,286 0.8824%
1912 10 6,084 1.2064%
1913 10 7,092 1.2508%
1914 11 8,843 1.2689%
1915 10 11,487 1.2643%
1916 10 11,994 1.2416%
1917 10 12,611 1.2606%
1918 10 13,910 1.2961%
1919 10 13,434 1.2829%
1920 11 14,934 1.3431%
1921 11 15,308 1.3369%
1922 11 15,261 1.3698%
1923 12 15,884 1.4182%
1924 11 16,557 1.4258%
1925 11 16,679 1.4757%
1926 11 16,600 1.5093%
1927 11 17,022 1.5378%
1928 11 16,574 1.549%
1929 11 16,272 1.571%
1930 11 17,010 1.6284%
1931 10 16,845 1.7067%
1932 10 16,830 1.7035%
1933 10 16,497 1.7707%
1934 9 17,367 1.7965%
1935 9 17,678 1.8191%
1936 8 18,338 1.9037%
1937 9 19,773 2.0066%
1938 9 21,376 2.0881%
1939 9 22,127 2.1753%
1940 8 23,987 2.2567%
1941 8 26,641 2.3671%
1942 8 31,099 2.4628%
1943 8 32,860 2.5171%
1944 8 31,599 2.5496%
1945 8 31,870 2.6132%
1946 8 38,868 2.6341%
1947 8 44,833 2.6858%
1948 8 43,778 2.7424%
1949 8 45,204 2.8101%
1950 8 45,603 2.8323%
1951 8 48,278 2.8474%
1952 8 48,655 2.7874%
1953 8 46,971 2.654%
1954 8 47,156 2.5796%
1955 8 45,819 2.491%
1956 9 44,800 2.372%
1957 9 44,578 2.3166%
1958 9 42,066 2.2258%
1959 9 40,269 2.1195%
1960 9 39,279 2.0731%
1961 9 37,557 1.9893%
1962 9 36,524 1.9895%
1963 9 35,504 1.9779%
1964 9 34,457 1.9575%
1965 9 31,623 1.9338%
1966 10 29,016 1.8584%
1967 12 28,276 1.8633%
1968 12 27,443 1.8276%
1969 13 27,479 1.7837%
1970 17 26,685 1.6768%
1971 17 23,161 1.5413%
1972 20 19,575 1.4372%
1973 19 17,937 1.3836%
1974 20 17,286 1.33%
1975 20 16,554 1.2882%
1976 23 16,125 1.2511%
1977 22 16,592 1.2309%
1978 23 16,493 1.2267%
1979 26 16,472 1.1682%
1980 25 17,570 1.2017%
1981 26 17,165 1.1677%
1982 23 17,582 1.1766%
1983 24 17,563 1.1902%
1984 25 17,594 1.1827%
1985 25 17,604 1.1598%
1986 26 17,350 1.1494%
1987 24 18,125 1.1877%
1988 23 18,799 1.2063%
1989 23 18,429 1.142%
1990 26 18,216 1.099%
1991 28 16,786 1.0298%
1992 27 15,282 0.9574%
1993 27 14,862 0.9533%
1994 27 14,904 0.9712%
1995 27 14,159 0.9395%
1996 28 13,800 0.9217%
1997 31 12,895 0.8719%
1998 31 12,886 0.861%
1999 31 12,791 0.8541%
2000 33 12,639 0.8274%
2001 33 12,146 0.8061%
2002 36 11,291 0.7535%
2003 36 10,932 0.7186%
2004 37 10,497 0.6887%
2005 40 10,037 0.6565%
2006 51 9,508 0.6072%
2007 52 8,927 0.5658%
2008 52 8,356 0.5406%
2009 57 7,719 0.5164%
2010 62 7,123 0.4943%
2011 63 6,913 0.4852%
2012 63 6,838 0.4799%
2013 61 6,786 0.4766%
2014 54 7,022 0.482%
2015 51 7,172 0.4929%
2016 48 7,338 0.5089%
2017 48 7,131 0.5109%
2018 49 6,779 0.4934%
2019 47 6,612 0.4884%
2020 45 6,255 0.4914%
2021 46 6,642 0.5433%
2022 46 6,330 0.4798%

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Alabama (AL)

Arkansas (AR)

Arizona (AZ)

California (CA)

Colorado (CO)

Connecticut (CT)

District of Columbia (DC)

Delaware (DE)

Florida (FL)

Georgia (GA)

Hawaii (HI)

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Idaho (ID)

Illinois (IL)

Indiana (IN)

Kansas (KS)

Kentucky (KY)

Louisiana (LA)

Massachusetts (MA)

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New Hampshire (NH)

New Jersey (NJ)

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Nevada (NV)

New York (NY)

Ohio (OH)

Oklahoma (OK)

Oregon (OR)

Pennsylvania (PA)

Rhode Island (RI)

South Carolina (SC)

South Dakota (SD)

Tennessee (TN)

Texas (TX)

Utah (UT)

Virginia (VA)

Vermont (VT)

Washington (WA)

Wisconsin (WI)

West Virginia (WV)

Wyoming (WY)

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God is good






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God has given




  1. Thomas was named after his father’s grandfather. His middle name cam from my grandfather.

  2. I chose Thomas because it’s my dad’s middle name, which came from his great grandfather, and I wanted to keep a name in the family! Well, I didn’t know the middle name came from someone else in his family until after it was chosen… but it worked out. 😀
    I like the name Thomas because it also has nickname options like Tom and Tommy!

  3. Classic, never go out of style, but not too popular/ the “it” name currently. Won’t be constantly misspelled. Has several nicknames to go with it. Also a family name in a non-traditional way – MIL maiden name.

  4. Our family has always liked the name Thomas because we have a devotion to St. Thomas Moore, a Catholic martyr from the time of King Henry the 8th. We actually go to St. Thomas More parish too. So it was really easy for us to want to name our son after this patron saint. The name means twin, which was pretty funny because I got pregnant at the same time as my sister,. We both ended up having boys. So three boys total, and apparently Thomas actually means twin. So yeah, I took the twin name when I wasn’t even having twins! We also gave him the middle name Ignatius after St. Ignatius of Antioch and Joseph for jesus’s father.

  5. To be named Thomas also see the middle name Gene and to see so much of or on genetics. Or photon electrons all these things formed within people .all never wanted and last name martin. Read both sides of a martin luther King story sad on can take and frame time and use ones life for its own purposes. I’d still rather speak to the man than anything saying it exssist and that we are to believe same goes for mother earth or founding fathers or found in furthering its hides. I can see why I was named Thomas but when it comes to christ a suffering cruel at that. Along with Jesus or anything within a book that clearly takes worship and makes it a word ship. A vessel alot like queen Mary or many others mayflower etc. It’s all the same. Look at descriptions doesn’t do but boast and bragg. Ill say even with it with in I still see me separate from anything who has it as a God in one’s head. Can’t speak to all at once in a normal conversation simply says you have something your hiding to protect. It whatever it wants to call itself knows in truth it would not want for it and I what was done and how I did it. To con
    Come to light. . Not that I need to be famous. . Sun story of a son. Whether weather and climate that reflects its doing within our bodies and minds . It’s way past time where I’d say it’s old. On a seriously side of being human . Be courteous and remain quite in my hearing would be something to brag about. And yes I know it well enough to have to go through life as to hear and listen to just how ignorant it is. My thoughts are mirrored actions to it for all its done . As it also taught in a book

  6. We named him after my fianc?’s dad, who had passed away when my fianc? was only like 10. And when we first found out I was pregnant he asked if the name Thomas could be worked into the name, because I wanted to name him after my grandfather who died when my dad was only 17. So he became Thomas Eudelio and we call him Leo because we know a lot of Thomas’s out where we live and my fianc? didn’t want any derivative of the name Thomas.

  7. I’m Thomas’s grandmother and my daughter chose the name Thomas from one of her fathers middle names!

  8. Amanda laine looking bad

  9. I am very grateful to be named John. I have succeeded in working over 3000 different jobs while still living a very filling life. My social life as a john is great and I talk to many naked women on a daily basis.

  10. I & my parents do not know why I have this name.

    • I was named after my uncle and I like it.

      • thats so cool

  11. We have him his grandfather’s name. His grandfather meant soooo much to his dad and it was a way to honor his legacy. He is the III.

  12. My husband’s middle name is Thomas. That’s why we gave it as our son’s first name.

  13. Thomas is my husband’s middle name and Anthony was my cousins name. He passed away a few years ago. He was more of the big brother I never had opposed to my cousin. I wanted to honor two of the four men that mean the absolute world to me in hopes my son grows up to be like them In his own little way.

  14. My husband and I chose the name after a dear friend of ours. We like traditional names.

  15. Just love the name and nicknakes for it!

  16. We chose the name Thomas after St. Thomas the Apostle, who made one of the greatest declarations of who Jesus is in the Bible when he recognized Him as “My Lord and my God!”

  17. It’s a Family name I don’t hear often enough. we call him Tommy sometimes, our other children call him Tom sometimes, but mostly Tommy and Mommy.

  18. We chose Thomas because it is a classic, strong name that is not often used, and Thomas the Apostle went to India and our Thomas is part Indian!

  19. Thomas Leo Carroll (TLC) was my grandfather and Thomas is my husbands fathers name. It was an easy choice! Our son’s initials will be TLK, hoping for Tender Love and Kindness ??

  20. Thomas is named after his Uncle, his Daddys Brother. We chose that name before we found out he was a boy.
    I like the name thomas I dont have any dislikes about the name.
    Thomas is a Rainbow Baby. We lost one before him. So he is a blessing to our home and family. Thomas is welcomed home by 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers whom love him specially his brother Albert.

  21. We named him after my dad.

  22. My Father in Law name is Thomas who served our countries for 50 years. We wanted to make our son after a hero who we called pops?

  23. My dad passed away 21 years ago this year and his middle name was Thomas so we wanted to bring a little part of him in to Thomas’s life

  24. We named Thomas after my Grandpa Tom. He was one of my best friends growing upand the kindest man to anyone who knew him.

  25. My grand son is being delivered right now. 01/22/2022. His name will be Thomas after his dads middle name. His middle name is Stephen after my son who was killed in auto accident 5 years ago. The description of Thomas “twin” sounds just like my son Stephen who was also “a leader”. Hopefully Thomas will have the same loving disposition and characteristics of my deceased son. ?

  26. Traditional
    Not common anymore
    Similar internationally

  27. Thomas means twin and leader

  28. My father passed away on January 10, 2020, and he was and will always be my number 1 and rock. His name is David Thomas Ferguson. I chose to name my baby born 03-29-2020 Thomas after him.

  29. We chose Thomas because St Thomas Moore and St Thomas Aquinas are my husband’s favorite saints.

  30. I chose the name Thomas because it’s my husbands brothers middle name

    • Fuck you mommy, now let me see your big hondon roncadoos

  31. My husband said he doesn’t have a sone named after him and it was important that he had a son with his name so we named him Thomas Franklin III. Me personally I did not like the name because I just think it’s an older person name if you catch my drift lol.

  32. We named our son Thomas Wayne after his grandfather ( my dad, Thomas. RIP ) and Wayne after his great grandfather, RIP.

  33. Thomas is a family name and my husbands middle name. I also went to psychic an she said she saw ‘two heads’ but that it was one baby. Well Thomas means twin so I think he was trying to tell us what he wanted to be named. I only discovered this after we had already decided Thomas was what we wanted to call him.

  34. We’ll I am a mom of 5 total know when I was pregnant with Thomas we let are other 4 help pick his name since it was my last one and they picked Thomas because of Thomas the train know I am ok with that but hate that people may be like aww you named him after a train lol

  35. We made friends with this guy whose brother’s name was Thomas and my husband and I immediately liked it and said if we ever have a baby boy, we’d call him Thomas.

  36. We always loved the name Thomas – it was a strong name that could work for a young child and a grown man. It has a few nicknames, but we use Thomas in its entirety. I think it’s a great name and so does our Thomas!

  37. We picked it because we named our son after the best man at our wedding. We looked up the meaning, twin. After he was born, the name was right. My son was the spitting image of his dad, who is the spitting image of his dad. After he was born, I loved to see all the ways his name was perfect for him. When I was little, I had a pretend brother named Tommy (my son is called Thomas) and it’s a form of my maiden name.

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