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Elf or magical counsel; elf, magical being strength





Home ruler



Fortunate or prosperous in battle



Noble, exalted



Bright fame



Noble serpent



Other, foreign


German girl names have an old-world charm you can’t help but love. Perennially popular, they have long appeared on the baby name charts, and new darlings appear toward the top with every passing year. In fact, two of today’s hottest names — Emma and Amelia — have German roots. Let’s get to know more of these cuties together, shall we?

Most of today’s most popular German girl names share two distinct styles: a vowel beginning and vintage styling. First up is Allison, who, with her variant, Alison, has remained popular since the 1980s. There’s also her sister Alice, a grandma-chic doll that parents adore. Next up is a name with more forms than you can imagine: Adeline. Appearing as Adalyn, Adelyn, Adaline, and Adelynn toward the top of the charts, this stunner is a bit of a chameleon and is more popular than you’d think if you tally up all her spellings. If you want something similar without the mega popularity, try out Adelaide or Annalise. They’re both equally elegant and have excellent nicknames like Lady and Elise.

There are quite a few other vintage girl names of German roots, too. These antique names are trending hard, and we’re cheerleaders for them all. Matilda especially has our eye, as this gorgeous moniker has the feel of Madelyn without the insane popularity. She also has loads of precious nicknames to choose from, like Mattie and Tilly. You can check out Harriet and her diminutive Hattie, too, as these classic cuties are right at home beside Evelyn and Eleanor on the charts. Speaking of diminutives, vintage nicknames are fashionable today, and Greta, Della, and Birdie fit the style beautifully.

If you want something more modern, you’re still in luck with German girl names. These names are incredibly versatile, and many appear in Hollywood, giving them a contemporary feel. Halle and Charlize aren’t just major stars — they’re amazing names, too! They have a chic feel and work well with today’s top trends. Ada is another solid choice as she captures the style of the chart queen Ava without appearing in every classroom, and she has the palindrome cool factor. If you want something unique yet modern, check out Alina. Meaning “noble one,” she has a beautiful sound that helps her stand apart.

Most German girl names have gorgeous meanings, with Mina’s “love” our top pick. Similarly, Anika’s “sweet-faced” is too cute to ignore and more than fitting on a little one. We love Frida’s “peaceful lady” as well and think it’d be precious on a super mellow baby girl. On the flip side, we adore Louisa for a tough cookie, as her “famous warrior” meaning is more than badass. When you browse German girl names, keep an eye on their meanings for inspiration. These hidden sides give life to names and can bring ones you hadn’t considered into view.

Whether you want to capture the city feel of Berlin or are seeking something with a rustic village styling, you’ll find it among German girl names.