A babymoon is a vacation you take with your spouse before you have your baby – usually in the second trimester. It’s the last hurrah before baby enters your world. A tropical vacation is nice, but you can also do a staycation. The important thing is to take time off and do it! Here are the top ten reasons why you want to take a baby moon.

1. Because you can

If you don’t have any children yet, you are free as a bird. You may feel busy, overwhelmed or like you don’t have time to go on a babymoon, but trust me, you need to do this. Your life as you know it is about to radically change and you won’t be able to travel on a whim. Take advantage of this freedom! Plus, once you get into your third trimester, it’s best not to do airplane travel so get it in while you can.

2. Time out

Getting away from the daily grind is so good for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As you approach this life-changing event, it can be even more important to get away from the drains of extra rest and relaxation to recharge you for parenting.

3. Rest

Parenting is exhausting. It’s wonderful but tiring. Get as much extra rest and relaxation NOW before baby arrives. Many of us get our best sleep on vacation and can come back feeling rejuvenated.

4. Quality Time with Significant Other

Having a child changes the family dynamic… and the baby becomes the center of attention from the moment you give birth. This can sometimes put a strain on couples. By investing time and space to be together for your babymoon, you’ll walk into parenthood more connected than ever.

5. Time to Reflect

How will you want to raise your child? How will you nurture this new relationship as well as old relationships? What do you want your legacy to be as mom? These are all great questions to reflect upon as you are on your babymoon. This will help you be an intentional and conscious parent.

6. Adventure

On a babymoon, you’ll explore new sights, sounds, tastes and traditions. These fun, spontaneous, and exciting discoveries will take a backseat when your newborn arrives. You’ll do plenty of discovering but it will be of a more local variety 🙂

7. Dream and plan

Have you put off thinking about baby’s name? Or whether you’ll co-sleep? Or do you a dream nursery you want to create? Now is a great time to tackle these topics while you have uninterrupted time with your partner.

8. Romance

I’m just gonna it. Once you have kids, your sex life will change… particularly those 3 months postpartum. It will eventually return to a very satisfying one but there will be some adjustments. Use your babymoon to “stock up” on loving to carry you through some more spartan months.

9. Observe other kids

You know how you hate it when a baby is wailing on a plane? Or making a big scene at a museum? Or creating a mess at a nice restaurant? Yes, we all have those judgments before we have kids. Once you become pregnant and go on your babymoon, you can use it as an opportunity to watch children in the “wild” and have more compassion for tired and trying parents.

10. Recharge

Taking a babymoon is a wonderful way to “recharge” many areas of your life… from romance to sleep to adventure. As you enjoy your time away, you’ll come back ready to do your last trimester and welcome your new baby with open arms.

How about you?

Did you take a babymoon? Where did you go and what did you do? Are you thankful you took one? Share with us in the comments below.