This post is part of our ongoing comparison of the best birthing classes. All prices noted below are accurate as of 2024.

The Bradley Method is the original “partner-led” in-person, group childbirth class geared toward natural birth. This class option is both highly popular and highly effective for those seeking a natural birth! This effectiveness is due mainly to the intensive time commitment parents put into their class experience.

The Bradley Method consists of 12 weekly 2-hour classes, totaling 24 hours, at an average cost of $400. Cost varies by location, and prices are set by individual instructors. Classes are pre-scheduled in a 12-week class series, and parents can find an instructor using the “Find A Teacher” tab on The Bradley Method website.

This brings up a couple of main differences between The Mama Natural Birth Course and The Bradley Method.

  1. The Mama Natural course offers an in-home, self-paced option that you can complete on your own schedule–no need to find and connect with an instructor or fit specific class times into your schedule! No hidden or surprise costs, no lengthy time commitment.
  2. The Mama Natural course can provide the same results in less time. The Bradley Method uses repetition as a reinforcement method throughout the lengthy class time. While this repetition may be helpful for some, others may find it very long and drawn out. Host Genevieve designed this course to be focused and to-the-point, which keeps the total class time under 10 hours!

The Bradley Method covers topics such as the labor process, coping with pain naturally, prenatal exercises, and possible interventions using a 130-page course book in a small-group setting; most classes have a limited space. Positioning and comfort measures are integrated into a portion of each class session. Mama Natural also covers these topics, plus, they offer printable worksheets, a standalone prenatal workout video, special segments just for dads, plus valuable and inspirational physical bonuses sent to US-based students in the mail, without the required reading of a lengthy course book.

Like Mama Natural, The Bradley Method focuses on how to achieve a natural birth, focusing on the role of the birth partner as the primary way to accomplish this. The Mama Natural course also gears material to prepare the birth partner well, while allowing the integration of other support people, or NO support people, if that’s what you so choose!

The Mama Natural Birth Course features a well-paced, relatable approach, and aims to provide the best learning experience, delivered in a fun, fresh way.

While both are great courses, there are some key differences to note, mainly:


The Mama Natural Birth Course is taught by doula, bestselling author and YouTube star Genevieve Howland, as well as Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Maura Winkler.

Not only is host Maura Winkler a midwife, she’s also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Her professional and medical background provide invaluable expertise to the Mama Natural Birth Course.

The Bradley Method group classes are taught by instructors with the credential of “AAHCC,” meaning that they have attended a workshop and completed instructor course study through the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth, the certification organization behind The Bradley Method. Instructors must also have had a natural birth themselves, they must have attended a Bradley Method class series, and many instructors teach as a husband-wife team.

Course Access

The Mama Natural Birth Course allows for 1 full year of access. With an ample access window, the Mama Natural Birth Course allows students to watch and re-watch various class sections. This is extra important when it comes to the breastfeeding classes that both courses offer.

The Bradley Method classes are over once they are over! While you may have some one-on-one access to your instructor after birth, the course workbook and materials from classes are your main takeaways for future reference.


The Mama Natural Birth Course provides all students with a Natural Birth Playbook for free, plus physical copies of Genevieve’s Natural Pregnancy Affirmation Cards and a handmade bracelet from their charity partner in Haiti. The Mama Natural Birth Course also donates 10% of profits to organizations that support maternal and newborn health.

Students also have 1-year access to the Mama Natural Pregnancy Group on Facebook, which provides a virtual community of like-minded mamas that can be accessed for support, questions, or concerns at any time day or night.

The Bradley Method provides students with a 130-page course workbook, and access to the Student Resource Center on the website with current registration in a class. The Student Resource Center provides additional information for each weekly class session. Many class groups become quite close throughout the 12-week cycle, which fosters a sense of community long after class ends. Some groups even host a reunion class after all class members give birth, so that everyone can meet the babies and hear each other’s birth stories!


The Mama Natural Birth Course was the first online birthing class to lower prices in response to the greater need for virtual classes during the Coronavirus pandemic. The discounted admission price along with the physical bonuses offer students a very solid value for their money.

With varied pricing by location, average pricing for The Bradley Method is right in line with the industry standards for in-person, group classes. In fact, when broken down by hours spent in class, The Bradley Method is a better value than most other independent in-person, group classes!

Closing Thoughts

Both The Mama Natural Birth Course and The Bradley Method provide solid information and content for couples seeking a natural birth!

The Mama Natural Birth Course is instructed by a Certified Nurse Midwife and packs in a ton of succinct and useful information in only 10 hours, including free printable worksheets, prenatal workouts, and physical bonuses mailed to students in the USA.

Thousands of birthing families have benefitted from what they have learned through The Mama Natural Birth Course. The course is designed for mamas just like you who are seeking to walk into their childbirth as confident, empowered, and educated as they can be!

Regardless of which birthing class you end up choosing, we hope that you find the best one for you, and that you have your best, most natural birth.

Class Specifics Mama Natural The Bradley Method
Course Length 8 classes / 10 hours 12 classes/24 hours
Course Access 1 year n/a
Instructor Genevieve Howland & Maura Winkler, CNM, IBCLC The Bradley Method certified instructor (AAHCC)
Taught by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
Format HD video-based, hands-on In-person, group
Approach Conversational, informative, “talk show style,” evidence-based Partner/Father-led, small group, natural-focused
Printable Worksheets
Real Natural Birth Footage
Community Group Moderated By Certified Doula
Pricing $264 Varies, average $400
Audio Tracks
Section for Dad
VBAC Training
Breastfeeding Training
Accepts FSA/HSA
Donate 10% to Charity
Physical Bonus via Mail
Extras Mama Natural Affirmations App and physical copies, Prenatal workout video, Natural Birth Playbook, and more 130-page course workbook. Access to Student Resource Center during class registration
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Mama Natural Birth Course