This post is part of our ongoing comparison of the best online birthing classes. All prices noted below are accurate as of 2020.

While most birthing courses focus on the mother, SupportingHer focuses on the support people with mama during labor, including dad or partner. The course strives to give your support team an understanding of labor and teaches ways to support you as you progress in your birthing journey.

The Mama Natural Birth Course also includes sections for your partner, giving them an understanding of how to support you as labor progresses. The course is mainly focused on you, the delivering mama, however. We cover everything from naturally working through pain to breastfeeding your new little one.

The SupportingHer Birth Course is a single class spanning 2 hours, though it’s broken up into smaller video clips for easy viewing. Participants have access for up to 10 months, which is great for refreshing as delivery approaches. At $49, it’s affordable too, though you’re only receiving information for the support person — not the birthing mama.

In contrast, the Mama Natural Birth Course provides 10 hours of video-based content divided into 8 easy-to-follow classes. You have 1 year of access, allowing you to go back as needed without feeling rushed.

How does SupportingHer Compare to the Mama Natural Birth Course?

We’ve gathered the key features we think are crucial when choosing the best online birthing course and compared how the Mama Natural Birth Course and Moms on Top stack up in this nifty chart:

Class Specifics Mama Natural SupportingHer Birth
Course Length 8 classes / 10 hours 2 hours
Course Access 1 year 10 months
Instructor Genevieve Howland & Maura Winkler, CNM, IBCLC Alice Turner, Doula
Taught by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
Format HD video-based, hands-on HD video-based
Approach Conversational, informative, “talk show style,” evidence-based Laid back, informative
Printable Worksheets
Real Natural Birth Footage
Community Group Moderated By Certified Doula
Pricing $264 $49
Audio Tracks
Section for Dad
VBAC Training
Breastfeeding Training
Accepts FSA/HSA
Donate 10% to Charity
Physical Bonus via Mail
Extras Mama Natural Affirmations App and physical copies, Prenatal workout video, Natural Birth Playbook, and more 3 labor cheat sheet handouts
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Obviously, when it comes to childbirth, The Mama Natural Birth Course is supreme since it actually dives into you, the mama, and what you’re going through. We give your partner all the information they need to keep them involved in the birthing process while you also get much-needed support.

In addition, the Mama Natural Birth Course is unmatched in:


While a doula-led course for your support team is amazing, having Maura Winkler, CNM, IBCLC as an instructor is a distinction from the rest of best online birthing classes. A certified nurse midwife has a depth of hands-on experience and knowledge that you can’t put a value on. Not only can she guide you and your partner through labor with her teachings, but she’s also a IBCLC-certified lactation consultant and teaches our breastfeeding class.

Real Birth Footage

Nothing prepares you and your partner like the real thing, but real-life birth footage is as close as you can get. Talking about labor and seeing labor are two very different things. While you and your partner may be a little jarred at first, it’s important to take in labor and delivery and remove the fear and stigma society has surrounded it with.


The Mama Natural Birth Course goes beyond video-based learning. You receive a Natural Birth Playbook, audio tracks for relaxation and pain management, prenatal workouts, and more. The aim here is to leave you as prepared as possible as you enter delivery, whether it’s at home or in a hospital.

10% Donation to Charity

We want to make a difference for mamas around the world, which is why we donate 10% of all Mama Natural Birth Course proceeds to charity. No online birth classes follow this trend, and we’re proud to be industry leaders in giving back to mamas.

Accepts FSA/HSA

In a time when you need money for your growing family, paying for a birthing class shouldn’t stress you out. This is why we accept FSA/HSA payment, allowing those with the benefit to have a little extra wiggle room in their budget.

Closing Thoughts

We love seeing such a partner-focused birthing class as SupportingHer. We support the heck out of this message and wish more online birthing classes would include partners.

When we designed the Mama Natural Birth Course, we kept Papa Natural in mind, too, along with all those other partners out there. Support people should be celebrated and educated, not shoved to the sidelines during pregnancy and delivery.

Whether you choose the Mama Natural Birth Course or go with another, we wish you a safe, satisfying delivery, mama.

The Mama Natural Birth Course