Here are the natural birth videos from my second natural childbirth! I delivered my daughter Paloma Skye in a birth center, assisted by a midwife and a doula.

Natural Birth Video Part 1: Labor

Paloma was born via natural childbirth (using many childbirth techniques from my natural birthing classes) in an “alternative birthing center” with the assist of a midwife and doula.

I intended to have a water birth in the birthing tub, but baby girl had other plans, as you’ll see in this series 🙂

I share these videos because I believe so strongly in natural birth. It really is just so tremendously beneficial for baby and mama.

And, as you’ll see in this childbirth video series, it doesn’t have to be as scary and painful as many people think!

Natural Birth Video Part 2: Delivery

In part two of this natural birth video things really heat up! We nearly had our daughter Paloma Skye in the car! But fortunately, we made it to the birth center on time… barely.

As you’ll see in the video, she came out like a cannonball. I call hers my supernatural birth.

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(without leaving your couch)

See How

Natural Birth Video Part 3: Afterbirth

In this third video, we pick up the action right after I give birth to my beautiful baby girl and right before the hardest part of my childbirth.

In many ways, this was the hardest part of my natural childbirth and delivery.

Here’s the Clary Sage oil I mentioned.

Baby did latch on within the first 20 minutes, but wow, she had a lousy latch and I didn’t pay attention to it, but I did feel it 24 hours later with some major bruising and nipple pain.

So that’s what I like to call my supernatural childbirth. And it was a radical departure from my first birth, which was 27 hours long, required two drops of Pitocin, and resulted in a second degree tear.

And then this birth was so easy, awesome, and wonderful.

What begs the question: Why?

Well, I think that there are five main things that helped me, and they might be able to help you, too.

Video: Why Was This Childbirth So Easy?

Quick disclaimer: You can do everything “perfectly” to prepare for a natural childbirth and still have a really hard or painful experience.

With my first childbirth, I did Bradley natural birthing classes, special exercises, I ate perfectly, and you know what? That birth was extremely hard. I actually had to go through a grieving process because it was not the birth that I wanted.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to accept the birth you are given.

I know many moms who wanted a natural childbirth, and yet ended up having emergency C-sections. And thank God they did, because cesareans can and do save lives.

The important thing is to work with the labor you’re given, accept it with grace, and do the best you can.

Want to compare this birth to my first delivery?

My first experience with childbirth wasn’t quite as smooth as this one was.

Here are videos from my first natural childbirth with my son Griffin.

My third childbirth was even faster and wilder than this one!

Here’s the surprising homebirth video of my daughter Faith Valencia.

Husband assisted home birth childbirth video Mama Natural Faith Valencia Genevieve Howland

Thank you for watching

I hope this series offers encouragement for other mamas-to-be. God bless you!