It’s here at last! The big day when you tell your friends and family that you’re expecting your little bundle of joy. How will you tell your friends and family the good news? We just may be able to make this aspect of pregnancy easier for you! We’ve compiled a list of the craftiest, most original, and heartfelt ways to announce the birth of your baby. Whether you want to go big or keep it simple, you’re sure to find pregnancy announcements that are right up your alley.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: The Due Date Sign

Many moms choose to go the sweet and simple route for pregnancy announcements, with a printed or hand-drawn sign announcing the arrival of their little one. (Need your most accurate due date? Use our advanced due date calculator.) A closeup shot of your hands or holding the sign near your growing baby bump is a surefire but simple way to announce to the world that your baby is on the way!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Expecting Sign

Here’s a little update on the due date sign, where many couples weave in some humor.

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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: The Mommy + Daddy

One of our all time favorite baby announcements is a photo of the new mom and dad with text superimposed on the photo: “Photo Paper: $5, Postage: $0.41, Envelope: $0.05, The look on your face when you realize there are three of us in this photo: PRICELESS!”

There are plenty of cute or silly Mommy + Daddy Announcements which are sure to get a chuckle or two along with an outpouring of well wishes.


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Heart Pregnancy Announcement

Ah, the hands in the shape of the heart on the belly. Doesn’t get any more classic (or common) than this.


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: One Plus Two Announcement

One plus one equals three? That doesn’t add up… Oh wait, I see what you’re doing here.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: The Coming Attraction

One of the most popular pregnancy announcements, a Coming Attraction Announcement is sure to create a lot of excitement surrounding the “premiere” of your new baby.

I’ve going to start with the coming attraction movie poster we did to announce Paloma’s birth!

Here are more coming attraction pregnancy announcements. 🙂


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Horror Movie Poster

For the couple that has darker tastes in movies.


These Pregnancy Announcements Have Gone to the Dogs!

When your four-legged friend is an integral part of your family, it only makes sense to enlist their help for the addition of a new family member!


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: The Whole Family

These announcements are great for the family that already has at least one child. Sending out a photo of your first child wearing a shirt stating that they are the big sister/brother, or one explaining that your gang of “super heroes” will be gaining a new “sidekick” very soon is a great way to spread the excitement.

One Two Three Announcement

Middle Child Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Superhero Announcement

Oh snap! Big brother or sister are elevated to superhero status before baby comes.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: The Shoes Photo

This trend deserves a category of its own! Showcase the cutest pair of new infant booties, boots, or sneakers, and your friends and family may just break into a run from cute overload!


Boots Announcement

For the times when a simple shoe announcement just won’t cut it.

Pregnancy Announcements: A Baby Changes Everything

Life changes drastically when you become pregnant. Many couples choose to make their birth announcements by sending out photos of the different changes they’ve made.

Examples include a photo of dad drinking as mom remains sober, or a photo of you surrounded by pregnancy craving foods such as ice cream and pickles.

Hinting at the changes you’re making as a family in order to welcome your new addition is a fun way to break the news.

Drinking for Two Announcement

Junk Food Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Twins!

Shut the front door! Not only are you having a new baby, but you’ve found out you’re expecting twins!

Twins Announcements usually allude to the shock of expecting twins instead of just one new baby, and your friends and family are sure to join in on the fun.

Mom and Dad Twins Announcement

Twins Due Announcement

Older Sibling Twins Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Sports Fans

For die-hard sports fans, announce your new pregnancy with photos of an infant-sized sports jersey of your favorite team, or with a photo at your favorite stadium. Sports announcements are a way to raise excitement with the most important team of all: your friends and family.

Jerseys Announcement

Stadium Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: The Traveler

A growing trend among couples is to book a babymoon in the first or usually second semester. Travel Announcements, in which you announce your pregnancy with photos from your travels, are fun and exciting and are sure to warm hearts.

Hiking Pack Announcements

Disney Announcements

Beach Announcement


How about you?

Do you have ideas for pregnancy announcements that are not on our list? Comment below to share your best ideas!