Pregnancy in 40s: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Pregnancy in 40s comes with a unique set of challenges and gifts. In this post, hear one mom’s experience firsthand about being pregnant later in life.

8 Ways Pregnancy Is Different In Your 40s Mama Natural Pregnant

I am 43 years old, and I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my third child. Whew! And, I gotta say, pregnancy in 40s is a little bit different that it was in my 30s.

8 Ways Pregnancy Is Different In Your 40s ?

Pregnancy in 40s: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Please hear my heart: I don’t want to add to the cacophony of voices out there that speak to how hard it is to be pregnant in your 40s. Or how it’s high-risk, geriatric, crazy, dangerous, rare, impossible, and on and on.

Women have been giving birth in their forties for hundreds and hundreds of years:

  • Elizabeth Hamilton, orphanage director, political activist, and wife of founding father Alexander Hamilton, had her 8th and last child at almost 45 years of age. (She ended up living to 97 back in the 1800s!)
  • In fact, there are many women in their fifties who conceive naturally and go onto to have healthy children. (source)
  • The oldest mom to conceive naturally is Dawn Brooke of the UK who gave birth to her son at age 59 back in 1997.
  • The oldest woman to ever give birth is Erramatti Mangamma, who delivered her bundle of joy at age 73! She became pregnant through in-vitro fertilization, and delivered her twin baby girls — yes, twins — via cesarean section in Hyderabad, India. She actually holds two records: The oldest woman to give birth, and the oldest woman to give birth to twins.
  • My maternal grandmother gave birth to my aunt at age 42, while my paternal grandmother gave birth to her last child at age 41.

The point is: Women can give birth well past their 30s! But, it doesn’t always mean it’s easy.

This is the tension: I want to be encouraging, but I also want to be real with you.

My pregnancy in 40s is different than the ones in my 30s; and I think it’s important to be honest in the journey and not sugarcoat the experience. This would be doing a disservice to my fellow mamas!

And it’s not just me…

The more I talk to moms who were, or are, pregnant at 40 or beyond, the more I realize that I’m not alone.

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Pregnancy in 40s: A Whole Different Ball Game

I met a gal at the park the other day who said she had a baby at 38, no problem. She is now 40 and pregnant with her second child, and she told me that every day is a struggle. She couldn’t believe the difference two years could make.

A friend of mine has three daughters… she had them at 36, 38, and 40. Again, her last pregnancy at 40 was the toughest.

I also read that Joanne Gaines, who had her fifth at the age of 40, said that her recent pregnancy forced her to slow down and rest.

“I am 40, and pregnancy this time was different,” she writes via People. “I have always really enjoyed being pregnant — I tend to feel my best during those nine months. This time I felt a little more worn out than usual. But being pregnant and forced to slow down has been a gift.”

8 Ways My Pregnancy in 40s Was Different

So, in this video and post, I share the top eight ways my pregnancy in 40s was different than my previous ones:

1. More Tired.

I just don’t have the energy I did before I got pregnant. I am well into my 3rd trimester, and I still will take the occasional catnap to get through the day. By nighttime? Fuhgeddaboudit. I am pretty much “done” once the kids are in bed.

Speaking of which, yes, I have two older children to take care of so this can certainly add to the fatigue. But, they are older and relatively “self-reliant.” That is to say, it’s not like I’m chasing around toddlers in diapers! Even still, I’m more tired in this pregnancy in 40s.

With my earlier pregnancies, sure, I was exhausted in the first trimester. I remember taking naps, especially with Paloma’s pregnancy, and needing some downtime during those first 12 or 13 weeks. But by the second trimester, I was back to my old self and doing #allthethings without feeling fatigued or even pregnant.

And, I’m generally just accepting my feelings of fatigue and taking rests when I need to. After all, pregnancy is hard work!

2. More Swollen.

Move over Sean Combs, Puff Mama is in the house! 🙂 I find that I’m retaining more fluids in this pregnancy in 40s versus my others.

Full disclosure: This could very well be my fault and nothing to do with age. You see, unlike my previous births, I’m not craving protein as much. If you know anything about the Brewer Diet, eating ample protein during pregnancy can help reduce swelling, edema, and puffiness. That’s because protein builds blood volume and helps to prevent fluids from “leaking” into tissue causing swelling. On the days that I force myself to get 90-100 grams of protein, the swelling does subside. (Need some protein ideas? Check out this post.)

Either way, though, I still feel that I’m more prone to retaining fluids and swelling in this pregnancy in 40s. I also feel bigger faster—like my baby is already 14 pounds, fully engaged, and ready to come out. ?

3. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

OK, keep in mind that I had my previous children in Illinois in cooler months versus Florida in the summer, but mama, I am HOT this pregnancy! I can’t get enough air conditioning, fans, cool showers, and cold drinks. At this point, I avoid going outside during the afternoon and instead run errands and get exercise early in the morning. I just get too overheated! (And I’m sure this doesn’t help in the swelling department!)

I also have occasional hot flashes in my pregnancy in 40s versus none in my 30s. I’m sure this is due to hormonal demands and different hormonal outputs. I did test my progesterone early in pregnancy and had strong levels, but still have the hot flashes nonetheless.

One positive and/or possible side effect of having perhaps less sex hormones or different levels? I had ZERO morning sickness in this pregnancy. (PRAISE THE LORD!)

4. Body Soreness.

OK, I am fortunate that I didn’t get pelvic floor pain, round ligament pain, lightning crotch, sciatica, or other very common complaints during pregnancy with my first two. I know many pregnant women do get these (rightfully so!) and they love their body pillows, u-shaped pillows, c-shaped pillows, knee pillows, pillow-top covers and belly bands to help support their body’s expanding size. I just didn’t feel the need to have these accessories in my pregnancies in my 30s.

In this pregnancy in 40s, things are different.

Around 20 weeks, I noticed soreness upon awakening in my hips and pelvic area. It dawned on me that I probably need more support to get through without pain. I started placing a pillow between my legs while I slept at night and voilà—pain went away. Grateful for an easy fix!

I also wear this belly band for a few hours several times a week for added support. The key is to not overwear the belly band, as it can lead to further muscle weakness.

5. More dialed into the testing.

Probably more because of my previous losses versus my age, I am more fixated on tests during this pregnancy. I also think it’s the messages we get in the media… “getting pregnant in 40s is rare… is  dangerous… is geriatric… is impossible… is scary…” and on and on.

It’s funny because I am with a low-intervention midwife, but in the measurements that we do do like blood pressure, fundal height, weight gain, gestational diabetes testing (my idea), I am more nervous and curious of results. In the past, I never thought twice—I always assumed they would be normal.

6. Mentally psyching self out.

In this pregnancy in 40s, I am a little less confident of the physical demands of gestation and birth.

Case in point: the deliberation on where I should give birth.

Unlike Illinois, there are no birth centers close by to where I live in Florida. My choices are either home birth with midwife or hospital birth. While it seems like a no brainer for Mama Natural to give birth at home, I had some reservations (and so did Papa Natural).

Would it be safe? Am I a good candidate? Am I too old? 

After some prayer and good, professional counsel, we decided to go for a home birth. (EEEKKKK!) In fact, my conservative Chicago midwife said that I was an excellent candidate since my pregnancy has gone so smoothly (age is not a factor for home birth safety) and because I almost gave birth to Paloma in the car. In fact, she said it would be safer for someone like me to give birth at home.

While in the past, I may have only needed my own reassurance, this time I needed others to tell me it was OK.

7. More open to accepting help.

Before this pregnancy, I always thought I was super woman. I want to do it all and control every detail and manage everything my way. This time around? I’m like “Mama need help.”

I am blessed by such a supportive community who have chipped in so much along the way…

  • I think I’ve purchased 2-3 maternity clothing items. Everything else has been hand-me-downs.
  • I have yet to buy one onesie for this child since I have bags full of gently used baby clothes from friends.
  • A neighbor is picking up my crib from Ikea in a few weeks.
  • My mom is going to stay with me for a week after baby is born.
  • I am having a friend help me prep postnatal, nourishing meals.

Point is: I’m not doing this alone.

As Joanna Gaines said about her pregnancy in 40s, “Since Crew’s birth, I have a new understanding of the reality of the phrase ‘it takes a village.’”

8. You Don’t Take It for Granted.

Because of all the factors listed above, I am not sweating the small stuff. My house doesn’t have to be perfectly organized. I can let go of certain obligations. I don’t need #allthethings for this baby. I just take it day by day and do what I can.

Perhaps my nesting instinct isn’t as strong? Or perhaps I don’t have the same levels of adrenaline? But overall, I am much more laid back and chill during this pregnancy in 40s. It could also very well be that it’s my 3rd child (I even saw a big change in my attitude between my 1st and 2nd pregnancies!)

I also don’t take the miracle for granted. Each day, I am so filled with gratitude. Just the fact that there is a growing little life inside of me fills me with awe.

I also realize that at 43, this will be my last pregnancy. So there is such a feeling of completion, wholeness, gratitude, and grace around the whole experience. I am so thankful that I get to do this one more time!

Because of my previous experiences, I am more confident in my mothering abilities and in taking care of a child. I also get the precious opportunity to see a new life through my children’s eyes. Because they are older, they understand the process more as they pat my tummy or ask questions about breastfeeding, diaper changes, and burping baby. They can’t wait to help out!

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

Overall, I have had a fantastic, normal, low-risk pregnancy. I am able to function each day. I can get things done. My life is manageable. But I have had to make some adjustments along the way that I didn’t have to make with my pregnancies before. AND IT’S BEEN TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I am confident that there are some 40+ women out there who feel absolutely amazing being pregnant and are energized by the whole experience. Don’t think that just because you are in your 40s and pregnant, your experience will be like mine. We are all so unique!

I wanted to share my experience in case it helps a mama who may be struggling or feel like it’s extra hard. While it has been more intense to be pregnant in 40s, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The gift of this new life is beyond my wildest dreams!

How About You?

Have you been pregnant in your 40s? What was your experience? What did you learn? Share with us in the comments below!

Genevieve Howland

About the Author

Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. She is the bestselling author of The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and creator of the Mama Natural Birth Course. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 130,000,000 views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives.


  1. I’m 48 and 10 weeks pregnant by FET. My two oldest are 25 and 22 and I had an FET baby at 45.

    The biggest difference this time around is that my muscles feel weak and I feel like I’m having a hard time catching my breath after walking up the stairs. I’m not over weight at all, I’m in pretty great health. I eat whatever sounds good with this pregnancy, so far, because I’ve had some on and off morning sickness that has been pretty severe on a few days. This is my first pregnancy where I don’t crave sugar at all.

    But, that’s what I was googling when I found this. So, I thought I’d see if anyone else who is older has felt the same earlier on, did it subsided, etc.

  2. I literally had to type “positive responses” to find anything that wasn’t negative about being pregnant at 41. It’s sad, I’m healthy my husband is 10 years younger then me so he has great swimmers and I’m great at making babies lol. I have an 8 & 10 year old who have been on me about a baby so here ya go girls. I am concerned about the possibility of birth defects. Like I said we are both healthy he’s younger and I’ve had no issues in past births. Should I be worried?

  3. I had my daughter at 40 and just found out I’m pregnant At 43. I feel blessed but it hasn’t hit me yet. I’m about 7 weeks along. My fiancé is amazing but since I told him he’s been not comforting me. It’s like walking around on broken glass like he’s upset. I feel like he acts I’m not and I just need his affection again. I have no nausea. I’m sad. I’m not hungry. I feel like a disappointment to him. I don’t like feeling this way. I don’t even know how to tell him my feelings because somehow he’s not attentive to me or just doesn’t want to talk. I don’t know, I just had to get some feelings out of the open and maybe some feedback and encouragement

    • I feel ya. Im 43 (3 children ages 25, 23, and 16 from previous marriage), and im 6 weeks pregnant. When my current husband found out, he said this baby would devastate our lives… that broke my heart to pieces! It wasnt planned, and i feel like i ruined his life. He walks around with this sad look on his face, and i feel like its my fault. i havent told anyone else because part of me feel embarrassed. Anyway, best of luck, and ill be praying for us both!

      • I feel for both you ladies when my partner first found out he was so excited picking baby names and be super involved. As the weeks have gone on he’s mentioned to me twice and the baby being possibly handicapped and he wanted to have nothing to do with it. I am only 7 weeks pregnant and haven’t had any test’s because it’s too early. I turn 40 this year but I have always wanted another baby. I see this baby as a gift when he sees it as disaster. Unsure on anything because I haven’t told anyone. Trying to be optimistic but this cloud of doom around isn’t helping me feel excited.

  4. I am 44 and 32 weeks pregnant. Besides age, my risk factors are Celiac Disease and hypothyroidism. I have 2 other children born with non-cesarean births before 40. Neither of them was born before the thyroid diagnosis, so I am assuming that this is mostly why I am SO exhausted this time around. My thyroid medication has needed to be doubled since becoming pregnant. I feel zero-pain contractions frequently through my stomach since the 2nd trimester- just so much muscle tightening that I have to sit and rest, like I’ve lifted weights at the gym to my limit. I tend to have large babies (even without high blood pressure or gestational diabetes), so the doctor tries to keep an eye on that.
    I had some anxiety that was starting to take its toll on my physical health that caused me to need to leave my job several weeks before I got pregnant; sometimes I wonder if recovering from that with a pregnancy is another reason I’m so tired.
    I am so humbled to be able to get surprise-pregnant at a time when I felt so crushed by life.

  5. I am 43 and pregnant with my 4th. (My hubbys first) I’ll be 44 at time of delivery. My other 3 children are ages 16,19&21. This is a surprise baby! I am currently 9 wks along and have almost no symptoms, I feel great and have tons of energy. All my other pregnancies were in my early 20s and I remember being sick and uncomfortable the entire pregnancy, with the worst post pardum depression… so I praise God for this miracle. This adventure of life is so amazing…

  6. Super nervous. We started dating about 2 years ago. Last fall decided to stop birth control and if we are blessed to have one cool. I now am 41 he will be 45 in a few months. He has two boys from a previous relationship and my relationship of 20 years we didnt have any for his medical reasons.
    Any way we got pregnant last November but had a missed miscarriage around week 6. Waited a few months and had another miscarriage in April at 6 weeks. Currently am 6 weeks along :).
    Other than being exhausted and having to pee all the time everything seems to be good thus far. Ultrasound scheduled for beginning of September.

    Your story is helpful

  7. I’m 44 and would love another. Spent years trying to talk my husband in to it! He finally agreed to try when I turned 43, but so far it hasn’t happened. Been pregnant 4 times in my 30’s all within the first cycle, although now it doesn’t seem to be happening. Praying its not too late.

    • It’s not too late! Keep trying and don’t give up! I’m 45 and I’m scared and worried but thankful and blessed. This pregnancy was definitely a surprise. Don’t give up.

  8. I’m 42 and still waiting for God to send my first. Thank you to all of you for posting your beautiful, encouraging stories!!!

  9. Thank you for being an inspiration! Had my daughter one month after my 40th. The fertility docs gave us a 3% chance and we got pregnant on our first iui. I am now 43 (almost 44) and have tried 4 iuis and 3 rounds of ivf. They tell me at 44 women have a 1% chance of getting pregnant naturally….do I still have hope?!? If it is only 1% why are there SO many stories of people pregnant at 43, 44, 45!?

    • 1 Percent still means it happens just not as much pregnancies before 40s.

  10. I just cannot let this go without adding my little experience to the wonderful experiences everyone has written.Giving birth at 40+ is taking each day a step at a time.I gave birth to my First born baby at 40 yrs to be exact and second at 46 years we arr 10 months now ,it’s unique in each stage, all babies born at the hospital with close monitoring from a Doctor since in my country death rate is high for expecting mothers.

  11. I am 43 years old and 10 weeks pregnant. I had my first child when I was 30 and my second child when I was 36. I am infertile (unspecified-PCOS). Took years of fertility treatments with first 2 children. No fertility treatments this pregnancy. Just a happy surprise. Thank you all for your input. I feel happy and confident. I can’t wait for someone to tell me I am a geriatric mother. Ha! I am going to relish every moment. So far tired and swollen in fingers….and blissfully happy. Looking forward to getting over the 12-week hump. But I remember my fertility specialist, as long as you have a heartbeat, you are on the good side of 92% success rate.

  12. I am pregnant with my 10th child at 41. Every single pregnancy has been different. Every single birth has been different also. The more we learn about pregnancy and the growing baby inside us, we learn what changes happen to iur own bodies while developing another human. The baby can actually heal our own illnesses by their stem cells. Each pregnancy I found my self getting a little better over time and as I began eating organically and drinking non fluoride water, etc. I was able to see how my body got STRONGER and healthier. This last pregnancy WAS hard, being the morning sickness was the worst I had ever had. Aside from that, blood pressure is a watch, but due to stress related events in life. I am diligent on practicing meditation and deep breathing and positive affirmations to help keep BP lower naturally. However there have been times I need to change my diet and just get extra rest. I am happy to be full term with 10 babies now. Covid has not stopped me or slowed me down. Even being around many strands of positive cases, never wearing a mask once, and of course not ever vac-ing for anything! Our bodies are truly amazing. Stay in faith and not fear, and treat your body well with foods and drinks and staying clear of anything toxic. That is my sound advice for all! 40s and pregnant is NOT a concern or a need to be classified as HIGH RISK and we need to break that stigma. Here is to a safe and happy freebirth!

    • I am 9w3d pregnant with my 14th baby and I’m 44. I’ll be a month off 45 when baby is born. I had 3 concurrent miscarriages before this one due to a highly stressful situation where my family was under extreme persecution. I am still in shock that I’m pregnant at all. I feel this pregnancy will be healing for me as far as my feelings of dissociation. The kids and my husband (who is 49) are all really excited. My 21 yo daughter is due with her second baby 3 months before me, that feels so weird. I feel super tired, sick and I was extremely bloated and heavy feeling from week 4-5 and OMG the breast tenderness is on another level. I have to say I’m very encouraged by most of the comments here, especially of large families because that can be a lonely journey at times.

  13. I would like to say that I have a total of 4 children that I had naturally. I had 1 when I was 18 and another when I was 21 and another when I was 29 and another one when I was 31. Now I’m 42 and pregnant. I have to say so far this one is the roughest one yet. I am only at week 6 and I feel like I’m at 8 months. I feel so tired and I’m having so much tummy pain. Also I had a back surgery at 38 and thyroid cancer at 36. With no thyroid I was for sure that I couldn’t even get pregnant but here we are. I’m praying that it gets better and that I am only feeling those early pregnancy pains. I’m sick all day long and I get hot so much more than I did before. I have to say that I am concerned about the baby more now than I did with my other children. I also am obtaining way more fluids early on. With my other babies I worked until month 9. This time around I’m not working at all and can I just say I’m so glad I’m not.

  14. I am 42 and am currently experiencing a miscarriage at 10 weeks. It’s terribly sad and although this baby was not planned and extremely unexpected, my heart is breaking. After my last baby at age 40.5, I felt absolutely done. She will be 2 the day after Christmas and she is definitely spoiled by her 5 older siblings (14, 12, 7, 5, & 4.) Now that I’m experiencing this very sad loss I have it in my head for one more. I have had the gambit of pregnancy complications and births, from my oldest (I was 28) being an emergency caesarean for placental abruption at 31 weeks to my 4th baby coming so fast she was born in my doorway at home. My 2 oldest and my 5th were all caesareans and all premature and spent time in the NICU. My 3rd, 4th and 6th were all full term, natural & unmedicated VBAC births. The youngest was a VBA3C and the hospital didn’t know and was quite surprised when I spilled the beans after. My OB wasn’t on call and didn’t make it, but she hadn’t notified them either. Thank goodness because they would’ve done an automatic caesarean. Best of luck to all you later in life mamas. It’s not always easy but it’s absolutely doable! Xx

  15. Can someone please help ease my mind….. I am a 41y/o 1st time momma, currently at 20 weeks pregnant. My dream is to have an un- medicated home birth with a midwife I’ve been seeing. However, the regular OB sent me to fetal maternal med due to my age and because I am pretty sure I had covid. (No fever/ felt like bad head cold, but lost taste & smell. Did not take any meds). Anyway, at the appt he told me they don’t let their older moms go past 37 weeks! Put a good scare into me that the stillborn rate goes up after that. I just need encouraged because that basically broke my spirit. So far everything has been going good, as far as I can tell…. I just really want to give my body the chance to labor how God intended, without a bunch of interventions / inducing (unless absolutely necessary). We live a very natural lifestyle and I really want to continue with that. Can you please just let me know your experiences if you were able to safely home birth over 41? I realize everyone is different, but I just feel scared now that if I am not at the hospital induced by 37 weeks, then something terriblle may happen to my baby! Am I being selfish for wanting natural home birth / un-medicated birth? It’s causing me stress and I know that’s not good ! Thank you!

    • That sounds incredibly stressful! Induction at 37 weeks because of advanced maternal age is not an evidence-based approach–in fact, the ACOG supports a full-term pregnancy of 39-40 weeks in a AMA mom. What does your midwife say about this? Does she have restrictions on her practice beyond a certain timeframe for AMA moms? Talking through all of the risks and benefits of staying pregnant versus being induced early may be a good place to start to find some encouragement!

    • Hi Trazi, how did you get along with the consultant and your decision? I have also experienced the same thing, although I have turned down induction. I am 40 weeks at the moment and am still planning a homebirth but have actually agreed induction at 42+12/14 if baby hasn’t arrived. My last was born at 42+5 and I remember them really wanting to induce me then(I was 38) seems to me that they put the pressure on all woman to be induced, even if they are younger. As soon as your “due date” comes they are asking if you want induction and that there are risks going over etc. The risks are low and even with induction, c-section there are risks too. Listen to them, read about them but you should be able to make your own decision on what you want to do. I also have the same worries as you too which is natural I think but babies just come when they are ready too and from mothers of all ages.

      • They’ve wanted to induce me all my pregnancies. When I was just over 26 years old, just turned 31, and a couple months past 33. All my babies were “late.” I did get a partial induction with my second, even tho I was already partially dilated, at like 40 weeks 13 days, bc I read that the placenta gets overworked and stillbirth can ensue past 42 weeks. That doctor was visibly mad at me for not doing it on my due date. I generally did not like the way she treated me. That same pregnancy another doctor wanted to give me an induction at 38 weeks bc I was wearing an n95 respirator, which raised my bp. A nurse luckily gave me a surgical mask bc she guessed the n95 was making it hard for me to breathe, and by the time we walked over to the ER, I had the best bp I ever had (omg). One week later, just bc I was scared at night and went to the ER only to find out baby was fine, so for no reason at all, another doctor wanted to give me one at 39 weeks bc he claimed “nothing good happens” after 39 weeks (omg). Then the doctors switched shifts, and I bargained having more tests/ultrasound, and based on the baby doing swimmingly well, I held out for nearly 3 more weeks. I’m not sure the induction at nearly 42 weeks was necessary at all since they might’ve gotten my due date wrong, even tho his development tracked exactly with his weeks every visit. But my baby coped well with the induction ultimately so I try to just put it behind me. It was painful, but I did not get an epidural until the last hour, so maybe that helped keep his heart rate steady. But I do remember the nurse and doctor had not sorted out how much pitocin they would be giving me and the doctor told the nurse she usually gives patients half of what the nurse gave me. I was annoyed and complained later. I am a very tall woman at 5’10” and I just think the babies don’t really see any reason to evacuate until they’re over 8 lbs. So I try to extend things as long as I can till almost 42 weeks. My first was born 8 days past her due date. And my third 10 days past his. I barely made it to the hospital with the last one so there was no time for any meds. But they definitely stress me out every time with the pressure to induce and keep the hospital’s schedule a priority over my own health or even baby’s. The first and last experiences I had were better than my second mostly bc the doctors were much more respectful generally than the rude one who ended up delivering my baby. Anyways, end rant. That’s my induction experience. All vaginal births at the end of the day, and that is really always my goal, to be lucky enough to deliver through the birth canal, but even more so, to just have a healthy baby.

    • Trazi,

      I agree with Mama Natural and Emma. I would not let anyone pressure you into getting induced if you don’t feel like it’s the best option. I’d say first and foremost, PRAY! Seek God’s direction in this. If you feel confident he’s leading you to wait, then wait. Become knowledgeable on the pros and cons of induction, and go where you feel led.

      I’m 38, and gave birth to my son in December 2020 at 37 years old. They wanted to induce me at 39 weeks, but my son ended up coming at 37.5 weeks, naturally. I never needed an induction and I didn’t get an epidural. My delivery was a great experience, which I firmly believe was due to God’s intervention. I prayed a LOT!

      The best thing you can do is pray, gain wisdom and discernment, and stand on your convictions.

  16. 40 is tough…for me. I just turned 40 and am 11 weeks with baby #4. I was feeling great until week 6 and then the nausea has been a killer not to mention the exhaustion. I am not even function to do house work! Granted I work full time, have 3 kids homeschooling, etc! I want to walk and hike like I did prior to week 6 BUT my body is not having it! I cant regulate my body temperature so I go from stripping my clothes off to being in 3 layers of clothes and 3 blankets within 5 minutes…in September! I am hoping that in a few weeks I will be back to normal. On the flip side, I am looking forward to all the testing being done sooner than later. There is nothing like getting an early piece of mind and the opportunity to be proactive with any health issues that may come up and become troublesome if known about later in pregnancy. I think every pregnancy is different regardless of age. It is a blessing to be able to grow and give life. Some just have it easier than others! Happy delivery everyone!

  17. I am 42 and recently found out I’m pregnant with my sixth child. My others are ages 25, 21, 17, 12, and 5. My best pregnancy before now was actually my last one which I delivered a month before turning 37. I ate as perfectly as possible and was in very good shape physically and exercised every single day of my pregnancy. I’m hoping that this pregnancy can be similar even though it’s five years later. When I was 36 I did experience hot flashes and the nausea never went away entirely for the whole pregnancy. My recovery was amazing though!

    • Those r some nice spacings, especially if you breastfed for an extended period. I imagine it allowed you some recovery, esp in terms of sleep and nutrition, while still having an avg of 4 yrs between pregnancies. Ours is a workaholic culture where even pregnancy and birth r treated as factory-like processes. But the popularity and lack of health awareness around back to back pregnancies cause much complications to babies and mothers. So, for what it’s worth, it’s refreshing to see someone more in line with WHO guidelines. Good luck with this next one!

  18. We thought we were done after four kids (all conceived and born in my 30s). But we had an “oops” when I was 39, and she was born a few months after I turned 40.

    The pregnancy was not any harder than my other 4 (and those were quite easy) except that I napped more, and the final week was misery with pelvic pain and hormonally driven emotions… during a very hot streak of summer.

    But it was a wild pregnancy – I did my own prenatal care! And she was born unassisted at home in the water. Owning my pregnancy and birth like that was so freeing and made the entire experience feel light and worry-free because it kept me away from doctors telling me that I was too old or high risk or what have you.

    I’m 41 now and considering one more baby! I want to be extra intentional with nutrition and movement the older I get.

    Age is – mostly – just a number.

    • This is a really encouraging and positive story. Great you had such a lovely homebirth. I’m 40 weeks now and I turned 40 in July, hoping for a homebirth but do worry slightly with reading or hearing the risks etc. Love to read stories like yours, that I’m not crazy for wanting a homebirth at my age, lots of other women do it and are completely fine

      • Yes! Homebirth is Greta at any age! 🙂
        I ended up having that sixth baby! He was born in October 2022. At home! 😁

  19. I more than agree with you Amber!! It’s not even about the children after their 3rd or 4th…it’s about themselves. They’d rather stay busy with being pregnant and taking care of little babies, than face the real world around them.

    • I sincerely hope one day you are humbled enough to find God and the beauty that comes with being open to life. Otherwise your miserable bloodline will simply die out, and joyful Christian children will take over the world.

      Your ignorance about what motivates good mothers is very sad. I assume either you had a hateful mother or are one, and how very devastating that must be.

    • I have four daughters. I am 46 and pregnant. I decided to have another child because my husband now has none. Your perception is wrong. In my opinion, you need to face your own reality and stay out of the reality of others. You do you. Why did you come on here anyway just to show hate?

  20. I’m 41 and 17 weeks pregnant with my 4th. I have been nothing but sick! My immune system has crashed and I’ve dealt with infection after infection. Currently dealing with viral sinusitis. I have zero energy and have experienced the worst morning sickness of any of my previous pregnancies. My first I was 18 years old, my second i was 23, my third i was 33. So i can attest to the difference that age is really playing here. I wish i would have had this one in my thirties. I am utterly miserable and can hardly function. My body aches, my energy level is negative, I have severe insomnia, constipation and cannot control my weight gain. I was in great shape prior to my first 12 weeks of hyperemesis gravidum which kept me in bed 24/7 and spiraled my weight up 25 lbs. I have never had such a horrific experience with previous pregnancies and I’m seriously doing everything right. Exercise, water intake, no caffeine, no excessive sugar or carbs. Ugh I feel like I’m alone in this misery after reading all these comments.

    • You’re not alone xxx Reading this is like reading my very own situation. Here if you want to chat xxx

    • Kristin,
      I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well during this pregnancy. Since I see you posted this 4 months ago, how are you doing now? I hope things got better for you! I’m a wellness coach for pregnant mommas, so I’d love to check in and see how you’re doing. 🙂

  21. I am 41 and pregnant with my 14th baby. I have had 4 losses, so this will be my 10th living child. I do have Hashimoto’s disease, as well as had pulmonary emboli 6 weeks PPD 4 years ago. No one knows why. I have had testing and even though I am on NO medications and take only herbal supplements, my levels of everything are normal. My last miscarriage was twins last summer during COVID, when drs refused to see me before I was 12 weeks. This is the 2nd rainbow baby. I literally drove through a rainbow on the highway the day I conceived this baby, so I felt already God had something very special planned. Little did I know then it would be a pregnancy or that my body would be in great health for it! I have faith this will be amazing. My plan is to homebirth. I labored home until 9cm with the last before transferring to the hospital for about 5 hours of no change. I had ZERO pain until I pushed. I labored in my birth pool and it was heaven. I could not say enough how relaxing and peaceful and pain free it is to be in your own bedroom at home in labor with NO ONE BOTHERING YOU! I played my high vibrational music, hummed, enjoyed the warm water, snacked and drank often. The nurse in the ER laughed at me for saying I was in labor at all, let alone 9cm, and demanded to check me before even sending me to the L&D floor. They sent me up and anyways and when I was checked they confirmed I was 9cm and bag was bulging with baby’s head right there. Trust your bodies! Birth is such a beautiful experience and I am so blessed to have done it 9 times now. Breastfeeding was just as special and I look forward to it one more time! Every child is such a blessing. I now have 2 grandchildren already, which we laugh that they are older than my youngest will be. God bless all you Mamas and your babies.

  22. “ but with a population nearing 8 billion, I weep for Mother Earth. The soaring human population growth is causing rampant destruction of nature and the wildlife it supports.”

    What an absolutely ignorant and absurd comment. I hope you get your spirituality with God and your priorities about human life correct before you give birth. What a shame you’ve bought into the lie.

    • You are ignorant, so I’m sure your children will be as well. Smdh

      • Wow Lacy, what an elegant argument ?‍♀️

  23. I am 42 this month and just found out I’m having a little surprise next March! My nausea isn’t so bad this time. I have two children, one son 19 and one daughter 12. I’m exhausted though. And more light headed. But I pretty much can identify with most of the above, are headaches normal though?

    • Kat,

      Headaches are definitely normal during pregnancy! I had them quite a few times last year!

    • I turn 42 in September and am also due in March!☺️ Currently reading while lying in bed at 2pm bc I’m tired out! 😂. My kids are 11 & almost 14.

  24. Population implosion right now is the real issue, not explosion, not overpopulation. Almost every country in Western Europe, USA, Australia etc have declining populations and birth rates. USA is decreasing, immigration is only thing maintaining the population and that just means they’re replacing Americans who are not having children while their countries they leave lose. Just stick to the topic to start with and leave politics out.

  25. I’m 42 now. My last full term baby is 2&1/2. I have had a second trimester loss in 2019 and a 8 week loss in 2020. Multiple “chemical pregnancies”
    I have 8 children ages 20, 17, 15, 11, 6, 5, 3, 2. Plus one surrogacy who is turning 13 this year. Besides my oldest, all of them were born at home, including my losses. No complications of pregnancy or birth with the full-terms. I did have to transfer after the loss in 2019 due to severe blood loss and retained placenta.
    My husband and I would love another, but my body just doesn’t seem able to carry to term anymore.
    I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences I’ve already had, and feel a little greedy for wanting more.

    • I can relate, Sara. I have three boys aged 11, 8 and 5. Then I lost two boys this last year (15 weeks and 19 weeks) at 40. I turned 41 two days after I lost my last and am still grieving not only the loss of these precious boys but it looks like my body is just done. My 19 week loss had trisomy 18 and that scares me to try any more as much as I’d love to have another.

  26. Just wanted to add my story.
    I had my first child at 36 yrs – felt horrible the whole pregnancy (sick, tired, joint pains). Gestational diabetes. Developed severe Pre-eclampsia at 36weeks – induced 32 hour labour then after he was born bled and BP crashed and ended up in ICU. All ended ok but hubby didn’t want any more kids but I did. Sort of tried for a few years but gave up when I turned 40. Was on mini pill (on anti hypertension meds). Accidentally got pregnant at 43 but miscarried at 7 weeks. Husband was going to get a vasectomy but at 44 I went to the GP for abdominal pain and discovered I was 16 weeks pregnant (no symptoms and felt fine). Pretty easy pregnancy (after hubby accepted the news). We were lucky to be near a top public women’s hospital where I was closely monitored. Same Pre eclampsia deal again – baby and I spent a month in hospital but now all ok although I have ongoing Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Parenting this time around a bit easier since more laid back and too tired to worry as much. Personally if I had had a choice I would have liked to have children earlier since both of our parents have passed away which makes me sad and it’s financially challenging but I guess life rarely goes to plan soo I try to roll with it.

  27. This post is long, but please read because I could really use some feedback. I am 45 years old. Normal weight. Good, active lifestyle. I don’t drink or smoke ever. My AMH (anti- mullerian hormone) is high for my age. It’s 1.45 (which is typically seem in the 38-40 year old range), so that’s good. I have three children (the oldest is 19 and the youngest is 9). The youngest is from my current marriage, and the only biological child of my husband’s. All three births were vaginal and no problems at all during pregnancy or childbirth. About 4 years ago, my husband got a vasectomy….we thought we were done having kids. For the past year, I have longed for another child. It’s not just a temporary feeling. It’s a deep longing, and I wish so much that my husband had never gotten the vasectomy. Even though I am 45, we still decided to meet with doctors to discuss the possibility of getting the vasectomy reversed. The doctor said there’s a 95% chance of having viable sperm after 3 months. Good news. I also met with my doctor and had blood tests. My doctor told me I’m very healthy and he encouraged us to try to have another baby if we felt like it’s what we wanted to do. All of my blood work was in the normal range for fertility. The AMH of 1.45 was very encouraging and unusual for someone that is 45, so this really gave me hope. However, we still feel like maybe this is just really radical and far out to even think about doing this. The fact that my husband has to have a vasectomy reversed adds even more doubt. I realize that even if a pregnancy is even possible, that the window of opportunity is extremely narrow. We also realize that there’s an increased risk of abnormalities with the baby or problems in the pregnancy. The urologist also mentioned that another factor in our favor is that my husband and I have a good fertility background together. Without going into much detail, I know exactly when I conceived our son (age 9 now), and it happened on the first try of trying to conceive. I was 34 years old when I got pregnant with him. Statistically, even at 34 years of age, it should have taken us longer to conceive than it did. Maybe I’m just trying to only see the good. Am I crazy for even considering this?

    • No you are not crazy 🙂 You’ve got the mama heart! I would pray and listen to that still small voice. You have many factors in your favor. It isn’t as easy *raising* a child in your 40’s but it’s also very joyful. AND, you’ll have plenty of helpers. My AMH was 0.70 at 42 so you’re rocking it in that area! Wishing you peace and clarity.

    • My husband had a vasectomy reversal, when we first sent his sample back it was looking like it had not worked my husband was sure it had and before we sent another sample I was pregnant I’m 45 in august and I now have a 7 year old 6 year old 5 year old and 2 year old my husband is 57. I also have a 28 year old and my husband has a 33 year old 31 year old and 27 year old plus we have 2 grandchildren x

    • Similar story in that I’m 42.5 and felt like I wasn’t done. Have 10.5yo twins from fertility and I’m going for it again. So scared about the age gap and disruption to life as we know it but I keep reminding myself to trust God and if this is his plan it will be. I work full time and can’t believe we’re doing this again but am thankful my AMH # is also great!!!!

    • We thought we were done after four kids (all conceived and born in my 30s). But we had an “oops” when I was 39, and she was born a few months after I turned 40.

      The pregnancy was not any harder than my other 4 (and those were quite easy) except that I napped more, and the final week was misery with pelvic pain and hormonally driven emotions… during a very hot streak of summer.

      But it was a wild pregnancy – I did my own prenatal care! And she was born unassisted at home in the water. Owning my pregnancy and birth like that was so freeing and made the entire experience feel light and worry-free because it kept me away from doctors telling me that I was too old or high risk or what have you.

      I’m 41 now and considering one more baby! I want to be extra intentional with nutrition and movement the older I get.

      Age is – mostly – just a number.

  28. Just to add some encouragement–I had my sixth and seventh in my 40s and had great pregnancies and births. There is sooooo much negativity and even medical scare tactics out there for “older” mothers. Just remember that before the pill women often had babies in their 40s. You can do it! Stay healthy, active, and positive! ♥️

  29. I’m 46 and pregnant. This is truely a miracle baby. My daughter is 24. I am so excited about being pregnant because I was told I would never get pregnant again.
    I am seven weeks and extremely tired, I could sleep all day. Before I got pregnant I was pretty active. Now I just look forward to sleeping. I need some advice on how to deal with this.

  30. I love this thread and reading all of it! I just turned 43 and our surprise baby is due in 3-4 weeks! So much for the vasectomy and birth control pills, obvious they didn’t work. My Doctor has been great and reassuring with my age when I’ve heard so many downfalls and bad about being pregnant in your 40s. Which for the first time I opted in and did ALL test that were offered in this pregnancy. Prior pregnancies I never did the chromosome or glucose test. For the most part it’s been pretty easy other then just really tired more and body pain. This will be my 4th. First was at 28 and I remember being tired all the time. My 2nd and 3rd were at 32 and 36 and I remember feeling great through both. I was a lucky one and have never had any morning sickness or anything!!! As this due dates approaching I am getting really nervous, as I’m crossing my fingers for a easy healthy vaginal delivery like my last 3. I think this will be the scariest part for me.
    I have gotten throughout this pregnancy my friends and family reminding me that “omg you’re going to be like 60 when this kid graduates highschool” those comments have not helped and I know they say it more as a joke with no harm it gets me thinking maybe I was too old to have this baby. But then I remind myself age is only a number and I still feel just as youthful as I did 10 years ago.
    Thank you for the original post and all the amazing women that have followed up with addition stories and comments.

  31. I take issue with this article. My first pregnancy was at age 42, and I was literally climbing mountains and going to music festivals until around 35 weeks. I felt fantastic. I was never pregnant in my 20’s or 30’s so I can’t compare, but I can’t imagine I possibly could have felt any better. My second pregnancy at 45 was extremely difficult, only because I was pregnant with identical twins. A twin pregnancy is a whole different ballgame, it doesn’t matter how old you are. Now, at 46, and not having slept more than 3 hour stretches in over 10 months (I am still nursing my twins who have never had an ounce of formula), I am still energetic enough that I am contemplating another baby. Age IS just a number. I know 20-somethings who do far less than I do on any given day and still complain that they are tired.

    • Yes!! Had my sixth and seventh in my mid forties and felt great with both pregnancies–great births, too! Positive attitude, eating well, staying active all are important!

    • Suzie, thanks for sharing your experience. I always wanted kids but waited until I found my soulmate (who had three kids now 15,13,11 from previous marriage and vasectomy that was reversed for us to conceive) I’m 39 hoping we conceived this month, in the five day stretch waiting for hopefully a missed period, as I will be 40 in Jan 2022. I actually googled “getting pregnant for the first time in your forties despite the doctors (who are very negative-due to my age only pushin me towards fertility doctors ASAP which I don’t need as I’m ovulating monthly, my hormone levels are great for my “geriatric” yet perfect uterus, my fhs is 10.2 which I was told was “high” even tho it is slightly elevated but still good for my age, to conceive naturally and I don’t want to spend a tons of money getting my hopes up for us not to have a kid). I think all the unnecessary stress, worry, negative commentary around me trying to conceive being so “old” and “guilt” that I waited to have kids with someone I love, the right man, great father and partner is our problem conceiving right away. I am super grateful that I got to read your story, that is what I am looking for as I started to question being older, having three teen step kids if my husband essentially starting over was fair, or adding to the family now was just selfish putting a burden on my step kids if I’m too worn out and truly old to care for a baby. I don’t feel that physically however mentally there are not many positive, loving stories of starting motherhood later on in life. Just oops babies later on after already having kids earlier and dark statistics of defective babies due to my age (my anxiety has that covered if I was 22 ttc) don’t need every cut out every published sent to me in a greeting card by people who had 2+ abortions early in life and now have 3 beautiful kids but how dare I prevent pregancies until i found my soulmate and try to start my family later in life?!? I was looking up this as “others” have been putting doubts in my head and fear of healthy babies the older I get, I am ok if babies are not in my deck of cards this lifetime however I want to close that door when I’m ready, not allowing others to slam it shut. Thank you for taking the time to share your mothering experience as I really needed to read it, and I think its time to shut the Google portal as I rarely find the feedback you have shared and I don’t need anymore negativity in my head. Its up to mother nature and my body now. I hope that I will be reporting a new arrival in 2022 every soon. Thanks again for your positive loving comment into your blessed motherhood later in life! (Hugs)

  32. Hi lovely and courageous mamas.

    I’ll be 43 in two months and I’m 35 weeks pregnant. We thought the window had passed and gave up on having a second, then voila! Found out in February I was pregnant. My other son is six and a half. I don’t recall it being so tough last time. In fact I remember enjoying it for the most past. This time around in my third trimester I have zero energy, all the ligament issues that are possible, hormonal and crying, swollen, back aches… the list goes on. I’ll be delivering via cesarean birth on November 19 and I can’t come soon enough for me.
    I’m grateful for this miracle for our family and I’m over this pregnancy at this point. Counting down eagerly…

  33. I loved reading your piece, thank you! I need to share my story as I am at a loss. I just found out yesterday I am pregnant (43)! I am three weeks away from an elective hysterectomy due to endometrisos, adenosis and uterine fibroid. Plus I have non-alcoholic liver disease so am seeking all the medical advice I can get from my Dr’s right now! I had one daughter 11 years ago (all naturally) after surgery for severe endometriosis and that felt like enough but now it’s as if the universes has thorwn me a super curve ball! I ahve two teenage step sons as well. I don’t even know if I should go ahead with this due to all my medical concerns and then there are the inherent risks of being a mature age mother. Sheesh! At the same time I feel this 1% miracle is important and precious, I also only have one ovary and tube as I kept getting haemorrgic cysts on the faulty one and had it removed. So really, what are the chances of this all happening naturally ?? It’s crazy to think about it. This is all so surreal right now! Thanks for listening, and to all thanks for sharing your stories too! Lee.

    • What did u end up deciding and how is it going?

  34. I just found out that I”m pregnant with my 6th. I am 42 and never thought I’d be pregnant again. All 5 of my children were born at home. I was very young with my first three, then remarried and now have a 7 year old and 3 year old. I was 39 when my last son was born. I’m worried about doing it all again at “my age”. Thank you for your video – it helped ease some of my worries.

  35. Hi congratulations to everyone. I’m 43 and am 6weeks pregnant with my 8th pregnancy and 5th child.. I’m more tired and spotting when I wipe occasionally. My last child-youngest is 14. I’m grateful for this miracle and scared that this wonderful gift will leave

    • Ashley I just read your post and praying.

  36. Well I had both my kids in my early 40s so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Lol. All went well. I’m only annoyed at the level of ignorance there is about fertility and pregnancy after 40. People assuming my kids wouldn’t be “Ok” etc. because of my age really pissed me off. Thankfully they are thriving.

    • Hi Meg,
      Your post is an inspiration! May I ask what age you were when you first got pregnant and if it was natural or invitro? I’m 43 and the doctors are giving me horrific news, most clinics won’t even do IVF.

  37. Im 43 & pregnant. I miscarried last year & im scared. My youngest is 19 & i have 5_ grandchildren. Im making a hospital appointment this week. #scaredsomuch

  38. 43 and 25w pregnant with my 5th, a surprise pregnancy. You nailed it on the head with what you listed. This pregnancy is kicking my butt and taking names *lol* Can’t find mom? Check her bed. Best wishes 🙂

  39. I have actually felt better physically during this pregnancy (at almost 40) compared to my last birth at almost 38. I attribute it to exercise mostly. Although I did exercise faithfully with the previous pregnancy, I really focused on building muscle with this one. That has made a HUGE difderence in the aches and pains I experienced in my hips and lower back during my previous 2 pregnancies. Balanced blood sugar helps too–getting enough protein, as well as making sure my carbs are healthy ones (I found that sweet treats make me feel SUPER tired, much as they seem enticing at times). I found I needed to save most of my carbs for later in the day–it has helped my energy tremendously and my sleep is better. This is my 8th pregnancy, and I feel so much stronger than I did with #6 and 7.

    • same here almost! I turned 41 y/o today and this is my 8th baby, currently 19 weeks and feeling huge and at times tired no other aches and pains and zero morning sickness ( but that is normal for me) I do feel better on the 5-6 days a week I exercise (walking 2 miles, squats, upper/lower body utube videos occasionally, etc) I am not happy with having already gained 20 lbs but I am definitely eating healthier than I have ever been and I am still only 158 lbs at 5’8″ so,,,mostly hoping for a better delivery this time around since my last one was terribly long and painful…but I am hoping that was cuz I ate lots of sugar and did ZERO exercise that pregnancy so I am doing the best I can this time around to avoid that! but yes! pregnancy past 40 does seem a bit different, I definitely need 9 hrs of sleep a night!

  40. We are expecting our ninth baby this January, the same month I turn 43. I have had three babies in my 20’s, four in my 30’s, and this will be my second in my 40’s. There is an obvious difference in how your body responds the older you get. My advice is to listen to what your body is telling you and respond accordingly. Our bodies are designed to do this and know what to do and we just need to cooperate. My pregnancy at 38 was my hardest and it was because I fought my body on everything- I didn’t want to slow down, I wanted to call the shots on when I did what, I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that I could do everything I did during my other pregnancies. I didn’t cooperate and I paid for it. I have since learned to accept my limitations and not view them as weaknesses but as facts of life that are beyond my control. I now listen to what my body is telling me; I rest when I feel tired, I sit down when my feet ache or my stomach ligaments are protesting, I take time to drink water when I haven’t drank enough that day, I make time to take a walk because I know it is good for both me and the baby. And while I do that, all the other things that seem so important can wait and things will be fine. My forties pregnancies have gone great, and, although not easier, have been more manageable with my newfound submissive perspective. And regarding those who judge you when you have a lot of pregnancies, they obviously have some internal personal issues they are wrestling with that they either may or may not even be aware of, so know that their main issue is with themselves, not you. Offer a smile, say a prayer for them, and walk away.

  41. I am so afraid and need advice! I am 41. This is my second pregnancy after 14years and I found out some not so good news at my first doc. Appt. I should be 6wks and measuring 5w. My doc was concerned so did bloodwork. Results: my progesterone real low. 6.1 and doc prescribed me Progesterone 200mg taken orally. I am sitting here contemplating on taking it. I want to have this baby naturally. He has mentioned I could be experiencing an impending pregnancy because something is not right. Ive never had a miscarriage. So my question is is taking progesterone the right thing to do? Am I forcing a pregnancy that is already unhealthy? Is progesterone healthy for the baby? For me?Will my baby be born healthy or possible complications because of this? I dont know what to do? I didn’t have the opportunity to talk it out with my doc over the phone when he told me because I was at work. Please we need advice!

    • Unfortunately those are questions that I cannot answer as I am not a doctor. Please do your research and ask yourself the BRAIN questions
      Nothing (what happens if we do nothing)

  42. I had my now 2yr old son at a freestanding birth center w/a midwife at age 43. You can definitely give birth naturally in your 40s, but if you give birth at home I urge you to have an airtight plan for gettting to the hospital asap if complications arrise. The complications I experienced immediately following birth were beyond what could be handled at a birth center or at home.

  43. I am 39 years old not yet 40 until next year but this will be my second delivery after 18 years. My first child was born when I was 21 yo which was so easy for me then. I worked 2 jobs and went to massage during my first pregnancy and I didn’t think slowing down was necessary. I was pregnant through the entire summer and the only adjustment I remember making was switching high heels to flats or wedges. My son came out perfect and the dr. claims it was an easy delivery.

    FF to now I have relentless heart burn and I’m always exhausted. I can’t seem to balance the acid in my body and it’s a challenge to get enough rest. I crave ice cold water and no matter how much I drink it’s never enough. I’m always over heating and I’m a hot yoga girl so I can usually stand the heat but not now. I’m due in December and I’ve been gaining weight since the first trimester. This time I’ll have my baby at home instead of the hospital.

    Overall, it’s been a great experience but I can totally tell the difference between my younger self and now. This is my husband’s first baby so he is on cloud nine and makes my life super easy and for that I’m grateful.

  44. I went here when I lived in Florida, they were fantastic and I highly recommend them!

  45. Congratulations! My mom was almost 42 when I was born, and her mom had her last baby at 46. I am 28 and 18 weeks pregnant with my 4th, and it’s so different every time! I was totally exhausted unlike before. I have to keep up with chiro and PT to get my back and pelvis to a manageable level of pain. I’ve had to increase this kind of care with each pregnancy. Best wishes and can’t wait to hear your next birth story!

  46. Congratulations, You go Mama! Ditto to every last thing you said. I had my 6th at 41yrs old . I am now 43 yrs and let me tell you the difference is REAL! I had to change my perspective of how I did things and allow a lot more grace into my life. Not only during my pregnancy but after as well. It is not a bad thing just a different thing. Can’t wait to hear about your homebirth experience.

  47. Way to go Mama! No matter how you feel you are a rockstar doing this! I am glad that you are doing well and as a Mom who is turning 40 in a few months and thinking about #2 you are giving me lots of courage, strength and a feeling that I can do this too! I was 38 when I had my first last year and am feeling pressure to start for #2 soon as I am getting “old”. It is so refreshing to hear your experience and that you also know other Mom’s having babies in their 40s. I have read many things about health mattering over age and that is going to be my mantra whenever it happens! I hope you have an easy breezy delivery and thank you for being so open and vulnerable with us!

  48. Thanks for the video. Needed to hear a positive message. I had 3 baby’s in my 20’s and one at 40. Now 42.5 we have had 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months and I really want to keep trying. We would love to have just 1 more baby. But I’m starting to feel a little judged by people. And like this is just not going to happen. Your message has given me hope to keep trying for a little bit longer. X

    • I am sad about your loses. I pray for strength and blessings for you. People who judge you don’t deserve your respect.

    • Don’t let judgey people sway you!💞 Go for it. Childbearing is a gift a relatively short stage of womanhood.

  49. It is wonderful to see that you’re doing so well with your pregnancy! I have enjoyed your videos so much over the years — you have taught me a ton about being a mom. I replicated your reusable diaper routine and have been so successful with it. Enjoy this special time of pregnancy, birth, and newborn! You’re right it is such a beautiful gift!

    • I’m 41yrs old it’s very encouraging hearing everyone my age having babies. I have a 3 yr old and my husband and me decided to get pregnant again . Which I have no problem with ovulation. I got pregnant was 13 weeks do to genetic reasons I had to terminate my pregnancy. The doctor’s were so cruel because of my age stating I should stop trying and be happy with one kid.

  50. Hi Mama Natural! ? Every time I hear Daft Punk’s “one more time” (and we hear it a lot because we have daft punk on our iTunes playlist), I think of you and pray for you and your fam! What a sweet time ? I’m glad everything is going well for you and baby. Definitely understand the struggles. I had babies in my 20’s, then in my 30’s… my last one, my 4th bebe, was ROUGH (37). I hope and pray everything goes quickly (maybe not TOO quickly?) and smoothly and beautifully during your labor and birth at home. God bless you and yours ❤️?

  51. I just had my first child at 40. I do not have anything to compare it to except for my sisters having children in the 30s. I also have hypothyroid, so was probably more lathargic than some. Aside from being more tired, I had a wonderful pregnancy. No sickness, no food aversions, etc. I did get ankle swelling in my last month of pregnancy, which hung around and seemed worse for a month following delivery. I ended up being induced, so the epidural I wasn’t planning on getting, I got because I heard contractions while being induced are more painful. After the epidural, before they restarted the induction, the baby’s heart rate kept dropping, so I ended up also having the unwanted c-section. I was a little sad, but was realistic and told my midwife I wanted to do whatever was best for the baby and myself. We delivered in a hospital as I was more high risk. That said, I’m considering having another in a year if we are so blessed, so I’ll be 42. Our first was conceived with an IUI, fortunately on the first try. Hoping to naturally conceive when we try again, but would again consider an IUI if we need a little help. I loved being pregnant, even at 40. I was so happy to be blessed to give birth to a healthy and happy baby boy. ?

    • Oh, I forgot to mention, my pregnancy was full-term. He was delivered on his due date.

      • How wonderful!

  52. I had my twin boys at 41. My pregnancy was full-term and completely without a complication, in spite of all the negativity rained on me by the medical profession. My legs and feet did swell up beyond what I thought was possible, but that was about all. It’s seven years later, and NOW I’m tired!!

    • The negativity is something else! I’m so grateful for my midwife!

  53. I had 2 babies in my 40’s at 41 and 44. I have also had 3 in my 20’s and 3 in my 30’s! Ha! I would say pregnancy in my 40’s was wonderful! Yes I rested more and it slowed me way down but it’s more because of gratefulness. I had a miscarriage in my 30’s that really taught me to cherish each day with my child, born or unborn. I also had my last 6 children at home. You can do this Mama. You know your body and your strengths now more than ever. I also took way more recovery time after pregnancy not because I recovered slower, which I didn’t, but because my life was so full of blessing and responsibilities in my 40’s and each child deserves your time. Don’t rush back to regular life. Slow down and get to know your baby. Your life will wait. And one last thing don’t underestimate all those life giving, youth giving, hormones coursing through your body. They keep you young! Tight skin and full hair!

    • Danette, you’re a rock star!!!! And thank you for your encouraging words ??

  54. I’m so excited you decided to birth at home! I opted to have my 3rd at home (at age 37) after the first two were born in water at a birth center. For the same reasons you mentioned, I knew it would be a fast labor! It is an amazing experience, so peaceful and so serene to be able to crawl into your own bed with your newborn and not have to go anywhere! You’ll love it!

    • I can’t wait!!!! So glad to hear that you had such a great experience with it.

  55. Of course, 40+ is not the best age to be pregnant. The body knows. I just turned 40 and I don’t think I could do another pregnancy. You are brave, pregnant at 43!

    • It might not be the best age for your body but everyone is different. Some people don’t age, on a biological level, as fast as others. I’m 40 with an 8 year old and a 4 year old and I feel healthy and fine. Love a nap, but that’s no different than most pregnant women at any age.

  56. Oh I’m so excited to hear you and Papa Natural have opted for a home birth. I’ve had two at a birth center and two at home and really loved the home birth. It was such a calm, peaceful, comfortable environment for birth. No unfamiliar faces, no pressure for interventions. It felt so safe and well, natural! Will you use a birth tub? I’ve delivered all four in the water and highly recommend having one available and ready, even if it turns out it doesn’t feel good in the moment and you choose to deliver outside the tub. I had my 4th at 34 and while I can’t rule out having another some day, mentally I feel stretched thin! Looking forward to hearing all about your delivery! By the way, my kids LOVE flipping through the pages of your natural pregnancy book! A few nights ago I told them you were pregnant right now and their eyes got so big and wide! We’re all very excited for your family!
    We pray God’s hand of protection over you all!

    • You are too sweet, Irene, and so are your kids! 🙂 I will have a tub just in case, even though I tend to like to give birth on land. Haha! So appreciate your prayers and support!

  57. Hi there,
    SO happy to read this post. I am 42 and pregnant for the first time. Due March 1. I’d never even tried before this year–time flew so fast and I woke up and realized, hey! If we want to do this, we have to do it NOW! It only took a couple of months AND I’ve had zero sickness. I actually feel great!! (except for the sore boobs and notice I get tired and hungry more quickly).

    My question is about ultrasound. I’m still SO CONFUSED. I get that you (reading your book!), Kelly Brogan, Chris Kresser and so many others whom I respect say it’s not necessary or once is enough.

    Because of my age, do I need to do this? Of course we want to check for the chromosome 21. I had cell free DNA testing done last week at my first Dr. appt (10 weeks). He also did a mini ultrasound in his office, 2 minutes or so, just to see that someone’s in there and moving! They scheduled me for the Ultrasound at another facility EOM and said it goes with the blood test to check for nuchal length and any abnormalities.

    In your opinion, do you think this is something I should do? Push it to 20 weeks? We haven’t even announced yet because I want to make sure everything is ok before I do…

    I’m so confused. I want to do what’s right, and also as naturally as possible. Wanting to do a water birth (but we have to move first to be able to accommodate that!!) #goals

    First things first…ultrasound for abnormalities? And if it’s the one, then when???

    Thanks so much for reading!!
    First time Momma at 42,

    • There are some things that are easier to detect at certain weeks of pregnancy, so you should check with your midwife if there are specific things you are trying to rule out. I read the Mama Natural book and it was wonderful, but every pregnancy is unique, so you have to do what you feel is best given the circumstances and facts. My husband has a hereditary heart defect, so on top of the regular ultrasounds, we had an echo ultrasound to check the baby’s heart. We also did the chromosomal and abnormality testing, but it was definitely before the 20 week anatomy ultrasound because it is easier to check for certain things earlier on. I had a number of ultrasounds and our little guy is a happy and healthy 2.5 month old. I’d suggest talking to your doctor or midwife if you have concerns about the number of ultrasounds you will need. They will be able to explain everything and you are able to decline once you have all the info. Being 40 and high risk when I was pregnant, I followed my midwife’s and doctor’s orders. I figured I needed to know the baby was safe and doing that gave me the reassurance.

  58. I had pregnancy’s at 24, 25 and 41. I actually found them all similar but I am much more healthy and holistic now then I was in my twenty’s! I’m 43 now and you’re tempting me to have another ?

    • Go for it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  59. I’m 40 and due on September 26 with my first! I feel completely fine as long as I sleep well – which isn’t always the case. We got married when we were 35, then ended up having to do IVF. Birth centers are illegal in my state, so I will have a natural hospital birth with a doula present. I have 3 more embryos on ice for the coming years! Haha!

    • We have twinkie due dates! We’re getting so close. Congratulations, Holly! You’re gonna LOVE being a mama!!!! ?

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