Top 10 Water Birth Videos

A water birth is when you labor and give birth in… you guessed it, water! Usually this is a birthing tub in your home, a birthing center, or at select hospitals.

What is a water delivery like? Is a water birth right for you?

Watch these water birth videos to find out!

I dare you not to tear up at this one!

This mom has a great birthing team—the whole family. Seeing how everyone is so loving, encouraging and involved. What a wonderful family event with a gender surprise.

Scarlet’s water birth video

Gorgeous water birth! Baby plunges into the water and is scooped into mama’s arms. Her water birth showed how powerful and beautiful she is during this amazing event.

The dad in this video also lovingly supported the process and provides some comic relief 🙂

Juniper Rose’s water birth video

Love how this mom coaches herself… she’s so verbal! See how the dad looked her in the eyes to provide support and strength. Her whole team provides great support too, through speaking words of encouragement and blessing 🙂

You can also see her crack during transition—very common!

Watch this mama’s first home water birth video

Ahhhh…. Look how this mom is rocking through every contraction, feeling super excited and accomplished just by feeling the baby’s head during labor.

Natural delivery in the comfort of her own jacuzzi tub 🙂 Big brothers were very excited to meet their new little brother. Love this birth!

Here’s a beautifully filmed water birth video

Looks like this mama invited her sister and mom to be present at her birth. Her mom is compassionately supporting her while the sister is very emotional seeing her give birth. Would you do this?

I love all the skin-to-skin time these parents do post-birth. See how the baby is also enjoying it.

Beautiful family water birth

What a beautiful family water birth. Definitely cried watching this one! This mama enjoys an active yet peaceful labor, complete with laughs and plenty of movement in the early stages. When the big moment happens, the whole family is overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness for a safe, healthy delivery.

Her sweet older sisters were delighted to meet the new addition, and prayed with a grateful heart for having another little sister.

Eddie’s water birth – a homebirth with siblings

This mom rocks her homebirth as she labors at home with her family and two cute, supportive daughters. This midwife stayed pretty hands-off throughout the whole process too.

Baby goes skin-to-skin and latches immediately in this home water birth

Love how they supported this mama by feeding her during labor, and how her husband is lovingly giving her the support that she needs.

The baby is enjoying skin-to-skin time with his parents and was latching immediately.

Home water birth video of Gabriel Moon-Tiger

One sweet, relaxed, and stress-free home water birth for this mama. Having a supportive husband and great midwives made it all possible. Such a lovely scene!

PS – How cool is Moon-Tiger for a middle name?!

Papa is super involved in this home water birth video

I love seeing how the dad is so involved in the whole birthing process, and the baby came so calm and relaxed. Women are so beautiful and strong!

You’ve done a great job, mama. Such an amazing home water birth experience!

Here’s a home water birth on an outdoor deck!

This mama used castor oil to induce mild contractions. She chose to deliver her baby at home in a jacuzzi tub at their own garden. Listening to music helped her relax during labor. Her water birth provided her with the freedom to move spontaneously and change position however she likes. Great job, mama!

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  1. I really appreciate you taking the time to compile these and enjoyed the descriptions with each video as well. Do you have have other pages like this with other categories? Hospital births? Out of water births? Thank you!

  2. Hi! The first video you have up there appears to be removed by the user. I am pretty sure it’s one we watched in my birthing class, and I cannot find it anywhere! Do you have access to it in any place other than youtube? I would love to watch it again before giving birth to my first. 🙂


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